End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Abyssal Devil King

How could he have expected that this planes rich elements wouldnt be able to endure the spell matrixs devouring and started devouring his own mana.

It took all the mana within his body to forcibly release the spell, and the power far exceeded his expectations.

"Merlin, damnit, are you trying to kill us all? Can you not experiment with spells so casually!

"Sh*t, thats a 9th Tier Spell, right, thats definitely a 9th Tier Spell. 9th Tier, eh, f*ck, you are only a 9th Rank Archmage yet you dare to create a 9th Tier Spell!

"Do you want to meet your ancestors!?"

Enderfas three faces were appalled and screeched in horror.

On the side, Syudos already returned to the Book of Mantras and wouldnt come out. Just now, if it hadnt been for Enderfa, he would have already been torn apart as a Magic Tool Incarnation.

That spell, named Rune Bomb, was a new spell he had been researching and could compare to a 9th Tier Spell to a certain extent. But he hadnt expected it to be so powerful.

The smoke slowly dissipated and the hundred-meter-tall Bone Demon Overlord was nowhere to be seen. Only a fifty-meter-deep hole was left in the ground, and the surroundings of that hole were covered in thick cracks that spread over several kilometers.

Moreover, the rumbling had yet to stop, the ground was still shaking, as if terrified by that spell.

"Sir Merlin! Are you trying to get rid of us?!"

As Lin Yun landed on the ground, a certain Draconic Beastman covered in dirt loudly complained. Reinas complexion wasnt great either, and every mage of the mage army was pale. Clearly, resisting the aftermath of the spell hadnt been easy.

Lin Yun awkwardly smiled.

"This was an accident, an accident. Experiments are inevitable when seeking the truth, and accidents cant be avoided. There was no better experiment target than that big guy, right?"

"Merlin, countless great mages killed themselves while seeking the true meaning of magic. Sh*t, I dont want to see you kill yourself one day"

Enderfas three faces were gnashing their teeth. He had been terrified just now.

Lin Yun didnt continue explaining. This was because he had neglected the environments influence on the spell. With the power of the Equilibrium Law, he could borrow huge power from the void and could only maintain it for a minute, and it had a huge impact on the spell.

That Rune Bomb, strictly speaking, was an elemental spell. It could be buffed by the Book of Death, the Purple Dragon, and the Equilibrium Law.

And there was an elemental storm and a flaming storm there. Who could have expected that the structure of the spell would actually devour that chaotic power. It ended up taking ten seconds to cast, this was absolutely an experimental spell and the burst power could compare to a powerful 9th Tier Spell.

Almost killed myself and my subordinates, this was really an unexpected mistake. I even destroyed a few dozen puppets, this would be considered a laughing matter on the path to magic.

Lin Yun had a dark expression as he floated up, ignoring his subordinates. Sure enough, Lin Yun just flew up a bit and Enderfas three faces started laughing heartily.

Xiuban laughed straightforwardly while Reina and the mage army smiled.

A cautious person never makes mistakes, they would always make sure to be far away from everyone. Casting a spell in the clouds was always better.

Lin Yun flew up and rolled his eyes at the subordinates making fun of him, when suddenly, the Magic Array caught some wisps of faint mana fluctuations.

The fluctuations undulations were huge, it clearly came from a very far location, and it was able to remain so powerful even after travelling a great distance. Only Extraordinary Powers fluctuations could do so.

And those fluctuations were caused by someone using Extraordinary Power in battle!

After frowning, Lin Yun turned his head and shouted, "Did you laugh enough, you scoundrels! Lets set off, there is someone fighting on the east side, one of the leading Demons must have appeared there. We are rushing over immediately!"

The army rapidly flew in the direction Lin Yun indicated. The Beastmen and humans hadnt been fighting ever since the disaster occurred in the Raging Flame Plane.

Those Demons and abyssal lifeforms suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started spreading out in all directions from the Holy Mountain. Moreover, there would be some terrifying creatures entering the Raging Flame Plane from the cracks in the sky, alongside the void storms.

Even if the humans and Beastmen wanted to continue the war, they didnt have the strength for it since the human and Beastman armies participating in the first clash ended up annihilated by a group of Demons. Humans and Beastmen might not look eye to eye, but no one would be foolish enough to keep fighting.

No one understood how terrible the end of a plane is more than Lin Yun, and no one understood when the Raging Flame Plane would be destroyed and when the world would die more than Lin Yun.

