End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Holy Mountain

The Horned Demon charged into the monster skull made of sand, but he felt as if he had fallen into a swamp. The large sand wave collapsed and scattered back into sand while wave upon wave of sand shadowed that huge sand wave.

The several-dozen-meter-tall Horned Demon Overlord was slowly covered by the sand. He kept struggling and shouting, but it had no effect. The sand waves kept surging and submerging the Horned Demon Overlord. They could only see the black smoke being continuously covered by the sand waves. The big pile of sand kept changing shape like moldable mud.

As for the other two Horned Demon Overlords, they rushed to help that Horned Demon covered in Endless Sand.

Birbo, who always seemed to be covered in a layer of darkness, silently rushed to meet the two Horned Demon Overlords.

The black shadow centered around Birbo instantly spread to a hundred meters. That monstrous shadow seemed to suddenly awaken just as the two Horned Demons entered the shadow area.

The large shadow was like the shadow of a large tentacle monster cast on the ground, and the tentacles bound the two Horned Demons.

The two Horned Demon Overlords stood there, letting out angry roars. Their four limbs and bodies were restricted as if they were in shackles and they could only struggle within a small area.

Birbo was still calmly standing on the ground, his body was like a pitch-black shadow. A singing voice could faintly be heard, it felt like someone was whispering in their ears during their sleep, and it sounded like an eulogy coming from far far away.

Following Birbos chant, the Shadow Binding on one of the Horned Demon Overlords rapidly grew bigger, and that tentacle-like shadow rapidly expanded.

After a few seconds, one of the Horned Demons was completely covered in shadows. That Horned Demon looked just like Birbo, shrouded in pitch-black darkness.

Then, that Horned Demon let out a fearful miserable shriek and his limbs started shivering and twisting.

It was as if a giant was breaking his limbs.


A loud sound echoed as one of the Horned Demons arms was forcibly snapped and then twisted. Even if he was covered in shadows, everyone knew that the Horned Demons arm had been twisted into a hempen rope.

Then, the Horned Demons other arm and legs kept being twisted into hempen ropes.

A few bone cracking sounds echoed, followed by muscle tearing sounds. The Horned Demons limbs were completely snapped by the shadow covering him and the badly mangled limbs fell to the ground, carrying a dense sulfuric bloody smell.

The Horned Demon screamed in alarm after losing his four limbs. His body covered in pitch-black shadows then let out grinding and cracking noises as that Horned Demons head was forcibly twisting.

On the other side, Slythrin slowly smoothed the sand. That small mountain of sand turned into a level ground and that submerged Horned Demon Overlord had completely disappeared. Only a faint aura remained.

Ultimately, the last Demon Overlord remaining within the Shadow Binding lost his arrogance and viciousness and was like a terrified pet. He fearfully begged for forgiveness in awkward-sounding Abyssal Language.

But Slythrin controlled his sand and submerged him. After ten seconds, the last Horned Demon was devoured and buried under the Endless Sand.

Slythrin turned around and the sphere of sand under his feet brought him back to the group.

Everyone had solemn expressions.

And on the other side, Birbo was still covered in shadows as he floated back to the group. The silent and ruthless slaughter made the atmosphere strange.

Morgan discreetly cast a glance at Slythrin and Birbo, cold sweat trickling down his back. He then worryingly looked at Lin Yun.

This is quite troublesome. Slythrin possesses a cluster of Endless Sand, and he had used his mana to thoroughly merge with it. The Endless Sand is a Magic Tool to him, and a most suitable Magic Tool.

He can bury all his enemies under the earth. Its even rumored that he is most proficient in the Earth Burial Song. Even enemies stronger than him would be torn apart into the depths of the earth once they were covered in sand, before being crushed by the earths pressure.

Many enemies wont die from being buried, but from being crushed by the Endless Sand. Only their corpses would be buried.

Its said that Slythrin is Fertons maternal uncle But in reality, there were rumors that Ferton was his son, the fruit of a forbidden love.

Sir Merlin got rid of Ferton, so Slythrin would definitely not give up on his revenge. He went to deal with the Horned Demon most likely as a show of force.

