End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 Incarnation 3

On the other side, the eighteen Heaven Rank powerhouses were already going all-out. Aura and mana took the shape of all kinds of spells and abilities which flew towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

Berserk flames, chilly ice, roaring gales, heavy rocks, light and darkness, as well as scarlet, golden, bronze and other colored auras.

Attacks covered the entire sky and formed a chaotic flood of destruction as they squeezed together and fell towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

This was enough to tear apart a Heaven Rank powerhouse within three seconds. They started falling down within three hundred meters of the Holy Mountain.

The spells kept falling down and were torn apart due to the increased gravity.

A large number of attacks fell down more than thirty meters away from the Holy Mountain Incarnation, only a fraction of the attacks fell within thirty meters but they didnt have much effect.

The only effect was that the aftermath of the destruction created by the storm of destruction tore the ground apart. The huge flood flowed on the ground to attack the Holy Mountain Incarnations body.

But it didnt have too much effect on the Holy Mountain Incarnations terrifying defensive power. The chaotic and destructive power polished the Holy Mountain Incarnations Blood Bone Armor and roughed the armor with a metallic reflection, making cracks rapidly appear.

But as mana revolved, the Holy Mountain Incarnations Blood Bone Armor rapidly recovered to normal. Its body didnt move after resisting a dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses spells. It was just like the Holy Mountain, it would stand firm against big fluctuations.

As it resisted the attacks, a mocking smile rose on the Holy Mountain Incarnations mouth and the number of meteors falling from the sky suddenly increased. At the same time, a scarlet aura burst like a volcanic eruption and took the shape of blood crystals-like needles which then drizzled down.

The indiscriminate attacks covered all directions and all angles. Looking at it from a distance, it truly looked like a blood-colored rain.

Mournful screams kept echoing. The piercing power of that scarlet rain was extremely powerful and the Beastmen simply couldnt stop those thin needles from piercing their Battle Aura Armors.

If not because they were experienced powerhouses and firmly protected their vitals, their heads and hearts might have already been pierced.

Small bloody holes appeared on their bodies, even the Heaven Bronze Beastman powerhouse, famed for his defense, still had eight holes.

The human mages werent much better, their bodies were covered in small bloody holes.

Morgans Darkness Elemental God was instantly killed while he himself got two holes, one on his arm and one on his shoulder. Dedales Burning Soul Magic Robe had five large holes.

Slythrin used the Endless Sand to form a sand shield, but he seemed to have cut a sorry figure. Birbo transformed into a shadow to weaken the damage, but he seemed to have consumed quite a bit of mana.

As for Dubois, he was the most miserable. The lightning spells he controlled had formidable firepower, but their defensive abilities were weak against those blood aura needles. After the rain of blood, Dubois ended up with ten bloody holes on his body. There was even a hole on his right chest. His lightning shield was no different from paper, it was completely useless.

As for Lin Yuns Law Runic Shield, it was forcibly pierced through. Those blood-colored needless power and speed exceeded the reaction speed of the Law Runic Shield.

The several tens of thousands of law runes didnt have a great reaction against that power. A needle pierced his left arm, and he used Elemental Incarnation to barely dodge the other one.

"Cross, if you dont go all-out, we will all die here!"

Clombton floated in the air, a dark expression on his face, the shadow of his Demiplane floating behind him and his mana fluctuations spreading to the surroundings like a tide.

Following Clombtons roar, Cross frowned and raised his greatsword. That huge greatsword rapidly shrunk and the aura forming the weapon rapidly compressed until it was a four-meter long greatsword.

The greatsword had shrunk several times, but the aura it was emitting was clearly two or three times stronger. The magic patterns on the surface of his body shined and took the shape of a light golden desing that attached to Cross greatsword.

A minute spatial tear formed around the greatswords edge. The sharp aura emitted by the greatsword could already cut through space!

Cross turned into an afterimage and instantly entered the gravitational area around the Holy Mountain Incarnation. That blurry shadow slowly turned visible ten meters from the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

The four-meter-long greatsword ruthlessly slashed at the Holy Mountain Incarnations head. But in an instant, the Holy Mountain Incarnations right hand made a grabbing motion and a light golden aura surged as a three-meter-long golden sword appeared in its hand.

The two golden swords kept clashing, and the two silhouettes were invisible between the flashes.

In the air, Clombton frowned and cursed, "Damnit, the Golden Beastmens Aura Weapon"

As he cursed, the Demiplanes shadow behind Clombton blossomed with a soft milky white halo. As the halo appeared, a radiant angel with fifty-centimeter-tall and two-meter-long wings came out of the halo.

The radiant angel chanted a cold and gentle praising song and a large amount of light magic power surged from the Demiplane.

Suddenly, a huge hole seemed to pierce the pitch-black sky and a meter-thick light pillar suddenly fell down, ruthlessly pressuring the Holy Mountain Incarnations body.

