End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 Alliance Vs Demons

That Silver Horned Demon with two ten-meter-long silver horns raised both arms as he loudly roared.

At that instant, the restless Abyssal lifeforms went berserk and started crazily roaring as they charged towards everyone like a tide with no regards for their lives.

There were also several hundred Lesser Demon Overlords within the abyssal armies, and their bodies faintly carried traces of magic beasts and Beastmen. They had clearly been magic beasts or Beastmen before turning into Demons.

These magic beasts innate abilities remained, and the Demons that had transformed from Beastmen still retained their magic patterns, they even turned more sinister and powerful.

The overwhelming Abyssal Spells covered the sky as they fell towards everyone. Acid rain, meteors, poisonfire, black ice. Numerous spells even obstructed those Abyssal lifeforms.

Those demonized magic beasts spouted pitch-black abyssal power. After demonizing, their original abilities had become mixed with evil abyssal magic and their power had increased.

Especially those demonized Beastmen. As their black magic patterns shone, black smoke-like mana converged into a sinister rain.

In an instant, the originally not very stable space immediately became even more unstable. A ten-meter-long spatial tear just appeared and drew in that dozen sinister Aura Slashes mixed with the storm of abyssal spells.

In the spatial tear, a five-kilometer-big land was floating amidst the void. But it was instantly destroyed by that chaotic power. The land shattered into pieces and dissipated in the void.

The humans and the Beastmens Heaven Rank Alliance also got ready to fight. Fusion Shields shone and Battle Aura Armors condensed.

They didnt even think of dodging that tidal wave. They had to pay attention to the surroundings in order to discover any spatial tear that would open within these chaotic fluctuations.

The group was already flustered before the Demon Overlords even took action.

Clombton raised his light staff with a solemn expression.

"Evil creatures, youll end up shrouded in the holy light. I hope the holy light will guide you and keep all evil away."

Light sprinkled down as a gentle milky white radiance shone on the abyssal lifeforms. Within a kilometer, all abyssal lifeforms fell to the ground while letting roars of pain and despair

Black smoke kept surging from their bodies as the sinister abyssal power was forcibly expelled from their bodies.

These rays of light also shone upon the Beastmen and humans, as well as on a dark mage like Morgan, and helped them cleanse their surroundings of abyssal power, making the abyssal power dissipate within the range of the light.

Evil Salvation, it was the best treatment spell of holy light mages for someone who had been infected by an evil aura, death aura, or corroded by evil power. As long as the 6th Tier Evil Salvation was used, it would definitely be able to disperse all evil power within a persons body.

But for a single-target spell to cover over a kilometer, it would definitely have to be the 9th Tiers version, Mass Evil Salvation!

Abyssal power was an evil power to holy light, just like death power and infernal power. Moreover, extracting the abyssal power from the abyssal lifeforms bodies was no different from extracting their lives.

Throwing a lifeform from the Abyss into a Light Plane was no different from throwing a Holy Light Angel into Hell.

The eighteen Heaven Rank powerhouses were besieged and tacitly formed a circle, every one of them defending a direction, creating huge spell storms and aura storms in all directions and frantically sweeping those numerous abyssal lifeforms.

For experts below the Heaven Rank, a huge army could indeed pose a threat. But for a powerful Heaven Rank powerhouse, numbers didnt matter when it came to an army below their level.

Maybe only an overwhelming army of Undeads numbering in the million could pose a threat to a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Spells formed floods that the Abyssal lifeforms simply couldnt resist, it was as if a group of puny beasts entered a powerful torrent. Apart from painfully struggling and shouting in alarm, they couldnt break away.

The Abyssal lifeforms were frantically swept until the Demon Overlords in the back had to join the fight.

Sixteen Demon Overlords and four Black Iron Overlords. The power they controlled couldnt be compared to an army of ten thousand lower Demons.

"Cross, Ill leave the two other Black Iron Overlords to you! As for the remaining Demon Overlords, kill one each!"

Cross held his golden greatsword as he glared at the Silver Horned Black Iron Demon Overlord and the Strength Demon Black Iron Overlord. The golden sword in his hand grew to twenty meters and instantly appeared before these two Black Iron Overlords.

As Cross swung his sword, the Silver Demon Overlords silver horns blossomed with a glaring radiance. In an instant, the Silver Horned Demons body turned silver like metal, his demonic claws also flickered with a sharp glint.

The golden sword and the silver claws collided together and transparent ripples instantly spread. The Silver Horned Demons sharp claws shattered one after another, but new claws rapidly grew.

Next to him, the Strength Demon was also hit by Cross golden sword, his 100-meter-tall body was instantly shortened by ten meters and the earth under his feet caved into a hole over a hundred meters in diameter.

