End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Codex

After all, the 73rd God who had just awakened was very weak. Based on the opinion of those future mages, this was the only opportunity to get rid of a God.

But now, the Gods soul started controlling the entire Raging Flame Plane and led it to a path of destruction. This was the most troublesome part. If this continued, even if he could finally take back and control the Raging Flame Plane, Lin Yun would only get a worthless husk of a plane.

He joined Gallsworth and they started walking towards the Holy Mountain.

And in the other directions, no matter if they were humans or Raging Flame Beastmen, everyone was converging their forces towards the Holy Mountain.

Everyone knew that the root of everything lied in the Holy Mountain. To solve the issue, they could only go towards the Holy Mountain.

In a place three hundred kilometers away from the Holy Mountain, the powerhouses of various forces rushed over simultaneously.

No matter if it was the Raging Flame Beastmen or the humans, no one was thinking of fighting.

If the Raging Flame Plane was destroyed, the Raging Flame Beastmen would face extinction, their race would lose all hope.

As for the humans, they spent such a long time, invested countless resources, and sacrificed countless lives in order to conquer the Raging Flame Plane, it wasnt just to watch the Raging Flame Plane being destroyed.

There was no suspense in the negotiations, it went very smoothly, and soon, everyone joined together to form an unified front to save the Raging Flame Plane from its destruction.

What came next was left for later. There was only one outcome for those that didnt want to exert themselves and wanted to fish in troubled water: the destruction of the Raging Flame Plane.

No one would gain anything from it.

Battle continued every day, and the closer to the Holy Mountain they were, the more Demons and abyssal lifeforms appeared. Especially around where they were gathered. There would be three to four large battlefields on 10,000 armies scales every day.

A Demon Overlord appeared in almost every large-scale battle, and whether it was the humans or the Beastmen, they had no choice but to send their main force to deal with these Demons.

The leaders of every force were now gathered in a shabby ancient temple.

The temple was completely dilapidated, the idols were already shattered and vegetation was already occupying the greater part of the temple.

The group of humans and most of the Beastmen were puzzled as to what they were doing there.

At this time, an old wrinkled Beastman emitting a deathly aura walked out from the back of the temple.

Gallsworth walked forward and respectfully lowered his head, letting the old Beastman pat his head.

"High Priest, the Raging Flame Plane is suffering its hardest trial, the earth is already suffering the Gods merciless destruction.

"We came here in hope of asking for the codex to guide us."

The old Beastman closed his eyes and his crooked body slowly walked to the end of the temple. He then kowtowed in front of a broken idol.

In an instant, everyone felt a shocking soul power emerge. Dark red blood seeped out of the old Beastmans wrist and converged with his soul power to form a complicated design in front of a broken idol.

Suddenly, it looked like the area around the old Beastman suddenly rewinded. That idol rapidly became intact and an ancient sheepskin book appeared in its hands.

The old Beastman raised both hands, and the seemingly alive ancient idol placed the sheepskin book in his hands.

Then, the surroundings regained their original appearances. But the old sheepskin book was still in the hands of the old Beastman.

The old Beastman softly coughed and put down the sheepskin book on the table while trembling. He then clearly said with a piercing trembling voice that could be heard within several hundred meters, "Children, the hope you are looking for is here. I hope it may be of help."

The old Beastman then turned and disappeared into the back of the temple. Gallsworth bowed to send the old Beastman away.

"This is the former High Priest of the Gold Tribe. Before he died, he took over the task of recording in the codex. He has already died, but his soul has yet to return to the earth and instead remained in his body, waiting for the next successor to appear.

"Its been two thousand years so far, he is a senior worth respecting."

The group of Beastmen and humans displayed admirative expression. Beastmen believed in shamanism, souls had to return to the earth, this was a fundamental teaching.

Violating shamanisms teachings would incur the disgust of all Beastmen. A soul not returning to the earth meant that the soul would suffer a perpetual torture.

Willingly suffering torture in order to record history and secrets wasnt something that just anyone could do.

Gallsworth took a step forward and put his hand on the sheepskin book before flipping it open. Soon, the book automatically flipped to the page with the information Gallsworth was looking for.

"Eh?! Why is it that passage?"