The Holy Mountain Incarnations Blood Bone Battle Armor rapidly weathered under the shine of these rays of light and the bloody bones also decayed back to white.

The huge aura towering like a mountain was rapidly being weakened by the beam of light.

The heavy area around Holy Mountain Incarnation was also rapidly weakened and the gravitys size kept shrinking.

Clombton cooperated with the small radiant angel floating above his head and guided the light beam to weaken the strength of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

The raining flaming meteors were reduced by at least half, and the storm of aura was also weakened by half. Coupled with Cross all-out bursts, they drew most of the power of the Holy Mountain Incarnation away.

The eighteen Heaven Rank powerhouses also started going all-out. The Heaven Mages used their Demiplanes and various Demiplanes shadows appeared behind them.

With Demiplanes and Elemental Gods, the Heaven Rank Mages power reached their peak and they hardly worried about berserk spell explosions. All the spells landed on the body of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

As for the Beastmen, they also released their innate gifts, they activated their innate gifts magic patterns and used all their tricks.

The Holy Mountain Incarnations silhouette couldnt be seen, everyone could only see the beam of weakening light controlled by Clombton, and all the attacks fell were that light pillar fell since that should have been where the Holy Mountain Incarnation was.

As for Cross, his figure was almost out of sight, he could only look at the group of golden shadows that kept encircling the light pillar.

After continuously attacking for a dozen minutes, a terrifying aura suddenly burst out of the center of the light pillar. Clombton groaned and the small angel turned into particles of light which returned into his Demiplane.

The light pillar forcibly exploded and the golden sword in Cross hands shattered into fragments. Cross even turned into a golden shadow that was sent flying seven hundred meters away. The ground looked like a several-hundred-meter-wide sink.

The eighteen 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses spells and aura-based attacks all looked like illusory shadows being forcibly torn apart.

The Beastmen were sent flying back and the mages suffered magical backlashes. They all looked pale like corpses.

No one expected that after advancing to the Heaven Rank, they would unexpectedly suffer magical backlash.

Mana surged as the two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses and eighteen 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses all temporarily lost their fighting strength.

As for the Holy Mountain Incarnations location, a huge pitch-black energy storm was frantically expanding and anything it reached was torn apart.

Rocks, spells, light

Everything was torn apart and the terrifying pressure completely suppressed the eighteen 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses. They simply couldnt move, and their mana could barely linger on their bodies, unable to spread outward. The surrounding elemental power apparently dispersed completely.

Clombton and Cross also fell to the ground. They resisted that despairing aura with all their might.

That pitch-black energy storm spread over five hundred meters before suddenly dissipating. The Holy Mountain Incarnation remained standing still at the very center, the surrounding gravity and its Bone Battle Armor having dissipated.

Scarlet Aura, Golden Aura, Bronze Aura, Abyssal Magic Power, Earth Magic Power

All powers had disappeared and the Holy Mountain Incarnation once again looked like an ordinary Beastman, it didnt look any special.

As its aura dissipated, the powerful pressure also dissipated and the group looked at the Holy Mountain Incarnation with shock and doubt.

"Sh*t, its too strong its not on the same level. I feel like Im already dead in front of that guy. Damnit, my Darkness Elemental God died again"

Morgan kept wiping his cold sweat as he crawled up from the ground, his eyes filled with fear.

Not far from there, Lin Yun dejectedly smoothed his fluctuating Law Runic Shield and looked at the Holy Mountain Incarnation with bewilderment.

Damnit, I knew that the Raging Flame Planes Holy Mountain Incarnation would be extremely powerful It has at least the power of a 4th Rank Heaven powerhouse.

If that burst power had spread, at least half of the Heaven Rank powerhouses would have died. In front of the Holy Mountain Incarnation, 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses are no different from twigs, they can easily be snapped.

But its not quite right. The strength it displays is very unstable. Every time it burst out, its power doubled, but it could also weaken by half.

Although Clombtons terrifying weakening light was supported by his Demiplane and the small angels chant, it could weaken powerhouses of the same rank by at least 10%.

A 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses strength would be suppressed by at least 50% of their strength, but the effect was too obvious against this Holy Mountain Incarnation, that Holy Mountain Incarnation was weakened by at least 30% to 40%.

Whats going on with this Holy Mountain Incarnation? How could it not have a wisp of aura

Lin Yun was confused, and the other Heaven Rank powerhouses crawling on the ground were also filled with doubt. No one knew what was going on.

The strange calm lasted no less than three seconds as no one dared to make a move.

And at that time, Cross, who was on the other side of a several-hundred-meter-long trench, exploded in anger with red-eyes. His golden aura condensed into a twenty-meter-long golden greatsword.

The greatsword forged out of golden aura instantly flew towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation. In midair, magic patterns appeared on the huge golden greatsword.

