End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Upgraded Four Element Bomb

Two Level 39 Crypt Fiends were a little bit slow and the Bone Demon Overlord stepped onto one of them. The Crypt Fiend’s thick carapace crumpled as if it was made of paper.

The other was casually slashed by the Bone Demon Overlord’s bone sword and its thirty-meter-tall body was like a ball being kicked in the sky. Its body exploded into fragments and left a rain of blood in its wake.

The fierce aura transformed into ripples that covered the entire battlefield, whether it was abyssal lifeforms or Demons, they all turned crazy when they felt that aura and they frantically attacked Lin Yun’s army. Every abyssal lifeform acted as if they wanted to take them down alongside themselves. Even if their heads were cut, they would tear a puppet apart.

Lin Yun coldly looked at this scene and slowly raised his Draconic Staff. The Purple Dragon Incarnation slowly appeared behind Lin Yun and the Book of Death slowly opened up in his left hand, emitting a glaring aura.

The shadow of a huge scales appeared under his feet, and there were even more runes than last time on the supporting pillar.

Those faint runes strengthened the aura of the scales’ shadow.

Syudos moved the Book of Mantras on the left side tray, while Enderfa moved the Spell Wheel on the right side tray.

Following the burst of mana coming from Lin Yun, the runes on the central pillar became even more solid.

The scales was slowly leaning towards one side, sinking on Syudos’ side. This was caused by the difference in power.

Suddenly, boundless power descended from the void as the scales forcibly borrowed power from the void to supplement the Spell Wheel and coat it in a terrifying Extraordinary Aura.

At that time, the scales regained its equilibrium, and even the power that Syudos could control from the Book of Mantras had reached its peak. The power received by the Spell Wheel reached a comparable level.

Once the scales regained its balance, Lin Yun opened his eyes and coldly looked at the Bone Demon Overlord.

“The Abyss is your space, but since you aren’t willing to stay there, then there is no need for you to ever return.”

A muffled rumble could be heard as spatial ripples spread out, with Lin Yun at their center. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had started crazily rotating. Behind it, a huge wheel embedded with various gems could be seen.

Endless spells of the four elements were spurting out of the shadow of the Spell Wheel. Moreover, just as these spells took shape, they were forcibly collapsed by a terrifying power before being combined into a pure elemental storm that charged towards the Bone Demon Overlord.

And on the left, Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and had a book-like door appear behind him. Raging flames were burning on the door, and as the door opened wide, all kinds of flames gathered into a multi-colored flaming wave pressuring their ways towards the Bone Demon Overlord.

The most violent elemental storm and pure flaming storm pressured everything within several hundred meters. The Bone Demon Overlord raised four bone greatswords and burst with abyssal power.

It was just like a flood meeting a huge rock, a loud rumbling kept echoing. Several hundred meters away, a Crypt Fiend crawled out of the ground and instantly wanted to hide, but his body was swept by the shockwave and instantly turned into pieces.

The rocks and corpses covering the ground were swept by the shockwave and were torn to pieces one after another.

The Bone Demon Overlord flew into a rage and roared, but it couldn’t take a single step forward. The bone swords in his hands seemed to experience countless years of decay and rapidly underwent some changes. The bones slowly dissipated into dust.

And these fragments of bone became the best fuel to strengthen the flaming storm.

The flames in the Bone Demon Overlord’s eyes sharply increased. He roared a short abyssal incantation and dense black smoke fell from the sky, continuously pouring into his body.

Bones formed sinister demonic skulls that charged towards Lin Yun with demonic smiles.

The demonic skulls exploded and the ripples kept washing over Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield. But none of those bone demonic skulls could explode a single rune of Lin Yun’s his Law Runic Shield.

After entering the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, the foundations of the Laws had been thoroughly established and the runes had completely been transformed into Law Runes. His Runic Shield had automatically evolved into a Law Runic Shield.

And now, Lin Yun could already integrate his Mana Shield into his Law Runic Shield and consume mana instead of Law Runes, granting his shield higher endurance.

Faced with this attack, Lin Yun simply wasn’t worried about his shield being broken.

Enderfa and Syudos pressured the Bone Demon Overlord while Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff to keep casting brief incantations.

