End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Cross

The old Gold Beastman slowly landed on the ground and started giving orders as if it was instinctive. But no matter if it was Gallsworth or Beastmen from other tribes, they were all obediently lowering their heads and listening to this old Beastmans orders.

"As you wish, Sir Cross."

After Cross was done instructing the Beastmen, he immediately turned towards the humans and coldly looked at them as if they were a group of ants he could casually squish.

"Stupid Humans, you are the origin of all disasters. How could this disaster befall the Raging Flame Plane if not for your shameful invasion? How could our fertile land become scorched earth.

"Humans are all damned!"

After saying that, Cross immediately extended his hand and a thick Extraordinary aura spread out as if it was tangible. The faint golden aura lights slowly blossomed and the gentle light rapidly condensed into a hundred-meter-big golden hand.

The palm lines on the surface of Cross hand, as well as his scars, could be seen on the large hand. They seemed to have been magnified countless times.

The large hand slowly fell, but the huge pressure was already pressuring the eight human powerhouses and Lin Yun!

The earth over a hundred meters had already wordlessly caved in, and the earth seemed to crack like glass. With Lin Yuns 9th Rank Archmages power, it felt as if he was pressured into the bottom of the Endless Sea.

Every fingertip was outpouring huge pressure.

That slowly falling palm felt like he was humiliating them before getting rid of them. It made everyone slowly feel death descending.

Lin Yuns complexion became unsightly and beet red. Law Runes kept surging one after another and spread over the surface of his body, resisting this space freezing pressure.

This wasnt an illusion, rather, the surrounding space had already been frozen. Spatial magic scrolls couldnt be used in this area, Spatial Doors couldnt be used either. Only power could withstand Cross power.

3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse!

No, the peak of the 3rd Rank, he is only a step away from the 4th Rank. He must have some understanding of the 4th Rank, and absolutely accumulated a lot of power!

This kind of existence is an unparalleled existence to any present Heaven Rank powerhouse, resisting is simply impossible, he looks like a predator. Escaping is an extravagant hope.

On the side, Dedale had already turned into fire, his flames almost on the verge of exploding. But those flames were suppressed to Dedales body by the huge pressure. Only by bursting with all his power could be he able to escape that huge pressure.

Harren, Jouyi, Morgan, Arnaud, Raphael

They all had flushed expressions, they could barely resist this pressure by using all their power.

As that huge palm grew bigger and bigger, the pressure they were supporting also grew stronger and stronger.

No one expected Cross to make a move against the humans right after appearing. Not to mention, they were still in the middle of a crisis.

Most of the Beastman powerhouses were a little surprised, but they didnt think that anything was wrong. Gallsworth opened his mouth, but he only sighed and didnt say anything.

This is troublesome, Sir Cross actually appeared personally. I heard that he went underground a few decades ago to comprehend the laws, in order to advance to the 4th Rank at all cost.

He hadnt appeared for so many years, and even his aura couldnt be felt, so everyone thought that Sir Cross already returned to the embrace of the heart. Who would have thought that he was still alive and merely a step away from the 4th Rank, able to break through at any moment.

Sir Cross fought with the humans for many years. His son had died under their hands, and he is definitely supporting the pro-war faction. Every time he sees humans, he would immediately get rid of them.

But if Sir Cross kills these human Heaven Rank powerhouses, the alliance might thoroughly shatter. With the Beastmen alone, there is no way to defend against the Ancient God.

Gallsworth wanted to persuade him, but he didnt dare to say anything and really didnt know what to do.

And on the side, Mutabla, the Heaven Rank Bone Blood Beastman, crossed his arms and sneered. The bones at his fingertips kept drilling out of his skin. This showed how excited the Blood Bone Beastman as.

That bunch of stupid humans will die! Especially that wretched Mafa Merlin.

That stupid Archmage isnt a Heaven Rank powerhouse yet he actually to keep troubling me. Isnt he like an ant about to be squished by Sir Cross?

Sir Cross is the one hating humans the most, he would even personally kill a High Mage. All humans are damned. Those were the words of Sir Cross.

Now, Sir Cross is only a step away from the 4th Rank of the Heaven realm, but his hatred hasnt changed at all. Thats very good.

Die, die, stupid humans, all of you die here!

Since Sir Cross already returned, the disaster of the Raging Flame Plane will be handled by Sir Cross, there is no need for those humans help.

Just when everyone thought that the human powerhouses would all be killed, an equally as powerful Extraordinary Aura suddenly appeared in the temple.

Endless rays of light appeared out of nowhere and instantly transformed into a hundred-meter-big palm. The entire temple was shrouded in that radiance, and it felt as if there were endless pious believers singing praises within those rays of light.

The holy eulogy song seemed to come from the void and fireflies-like lights filled the entire sky. The entire world instantly regained its peace.

Only that light palm and that light golden palm made of Aura were silently colliding. Sounds had disappeared, and the air within several hundred meters was instantly sent flying up while the countless elements were rejected from this several hundred meters range.

A vacuum area was formed there, even a hole in space was forming.

The Heaven Rank powerhouses pressured by Cross burst with magic power after losing Cross pressure. It was like suns were burning in this hole, the only difference was that these burning suns had different colors.

Those fireflies-like light slowly fell into that hole and the boundless light radiance was like a pair of gentle hands using a kind of unquestionable power to forcibly pressure the power that burst out of everyone and slowly pacify their bursting power.

Above their heads, the light palm and the light golden aura palm were silently clashing. Then, as if they were ice cubes under the scorching sun, the two palms slowly melted.

