End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Devious Trap

That thin shadow was twisting and turning to completely hide under the shadows of the broken rocks. If not for the Magic Array catching that wisp of different aura, he wouldnt have discovered Birbos hidden move.

It was a simple Shadow Binding using the shadow of the casters opponent to restrict their movements. That spell was an 8th Tier Spell and its effect wasnt very visible.

Powerhouses of the same rank would take less than a second to struggle free and the shadow mages would suffer a magical backlash from it, which would definitely last more than a second.

If that Shadow Binding came in contact with its target and the Shadow Mage wasnt able to eliminate their target within a second, they would usually die.

But now, that small time frame appeared at a deadly time!

Lin Yun was about to struggle free of the Shadow Binding after less than half a second when a wisp of gravity enveloped his body. The sharp increase in Gravity distorted the Law Runic Shield around Lin Yun and his bones cracked because of the effect of the gravity.

Over a hundred meters away, Steer was battered and exhausted as he was being chased by the Demon Overlord, but he was exercising all his power, compressing all his Gravity within a three meters range to pressure Lin Yun.

The gravity had increased nearly twenty times in an instant. And this was the bloodline power of the Bronze Beastmen, it was different from a mages Gravity.

A mages Gravity could only make people feel as if they were carrying something heavy, it originated from elemental power. The Bronze Beastmen gravity raised the gravity of the earth itself. Thus, no matter if it was a shield, or a mages body, or even their insides, they instantly suffered the same force.

Its just that the more towards the insides, the less it was felt

The sudden increase in gravity made Lin Yuns blood squeeze towards his lower body. Darkness flashed before Lin Yuns eyes. He had struggled free of the Shadow Binding, but he couldnt do anything against that huge gravity.

After a second, another accident happened. A five-meter-long spatial tear appeared behind Lin Yun.

It was as if a huge creature was opening its giant mouth to devour the prey before its eyes. But the spatial tears devouring power could be ignored, especially with the huge Gravity pressuring his body, he simply couldnt be devoured by this spatial tear.

But that Evil Bone Demon swinging its two rib-weapons would deal the fatal blow thanks to Steer and Birbos help!

The huge rib fiercely smashed onto Lin Yuns Law Runic Shield, and the Law Runic Shield already deformed by the Gravity was like a baseball being sent flying in that spatial tear.

Lin Yun suddenly connected the dots and his expression became chilly.

He opened his mouth and spat three runes from the Book of Death, marking a coordinate. Then, his numerous law runes were like poisonous wasps rushing out of their nest.

The law runes looked like ordinary runes as they constructed a fifty-centimeter-tall matrix according to the law rune construction frame.

Terrifying power was emitted as that runic matrix collapsed. A pitch-black Wind Blade instantly flew over a hundred meters and ruthlessly sliced Steers arm.

The Bronze Beastmans defensive power was like a joke in front of the pure spatial tear-like Wind Blade.

If not for Steers quick reaction, he wouldnt have just lost his right arm, he would have lost his head.

His right arm was instantly torn apart by the berserk power.

And this wasnt over, Lin Yun had simultaneously activated five Summon Meteorite scrolls, encircling Steer.

At the same time, five more Summon Meteorites were used on the "borrowed knife" Evil Bone Demon Overlord.

As for Birbo, who was still suffering from his magical backlash, Lin Yun took even more care of him. He used five Summon Meteorite scrolls as well as three Holy Light Beams.

The rays of light fell and thoroughly severed Birbo from the shadows. He couldnt escape and couldnt avoid being injured, it forced him to use his own power to firmly resist the five meteorites falling down from the sky. And that was not mentioning the Demon Overlord he was still fighting.

Lin Yun finished everything in an instant, but he couldnt avoid falling in the spatial tear.

As Lin Yun fell into the spatial tear, the other rib of the Evil Bone Demon Overlord swung over and forcibly shattered the just opened spatial tear.

Lin Yun thoroughly disappeared, while Birbo and Steer started facing a disaster.

Steers arm was torn apart and five terrifying meteorites were rapidly falling down, when he saw them, it looked like they were already on top of him.

The five meteorites dragged from the void fell onto Steer in an encirclement, and the terrifying attack instantly snapped eight bones. Even with the Bronze Beastmens formidable defense, he could barely focus on surviving.

He had just consumed a lot of power and lost an arm, his magic patterns werent intact so his defense sharply fell. His power also sharply fell. Being able to live could be considered pretty good.

Steer was covered in blood and was as pale as a sheet of paper. The Demon Overlord chasing him also sensibly chose to get out of the way when the five meteorites fell.

Looking at where Lin Yun had disappeared, Steer gritted his teeth and sneered.