Slythrin isnt too bad. After all, he is most proficient in battle, the longer he fights, the more powerful he gets.

But that Birbo is very troublesome. Damn, I first thought that he was deliberately mystifying himself. That he always remained covered in shadows to prevent anyone from seeing his appearance.

Who would have thought that he was so ruthless. He trained himself into possessing a shadow physique. Half of his body has assimilated into the shadows, and half already dissipated. He would die if he ever exhausted his mana.

But because of this, the power of his shadow spells increased by 30% to 40%. Some specific spells even got upgraded by a tier.

Damn, a Shadow Binding could actually trap two Horned Demons Although they are only the lowest rungs among Overlords and their bloodline is at the bottom, they are still Overlords. Yet Birbo actually bound two of them!

Moreover, while restricting two Horned Demon Overlords, he still had the strength to release a Shadow Eulogy Song to forcibly tear a Horned Demon to pieces.

Damnit, this guy is definitely a lunatic with a twisted mind, he didnt directly crush the Demons head, he instead played with him and slowly tortured him to death.

I knew it, the Shadow Tower is full of twisted lunatics

At least that Slythrin exercised restraint. But Birbo showed no fear and dared to expose his killing intent for Sir Merlin in the team.

Damn, these smelly rats of the Shadow Tower, those mage assassins are really creepy.

No good, I have to find an opportunity to remind Sir Merlin.

He definitely cant have a war of attrition with that Slythrin, he would die if he dragged it for too long. Moreover, that Birbo guy already killed six Heaven Mages of the same rank, and they werent from other races

Morgan quietly leaned on Lin Yuns side and prepared to take advantage of them resuming their travel to let Lin Yun know how terrifying the opponents he was facing were.

The team moved forward once again. The two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses led the team to rapidly move forward. Unless they met a Demon Overlord of the 2nd Rank or above, Cross and Combton wouldnt move.

The twenty powerhouses, even if they were facing a large number of Abyssal lifeforms, would easily turn them all into ashes.

The group of Heaven Rank powerhouses crossed a few hundred kilometers in three days. After dealing with a wave of abyssal lifeforms, the entrance of the Raging Flame Beastmens sacred place, the Holy Mountain situated in the center of the Raging Flame Plane, was standing before them.

The Holy Mountain was called a mountain, but they couldnt see how big that mountain was when standing at its base. It was at the very least a few dozen kilometers tall, and the closer to the center, the steeper it was.

The central peak was piercing the skys black clouds, and smoke was covering the entire Holy Mountain. Those black clouds made of abyssal power were forming a huge vortex that slowly revolved at the top of the Holy Mountain.

Demons roars kept echoing in the distance, and a thick sulfuric smell filled the air.

It was rumored that this place was the Raging Flame Planes richest area, with the best environment. But now, they could see with a single glance that the vegetation had already disappeared and the earth had become burnt black. The streams of water flowing there had been replaced by blazing hot lava.

Seeing this scene, the group of Raging Flame Beastmens eyes turned red. Cross also had a dark expression as the aura on his body kept surging and withdrawing, as if he was about to explode.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at the Holy Mountain. He kept feeling that this times plan might not be easy to complete.

Just from looking at the outside, he knew that the Holy Mountain had thoroughly changed. The dense black clouds in the sky, some of the mountain peaks emitting black smokes, this kind of scene explained a lot. The Holy Mountain was already Abyssalizing.

All abyssal lifeforms and Abyssal Demons would be able to live there for a long time, this places environment was already transforming into an Abyssal area.

If this continued, this place would connect to the Abyss, there wouldnt be a need for a Planar Path or an Abyssal Gate, because at that time, the Raging Flame Plane could be said to be a part of the Abyss. It wouldnt be surprising.

Moreover, something very troublesome was in front of them.

Lin Yun frowned and stood in the rear. The Beastmen beside him couldnt bear it anymore and entered the range of the Holy Mountain one after another.

It was like they got through an invisible barrier as they entered the Holy Mountain. The smell of sulfur there was even richer and abyssal power was filling the air.

As everyone took steps on the Holy Mountain, Lin Yun silently roused his mana and raised a Law Runic Shield.

