End Of The Magic Era Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Lava Dominator


This display was a bit too arrogant…

Even the always slick and sly Sauss couldn’t help snorting.

Sauss from the start hadn’t planned to become cannon fodder stuck between two forces. He only handed over that person to Lin Yun as it presented Sauss with an easy way out of that situation. At that time, he only felt that in consideration of his position as the master of the Poison Fog Canyon, no matter how dissatisfied the Great Mage from the Ash Tower was, he wouldn’t take his anger out on him.

But he hadn’t expected that the other side wouldn’t give him any respect and say outright that there was no need for the Viper Nest to exist.

Sauss almost spat blood in anger…

‘Even if your Ash Tower is one of the two major forces of the eastern part of the kingdom, you shouldn’t forget that this is Thousand Sails City, not Oddrock City. Even if your Ash Tower is powerful, is it powerful enough to step over the Sage Tower? Saying that the Viper Nest doesn’t need to exist What do you take the Sage Tower for?’

Sauss’ face was gloomy, “Great Mage Lonald, you words are a bit too much, the Ash Tower is the Ash Tower, the Viper Nest is the Viper Nest. I don’t think that the Viper Nest’s way of handling things has anything to do with Great Mage Lonald?”

“Sauss, you really aren’t smart enough.” After saying that, the young Great Mage looked at Lin Yun as if looking at an already dead man, “As for you, I’ll give you ten seconds to hand over that person, or else”

“Or else what?” Lin Yun was still smiling.

“Or else you won’t leave this place.”

“Lonald, who are you trying to stop?” William Merlin got down from the carriage at this time.

“It’s you! William Merlin!” Just when William opened his mouth, the young Great Mage’s expression froze, “You are in Thousand Sails City?”

People who knew William Merlin were aware that he was one of the heirs to the Merlin Family. Although Lonald was an arrogant young Great Mage, his tone became a bit less conceited when he saw William Merlin. After all, the Merlin Family was one of the strongest forces of the kingdom, stronger than the Ash Tower, they didn’t dare to casually offend the Merlin Family.

“I can’t be in Thousand Sails City?”

“You can” Lonald was apparently a bit apprehensive of William Merlin. But after coldly snorting, he still said, “Okay, William Merlin, I’ll show you some respect and let your people off, but I advise you to have your subordinate hand over that person. To be honest, that person is related to an important secret of the Ash Tower. If this blows up, even the Merlin Family won’t be able to protect you!”

“My subordinate?” William Merlin froze, before his mind fiercely reacted, ‘He me-meant My Master Alchemist cousin?’

William inwardly cursed Lonald.

‘Are you a fucking idiot? Which of your eyes told you he was my subordinate? Could it be that you are blind? You can’t see that I’m the subordinate? He is a Master, a Master Alchemist, don’t you understand? Even if you’re blind and begging for troubles, don’t drag me with you! To dare say that a Master Alchemist is my subordinate, do you want me to die early?’

But hearing the other side say something so serious, William didn’t dare to make a decision.

The Ash Tower’s mages were famous for being willful, if it really was like the other side said and the apprehended youth was related to an important secret of the Ash Tower, then letting the matter grow bigger could easily bring a bad ending…

Thus William Merlin thought about it and whispered to Lin Yun, “Cousin, you see”

William Merlin then heard Lin Yun say, “He’ll be working with you later to rebuild the Gilded Rose chamber of commerce’s mercenary group.”

“Rebuild the Gilded Rose chamber of commerce mercenary group, that kid is quite lucky” William threw that kid an envious look, but he froze midway through his sentence and excitement filled his face, “With me?”

“Yes, with you”

“Damn, Lonald, aren’t you arrogant!” After hearing Lin Yun’s confirmation, William Merlin felt filled with courage, the magic staff in his hand pointing at Lonald, “This is someone that I decided to save, if you are unhappy with it, then send those elders from the Ash Tower to look for me. I want to see if the Ash Tower is ready to start a war with the Merlin Family!”

“You” The young Great Mage’s expression changed. He originally thought that this William Merlin would back down after the Ash Tower was mentioned, but he hadn’t expected that this William would suddenly display such an unyielding attitude.

Naturally, this young Great Mage didn’t know that after William took his stance, he timidly whispered, “Cousin, the Ash Tower is not to be trifled with…”

“I also don’t want to provoke the Ash Tower” After Lin Yun finished speaking, he ignored William rolling his eyes and fished out a hand crossbow from his pocket before aiming at the flying Lonald.

“You are courting death!” The young Great Mage didn’t think that “William’s subordinate” would dare to make a move on him.

