End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Incarnation

Lin Yuns eyes seemed unfocused as he stared in the direction of the Holy Mountain. Countless law runes were frantically roaming in the depths of his eyes and he simply didnt hear anyone talking in his surroundings.

To the side, Morgan was casually rolling his eyes, the corners of his mouth rising into a grin. He swept a glance at those Beastmen, as well as the trio of Heaven Mages, and couldnt help feeling a bit of sympathy.

These idiots Ive known Sir Merlin for a long time and Ive never seen him afraid of anything.

Moreover, Sir Merlins strongest characteristic isnt his battle strength but his other skills, his alchemy skill, his profound knowledge, as well as his sharp insight akin to divination magic.

Sir Merlin took the initiative to raise a shield because there are definitely some great dangers here.

Moreover, my Darkness Elemental God doesnt know what fear is, yet he became well-behaved after entering the Holy Mountain, as if he encountered a predator.

Based on the feeling the Darkness Elemental God is transmitting, there is some undefeatable powerful existence near. Not only is it extremely close, it is extremely powerful and extremely dangerous.

Without proper preparations, we could die.

These idiots will pay a disastrous price for daring to laugh at Sir Merlin. Didnt they notice that Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses Clombton and Cross remained silent? They seemed to have discovered something, just like Sir Merlin.

Ha, does that idiotic Bronze Beastman think that his defense is unequalled after entering the Heaven realm? Ive seen an idiotic Heaven Rank Bronze Beastman burn to ashes already.

If you still dare to remain arrogant here, youll just end up paying a disastrous price, and if you are unlucky, youll really die.

Morgan moved back a bit without being noticed. As for Steer, he had already walked a few hundred meters, loudly mocking the human mages as he walked.

But suddenly, Clombton and Cross tacitly burst with large amounts of mana and Aura. Their powerful aura was like a tidal wave.

The ground in front of the group became as soft as water and a mud fountain appeared before their eyes. The mud kept surging from underground as a Beastman seemingly three-meter-tall floated out of the ground.

The Beastman had an earth-colored and red-colored interwoven skin color. There wasnt any magic patterns on his body either. Apart from the Beastmens iconic tusks, he didnt have any of the races characteristics.

His eyes were particular as they were unfocused. His body was also not emitting a powerful aura. He seemed ordinary, just as ordinary as a stone on the wayside. If they hadnt seen him with their own eyes, no one would have noticed that a Beastman had appeared here.

Steer had turned around to ridicule Lin Yun. He hadnt noticed that over a hundred meters away, an ordinary and strange Beastman had suddenly appeared.

After that monstrous Beastman appeared, it looked at everyone with unfocused eyes. Within those expressionless eyes, evil intent, malice, coldness, cruelty and countless negative emotions surged just like a mind spell storm attack.

Steer, the closest target, was hit by the storm of negative emotions and blood started leaking out of his eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. His body was sent flying like a dead leaf.

In the air, Steer let out a frantic scream, his expression distorting beyond recognition.

Mournful screams echoed, it was like he was continuously suffering a terrifying punishment.

Steer flew out and the others didnt have time to save him. The pure storm of negative thoughts could definitely compare to a powerful mind spell released by a mind mage.

Moreover, it was a spell released by a very powerful mind mage!

Cross stood there, holding his greatsword in front of him with both hands. The surface of his body was covered in a light golden Aura that rapidly condensed into an armor wrapped around him.

When the storm of negative emotions attacked, the numerous magic patterns on Cross body surfaced. These magic patterns seemed alive, and very small Beastman shadows floated around Cross body. Those invisible negative emotions turned into black shadows that fought against the Beastmans shadows.

As for Clombton, he opened his mouth and spat out two holy light runes. The runes filled with gentle radiance exploded in front of Clombton and instantly turned into a milky white Mind Shield that enveloped him.

These negative emotions attacked Clombtons Mind Shield, resulting in a series of sharp friction sounds. A sound wave spread out and crushed the rocks around Clombton into fine dust.

But Clombton and Cross were the only ones having an easy time.

Lin Yun, Morgan, Raphael, Butler, and Dedale had already released their Fusion Shields. This was a Heaven Mages life saving defensive method. It could be rated as an omnipotent shield.

Facing the negative emotions, although it wasnt as focused as a Mind Shield, its defensive abilities were even stronger.

Lin Yun, Morgan, Raphael, Dedale, and Butler had all raised their shields. As they were drawn in the negative emotion storm, the runes on the surface of their shields kept roaming. They were like balls floating on a wave, continuously being moved backward without suffering a single injury.

But Dubois and the others who took the opportunity to mock Lin Yun ended up in a tragic situation alongside the Beastmen.

The storm of pure negative emotions was even more troublesome than a mind spell. Apart from having a solid defense against it, there was no method to rapidly get around it.

If they didnt defend ahead of time, their mind and soul would fall into an extremely frightening execution ground and suffer a horrifying punishment, their mind and soul would suffer crazy torture.

Moreover, under this kind of impact, the feelings of their mind and soul would be infinitely amplified, while the passage of time would feel as if it was slowed down to the extreme.

An impact lasting a second would feel like a year of torture and punishments to their mind and soul.

All those Heaven Rank powerhouses were screaming like kids under the torture. They flew to the sky and let howls of despair.

Even if the impact lasted less than two seconds before they released their strongest defenses, that time was more than enough.

Apart from releasing their strongest defenses, they couldnt even control their bodies, they could only fly out of the storm.

The hair-rising screams continued, they didnt stop even though they already raised their defenses.

After resisting the first wave, Lin Yun stabilized himself on the ground, and the few that raised their defenses also stabilized themselves one after another.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at that ordinary Beastman with unfocused eyes, a wisp of understanding then flashed in Lin Yuns eyes.