In less than three seconds, the light palm dissipated alongside the light golden aura palm.

Then, a cold and dissatisfied voice echoed.

"Cross, you think that one Ancient God isnt enough to destroy the Raging Flame Plane? I havent seen you in a few decades, but it looks like you are just as stupid!"

The light covering the sky rapidly converged and then transformed into a human shape made of light. The light slowly darkened and a smiling middle-aged man with meticulously combed hair, and wearing a white robe appeared.

This newly appearing powerhouse was stepping on light and his body was covered in a faint white halo. He looked gentle and looked like he was a pious believer of the holy light.

The newly appearing powerhouse blocking Cross was obviously a 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse.

Everyone could understand that only a Peak 3rd Rank powerhouse could merge their body into light to resist Cross power without a physical body.

Moreover, just like Cross, it seems that he would be able to advance to the 4th Rank at any time!

Seeing this powerhouse appear, Cross expression slightly changed before he coldly snorted, "Clombton, I really didnt think that you would still be alive. I was only playing with these youths, there is no need to take it seriously."

Apprehension flickered in Cross eyes, he even took the initiative to give an unconvincing explanation.

Clombton was right, the Raging Flame Beastmen couldnt bear to have more enemies.

The Ancient God already sank the Raging Flame Plane on the verge of collapse, the end was coming. Stopping that Ancient God was a very difficult thing and the success rate was very low.

If they lost the humans help at this time and instead made them hostile, then there would only be one final outcome, the Raging Flame Plane would be thoroughly destroyed.

Clombton ignored Cross explanation and slowly walked down.

In an instant, nine lights touched the nine powerhouses and calmed their mana, a wisp of gentle power even calmed their agitated minds.

The nine powerhouses aura instantly returned to normal and their mind also reached their peak. They were in high spirits as if they had just woken up from a good nap.

Clombton walked to the front of the human group and calmly looked at Cross.

"Cross, we are now cooperating to solve the Ancient God problem. If you still want to continue our war, thats fine. Ive havent seen you in a few decades, I want to see if you are still as weak and stupid as a rat."

Cross had a calm face, but an ashen complexion. Light golden radiance was flickering on the surface of his body, and his Aura couldnt help but want to make a move.

As the pressure spread, the Beastmen behind Cross were suppressed and couldnt say a word. Waves of Extraordinary Power coiled against each other and kept creating lightning. There was even hair rising spatial tears appearing in the center.

At this time, a silver white radiance condensed in midair and transformed into a Spatial Door, from which human powerhouses walked out.

Seeing this scene, Cross expression thoroughly changed. He took a deep breath and he stared at Clombton as if his gaze was a knife.

"Alright, Clombton, lets settle the matter of the Ancient God first, we can fight later."

Eight old Heaven Rank powerhouses suddenly arrived, including the Cloud Towers Butler, and the Black Towers Dubois.

With the eight new Heaven Rank powerhouses and Lin Yun that made a total of seventeen Heaven Rank powerhouses, as well as a Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse Clombton, for a total of eighteen Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Eighteen Heaven Rank powerhouses, this was the strongest power of the humans in the Raging Flame Plane. Moreover, they used their influence to transfer forces from other planes.

If not for the war entering its final phase, these Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldnt have been transferred to the Raging Flame Plane.

The human forces powerhouses added up to eighteen, there was twice as many human Heaven powerhouses as there were Beastman Heaven powerhouses. If the war started, there wouldnt be a need for the Ancient God to destroy the Raging Flame Plane, if these two dozen Heaven powerhouses fought, it would half destroy the Raging Flame Plane.

The negotiations officially started, with Clombton as the human representative, and Cross representing the Beastmen. They rapidly reached a consensus that they had to destroy the Holy Mountain.

The only trouble was the loot distribution if they successfully got rid of the Ancient God. How should they distribute the spoils of the battle after solving the Raging Flame Planes fate.

But this wasnt something Lin Yun could suggest.

At this time, a few of the newly arrived Heaven Rank powerhouses coldly glared at Lin Yun.

Black Towers Dubois didnt say anything, but they were acquainted.

A Heaven Mage with a layer of sand floating all over his body and a mask made out of a layer of sand was staring at him, Endless Sand floating in front of him.

This was a powerhouse of the Quicksand Tower. He was hardly hiding his malice as he glared at Lin Yun.

There was another powerhouse coldly glaring at Lin Yun. His entire body and robe were like shadows and his gaze was filled with killing intent.

That was the powerhouse of the Shadow Tower.

Lin Yun expressionlessly glanced at them and sneered.

The Shadow Towers mages were now building a palace in his Demiplane, while the mages of the Quicksand Tower were now clearing a river path in his Demiplane. These guys shouldnt even dream of coming out for a very long time.

From the look of the Shadow Tower and the Quicksand Towers powerhouses, they clearly werent planning on being polite. There were also a few Heaven Rank Beastmen on the side.

All of a sudden, a handful of Heaven Rank powerhouses had evil intentions towards him.

Its just that there were two powerhouses a step away from the 4th Rank in this meeting, so no one dared to say anything.

Cross, the former leader of the Gold Beastman Tribe, had been missing. But his performance in the war left a deep impression on mankind, he was brutal and powerful.

As for Clombton, Lin Yun vaguely remembered that this was a powerhouse of the Cloud Tower who would leave huge achievements behind in the future. After three thousand years, Clombton would become a 9th Rank Heaven Mage powerhouse.