Law Runes kept surging and in an instant, two-meter-long Four Element Bombs kept condensing in the air. The surfaces of the Four Element Bombs had a flickering metallic luster that looked like a first-grade layer of mithril.

Their size didn’t mean that they were weaker, but rather, their power had been compressed once again by Lin Yun and their bursting power inevitably increased.

Over thirty Four Element Bombs condensed within a few seconds.

Lin Yun chanted the last word of his chant, and the three dozen Four Element Bombs instantly turned into a storm. They dragged long white trails behind as they crossed several hundred meters in an instant and landed on the shield of the Bone Demon Overlord.

“Bang, bang, bang”

Oppressive explosions kept echoing as spheres of light kept exploding one after another, sending bone fragments flying everywhere.

Enraged screams could be heard coming from those spheres of light. As the spheres of light dissipated, the Bone Demon Overlord could be seen six hundred meters away. His four bone greatswords and two bone shields had completely disappeared. The bones covering his entire body had been smashed all over the place. There were even many spots ignited by Bone-corroding Black Flames.

Lin Yun had a cold expression as he rapidly flew towards the Bone Demon Overlord, Four Element Bombs continuously condensing and flying towards the Bone Demon Overlord.

On both sides, Enderfa and Syudos burst with their strongest power which could definitely compare to the overbearing spells of a Peak 1st Rank Heaven Mage.

Explosions, flames, and gales converged together and crazily pressured the Bone Demon Overlord into the ground. He could only resist due to his powerful body.

For half a minute, thunderous angry roars and miserable yells kept echoing within the elemental storms and flaming storm.

Three to four-meter-big bone fragments were sent flying and ended up torn apart by the elemental storms after travelling several dozen meters, before being refined into ashes by the flames.

The Bone Demon Overlord was already stunned. The burst power could compare to a Heaven Rank powerhouse holding two Extraordinary Magic Tools.

He was a Peak 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse, so what if he hadn’t broken through to the next rank? The gap in strength was like the difference between heaven and earth, they weren’t standing on the same realm.

Moreover, as a member of a Silver Demon Race, his strength far exceeded humans of the same rank. Yet, he couldn’t muster any force to counter attack now.

The two Extraordinary Magic Tools were releasing storms, an elemental storm and a storm of flames, and he couldn’t struggle free from their pressure.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and chanted a long incantation. As he chanted, mana started surging like a flood.

Several hundred Law Runes condensed in front of Lin Yun and slowly gathered into the outline of a Four Element Bomb. Then, the Law Runes kept combining and completed the shape of the Four Element Bomb.

But it looked like a Four Element Bomb made out of Law Runes.

The surroundings’ four elements crazily converged, but the elements could no longer support the devouring power. A formidable power broke through the void and was forcibly injected into the Four Element Bomb made out of Law Runes.

In an instant, an aura exceeding the 8th Tier suddenly appeared. Aside from the fact that it had no Extraordinary Power, it could absolutely compare to a 9th Tier Spell!

The radiant Four Element Bomb fell towards the ground. As if they met their nemesis, the chaotic elemental storm and flaming storm got out of the way and opened a passage for the Four Element Bomb.


A despairing and frightened roar echoed and the black smoke in the sky formed a black cloud that rushed downward, but it had no effect.

A dark Annihilation Space expanded from the ground and rapidly spread over several hundred meters. That space then collapsed and shrunk towards its center.

All sounds seemed to disappear, it was deathly silent up until the dark space collapsed in its center. Then, a destructive shockwave burst out and a loud thunderous sound burst in everyone’s ears.


A pitch-black mushroom cloud soared, reaching up to several hundred meters and the earth violently shook.

The shockwave swept several kilometers in a second. Everything within three kilometers was swept by the shockwave and turned into ashes.

Abyssal lifeforms, Demons, even Lin Yun’s puppets were turned into ashes…

Lin Yun, who had dodged towards the sky had been sent flying by a fierce gust of wind, he had been unable to resist..

After being sent flying a few kilometers away, Lin Yun barely managed to control his body. He was extremely pale. In that split second, he had almost failed to release the spell.

He used the law runes to form the spell matrix, and then used law runes to forcibly devour the surroundings’ element and mana in order to shape the spell.