The surroundings were as calm as death and no living lifeform could be seen. Lin Yun was the only one who suddenly cast a Law Runic Shield.

Steer, of the Bronze Beastmen, raised his plated-like bronze arm.

"Frail humans, an Archmage actually followed us here. He doesnt know how to cherish his own life, he might end up dying here a bit later.

"There is no living lifeform here, but he still acts like a rat, wasting mana to raise a Law Runic Shield. Hurry up and leave. Dont ruin your reputation here."

Steers eyes flickered with a cold radiance as he mocked Lin Yun.

This damned human definitely cant leave here alive. He is only an Archmage, he has yet to reach the Heaven Rank but he already killed a newly advanced Heaven Rank powerhouse of our Bronze Tribe.

Our Bronze Beastmen are the strongest existences of the Raging Flame Beastmen when it comes to defense. Especially after advancing to the Heaven Rank. Even if we cant defeat our opponents, our opponents cant kill us.

This damned human must have some Magic Tool tailored against our Bronze Tribe, if that guy is allowed to leave, our Bronze Tribe would face annihilation once he reaches the Heaven Rank, the earth wont be able to defend us.

He already came some far. As long as he leaves the group, Ill be able to find an opportunity to get rid of him. Ill tear his filthy soul and weak body apart.

Steers mocking voice brought attention to the overlooked Lin Yun. This time, everyone noticed the situation and the Beastman powerhouses willfully laughed.

"Haha, humans are really the most cowardly race. There is clearly nothing here, but you actually need to use a protective shield?"

"What a joke, this must be a mages habit. I just saw a small insect fly past. Maybe that bug carries extreme toxins"

"Thats right, humans have fragile bodies. A bug might be able to poison him to death"

The Beastman powerhouses followed Steer in mocking Lin Yun. As for the human side, Slythrin, Birbo, and Dubois also sneered.

Dubois resentfully berated Lin Yun, "Mafa Merlin, you arent the only mage here. You follow as an Archmage because you are the most powerful powerhouse of your Merlin Family.

"Everyone is contributing, but your Merlin Family isnt. But here, everyone is a Heaven Rank powerhouse while you are only an Archmage. Can you not humiliate our races mages?

"Really, you are trampling over our mage wisdom"

Lin Yun ignored these guys and instead looked at the Holy Mountain. His Magic Array kept revolving, catching all fluctuations in the surroundings.

As for Cross and Crombton, they also ignored these noisy guys and fixedly stared in the direction of the Holy Mountain.

Just as Morgan was about to say something, he rolled his eyes and silently propped up a Fusion Shield. Mana then roamed on the surface of his body, ready for any unexpected situation.

Raphael sneered and raised his strongest Fusion Shield. Even Dedale silently looked at Lin Yun before raising a Fusion Shield.

In the blink of an eye, half of the humans used shields, and the strongest Fusion Shields 1st Rank Heaven Mages could use.

Mana Shield, Elemental Shield, and Runic Shield, the fusion of these three shields was definitely their last line of defense.

The actions of those few humans immediately made the Beastman mock them in loud voices. Steer looked as if he was facing a group of idiots. He then raised his arm and walked over with large strides, exposing his bronze-like skin.

"Cowardly humans, you are really making people laugh until their teeth fall off. If you are that afraid of death, then return. This isnt a playground.

"Only the bravest Beastmen can walk the land of the Holy Mountain. Your kind isnt qualified to enter this place. Dont mention getting rid of the Ancient God, maybe a Demon Overlord will appear and youll piss your pants"

Steer walked towards the Holy Mountain with large strides, his head high and his chest out. He wasnt using Aura at all.

On the side, the few Heaven Rank powerhouses resentfully looked at Lin Yun with icy bone-chilling evil intent.

Dubois, Slythrin, and Birbo were mocking him from the side.

Slythrins voice sounded very hoarse, it was like the sound of sand rubbing against sand, it was very unpleasant.

"Stupid guy, if you are that afraid of death, and hurry up and get lost! Dont ruin the reputation of human mages here."

As for Birbo, his ice cold voice was like a machine as it floated over from far in the distance without a single bit of fluctuation. His gender couldnt be determined.

"This kind of fool afraid of death had better die."