The Raging Flame Planes Holy Mountain is a sacred land to the Beastmen, it has been worshipped for countless years and the Raging Flame Beastmens most powerful worshipped Ancestor Souls were in this Holy Mountain.

Moreover, this was the place closest to the core of the Raging Flame Plane, a place where the Holy Mountain has already gained awareness.

An existence that is worshipped by all Raging Flame Beastmen and can mobilize the Raging Flame Planes power. Usually, a Heaven Rank powerhouse would only survive three seconds, even if they were extremely powerful.

And since the Ancient God already started devouring the Raging Flame Plane, that formidable power and the Holy Mountain inevitably fell under his control.

When they stepped on the Holy Mountain, they hadnt seen a Demon and the surroundings were deathly calm.

But the 73rd God definitely wouldnt let anyone smoothly enter the Holy Mountain. There was no need to think about what they would encounter, it would definitely be the Holy Mountains Incarnation!

The Holy Mountain Incarnation, even if its power had been weakened, was still more powerful than anyone here, including Cross and Crompton!

Unfortunately, after the Holy Mountain Incarnation appeared, it couldnt suppress the negative emotions from taking shape.

Although that storm was powerful, it was too weak compared to the Holy Mountain Incarnations power. Because the Beastmen werent proficient in mind magic, the Holy Mountain Incarnation similarly wasnt proficient in mind magic, it was just negative emotions leaking out.

The most miserable Steer fell to the ground, his face covered in blood. His soul had been attacked by the huge impact of negative emotions and it had lasted at least seven seconds.

But his mind and soul perceived these seven seconds as seven years.

The suffering was painful, but the torture didnt reach the point where an Extraordinary lifeforms soul would collapse.

Morgan landed next to Lin Yun and glanced at the people that survived around him. A regretful expression could be seen on his face as he saw that the most miserable Steer hadnt been eliminated.

I knew there must have been some danger. No wonder my Darkness Elemental God became well-behaved, that guys negative emotions are far greater than my Darkness Elemental God.

Unfortunately, it only made those ridiculing idiots suffer and didnt got rid of that arrogant Bronze Beastman.

Damn, what kind of monster is that newly appearing Beastman

After releasing a thick wave of negative emotions and making the group battered and exhausted, those unfocused eyes were still filled with negative emotions.

A terrifying aura blossomed, and it felt like a huge mountain rose in front of them and pressured them. It seemed that the entire Holy Mountain was completely hostile.

The elements in the air, the earth under their feet, the space, everything rejected their existences.

That seemingly ordinary Beastmans face was completely sinister and magic patterns rapidly covered his body. The numerous magic patterns occupied the entire surface of his body, forehead, cheeks, everything was covered in those tattoo-like magic patterns.

Buzzing sounds softly echoed as the light in the surroundings of the Holy Mountains Beastman Incarnation started distorting, as if a heavy gravity appeared in his surroundings.

The heavy gravity made the surrounding elements and air keep submerging underground. Fierce changes happened to the air density, it was at least a dozen times higher within a few meters of height.

The air distortion also distorted the light around the Holy Mountain Incarnation, and the strands of light felt like they were tangible.

The earth surrounding the Holy Mountain Incarnation bore a terrifying gravity that rapidly made the ground cave in, and the range of that gravity was frantically expanding.

It expanded until it reached 300 meters, before it no longer had an effect on the surroundings.

"Damn, this is our Bronze Beastmens magic patterns! He can actually use the Extraordinary Power Domain! Sh*t, the center must have at least 30 times the gravity No, 40 times

"Its over, we cant defeat him, we cant even touch his body. Thats the Bronze Beastmens strongest defensive ability!"

Steer screamed in horror, fear visible on his face. No one understood the Bronze Beastmen more than him. Only a very few Bronze Beastmen could create gravity after advancing to the Heaven Rank.

The closer to their body, the stronger the gravity. The gravity was the embodiment of the law power within their bloodline and could affect all elements and matters.

All spells and attacks would be torn apart and pressured towards the ground by the heavy gravity when approaching their bodies. Even explosion spells would be pressured by the huge gravity and wouldnt be able to display their power.

With the Bronze Beastmens defensive power, no powerhouse of the same rank could get rid of them. Even if they could defeat them, it would be like a tiger facing a tortoise withdrawing into its solid shell. They simply couldnt get rid of the Bronze Beastmen.

Steer screeched in despair. The fluctuations on his body slowly calmed down, as if his fighting spirit had disappeared.

Cross had a calm expression as he sent a slap over. A two-meter-big aura palm landed on Steers body and sent him flying.

"Fool, if you shout again, Ill get rid of you first!"

Steer crawled out from the ground, his layer of Bronze Aura Armor covered in cracks. The defense he was so proud of was no different from a piece of paper in front of Steer, if he put in a bit more force, he would be able to crush him.

After the slap, Steer was well-behaved and didnt dare to say anything. He had just expressed demoralizing thoughts before the battle, and had only survived because Cross had been merciful.

Steer closed his mouth and didnt dare to say anything, but as he glanced at Lin Yun, the anger in his heart rose.

Sh*t, that stupid Mafa Merlin actually dares to ridicule me? F*ck, what does that look mean, do you think Im making a fuss about nothing?

Do you think our Bronze Tribe is not very amazing because you used a trick to murder our tribes valiant warrior?

Stupid guy, just you wait. Since the Holy Mountain Incarnation has the Bronze Beastmen abilities, then itll be able to show our abilities to all of you fools! Its best if the Holy Mountain Incarnation gets rid of you!