End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Ghos End Of The Magic Era

This could only have been done by the close-by Steer. It must have been done by these two. Damn, these idiots actually dared to attack their ally.

They carried their previous enmity into the Holy Mountain, and while facing the onslaught of Demon Overlords. These guys are really F*ck.

But its too late now, its already been half an hour since Mafa Merlin entered that shattering small plane, he must have collapsed alongside the small plane

Moreover, the effects of Temporal Recall arent great here, its impossible to be 100% certain. That b*stard Cross definitely wont consent.

"Cross, trapping an ally in battle is a crime the holy light cant forgive, Birbo and Steer have to be punished.

"Otherwise, no one would be able to trust their allies. Our plan would fail if we cant unite."

Before Crompton could finish his words, Kross sneered and interrupted him, "Crompton, this isnt your holy light world. We are facing a terrifying opponent. You want to get rid of two Heaven Rank powerhouses for the sake of a dead person? For something you cant be 100% certain of?

"Damn, are you retarded? The dead are dead, this is fate. We have to keep going forward.

"Sh*t, that stupid human mage could have been the one carelessly killing himself and maliciously dragging his allies into it for all I know."

Cross sneered with his arms folded. On the side, the seriously injured Birbo remained silent and calm as she slowly smeared a medicine over her body, slowly mending the cracks.

As for the one-armed Steer, blood stopped flowing from his arm, but his arm had been torn to pieces and couldnt be restored for the time being.

The 8th Tier Spell Limb Rebirth could only restore the limbs of lifeforms below the Heaven Rank, and could only restore the limbs of human-shaped lifeforms.

Moreover, it would take a very long time for the regenerated limbs to regain their original state. Especially for Sword Saints, they would need half a year to a year before they could regain their original appearances.

To a Heaven Rank powerhouse like Steer, Limb Rebirth was already ineffective. Even if his severed arm regrew, it would be no different from a noodle. It simply wouldnt be able to regain its original strength and power.

But with the power of an Extraordinary 9th Tier Spell, as well as some specific precious materials as casting materials, his arm would be able to regrow.

But now, Cross didnt have the precious materials that could be used as casting materials.

Birbo had a cold expression and said nothing. As an assassin of the Shadow Tower, she was already used to remaining silent and acting at a crucial time to deliver a fatal blow to her opponent.

As for Steer, he was baring his teeth in a clear complacent sneer.

That stupid Mafa Merlin entered that spatial tear half an hour ago, his soul must have been destroyed into nothingness with that plane.

With Sir Cross backing me up, who would dare get rid of me for the sake of a dead person? No one. See, didnt that powerful holy light mage already denounced me? So what if he saw that we plotted against Mafa Merlin?

He still cant do anything to me. In the end, even the most upright holy light mage would choose benefits.

Would he still dare to forcibly get rid of me at this time? What a joke. All he can do is silently mourn for Mafa Merlin, unless he wants to thoroughly shatter the alliance and give up on this plan."

Cross and Clombton negotiated, and under Cross insistence, Clombton could only agree to his words.

For the sake of the overall situation, they couldnt get rid of two Heaven Rank powerhouses for a dead person, unless both Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses tacitly agreed on it.

The few people who had a good relationship with Lin Yun gnashed their teeth. But they couldnt take part in the discussion between the two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses. Any suggestion they had would be meaningless and ineffective.

As the discussion slowly ended in Clombtons silence, a smile appeared on Cross face. The corner of Birbos mouth slightly rose in a cold grin, while Steer even sneered.

"That idiot Mafa Merlin didnt discover that spatial tear and still blamed others as he died. That damned guy even retaliated against me as he died.

"Thankfully that guy died, or I would have let him know that he is nothing compared to the Bronze Beastmen!"

As Steers sentence ended, he couldnt help snorting.

"Its great that you didnt die, Steer. I would have regretted not seeing your death."

Steer had just snorted when Lin Yuns cold voice echoed.

A faint spatial fluctuation rose up not far from there and a four-meter-long spatial tear was forcibly torn open.

Lin Yun walked out from the crack and sneered as he looked at Steer and Birbo in the distance.

At this moment, everyone turned their heads and looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Steers mouth was wide open and terror could be seen on his face.

"Damnit, how could you still be alive? Its impossible. Anyone falling in that kind of place should have been destroyed alongside the plane.

"How could you still be alive?! This is impossible!!!"

Steer let out a horrified shriek. He had paid with an arm, and still didnt manage to get rid of Lin Yun. Instead, the latter returned in perfect condition, how could he not be in disbelief.

As for Birbo, her pupils suddenly shrunk and the mana in her surroundings fiercely fluctuated. Even the shadow under her feet started shaking.

Whats going on?! This is impossible! I clearly saw him falling into that small plane. How could he still be alive?!

That small plane wasnt big, it should have collapsed within a few minutes at best. He definitely shouldnt be able to slow the destruction of the small plane, he doesnt have that kind of supporting power.

But its already been half an hour!? How could he return without an injury?!

Sh*t, whats going on?!