Gallsworth doubtfully looked at the information recorded on the sheepskin.

"This passage illustrates the Greater Demon Overlord wreaking havoc.

"According to the records, that kind of thing happened back then. At that time, war spread through the entire Raging Flame Plane, and the Greater Demon Overlords power eventually triggered the planes source, awakening the Ancient God.

"Then, that period of spacetime was sliced and not only was the Greater Demon Overlord sealed, it also delayed the awakening of the Ancient God, hindering his awakening.

"But the Raging Flame Plane doesnt have an existence powerful enough to sever spacetime. Can we only watch as the Ancient God thoroughly awakens and destroys the Raging Flame Plane?"

A trace of despair flashed on Gallsworths face. The others also remained silent.

A powerful existence able to sever spacetime There was none in this era. Not to mention that power, even a powerhouse 10% as powerful couldnt be found.

Even Low Rank Heaven powerhouses were the strongest forces in the Raging Flame Plane.

"Could it be that this is the only method? Impossible, there must be a different way, there must be. Dont tell me that without a powerhouse able to sever spacetime, the only thing we can do is wait for our deaths?"

A Heaven Rank Bronze Beastman emotionally roared, completely unwilling to accept the fate of the Raging Flame Plane. He also couldnt accept that they would all die with the Raging Flame Plane.

The destruction of the Raging Flame Plane was equivalent to losing their origin. Just like how all powerhouses died when Noscent fell.

The strongest powerhouses actually died the fastest, until only ant-like existences could survive.

Gallsworth was covered in cold sweat. He kept flipping the codex, hoping to gain some useful information from its pages.

He expanded the search range and looked for all sorts of related information, but there wasnt a single useful information, all the information he found were useless at the moment.

After searching for ten minutes, someone on the human side already raised a suggestion: Giving up on the Raging Flame Plane.

An Ancient God wasnt something they could contend against after all.

The Raging Flame Beastmen were completely despairing. These Heaven Rank powerhouses couldnt even dream of surviving the Raging Flame Planes destruction.

"If you dont leave the Raging Flame Plane, will you be buried along with it?"

"An Ancient God isnt something we can resist. A powerful existence like an Ancient God, even if it just awakened, isnt something that our few Heaven Rank powerhouses can resist. We have to leave, or we wont be able to escape by the time the Ancient God awakens!"

"Right, if we wait until then, the Ancient God might even follow us through our Planar Path and enter Noscent"

"Our demise has already arrived, we must send our weaker tribesmen out of the Raging Flame Plane, in hope that they can continue to pass on our inheritance. This is our final resistance"

"Our powerless resistance"

As the mood got lower and lower, and while everyone started planning their escape, Gallsworth loudly roared, "Found it!"

Immediately, everyone stopped quarrelling and grumbling.

Gallsworths eyes turned red as he pointed at the codex and loudly shouted, "We still have hope. A previous legendary priest left behind a passage, which is said to be a conjecture left behind by that powerful existence that severed spacetime.

"When the Ancient Gods soul awakens while his body is still slumbering, then severing spacetime is the best method to buy time, as well as the most simple.

"But if that is impossible, then before the Ancient Gods body awakens, destroying his body to avoid the disaster is the only method.

"Without his body, the Ancient God would only have his soul remain, and without any support, it would sink in eternal slumber.

"Even if it doesnt work, only the Gods soul would remain, we would have a faint chance at victory"

Gallsworth slowly took a breath and turned to look at everyone, his eyes burning with glaring light.

"This is our only hope, the only method to gain the final victory! We have to give it a go!"

A group of people frowned, pondering over the success rate of this plan.

At this time, a huge power pressured the mountain temple and a Gold Beastman slowly floated down with a serene expression.

In an instant, everyone was suppressed by that huge power and they couldnt lift their heads. A few Heaven Beastman powerhouses were shocked as the appearance of that Beastman was out of peoples expectations.

"There is no need to ponder on it. The matters recorded in the codex cant be wrong. Thats a codex linked to the plane source and successive generations of High Priests personally recorded events. A mistake simply cant be recorded within.

"Gallsworth, immediately notify and gather 70% of the Heaven Rank powerhouses here. We will directly attack the Holy Mountain and destroy the Ancient Gods body."