The two Black Iron Overlords were facing Cross, but they were still pressured. If they had been alone, it would have taken at most half a minute for Cross to dismember them.

Cross forced the two Black Iron Overlords away from the battlefield, while on the other side, Clombton also floated up and looked at the chaotic battlefield with a frown.

The holy light transformed into a pillar of light that enveloped the Abyssal Blood Demon Black Iron Overlord and the Evil Bone Demon Black Iron Overlord, emitting dense dark smoke as it came in contact with their bodies.

The pain made the to Black Iron Overlords fly into a rage. They hadnt needed to be forced by Clombton as they both charged over.

The Abyssal Blood Demon transformed into a wave of blood that carried a pungent bloody smell as he threw himself at Clombton. On the other side, the Evil Bone Demon also took out his bones burning with pale flames and shot towards Clombton.

Clombton led the two Black Iron Overlords in another direction as his voice echoed in everyones minds.

[Divide the battlefields, everyone has to deal with one Demon Overlord. With so many Demon Overlords here, as well as those filthy abyssal lifeforms, it would be very easy for the space to shatter.]

[Damn, the space was originally unstable here, but its possible for it to be shattered into a storm and everyone would be lost into the void]

As he said those words, Clombton avoided a thirty-meter-long spatial tear. The battle barely lasted ten seconds before the originally unstable area became even more chaotic.

If those Demon Overlords attacked simultaneously, then it would take at most a few seconds before the space crumbled, and none of them would ever be able to leave the encirclement alive.

The collapsed space would shatter everything that existed within the space, including the Heaven Rank powerhouses. The only way to dodge it was by hiding in the Demiplane.

But entering the Demiplane meant being lost in the void, the demiplane would just keep floating in the void, there would be no way to return.

And trying to find his way back was like trying to find a specific drop of water in a large sea, the probability was completely negligible. That day might not happen by the time he died of old age.

The battlefields were divided, and everyone settled on their opponent. At this moment, no one cared about choosing their opponents. If they didnt deal with those Demons, leaving would become impossible. No one planned on having an easy time.

Lin Yuns opponent was an Evil Bone Demon Overlord, and the biggest threat was the Bone-corroding Black Flames emitted from his bones. As long as one was infected, it would be very hard to break away from it, especially once their bones were burnt. Apart from cutting off the bones, it could only be removed by Extraordinary Power.

In the face of the Evil Bone Demon, the Blood Bone Beastman Mutabla flew the fastest. He simply didnt want to handle the Demon that could kill him. As for the others, they were also unwilling to face this troublesome opponent, they would rather face a Purple-Eyed Demon than face an Evil Bone Demon.

On the side, Birbo was facing a Horned Demon, his shadowy face looking at Lin Yun. Even if his appearance couldnt be seen, Lin Yun could feel that he was sneering.

The Evil Bone Demon immediately released his Bone-corroding Black Flames. Those flames with extremely destructive power towards bones were considered a threat by others, but it was nothing serious to Lin Yun. That cluster of Bone-corroding Black Flames flew towards Lin Yun when a flaming door suddenly appeared before him.

As that flaming door opened, that thirty-meter-big huge sphere of fire seemed to have been pierced like an egg yolk and turned into a torrent that was absorbed by this flaming door.

The Bone-corroding Black Flames being ineffective, the Evil Bone Demon could only take out two ash grey ribs and used them as weapons as he rushed out.

Lin Yun and the Evil Bone Demon started fighting and the battlefields kept transforming.

On another side, Steer was controlling Gravity against a Strength Demon. When he saw Lin Yun, his eyes suddenly shook.

As the scale of the battlefield expanded, the human and Beastman Heaven rank powerhouses had already scattered. As for Clombton and Cross, their fights would have destroyed this space so they lured the four Black Iron Overlords away.

Steer sneered before quietly sizing up Lin Yuns surroundings.

Birbo, of the Shadow Tower, wasnt far from Lin Yuns area, and Steers own battlefield was also not too far.

Ha, that stupid Mafa Merlin used despicable methods to kill the most gifted genius of our tribe, the fiercest and youngest warrior. I finally found an opportunity to get rid of this guy.

Everyone else is fighting quite far away. Moreover, no one could control the location of their battlefield when fighting a Demon Overlord.

Who would be able to notice if I lure that Demon Overlord over. Even Mafa Merlin wouldnt think that something was wrong, he absolutely wouldnt expect what Im about to do.

Wait, I should restrain myself a bit and let this Demon Overlord "chase" me towards Mafa Merlins location.

The space is too chaotic here, spatial tears keep opening and closing, and those temporary small planes arent good, they would take a few seconds to perish after their birth.

If he fell into such a place, he would definitely be screwed. He would have no time to construct a Planar Path before that small was destroyed.