Regarding this matter, everyone started researching when Noscent reached its end. The process of the worlds destruction, when and what happened, everything was clear.

Even then, some powerful mages, in order to prevent Noscents destruction, destroyed a few smaller planes and observed their fall, recording the process and data.

The scar-filled sky meant that the destruction of the Raging Flame Plane was close, it definitely wasnt as far away as a hundred years.

At this rate, everything would be irredeemable within a few months.

At this time, they had to provide assistance regardless of who was fighting.

A huge bloated Demon was standing straight thirty kilometers away. He was over a hundred meters in height, possessed six legs, two arms, and his head didnt have the iconic demon horns. His skull looked like it had been peeled bare and exposed the lava flowing inside.

That huge head looked like a huge lava pond and he was emitting a dense sulfuric smell over a few kilometers.

This was one of the profound and long-lasting Gold Demon Races, the Devil King Bloodline. From the legends, they were the descendants of an extremely evil and disgusting lifeform from Hell and an Abyssal Demon

The Abyssal Devil King Bloodline later became one of the ten major Gold Demon Races and became the Devils of the Abyss. They had innate fire resistance, and their blood was molten lava. They could innately control fire spells and abyssal spells.

They were naturally shunned by the other Abyssal Demon Races, and were also rejected by the Devils of Hell. Being able to survive and become one of the ten Gold Demon Races showed how powerful they were.

A 1st Rank Heaven Abyssal Devil King was just a youth that had barely reached adulthood; But at this time, this young Abyssal Devil King was holding onto two halberds and standing straight. Lava was flowing under his feet, slowly submerging corpses of Beastmen.

Facing him were over a thousand Gold Beastmen gritting their teeth as they glared at the Abyssal Devil King. Most of the Gold Beastmen had already been injured, and the strongest, Gallsworth, was half-kneeling, leaning on a two-meter-long golden sword. His back was mutilated and half of his body showed signs of burns.

"Stupid mortal, those that insult the Abyssal Devil King have to pay with their life as a price. Ill carefully take your soul, this is the most delicious delicacy outside the Abyss."

The Abyssal Devil King moved his six feet and his obese body rapidly approached the Beastmen. Translucent Beastman souls were screaming in pain and fear around him.

Their souls couldnt return to the embrace of the earth after death, they were bound by tentacles extending from the head of the Abyssal Devil King. and couldnt free themselves.

Those tentacles radiating faint light would occasionally drag a Beastmans soul into his mouth. Mournful screams of despair would echo as souls kept being devoured by the Abyssal Devil King.

The souls trapped in the belly of the Abyssal Devil King would take hundreds of years before completely dissipating. Only after enduring hundreds of years of torture could they earn the right to die.

"Damned Demon, you are profaning the souls of our Beastmen, youll be punished by the Beast God!

"Drop dead! You filthy Demon!"

Flames burned in Gallsworths eyes. A layer of Aura flames were burning on the surface of his body. Watching the souls of his tribesmen being devoured, and thinking of the pain and suffering they would be enduring inside his belly, the anger within Gallsworths body burst into Aura.

His large amount of Aura transformed into a sword that ruthlessly slashed at the Abyssal Devil Kings head. But the Abyssal Devil King let out a mocking laugh and swung his two halberds. These two halberds weighed at least several dozen thousands kilograms. They were made of pure Abyssal Grinding Iron, the hardest and heaviest metal.

The two halberds fiercely smashed onto Gallsworths Aura Slash and a loud explosion echoed, resulting in the crystal-like Aura Slash being smashed into fragments.

Black smoke and flames appeared on the two halberds. A green flame engulfed in boundless smoke swept as the Abyssal Devil King swung his two halberds and instantly arrived in front of Gallsworth.


The thunderous sound echoed as Gallsworths body burst with a terrifying radiant Aura. Extraordinary Power surged and forcibly cleaved that sphere of abyssal flames.

But the explosion of abyssal power and flames covered over a kilometer and enveloped the Gold Beastmens elite troops.

One Gold Beastman after another was covered in these green flames and abyssal mana, and soon, something terrifying happened.

The Gold Beastmen knelt on the ground and struggled in pain. Their bodies started expanding and their appearances violently changed.

It was like countless pairs of invisible hands were kneading and stretching their bones, making their bodies undergo a huge transformation.