End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Incarnation 2

Steer lowered his head. His eyes shone as if he was waiting for a good show. He seamlessly got closer to the human side and would glance at Lin Yun from time to time with evasive glances.

Although Steer had casually said a few words, everyones expression had become somewhat unsightly. Cross and Clombton both frowned and the mana and aura surrounding their bodies became somewhat chaotic.

Although the Bronze Beastmen were the most looked down upon Beastmen, they carried on with the concept of defense being the strongest power. Even the Grey Beastmen, the Beastmen with the weakest bodies, would focus on killing their enemies and not strengthen their defenses.

But no one could deny that the Bronze Beastmens defenses were powerful. Especially after advancing to the Heaven Rank. The Bronze Beastmen would become tortoise shells that were very difficult to approach, no one was willing to fight with Bronze Beastmen, especially the few of them with bloodlines so powerful that they awakened the gravity ability.

The Holy Mountain Incarnation ahead of them not only controlled the Gravity Domain, it released it at the start of the battle and it was comparable to a Gravity Domain released by a Peak 3rd Rank Bronze Beastman.

Even a Bronze Beastman at the 4th Rank with an inferior bloodline wouldnt be able to release a Gravity Domain as powerful as the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

How could they fight this?

Holy radiance appeared in the sky as Clombtons chanting voice kept echoing and rays of light frantically converged. In an instant, the sky within several kilometers darkened.

Apparently, those rays of light converged together and ultimately transformed into a thick light pillar that fell down from the sky.

One after another, small angels emitting white radiance floated around the light pillar, the weapons in their hands were pointed at the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

A stern and majestic aura emerged from the thick light pillar and a solemn godly shadow floated within. That blurry shadow faintly looked like Clombton.


An indescribable voice suddenly echoed from it. That language was unfamiliar, yet everyone understood the meaning of its words.

The light pillar fused into a meter-thick blazing light beam that fell on top of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

In an instant, the Holy Mountain Incarnation was surrounded in rays of light and its silhouette couldnt be seen anymore. But the earth within ten meters of the Holy Mountain Incarnation seemed to melt into glass, while the ground outside of those ten meters was covered in fine cracks. Those cracks barely had the time to appear before the ground was flattened by the gravity.

A roar of anger came from the light beam, and less than three seconds later, the light beam started distorting and the light slowly dimmed. That light was like a rubber band that kept being stretched.

The light pillar exploded five seconds later, and the scattered light was pushed to the ground by the gravity, turning the earth within several dozen meters into a shining carpet.

As for the Holy Mountain Incarnation, it was covered in white smoke. Its body was covered in a layer of sinister white Bone Aura Armor. Even the traces on the Bone Aura Armor were rapidly dissipating.

Apparently, the 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell Light Judgement could only force the Incarnation to use the Blood Bone Beastmens ability.

Light Judgement was the strongest 8th Tier area of effect spell. With the addition of Extraordinary Power and by condensing it into a single-target spell, it would become a 9th Tier Spell. Any Undead under the 3rd Rank of the Heaven realm would evaporate instantly under that attack.

Unfortunately, the Holy Mountain Incarnation hadnt been greatly injured, and its few injuries were already healing.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the group of 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses changed and their morale rapidly fell. They slowly put down their raised weapons and staves, not knowing whether they should cast spells or not.

At this time, Clombton said with a cold expression, "The Holy Mountain is already under the control of that Ancient God, we wont be able to go in if we cant deal with the Holy Mountain Incarnation before us."

Clombton raised his light staff and looked at the Incarnation. His mana surged and the formidable light power gathered into a ring of light that revolved around Clombtons body.

The radiance was like a calmly flowing brook. The air flowing within a hundred meters seemed to have stopped and everything became strangely quiet.

On the other side, Cross drew his three-meter-long greatsword and his golden aura spurted out like waves. The light sword in his hands instantly transformed into an eight-meter-long huge golden sword.

But the golden aura didnt stop there and kept coursing through Cross body, condensing into a sinister Aura Armor.

The chaotic aura distorted the air and elements in the surroundings and formed a chaotic stormy zone. No one could get within a few dozen meters of him.

There was a sharp contrast between Cross and Clombton, but they both exuded terrifying power.

Their aura swelled and burst out, suppressing the aura of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

In the rear, the Heaven Rank powerhouses that had lost hope due to the Holy Mountain Incarnations aura were now raising their weapons, cold sweat trickling down their backs.

Lin Yun was no better than the others. He was also paled, even if the Holy Mountain Incarnation wasnt the entire Holy Mountain, the power it borrowed came from the entire mountain.

The Holy Mountain that existed for countless years, and had been worshipped by the Beastmen for countless years, had already gained wisdom. If the other side was a lifeform, it would have already become a first-rate Heaven Rank powerhouse.

