End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 Holy Mountains Team

He also had a resounding title, Holy Light Agent. He was known as the spokesperson of the holy light walking the earth and was an expert at Holy Light Magic. All his enemies were cleansed by holy light, and holy light sprinkled wherever he went.

Ultimately, he died in a sneak attack in the abyss. He stopped a Greater Demon Overlord for a full day by himself. His body ultimately dissipated and transformed into a holy light energy body. He used his lifes radiance and let out a holy light forbidden spell to seriously injure the Greater Demon Overlord.

In the Cloud Tower, there were very few mages that would pour their vitality into the Holy Light Law.

Lin Yun hadnt expected to see this living legend here, before he even rose as a legend.

Climbton was among the first batch of legendary mages to rise up when Noscents development was still in its infancy. According to the records, he should currently be on expeditions on outer planes for a few hundred years.

As the negotiations soon reached a conclusion, some Heaven Rank powerhouses were dispatched to the Holy Mountain, while the rest would fight in other areas of the Raging Flame Plane.

After all, the current Raging Flame Plane had already sunk into an apocalyptic state. It was incomparably chaotic. Not only were there a large number of Demons and Abyssal lifeforms pouring in the Raging Flame Plane, there was also a lot of Demon Overlords, and even more Lesser Demon Overlords. There were also some other kind of powerful lifeforms coming in from the spatial tears.

With no Heaven Rank powerhouses guarding the land, the Ancient God wouldnt even need to destroy the Raging Flame Plane as these Demons and other lifeforms would have already laid waste to the Raging Flame Plane.

On the human side, the newly promoted Heaven Rank powerhouses chosen were Dedale of the Burning Tower, Raphael of Sky City, Morgan of the Henry Family, as well as Lin Yun who had the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Of the older Heaven Rank powerhouses, there was Dubois of the Black Tower, Slythrin of the Quicksand Tower, Birbo of the Shadow Tower, as well as Clombton and Butler of the Cloud Tower.

The Heaven Rank powerhouses of the Odin Royal Family and the Andlusa Royal Family that werent in those groups would be defending the Raging Flame Plane while the aforementioned ones would attack the Holy Mountain.

As for the Beastmen, there was both Cross and Gallsworth of the Gold Tribe, Mutabla of the Blood Bone Tribe, Steer of the Bronze Tribe, as well as six other Heaven Rank Beastmen from other tribes for a total of ten Heaven Rank Beastman powerhouses.

The Heaven Rank powerhouses grouped up and charged towards the Holy Mountain.

Surprisingly, no one expressed any complaint as to why a 9th Rank Archmage like Lin Yun joined. The newly advanced Heaven Rank powerhouses already experienced Lin Yuns strength first hand, so they naturally had nothing against it.

As for the newly arrived Heaven Rank powerhouses, almost all of them had conflicts with Lin Yun. Lin Yun had either gotten rid of their relatives, or locked them into his Demiplane to be used as labor.

As for the Beastmen, they had experienced Lin Yuns strength first-hand, so they naturally remained silent. The others didnt dare to have an opinion since the two 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses had remained silent.

Slythrin and Birbo hardly concealed their evil intentions and occasionally glared at Lin Yun like vipers while Dubois was looking at him with a terrible expression.

I can finally see that Mafa Merlin, I didnt expect that he still hasnt advanced to the Heaven Rank after entering the Raging Flame Plane. Thats great.

We are going to be facing an Ancient God, and the weakest ones in the group, excluding Mafa Merlin, have all recently advanced to the 1st Rank of the Heaven realm. There is a high probability that this guy will die if he follows.

Without Extraordinary Power, he wouldnt be able to display his power in the chaos of battle. So what if he is powerful? If he isnt at the Heaven Rank, he isnt at the Heaven Rank!

Hell definitely die there!

As for the Beastmen, Blood Bone Beastman Mutabla and Bronze Beastman Birbo kept sneering.

Mutabla licked the corner of his mouth and his cheekbones started drilling out of his skin, dripping with blood as he gave Lin Yun a cruel smile.

As for Birbo, his sinister face faintly drooped. He was glancing at Lin Yun from time to time like a snake.

That Mafa Merlin is the assassin of our Bronze Tribes youngest powerful warrior. Him joining this team is perfect.

My son was the most gifted Bronze Beastman within a few hundred years, but he ended up returning to the embrace of the earth. Ill make you pay a heavy price, Mafa Merlin.

I hope you dont die at the Holy Mountain, I have to be the one ending your life.The Bronze Beastmens disgrace and hatred have to be cleansed by our own hands.

Lin Yun remained expressionless as he looked around. There were at least five Heaven Rank powerhouses that wanted to get rid of him, moreover, these five hardly covered their malice.

