End Of The Magic Era Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Spatial Magic Tool


‘This is so unfair’ Sauss thought.

Sauss had been in Thousand Sails City for so many years, how could he not know the relationship between the Sage Tower and the Ash Tower, they were mortal enemies. The amount of people that died by their hand in the past several hundred years could fill half of the Poison Fog Canyon. Unless there were special circumstances, would Sauss have dealing with the Ash Tower?

This time he was only giving a hand.

Early this morning, a Great Mage from the Ash Tower came looking for Sauss, saying that someone stole an important Magic Tool from the Ash Tower and was now hiding in the depths of the Poison Fog Canyon, and he wanted the Viper Nest’s people to catch him.

Sauss thought it through, he wasn’t willing to offend the Ash Tower, one of the two major forces of the eastern part of the kingdom, roughly on par with the Sage Tower. Moreover it was just lending a hand. If he quickly caught that person, that Great Mage would leave, right? Thus Sauss straightforwardly agreed.

But in the end…

It was all ruined by Great Mage Merlin.

As he thought of that, Sauss inwardly cursed his idiotic subordinates, ‘Stupid trashes, the Poison Fog Canyon is so vast, yet you led him here’

‘Great, now the monster I finally managed to send off came right back!’

Unfortunately, Sauss couldn’t say anything…

What else could he do? Should he say, ‘Sorry Great Mage Merlin, please wait until the Great Mage from the Ash Tower arrives, if you can’t wait to meet with him, how about you just leave?’

Sauss would never be able to say that even if he was ten times bolder.

“Ha Ha Haha Naturally, our Viper Nest is honored if Great Mage Merlin is willing to stay, let’s go to my wooden house, I have a few bottles of good wine from Okland. How about I accompany Great Mage Merlin for a drink?” As he said this, Sauss’ smile twitched, turning slightly unsightly.

“Haha” Lin Yun chuckled, he knew what Sauss was scared of, so he didn’t beat around the bush, “It’s fine. But I suddenly discovered that this youth you captured is someone from our Gilded Rose, so”

“Cough cough Gilded Rose?!” Sauss almost fell down again when he heard that.

‘Damn, how could he be someone from the Gilded Rose!’

There was a shadow left in Sauss’ heart from when he detained a few Apprentice Alchemists from the Gilded Rose. Now hearing that this person was someone from the Gilded Rose, he almost fainted from fear. At this moment, he inwardly cursed that Great Mage from the Ash Tower along all his ancestors.

‘Your Ash Tower isn’t happy enough? You don’t have enough troubles? Why would you find troubles for the Gilded Rose? Even if you are looking for troubles with the Gilded Rose, don’t involve me okay? If you want to have troubles with them, then go on, but I’m still trying to have a life in Thousand Sails City!’

‘If you make Great Mage Merlin think that I was colluding with the Ash Tower, how could I still appear in Thousand Sails City?’

‘No good, I have to draw a line with the Ash Tower!’

Sauss made his decision almost instantly.

In fact, Sauss didn’t know if Lin Yun was telling the truth or not, but what did it matter? Since Lin Yun said he was someone from the Gilded Rose, then he was someone from the Gilded Rose, or did he have to conduct an investigation? Wouldn’t that be courting death?

“Turns out it’s someone from the Gilded Rose!” After Sauss’ heart calmed down, an expression of sudden realization appeared on his face, “It’s a mistake, a misunderstanding, truly a misunderstanding Hey, you idiots, why haven’t you released that person yet? What are you staring blankly for?”

His subordinates were stupefied…

“Idiots, I told you to release him!”

“Eh, eh, eh” After being roared at by Sauss, the subordinates reacted and hurriedly released that person while being utterly flustered.

“It’s truly a misunderstanding Great Mage Merlin, you are magnanimous, please don’t bother yourself with these idiots. They definitely captured the wrong person, they are blind. Wait until I return, I’ll definitely teach them a lesson.”

“Haha, Leader Sauss is too polite.” Lin Yun answered courteously. Sauss’ attitude this time truly made Lin Yun admire him. It really wasn’t by fluke that the Viper Nest became the number one underground force of Thousand Sails City. His ability to judge the situation was like an instinct, he could see which side he should stand on.

When all was said and done, the Viper Nest was a force from Thousand Sails City, no matter how powerful the Ash Tower was, they could at most try to intimidate Sauss. From the beginning, only the Sage Tower could truly influence Sauss’ decisions.

If he offended the Ash Tower, he would at most have to be a bit careful, but if he offended the Sage Tower, it wouldn’t be fun for him…

Solomon could be very unreasonable. The famous Black Wing bandit group tried to reason with Solomon one year, and in the end, the three big shots of the Sage Tower joined hands and burned the Black Wing bandit group clean. Even if Sauss was courageous, he wouldn’t dare let Solomon know that the Viper Nest actually collaborated with the Ash Tower.