An incarnation of wisdom and power The pressure it produced was many times stronger than a 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse!

The power derived from laws was innate pressure, mana could barely influence it. Especially when it came to a gap like this, it was so great it couldnt be breached.

As Cross and Clombton endured the pressure of the Holy Mountain Incarnation, Lin Yun felt his mana recover and operate as normal. The feeling of being the enemy of the entire Raging Flame Plane, as well as facing the faith the entire Raging Flame Plane had accumulated over the years, disappeared.

He glanced at the surroundings, and beside Cross and Clombton, all other Heaven Rank powerhouses were pale. It was as if they had experienced a bitter struggle.

The 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses had yet to join the battle when Cross roared and rushed out.

Faint golden aura spurted out of Cross and then attached to Crosss large greatsword. In an instant, that huge and powerful sword lengthened and turned into a thirty-meter-long huge sword.

Cross held his sword with both hands and rushed above the Holy Mountain Incarnation before ferociously slashing down.

After reaching the center of the Gravity Domain, the heaviness of the gravity had reached its highest point, and the greatsword formed by Cross Aura was about to be torn apart.

But Cross eyes burnt with faint golden flames and the magic patterns on the surface of his body brightened. A part of his magic patterns seemed to come alive and instantly rushed into the sword in Cross hands.

With the addition of these magic patterns, that huge golden sword was saved from the fate of collapse. Instead, with the help of the Gravity Domain, its falling power sharply increased by at least eight times.

Facing this power that could apparently tear through space, the Holy Mountain Incarnation slowly raised his head and a wisp of ridicule flashed in the pure black eyes filled with negative thoughts. It then slowly raised one hand.

That arm covered in Bone Battle Armor shone with a bloody brilliance and the white Bone Battle Armor instantly transformed into a dark red bloody color. Dense black smoke surged like a volcanic eruption and rapidly condensed into existence.

From a distance, it looked like the arm of the Holy Mountain Incarnation had suddenly transformed into a ten-meter-big black hand.

The black hand instantly arrived before that huge golden sword and grabbed it bare-handed.

A transparent ripple spread from the point of impact between the two and the slowly spreading ripple swept with terrifying power, shaking the surrounding space. Fine spatial tears appeared where the ripples swept.

A wisp of shock flashed in Cross eyes. He instantly scattered his aura and didnt continue his forceful attack.

His golden sword shattered with a loud bang, and similarly, that black hand also exploded. The smoke turned into a scaled pitch-black fist that flickered nine times, avoiding Cross counterattack and fiercely smashing onto his body.


A fierce light flickered in the air as Cross instantly disappeared, only leaving behind a several-hundred-meter-long white trail.

Cross fall felt like an 8th Tier Spell falling on the ground. The earth was shattered over a hundred meters and spider web-like cracks spread over four hundred meters.

Cross stood in the hole, both hands holding his greatsword in front of him, light golden aura frantically bubbling on his body, rapidly fixing the gaps in his Battle Aura Armor.

The Heaven Rank Bone Beastman, Mutabla, let out an alarmed cry as if he had seen a ghost.

"Sh*t, this is our Blood Bone Beastmens life saving ability, how could the Holy Mountain Incarnation also have it"

The Blood Bone Beastmen were the fastest among the eight tribes. It was even rumored that the Vampire bloodline was in their lineage.

Because the Vampires life-saving ability could turn them into bats covering the entire sky. As long as one Vampiric Bat remained alive, high-ranked Vampires wouldnt die.

The Blood Bone Beastmens bloodline ability allowed them to split apart into nine Blood Shadows in order to escape in different directions. As long as one remained alive, the Blood Bone Beastman wouldnt die.

But that ability had never been used by the Blood Bone Beastmen in a direct confrontation, they always used that ability when they were weak, when their fighting strength was below half.

But now, the Holy Mountain Incarnation didnt use that ability on itself, but on its magic power. This was something the Blood Bone Beastmen never did.

More importantly, the black smoke condensing into an offensive spell was clearly the ability of the Black Iron Beastmen. The Black Iron Beastmen had Abyssal Bloodlines. That kind of abyssal magic power was something that only Black Iron Beastmen had among the Raging Flame Beastmen.

So far, the Holy Mountain Incarnation already revealed the Bronze Tribe, Blood Bone Tribe, and the Black Iron Tribes innate abilities. There was no need to think to know that the Holy Mountain Incarnation definitely possessed the abilities of all Raging Flame Beastmen.

Then, everyones worries became reality.

The Holy Mountain Incarnation raised its arm and black clouds spreading over several kilometers covered the sky. Then, twenty to thirty-meter-big blazing meteors rained down on the ground.

Everyone was within the range of the spell.

