End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Abyssal Devil King 2

The Abyssal Devil Kings body became riddled with scars in a few seconds, his lava-like blood kept spurting out, and the rich sulfuric smell and hot aura frantically rose up, making that space distort.

Enderfa and Syudos released their strongest attacks as soon as they got close and pressured the Abyssal Devil King while Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and rapidly chanted an incantation.

Four Element Bombs condensed one after another and fell on the Abyssal Devil King like rain.

Explosions kept echoing as burning spheres of light kept exploding, covering the Abyssal Devil King. The destructive power kept damaging the Abyssal Devil Kings body.

After releasing a wave of Four Element Bombs, Lin Yun chanted another incantation and law runes floated out. The huge number of law runes seemed like ordinary runes and formed a meter-big huge runic framework according to the runic structure.

There was only a structure, they werent combined successfully nor transformed. It was only a framework, and the wisp of power it brought exceeded the power of the law runes Lin Yun could control at the moment.

A pitch-black spatial crack suddenly appeared. These law runes successfully transformed into a pitch-black huge Wind Blade. The space had already been torn by that formidable power before the spell was even condensed.

Underneath, the Abyssal Devil King was being suppressed by the elemental storm and the flame storm. And with the addition of the explosion barrage of Four Element Bombs, his huge body could no longer be seen. Only loud roars of anger and pain kept echoing from the explosions.

"Stupid mortal! Youll pay the price! You think you can destroy an Abyssal Devil King with those puny spells? You are too naive. Ill carefully play with your soul"

Gallsworth was watching in shock as the Abyssal Devil Kings furious words echoed.

He wasnt dumbfounded because of the Abyssal Devil Kings vitality, rather, it was because of Lin Yuns burst power and the pitch-black Wind Blade made of law runes. It gave his soul a feeling of crisis. His body wanted to hide almost instinctively.

Damnit, this is Mafa Merlins true strength?

What is that Wind Blade? The spell hasnt fully condensed yet it can already tear through space.

Mafa Merlin isnt a Heaven Rank powerhouse, how could he release an Extraordinary Spell How could that spell be so powerful without the support of Extraordinary Power, that spell is definitely a first-class spell among 9th Tier Spells.

Gallsworth still had that feeling of crisis, his soul was giving him a warning and wanted him to flee. If he didnt, he wouldnt be able to leave that place alive, even if the spells target was the Abyssal Devil King.

Gallsworth forcibly circulated a bit of aura and then frantically rushed out with cold sweat trickling down his back. He looked back, and that seemingly not too big pitch-black Wind Blade already fell down.

The Wind Blade wasnt especially fast, but a long and narrow spatial crack was continuously forming on its path. The chaotic power seemed to move aside and form a path for the Wind Blade.

It took two seconds for the Wind Blade to fall on the head of the Abyssal Devil King. The feeling of danger made the Abyssal Devil King burst out with all his power. His two halberds were blocking in front of him, but a sharp friction noise echoed as the Abyssal Grinding Iron, known as the hardest material in the Abyss, suddenly collapsed.

The pitch-black Wind Blade cleanly cut the Abyssal Devil Kings neck and the boiling green blood sprayed out like fiery lava. Everything in the surroundings burnt from corrosion.

The Abyssal Devil Kings thick skin couldnt prevent the Wind Blade from cutting his neck.

Cries of pain and despair echoed as the huge head fell from the Abyssal Devil Kings neck, leaving a hundred-meter-tall fountain of green blood behind.

Even if he was beheaded, the Abyssal Devil Kings eyes still carried that angry radiance and angry and painful roars were still echoing.

Lin Yun calmly floated down. He wasnt surprised that the Abyssal Devil King was still alive after his head had been cut off.

He took out a pile of materials and rapidly compounded a blood-colored potion which he directly threw on the Abyssal Devil Kings lava pond.

Immediately, that green pond of boiling lava slowly turned red and slowly cooled down before freezing into a gray stone.

At this time, the Abyssal Devil King was shocked to his core.

"Stupid Human, youll regret it. Abyssal Devil Kings never die. Youll pay a heavy price for your actions. Just wait, Ill soon return to retaliate, Ill make you suffer!"

Lin Yun sneered.

"Idiot, you are a hybrid b*stard rejected by both the Abyss and Hell. Werent you able to become one of the ten Golden Demon Races due to your formidable vitality? You cant die, and even if you do, youll keep reviving.

"If not because of this, the other Demon Races wouldnt feel like bothering trashes like you. How could you become one of the ten Golden Bloodlines then?

"What a joke, Ill dig your 2nd heart after freezing your brain. Immortal Abyssal Devil King? What a huge joke"

Lin Yun sneered and cast two Mana Hands and took out a solid gray stone out of the Abyssal Demon Kings frozen head. At this time, the Abyssal Devil King panicked, but his brain had already been moved out of his body. The flames burning in his eyes stopped burning, seemingly dead.

Suddenly, Lin Yun let out a Bursting Flames ten meters away, and a hole appeared where the flames hit. Inside, a grey heart was forced out by the explosion.

The heart was fist-sized and rich abyssal mana surrounded it. As it throbbed, the abyssal power would keep entering and exiting the heart.

After capturing this struggling heart, Lin Yun smiled.

Abyssal Devil King was synonym for trouble and terror for a very long time, these guys love for souls was completely inherited from the Devils of Hell.

Their terrifying vitality made them able to survive decapitation and forced the Demons of the Abyss to compromise.

Because every time they attacked these guys with tenacious vitality, even if they occasionally got rid of an Abyssal Devil King, even if their bodies were torn apart, they would inexplicably revive after some time and carry out a crazy retaliation.