But Lin Yun didnt care about those guys at the moment, he was actually thinking of the Raging Flame Planes Holy Mountains matter and the records of the 73rd God.

In the future, although the 73rd God was never seen again after his appearance, there were many records linked to the 73rd God. These pieces of information were too sparse and chaotic, trying to remember them was very troublesome.

He had to keep rousing his memory in the depths of his soul and keep searching to find out.

The team moved over 15 kilometers when they suddenly encountered a fierce spatial fluctuation, which interrupted Lin Yuns browsing of his memories.

A several-hundred-meter-tall spatial tear suddenly appeared, and it looked like a huge rift had been torn in space. Three Horned Demon Overlords covered in smoke suddenly came out of that rift. The spatial crack fiercely fluctuated, as if it was about to close again, when a huge power supported the crack.

A twenty-meter-big demonic head stretched out from inside. Its deep purple eyes were surrounded by black smoke flames and the terrifying bursting aura surged like a volcanic eruption.

Then, two huge arms similar to dark grey rock and covered in strange patterns stretched out of the rift.

That huge spatial crack looked tangible as it was forcibly opened by that pair of demonic hands and a hundred-meter-tall Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord came out.

A Purple-Eyed Black Iron Overlord and three Horned Demon Overlords suddenly appeared in front of them.

Cross and Clombton looked calm as they glanced at the four Demons.

"Leave that Purple-Eyed Demon to me, I happened to want a pair of eyes from a Purple-Eyed Black Iron Demon Overlord for my collection. The rest are for you, humans."

Cross spoke without care and then disappeared. A light golden radiance exploded in front of the Purple-Eyed Demon and a light golden blur spread over several hundred meters.

Cross appeared in front of the Purple-Eyed Demon with a cold expression. A three-meter-long greatsword appeared in his hand and a terrifying light golden aura burst out. The large greatsword in his hand suddenly looked ten times bigger.

Cross held the thirty-meter-long golden sword in one hand, as if it was a light strand of wheat.

Fear could be seen on the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords face. Cross aura of a Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse gave him the instinctive fear of facing a predator.

The Purple-Eyed Black Iron Demon Overlord was about to flee towards the spatial tear in panic, but a faint light golden light flashed and Cross body was already in front of him, his light golden sword already covered in purple blood.

With a bang, the Aura Sword covering Cross greatsword shattered and purple blood rained down on the ground while Cross flew to the front of the Purple-Eyed Black Iron Demon Overlord.

The Purple-Eyed Demon was frozen, as if he had been hit by a Medusas Petrifaction. He foolishly stood there, motionless, letting Cross dig out his two crystal-like purple eyes.

Cross slowly flew back. Behind him, bloody scars started appearing on that Purple-Eyed Black Iron Demon Overlords neck, chest, and limbs.

With a breeze, purple blood started spraying out of these wounds. The Purple-Eyed Demons limbs were sliced off, and his head fell to the ground like a rock.

Blood started spreading in the surroundings like small waves.

Instant kill

Apart from Clombton, no one had seen Cross movements.

Clombton slightly frowned but remained silent.

As for the other Heaven Rank powerhouses among the humans, their expression became even more solemn.

Countless law runes frantically flickered in Lin Yuns eyes. Even with the Magic Array, it took him more than ten seconds to deduce Cross previous movements.

He had appeared in front of the Purple-Eyed Demon and instantly slashed eight times with one hand, so fast that the Purple-Eyed Demon couldnt react.

The most important part was that the gap in strength was too high, he had cut open the body of the Purple-Eyed Demon as if it was a sheet of paper, he encountered no resistance.

Lin Yun frowned, he couldnt help becoming even more solemn.

One Hit!

If I face this Gold Beastman, he would only need one hit to get rid of me, I wouldnt be able to resist at all!

He already has a foot in the 4th Rank of the Heaven realm and his strength has undergone an extreme change. 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses simply cant see his movements, they would be killed in an instant!

While Lin Yun was pondering what to do if Cross was his opponent, ice-cold killing intent stabbed his skin.

Slythrin and Birbo burst with powerful mana fluctuations and casually looked at Lin Yun before walking out.

A layer of dense yellow sand floated around Slythrin as Endless Sand surged from his body and transformed into a ten-meter-tall huge wave of sand crashing towards a Horned Demon.

As the Endless Sand scratched against the ground, it kept turning the earth into grains of sand. The closer they were to the Holy Mountain, the worst the environment was and the further developed the destruction process was. In that place, Slythrins power could be displayed to its peak.

The sand wave formed a sinister monster skull as it reached several dozen meters in height and a hundred meters in width after travelling a few hundred meters.

It was like a terrifying monster suddenly rushed out of the ground. A Horned Demon Overlord roared and rushed over. His body flickering with a dense flickering black smoke as the rich abyssal power attached to his body. It was like a huge creature was charging over.