Damn b*stard, that guy had really been hiding his strength. That Wind Blade was actually able to easily cut my arm, and those terrifying magic scrolls How could he have so many powerful magic scrolls.

But it no longer matter, he already died. Haha, that spatial tear was five-meter-long, the small plane birthed would at best have eight kilometers of land.

In less than three minutes, that plane would be submerged in the endless void. When the time comes, he would thoroughly die. He cant touch upon spatial power without Extraordinary Power.

Even if he was a Saint Alchemist, he wouldnt be able to complete a Planar Paths array in three minutes.

It would be impossible even if he knew the exact coordinates. Mafa Merlin i s already dead!

On the other side, Birbo hadnt been rewarded a Runic Wind Blade by Lin Yun, but those three fifty-centimeter-long Holy Light Beam scrolls definitely removed all shadows within a kilometer. The shadow power within that area would be thoroughly removed for a dozen seconds.

In other words, Birbos shadow magics power had been reduced by more than half. The crucial Shadow Conceal, Shadow Merge, and Shadow Incarnation were completely useless!

Without Shadow Merge to avoid injuries and Shadow Incarnation to reduce the damage, shadow mages were just a pile of brittle twigs.

For a brittle twig to face five falling meteorites and an enraged Demon Overlord, he was in big troubles

The angry and startled Birbo roared as he kept dodging. After destroying two True Spirit Magic Tools, he managed to escape the range of the holy light.

As soon as he appeared, the shadow that always shrouded Birbo instantly shattered like a broken porcelain.

The shadows dissipated to reveal Birbos appearance A pale sinister and ruthless middle-aged woman. At this moment, her entire body was covered in blood and she was as pale as a Vampire. Her skin was covered with bark-like cracks as it was about to fall apart.

But as she looked at the place where Lin Yun disappeared, a cold and sinister smile appeared on her face.

Fool, shadow magic has always been underestimated, but the most powerful shadow mages only need a very simple spell to deal with very powerful enemies.

Just one Shadow Binding and you easily died. You offended the prestige of our Shadow Tower and slaughtered the mages of our Shadow Tower. You didnt even let Dylas off, f*ck, killing you is letting you off easy

Birbo and Steer were very satisfied with this outcome. They paid a price, but no one would discover their devious trap in such a chaotic place, they would instead only see Lin Yun attacking them.

Even if Clombton used Temporal Recall to watch that scene, he would at most discover that Lin Yun had been acting a bit strange.

And this was done by a human and a Beastman, even if it was discovered by Clombton, so what? As long as they kept their mouth shut and remained unyielding, Clombton would look at the big picture and wouldnt make a fuss for the sake of a dead person.

Birbo and Steer were very pleased with the outcome, even if they were seriously hurt and almost died, their goal had been achieved so there was no point in complaining about the costs.

Steer and Birbo dragged their injured bodies to face the two similarly seriously injured Demon Overlords.

And on the other side of the spatial tear, Lin Yun had already fallen onto a seven-kilometer-wide land. It would actually be better to say that it was a seven-kilometer-long-and-wide and a few-hundred-meter-thick small mountain floating within the endless void.

The chaotic power in its surroundings kept attacking the edges of that small mountain. And that chaotic power, under some kind of unknown power, was rapidly expanding the size of the small mountain.

Every second, the small mountain would expand by three to four hundred meters, but after ten seconds, the small mountain that had expanded to fifteen kilometers was like a huge rock fallen into a storm, frantically polished by the energy storm.

It would recover its originally eight-kilometer-long-and-wide surface area, and that size was frantically reducing. Within ten seconds, that small land would thoroughly dissipate and everything within that small land would also be destroyed.

This small land could be considered a small plane, it had a spatial barrier that could resist the chaotic power.

Void Storms, Spacetime Storm, Energy Storm, Elemental Storm, they contained endless power, but it was nearly all destruction power. After losing the spatial barrier, everything would be torn apart and even souls would be unable to exist.

1st Rank Heaven powerhouses wouldnt last more than three seconds in front of that power. Even a Peak 3rd Rank powerhouse on the verge of advancing to the 4th Rank like Clombton would only meet his death after being drawn in a storm of destruction.

Lin Yun stood on the small land with a cold expression, the Book of Death appeared in his left hand as he immediately used the mysterious runes of the Book of Death to open the Planar Path to leave.

Although the spatial tear had already dissipated, but with the runes he had left at the entrance of the spatial tear, as long as this small plane wasnt destroyed, it would be nothing more than entering a pitch-black room with the door closing behind him, a door he knew how to open.

By using the Book of Deaths power, Lin Yun could easily open the Planar Path to leave this place.