Lin Yun held onto this weakness and was very direct about this.

The way he spoke was very domineering, but in reality, he was giving Sauss a way out, which meant that he didn’t know about the Ash Tower’s part in this matter.

Thus, after being polite, Lin Yun added a line, “Oh right, Leader Sauss, I already let the Gilded Rose know about the Magic Spring Potions, you can go there anytime to get them. Also, the Silver Moon Mercenaries’ recent order is a bit lacking, there are many Magic Weapons and Magic Armors left at the shop, if Leader Sauss is interested, you can take a look and discuss the price.”

“Thank you very much Great Mage Merlin!” Sauss’ heart suddenly accelerated. The entire Thousand Sails City knew that the Gilded Rose alchemy workshop was making Nether Iron Magic Armors and Magic Weapons, but the best quality ones were naturally to be supplied to the Silver Moon Mercenaries. It was because during the Gilded Rose’s harshest time, it was the Silver Moon Mercenary group who extended a helping hand, and they also supplied a great amount of magic materials and became the Gilded Rose’s partner.

Now it was naturally time for the Silver Moon Mercenaries to get their rewards.

Thus, although Thousand Sails City’s other forces were green with envy, they couldn’t complain. Who didn’t know how the Silver Moon Mercenaries supported the Gilded Rose at their worst time?

Sauss was naturally very envious…

But Sauss didn’t think that the bit of goodwill he just sent would be reciprocated so quickly. Those were peak equipments that only the Silver Moon Mercenaries could get their hands on. In the entire Thousand Sails City, the Viper Nest was the 2nd force to enjoy this treatment.

As he thought about this, Sauss’ heart felt warm, ‘If I had known earlier that there could be this kind of payback, I would have directly sold the Ash Tower out! With those weapons and armors, the fighting strength of the Viper Nest would raise one whole level!

“Leader Sauss, sorry to bother you for so long. We still have to hurry to Edge Rift so I won’t waste your time any longer.” Lin Yun waved at Sauss and then called to the youth he just saved, “Colin, you sit in Uncle Pave’s carriage.”

“Who are you?” Colin seemed to be about the same age as Lin Yun, but his strength wasn’t bad. Lin Yun could feel a trace of Aura, it might not be long before he becomes a Great Swordsman.

But that young 9th Rank Swordsman had apparently never seen Mafa Merlin, thus, he had some distrust now that he was standing in front of Lin Yun.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that if you don’t get on, the Ash Tower’s person will arrive Forget it, he is already here.” Lin Yun was clearly distracted as he said this, because he had estimated that the Great Mage in the distance would arrive five minutes later from those fluctuations.

But just as he finished that sentence, that Great Mage arrived.

‘Could it be a Spiritual level Spatial Magic Tool?’

‘That would be quite troublesome.’ Spatial Magic Tool above Spiritual level already had a trace of the Shadow Law, it might have the ability to twist and rip space.

To be honest, Lin Yun didn’t want to run into this kind of opponent. Spiritual level and above Spatial Magic Tools were known for being hard to defend against, one moment of carelessness could completely reverse the outcome of a battle.

But now, it wasn’t like Lin Yun could avoid running into them.

Just as his words ended, fierce mana fluctuations appeared above. Lin Yun raised his head and saw a young Great Mage hovering in the sky of the Poison Fog Canyon. Behind him were some blazing flaming wings. This blond haired Great Mage was reeking of arrogance.

“Truly annoying” Lin Yun couldn’t help cursing. Great Mages don’t have the ability to fly, only after one reached the level of a High Mage would one be able to learn Levitate, and even Levitate was only the ability to float, it couldn’t allow one to fly long distance.

Only an Archmage could fly long distances. They could move 500 kilometers in an instant with Elemental Incarnation and Flight.

This was also the reason why once a mage reached the Archmage rank, they couldn’t be restricted by secular authority. A flying Archmage could destroy an entire city relying on his own power. This kind of power was already out of the ordinary.

That youth floating in the sky as a Great Mage was obviously not using his own power, so the only possibility was that he was using a Spatial Magic Tool.

Once he thought about it, Lin Yun couldn’t help having a headache. Spatial distortion, flying ability, this Magic Tool wasn’t bad.

Fortunately, he already knew how to handle it.

“Sauss, you disappointed me!” The young Great Mage floating in the sky said with a domineering tone, “I thought that as the leader of the Viper Nest, you would consider your own subordinates, but you are so brainless, you actually thought of letting an enemy of the Ash Tower go. It seems that the Viper Nest doesn’t need to exist anymore”