A flaming meteor fell to the ground and the earth started ruthlessly shivering. The ground was like an ocean as wave upon wave spread out. The flames and fragments from the meteors crashing simply couldnt be dodged. It covered a range of at least two to three kilometers.

The two dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses tacitly released their most powerful defensive abilities.

Fusion Shields, Law Runic Shields, Battle Aura Armor, Aura Shields

The meteors were densely packed and in such high numbers that they simply couldnt dodge them, they could only block them.

Flames, fragments, shockwaves

All kinds of chaotic destruction power converged into a sea of chaos, and every Heaven Rank powerhouse was like a boat floating on that sea, about to collapse at any time.

Morgans Fusion Shield kept flickering. His Darkness Elemental God was released to resist these meteors, but his Fusion Shield was still on the verge of shattering.

"Sh*t, that thing doesnt care about mana consumption! Damned b*stard, every meteor is comparable to an 8th Tier Heavensfall Meteor.

"Moreover, hundreds of them keep falling down. Sh*t, sh*t, even if I rouse my Demiplane and all my mana, I wouldnt be able to do it. That guy F*ck, Am I going to die to flaming meteors?!"

Morgan was paled, he was a darkness mage that nurtured a Darkness Elemental God. Darkness Elemental Gods could be said to be innate slaughterers, but the power of their casting and defensive abilities were weaker than ordinary mages. At this time, this little gap would become a fatal factor.

The others werent much better, the only difference was how long they could last.

Even if the 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses completed their Extraordinary transformation and had Extraordinary Power, they wouldnt be able to survive under the assault of a few hundred 8th Tier Spells.

Moreover, this rain of falling meteors showed no sign of stopping or easing up.

Clombton solemnly floated in the air. The light staff in his hand blossomed with a milky white radiance and all light converged into law runes.

As Clombton chanted, these law runes all burst and the radiance filling the entire sky transformed into twenty human-shaped runic symbols with hands holding their chests.

These runes flew and instantly fell on everyones heads. In a split second, it felt like praising voices could be heard from the void and milky white human-shaped angel shadows appeared above their heads. The small angels emitted a large amount of light that merged with every Heaven Rank powerhouses defensive shields, steadying those fluctuating shields.

Morgan looked at his smoothed Fusion Shield with a stunned expression before letting a long sigh of relief.

"Holy Blessing? No, this is Angel Blessing, a supporting spell that could even bless Undeads!"

This was the doctrine of Holy Light, most of the spells were leaning towards support and redemption. This branch of the Law of Light wasnt like the other branches, it was very lethal to Undeads.

If a person understood the laws of purification within the Light Law, they could even kill an ordinary Undead with simple Therapy Spell.

With Clombtons Angel Blessing, the Heaven Rank powerhouses no longer needed to use all their power to defend against that large-scale spell.

As for Clombton, he had successfully attracted the Holy Mountain Incarnations attention and the speed of the rain of meteor slightly slowed down.

A small scarlet radiance appeared in the hands of the Holy Mountain Incarnation. Then, the radiance flew out and instantly transformed into a fierce and sinister Beastmans head.

The thirty-meter-tall head bared its teeth as it ruthlessly bit down towards Clombton.

Following that heads biting, a huge black hole seemed to appear in the space. It was like a white cloth was forcibly torn apart bit by bit.

The huge and monstrous Beastman head bit its way towards Clombton and soon bit the Fusion Shield covering Clombton. Rays of light and black smoke kept colliding, destroying one another.

They transformed into a sphere wrapped around Clombtons Fusion Shield. And just like a ball, Clombton and the head flew in the distance.

The ring of light surrounding Clombton blossomed with a bright light, and as the ring of light spread out, the essence of that ring of light was revealed and law runes appeared one after another.

These numerous law runes formed a pure zone shrouded in holy light and transformed into a huge sphere of light that swelled up, seemingly wanting to force that huge Beastman head to burst.

But it only made that huge and sinister head slightly open its mouth, its speed didnt lower at all as it rushed towards a small hill in the distance, with Clombton stuck between its teeth.


A muffled explosion echoed from the distance as that several-hundred-meter-big hill burst into a black and white mushroom cloud. The mushroom cloud slowly rose to the sky and exposed the original location of the small hill.

At this moment, that small hill had already disappeared and the huge Beastman head had also disappeared. Even Clombtons situation was unknown.

A few seconds later, beautiful angel singing voices echoed, and a light pillar suddenly shot from the chaotic distorted storm. Rays of light converged and twisted into a person as the pale Clombton reappeared before everyones eyes.

Boundless radiance shone behind Clombton as the shadow of a huge Demiplane floated there. The radiance cast by the Demiplane enveloped Clombtons body and rapidly recovered his injuries and mana.