But if he waited until the small plane was destroyed, then his own coordinates would lose effect, because there would be no coordinates to compare to.

Coordinates can only be effective when two planes were compared. The moment the small plane was destroyed, the plane used as a reference would disappear. In the endless void, a persons coordinates would always change, it was simply impossible to infer them.

Even if he didnt die from the various destruction powers within the void, he would remain lost forever.

As Noscent developed to its peak, many formidable powerhouses surpassing the Heaven realm went to explore the void, only to never return.

Lin Yun spat out two runes, and as long as he spat out the last one, the Book of Death would forcibly open a Planar Path.

But the Book of Death suddenly flickered and a faint radiance flashed. Lin Yun clearly noticed it, there seemed to be something faintly connected to the Book of Death, but that connection was intermittent and very unstable.

Seeing this light, Lin Yun immediately stopped the last rune.

Because that light was too familiar!

Magic Tool Augment!

An Augment of the Book of Death was in this god forsaken region The Book of Death unexpectedly resonated with a Magic Tool Augment!

Even if that resonance was intermittent and very weak, it pointed out one thing. The Book of Death and the Augment werent far from one another, it was at least connected to this small plane being destroyed.

But that small plane would be completely destroyed within ten seconds, and opening the Planar Path to safely return to the Raging Flame Plane would need three seconds.

In an instant, Lin Yun poured all his mana in the Book of Death and his Magic Array was working at full capacity, tracking the origin of that intermittent connection.

As a large amount of mana was poured into the Book of Death, the intermittent connection did indeed become more powerful.

The small land rapidly reduced in size as the small planes frail spatial barrier was becoming heavily damaged. Chaotic power even poured into the land, and the originally bare small mountain became full of holes.

The originally rarefied mana was flooded by the berserk mana.

After five seconds, the small land was less than three-kilometer-big and the spatial barrier was already fiercely shaking. This place was about to collapse.

The Magic Array caught onto a clue and the Book of Death also mended the broken connection.

At that moment, Lin Yun rushed into a small corner of the land, spitting out the three runes containing a huge amount of information. Those were three runes of the Book of Death used for positioning a Planar Path.

Using that faint connection, Lin Yun finished the positioning of the Planar Path within a second and opened it. A spatial tear appeared in front of him and Lin Yun rushed straight into it.

The spatial tear rapidly closed, and the next second, that small plane suffering boundless destruction thoroughly dissipated into nothingness, leaving no trace behind.

After crossing the Planar Path, he arrived in a small plane that had just been formed. It was three-kilometer-big and was rapidly expanding. It was also a desolate and barren piece of land with mana so rarefied that it could be disregarded.

And there, the connection between the Book of Death and the Augment had become a bit stronger.

Seeing the plane under his feet, Lin Yun felt strange. He still had a good connection to the coordinates in the Raging Flame Plane. This made his eyes shine with a strange radiance.

The coordinates left behind were based on the Raging Flame Plane and that destroyed small plane as a reference. But that small plane had already been destroyed, so the point of reference had already disappeared. It was safe to say that the spatial coordinates should have already been scrapped.

But now, the feeling was clear and distinct, he could even open the Planar Path at any time to leave.

Lin Yun pondered, but he didnt waste too much time. He didnt want to wait for this small plane to expand to its limits and sink into destruction.

He kept pouring mana into the Book of Death to maintain that connection to the Augment and he rapidly found a connected passage in the center of this small plane.

Three mysterious runes flew out once again, and a Planar Path appeared, which Lin Yun once again crossed.

He once again appeared in a small plane, but that small plane was over twenty kilometers in size and kept shrinking, it was already going through destruction.

The connection between the Book of Death and the Augment was continuously reinforcing.

Lin Yun kept crossing through small planes, some of which had just been formed, while others sank into destruction.

And the opening of a Planar Path wasnt something that could be done at will. After going through a dozen small planes, Lin Yun understood the pattern.

When the connection was weakened, or when he couldnt directly open a Planar Path, it was because the next small plane had already been destroyed, or might be in the middle of being formed.

He could only smoothly open the Planar Path when the small plane had already been formed, regardless whether it was rapidly growing, or if it was in the middle of its destruction.

After going through more than fifty small planes, Lin Yun was already as pale as a corpse. During that process, he had to keep pouring mana into the Book of Death to maintain the connection to the Augment.

Moreover, he had to rapidly locate anything special within the plane as quickly as possible. That would be leading to the Augment, or in other words, it was the place were a Planar Path could be opened.

After all, the lifespan of these small planes was very short. From birth to destruction, some would take a dozen seconds, while others might only take a few minutes.