These patterns seemed to come alive and rapidly compressed the golden greatsword. After flying several hundred meters, the greatsword had been condensed to three meters in length.

As the greatsword cleaved the air, the sharp end even carried a wisp of spatial tears.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched that golden sword fly towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

Nothing obstructed the golden sword as it reached a hundred meters from the Holy Mountain Incarnation, its speed didnt weaken when it was fifty meters away either.

In the end, after reaching ten meters, the golden sword had yet to receive any obstruction and the Holy Mountain Incarnation didnt put up any defense.

At that moment, the golden sword easily pierced the Holy Mountain Incarnations chest and pierced its body.

The world seemed to have been silenced. Everyone looked distracted, even Cross himself foolishly looked at the hilt poking from the Holy Mountain Incarnations body, disbelief visible on his face.

"Damn, is there a powerful existence nearby? Since when has my condensed Aura Weapon become so powerful?

"It actually pierced the Holy Mountain Incarnations chest"

Cross eyes were unfocused as he mumbled, completely stunned. The strength previously displayed by the Holy Mountain Incarnation absolutely surpassed the Peak of the 3rd Rank of the Heaven realm.

It instantly dispelled the attacks of eighteen 1st Rank Heaven Rank powerhouses and two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses. It was something that needed at least a 4th Rank Heaven powerhouse.

The silence lasted a few seconds, then, the part where the Holy Mountain Incarnation had been stabbed by the golden sword started being covered in ink-like pitch-black power.

That power looked like a drop of ink dripping into water, it formed ribbon-like strands that rapidly dyed the golden sword black.

Cross golden aura was being polluted and decayed until it ultimately turned into nothingness. As for the hole in the Holy Mountain Incarnations chest, it was still dispelling a large amount of pitch-black power, and an aura even more frightening than earlier was appearing.

"Hurry up and attack! Sh*t! Get rid of it quickly!" Clombton alarmingly shouted.

He forcibly roused his mana and his milky hite mana condensed into drops of milk-like substance that sprinkled towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

The wide expanse of milky white holy light transformed into light beams that fell towards the Holy Mountain Incarnations body one after another.

Cross brandished his gold sword and kept throwing golden swords condensed out of aura. Golden longswords covering the sky fell down on the Holy Mountain Incarnation like a golden rain.

As for the other Heaven Rank powerhouses, they all let out their most powerful spells.

Dubois released his Thunder Punishment, Dedale cast Flame Hand, Morgan controlled his reformed Darkness Elemental God to cast Sacrifice, Slythrin used Gaias Wrath, Birbo used Shadow Slash.

As for Lin Yun, he released the most powerful single target spell he was proficient in, the upgraded version of the Four Element Bomb, the Rune Bomb.

As these spells and aura attacks filled the entire sky, they formed a wave of destruction that fell towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation in the center.

When a spell exploded, its power didnt have time to spread before it was suppressed by the other spells. All of the power ended up affecting the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

The Holy Mountain Incarnation remained motionless as it firmly resisted all the attacks, its injuries becoming more and more severe, while the pitch-black power kept increasing. The energy fluctuations coming from its body were also becoming more and more chaotic and powerful.

It seemed that two formidable powers were fighting within its body, and as time passed, that pitch-black power appeared to be slowly gaining the upper hand.

The Holy Mountain Incarnation raised its head and glanced at them with pitch-black eyes filled with strong negative emotions. As it glanced over, it seemed as if countless mind spells were forming a storm.

Deep roars that made their souls shiver kept coming out of the Holy Mountain Incarnations mouth. With every deep roar, the surrounding space softly shook.

"Hurry up and get rid of it, we will die here otherwise!"

Clombtons eyes had already turned pure white, he couldnt remain calm as he looked at the Holy Mountain Incarnation. Shock covered his face and even cold sweat kept being evaporated by the light.

Regardless of what Clombton discovered, no one dared to be careless. After resisting so many attacks, faint cracks started appearing on that ordinary looking Beastman shape taken by the Holy Mountain Incarnation, it wouldnt collapse within a short time.

Morgan clenched his teeth and waved six magic scrolls. Each magic scroll clearly emitted the aura of Extraordinary Spells.

As the six magic scrolls were torn, it felt as if six Heaven Rank powerhouses were simultaneously releasing their strongest spells. Six pitch-black single-edged spears appeared in the air and flew towards the body of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

The dense auras of death and darkness interweaved and made the surrounding space deathly silent.

The six spears resolutely pierced the body of the Holy Mountain Incarnation and nailed it to the ground.

Anubis Spear.

According to the legends, in the Undead Plane, Anubis ruled over death and souls and let everything fall into death. It was a terrifying existence called the God of Death in the Undead Plane.

That spear was Anubis weapon and contained the terrifying power to directly kill a soul lifeform.