Moreover, although he can even display the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, he is still an Archmage. Without Extraordinary Power, he cant open a Spatial Door, who cared if he was powerful

But I cant handle Mafa Merlin on my own. That guy is crafty. Even if the space is becoming more and more chaotic and the fluctuations are becoming stronger and stronger, he definitely had some method to discover the location of a spatial tear ahead of time.

But that guy shrouded in shadows had some hatred towards Mafa Merlin, if we can cooperate, we can definitely force Mafa Merlin into an open spatial tear.

The battlefield is so chaotic, and both Sir Cross and that terrifying holy light mage are extremely far. They wont be able to discover what happened here.

Steer pondered and felt that this had high chances of being successful.

Steer didnt approach Lin Yun, and instead slowly moved his battlefield towards Birbo.

When he was two hundred meters away, Steer secretly used magic power to transmit a message to Birbo over the earth.

[Hey, Human Mage, this is the best opportunity to get rid of Mafa Merlin! Dont tell me you gave up?]

Birbo slightly paused and turned to look at Steer. His cold, emotionless and genderless voice echeod beside Steers ears.

"Bronze Beast, you think that you can challenge the authority of two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses? Anyone causing an internal strife at such a time would be eliminated."

Disdain flashed in Steers eyes, but his voice was sincere.

"Human Mage, our tribes youngest warrior, the most talented Heaven Rank powerhouse of our tribe, has been killed by Mafa Merlin using some despicable trick. I have to avenge him.

"But dont you humans have an expression, if you want to get rid of an enemy, kill with a borrowed knife?

"The space is so chaotic here Maybe a spatial tear would suddenly appear and devour Mafa Merlin, maybe he would be careless and fall into it.

"Who would be able to figure out what happened? If he unexpectedly fell into a spatial tear, it could only be explained as fate and we can only feel sorry.

"Those continuously birthed small planes would be destroyed within a few seconds, or a few minutes at best.

"If Mafa Merlin unexpectedly returned to the embrace of fate, who would be able to say anything? Am I wrong?"

Steers words made Birbo silent for a bit. Looking at the Bronze Beastman, a hardly covered shock appeared on his face.

Birbo didnt say anything, apparently pondering over Steers suggestion. After a few minutes, a cold and emotionless voice echoed beside Steers ears.

"What you say makes sense, Im unable to refuse. The shadow of fate is already covering Mafa Merlin. I think fate is playing a huge joke on him."

Steer understood Birbos words. The two of them didnt continue speaking and, with a tacit understanding, they slowly had their battlefields move closer to Lin Yuns.

As time passed, no one doubted anything. Even Lin Yun didnt think that Steer and Birbo were up to no good.

Because the Demon Overlord fighting Steer suddenly burst with power and released an explosive ability, sharply increasing his strength within a short period of time. The Gravity around Steer couldnt stop him and he could only flee in Lin Yuns direction.

Birbo had hardly moved, it was in fact Lin Yun who was getting closer to him during his battle with the Evil Bone Demon Overlord.

This fight was crucial, if they lost, the Raging Flame Plane would inevitably be led toward its destruction. Humans and Beastmen had temporarily put aside their long-standing hatred.

Whoever caused an internal strife at such an occasion would absolutely not be tolerated as they would be the reason for the ultimate failure, resulting in everything being wiped out.

Furthermore, there were two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses. Even if the space and Extraordinary Power were in chaos here, if someone dared to attack their own allies, Holy Mage Clombton would easily use Temporal Recall to check what had happened.

This was also the reason why Lin Yun wasnt too worried about the few Heaven Rank powerhouses hostile towards him.

To the powerhouses, the Raging Flame Plane was the greatest benefit. In order to protect this benefit, personal opinions and even racial hatred werent too important. At least for the time being.

After seeing that his Bone-corroding Black Flames were ineffective, the Evil Bone Demon Overlord had started using his powerful body to fight in a melee.

His huge body brought terrifying power and Lin Yun simply couldnt find a good way to resist the Evil Bone Demon Overlords terrifying attacks. It consumed too much mana and energy, so he could only use the efficient kiting tactic, that way, he could always pay attention to the spatial tears appearing in his surroundings.

His Magic Array suddenly caught onto a faint spatial fluctuation behind him, hiding between wisps of chaotic mana fluctuations and spatial fluctuations. It was easy to overlook if one didnt pay attention.

A spatial tear was opening behind him.

But before Lin Yun could dodge, he suddenly discovered a trace of a formidable power on him. It was like he had been hit by Petrifaction, but it was also different from Petrifaction. It looked like the connection between his soul and body had been severed.

His body didnt carry out the instructions from his mind. He roused his mana, but his body only slightly shook.

Lin Yun frowned and instantly caught a trace of a different aura. On the ground, a shadow as fine as a hair spread out from the not-so-far-away Birbo and connected to his shadow.