Following the young Great Mage’s angry shout, the surrounding mana fluctuations became increasingly fiercer and the two meters long blazing wings expanded to over ten meters in an instant. The sky had turned red, as if it had been ignited, and heat waves were flooding dozens of meters around them.

“This is, the Lava Dominator!” William let out a shout in surprise. Among all of the Ash Tower’s Spiritual Magic Tools, the Lava Dominator was the most famous. It combined fire and spatial energy and could create an impenetrable Lava Shelter. It also allowed the use of Flame Flash without the use of Elemental Incarnation.

This was a peak existence among Spiritual Magic Tools.

Almost absolute defense with Lava Shelter, the ability to appear and disappear unpredictably with Flame Flash, it could be said that a mage with the Lava Dominator was nearly invincible.

‘Fuck, how could the Lava Dominator be left in Lonald’s hands.’ William’s expression changed, it was no longer as relaxed as before, ‘This is one of the most powerful Spiritual Magic Tools of the Ash Tower, is that Lonald an illegitimate child of all four members of the Elder Council?’

“I’ll let you see what kind of ending awaits the enemies of the Ash Tower!” After his declaration, the magic staff in his hands was raised, and suddenly, a large amount of fire elements started congregating. The flaming wings fiercely spread before coiling around the young Great Mage to protect him. There was enough fire elements flowing on the wings to make any Great Mage exclaim in surprise.

That was the Lava Shelter, the rumored nearly impenetrable defense!

At the same time, the ground below him ignited. The earth shattering flames had an extremely high temperature and were restricting the people below into a small space. Even as a Great Swordsman, Sauss could only manage to protect himself with Aura. A few subordinates on the side issued blood-curdling screams, but they were instantly buried in a sea of flames.

The Lava Shelter wasn’t just a defensive ability, it was also a cage that could strangle enemies.

William Merlin promptly chanted a spell. Nine vortexes of water loudly rose up and formed a defensive perimeter in the face of the raging flames. That was a 4th Tier Spell that could be learnt after reaching 5th Rank Great Mage, Waterspout. It could be considered the nemesis of Fire Spells, but that nemesis could only protect the Gilded Rose when facing the Lava Shelter, it didn’t have the power to strike back.

“Fuck” William was sweating. Lava Shelter was too powerful, his Waterspout spell wouldn’t be able to resist for long under the high temperature.

“William Merlin, you courted death, you can’t blame others.” The young Great Mage in the sky coldly snorted before his magic staff moved and under the urge of mana, the Lava Shelter’s might raised a notch.

‘How could a trifling Waterspout be able to block Lava Shelter, that’s the ability of one of the most powerful Spiritual Magic Tools from the Ash Tower. What about William Merlin, he is only a 5th Rank Great Mage. Apart from a High Mage, only a Spiritual Magic Tool could block another Spiritual Magic Tool.’

‘It’s time to end this farce!’

Lonald urged his mana and made the cage of flames tighten once again while casting a spell. The flames from Flame Burst aggregated at the tip of his magic staff.

While dazzled by the light, Lonald felt as if he heard a “woosh” lightly echoing. That was the sound of a crossbow dart tearing through air.

“Naive” A sneer was plastered on the young Great Mage’s face, ‘William’s subordinate is truly interesting, he didn’t lose his will under the pressure of Lava Shelter, and is still trying to vainly attack with a hand crossbow. Funny, that’s Lava Shelter, a near impenetrable defense. Let alone an insignificant hand crossbow, even a ballista wouldn’t harm me at all!’

“It’s over!” As Lonald was about to cast the spell, he felt some warmth on his arm.

After lowering his head, he found a thin wound on his arm.

This discovery made the young Great Mage shocked, ‘A small hand crossbow was actually able to hurt me?!’

But he quickly recovered and his shock turned into a sneer.

“Unfortunately, you are a bad shot”

Afterwards There was no afterwards….

Almost at the same time as the words left his mouth, the young Great Mage fell from the sky, only the sound of a body meeting with ground echoed, as the young Great Mage crashed.

Without the young Great Mage supplying mana, the Lava Dominator immediately lost its power supply and the flames shrinked and vanished in a flash. If not for that black scorched earth left behind, then they might have thought that the earth shattering flames had been but an illusion.

The place was suddenly quiet.

“Unfortunately, I’m a poor shot… ” Lin Yun regretfully shook his head while fetching a ruby necklace from Lonald’s limp body.

This was one of the most powerful Spiritual Magic Tools of the Ash Tower, able to combine the power of flames and space, able to use the Flame Flash movement ability and the Lava Shelter defensive ability. Even in Lin Yun’s eyes, that Lava Dominator was a near perfect Spiritual Magic Tool.

But unfortunately, he couldn’t keep this Spiritual Magic Tool…