They would get rid of many opponents each time they died. And after a few times, they would drag at least one or two Demons of the same rank as sacrifices.

Slowly, the rumors of the immortal Abyssal Devil Kings spread through the Abyss, as well as the fact that the Abyssal Devil Kings liked to devour their opponents souls after making them suffer hundreds of years of torture.

Terror and trouble became synonymous with Abyssal Devil King. Even the Golden Demon Races were forced to recognize the Abyssal Devil Kings status.

Up until a few millennia later, when powerful mages from Noscent finally stretched their evil hands towards the Abyss. Unkillable monsters like the Abyssal Devil Kings were naturally the first lifeforms to be studied.

Even mages that surpassed the Heaven Rank ignited God Fire and personally captured Heaven Rank Abyssal Devil Kings to experiment, until they finally figured out the source of the Abyssal Devil Kings immortality.

Abyssal Devil Kings didnt have the iconic demonic horns of Demons, and their lava-like head wasnt their weak point. Their head being chopped was no different from their hand being broken.

Just like Hells Devils, their weak point was their heart. But their regular heart wasnt their weak point. Rather, it was that fist-sized 2nd heart roaming within the body of the Abyssal Devil Kings. It was their fatal weak point and the source of their mana.

After being killed, their 2nd heart would quietly escape, and once they absorbed enough mana, the Abyssal Devil King would revive once more.

After getting a hold of the Abyssal Devil Kings second heart, Lin Yun immediately thought of a dozen ways of using it. That heart was a powerful mana source and could continuously produce mana. It could even extract mana from the Abyss and Hell.

As for the Abyssal Devil Kings frozen lava head, it was the best material for a Volcano Potion. After refining the potion, it would have formidable effects on a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Within five to ten minutes, it could make Heaven Rank powerhouses mana burst and increase their strength by a rank.

The Abyssal Devil King Blood was the best material to write Lava Scrolls, it was perfect for Heaven Rank Lava Scrolls.

The fat extracted from his oversized body could compare to the fat extracted from the Manatee of the Endless Sea. If used to lengthen the life of a flame, a drop would make it last over ten thousand years.

Not only could it be used as a stable fire source. It could even be used as strong fuel once it was processed with some potions. The short burst power wouldnt compare to Syudos low flames, but if there was enough fuel, it could compare to Syudos power for a very short time.

Lin Yun began frantically gathering the Abyssal Devil Kings materials. Not far from here, Lin Yuns subordinates already killed the army. Before the puppets even arrived, Xiuban, Reina, and the mage army had already arrived and got rid of those Beastmen that had transformed into Demons.

Gallsworth foolishly stood there, a dull expression on his face. He definitely hadnt expected that a formidable Abyssal Devil King, a member of the ten Golden Bloodlines of the Abyss, would unexpectedly be killed that easily.

Even his corpse was dissected and harvested like a magic beast.

After Lin Yun was done gathering the usable materials, Syudos threw the remains into the Book of Mantras to be used as fuel for his flames.

After tidying up the battlefield, Lin Yun turned towards Gallsworth who had yet to recover his strength.

"Sir Gallsworth, since things are like that now, wont the secrets you keep guarding be revealed sooner or later? If this continues, the Raging Flame Plane will be thoroughly destroyed."

Gallsworth had a complicated expression as he looked at Lin Yun.

He then sighed and said, "Sir Merlin, thank you for saving me. If not for you, my soul would have been unable to return to the earth after my death.

"You are right, I already understood after returning that the Raging Flame Plane was completely different. If we want to save the Raging Flame Plane from its fate, we have to cooperate."

Lin Yun didnt speak and calmly listened. He only knew a rough draft of the Raging Flame Planes fate, but he wasnt completely clear about the process.

And the Gold Beastmen were the ones with the best understanding of the Raging Flame Planes secrets. They definitely had the most information.

"That Ancient God sleeping under the Holy Mountain has already awakened No, it would be better to say that he is half-awakened. His God Soul was the first to awaken, but his powerful body is still slumbering.

"His God Soul is attached to the Holy Mountain, and the Holy Mountain worshipped by all Beastmen is already under the control of the God Soul.

"And he started controlling the entire Raging Flame Plane from the Holy Mountain. The magic beasts already lost control and fell under the control of the God Soul. All magic beasts turned into Demons and filthy Abyssal lifeforms.

"A large number of Abyssal Gates were opened by the God Soul. We simply dont know how many Demons and other lifeforms entered the Raging Flame Plane.

"From looking at the black smoke covering the sky, we can only know that there are too many to count.

"The entire Raging Flame Plane has become a battlefield. No one knows where the Abyssal Demons would appear, no one knows when a tamed magic beast would suddenly transform into a crazy Demon.

"We are all rushing to the Holy Mountain to prepare a counterattack and take back the Holy Mountain. But just as the Abyssal Overlords appeared, we already discovered close to twenty of them. And this was the first of the ten Golden Bloodlines.

"If not for Sir Merlin, I would have already died, and my soul would have been unable to rest"

Lin Yun frowned, his mind filled with doubts.

What the hell is that 73rd God, how could a God birthed by Noscent have such a deep connection to the Abyss

Not to mention all the Demons summoned, he even has the ability to transform magic beasts in Demons. Thats something only Greater Abyssal Overlords could accomplish.

The Holy Mountain could be said to be the core source of the Raging Flame Plane, its the pillar supporting the Raging Flame Plane.

Unexpectedly, the God Soul awakened first and is directly attached to the Holy Mountain. This might be even more troublesome than an Ancient God directly awakening.