Morgan and Raphael were clearly smiling.

Morgan clenched his fists as he laughed heartily.

"Haha, I knew it, Sir Merlin definitely didnt die, sure enough"

Cross frowned, his eyes flickering with a strange glint.

That human mages strength is pretty good, but he is the only non-Heaven Rank powerhouse here. How could he have escaped that place?

Even I would end up dying if I fell into a small plane on the verge of destruction. Its impossible to escape in such a short time.

Only a terrifying mage proficient in the Law of Space could escape the destruction of a plane.

But half an hour passed, how did he escape?

And on the side, amazement and shock could be seen in Clombtons eyes as he looked at Lin Yun.

When he arrived, Jouyi specifically told him that Mafa Merlin was a very miraculous mage, that he was the most mystical mage he had encountered in years.

Now it looks like this is really the case. He actually managed to escape after such a long time.

No, not only does he appear unharmed, he is even stronger. Even if his mana fluctuations are weaker, he had completed the Archmage path and is already an existence at the peak of the Archmage realm.

And not only is he at the peak of the Archmage realm, its a perfect peak. Right, the auras of his mana and law have already reached perfection;.

Ive never seen anyone giving this feeling before reaching the Heaven Rank. Such a terrifying guy He could obviously display the power of a 1st Rank Heaven Mage before, but now, no one here is his opponent aside from Cross and I.

And thats even before grasping Extraordinary Power, even before establishing his Demiplane. Such a terrifying guy My Angel is even letting me know that he appears to be more of a Heaven Rank powerhouse than a Heaven Rank powerhouse. It looks like he is the true Heaven Rank powerhouse, everyone else are fake Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Just what happened?

The scene was strangely quiet. Lin Yun expressionlessly walked over and gave a faint look at Birbo and Steer. There was no feeling of anger, but that gaze lacking anger and killing intent made Birbo and Steer feel danger.

Lin Yun walked to the human side and the gaze of the frowning Cross flickered as he coldly watched Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, you attacked your allies and cut off Steers arm. You almost caused two allies to die and pretended to fall into that unstable small plane.

"Ill give you a chance now, give us a satisfactory explanation or youll have to pay the price for attacking your allies!"

Cross sneered as he looked at Lin Yun, his eyes flickering with a strange light.

That human must have discovered a secret of the Holy Mountain to be able to escape from that place. Or this might have been a plot, a plot trapping that idiot Steer

Cross body shone with a light golden radiance as he was about to act himself.

Next to him, Steer was overjoyed as he heard Cross words and glared at Lin Yun in anger.

"Mafa Merlin, you despicable b*stard, you are courting death! You wanted to get rid of me, but fate was looking after me and only made me lose an arm.

"Did you think we were all gone? You didnt expect that we would still be there after half an hour? Now your plot has been exposed, b*stard, how could you still be alive thirty minutes after falling into an unstable plane?

"Your plot was too clumsy! Now that you have been found out as a devious guy attacking his allies, what can you still do?"

Sir Cross seems to not be pleased with Mafa Merlin, he dislikes him very much and is letting me speak. Thats very good. As long as I put the blame on him, Mafa Merlin would definitely be screwed!

Clombton, who had remained silent, expressionlessly looked at Cross and Steer.

"Steer, you said that Sir Mafa Merlin took the initiative to attack you. I just happen to know the mind spell Mind Judgement. Now, come and stand in front of me, all truth will be revealed with the holy light as a witness."

Steer immediately shut his mouth after hearing that.

Mind Judgement, this was a spell that forcibly interrogated a soul, but the success rate was very low if it was forcibly cast. If the soul resisted too much, then even if it was cast on an ordinary person, it would be very difficult for the spell to work properly.

But as long as one was willing to accept the Mind Judgement, the spell would operate on their soul, and they would be unable to lie when answering questions. They would be unconditionally honest, except maybe a few first-rate powerhouses that dabbled in soul and could temporarily alter their own souls.

As long as they willingly accepted the Mind Judgement, there would be no way to hide the facts and truth.

Steer didnt say anything. Cross had wanted to answer, but he also remained silent.

Cross frowned as he looked at Steer who was lowering his head, dissatisfaction flashing in his eyes.

Clombton sneered as he glanced at the group of Beastmen, the milky white halo surrounding his body slowly dissipating. He would have immediately rushed over to block if Cross had tried to do anything.

Lin Yun remained silent from start to end, he just stood there as if that had nothing to do with him.

He coldly looked at this scene. He knew from the moment he appeared that saying anything with Cross here would be useless.

In the face of absolute strength, even if he had the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, he couldnt say anything in front of a Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse. His fists werent as big, so he didnt have the qualifications to reason with him.

Even if he knew that Steer made a move against him, it was impossible to get rid of Steer at this moment, there was no meaning in a symbolic punishment either. He would even reverse it and blame Lin Yun for being the one framing his ally.

They could say something like: Since he hasnt died after so long, he must have not fallen into an unstable small plane. What could he have been doing for such a long time, was he controlled by the Ancient Gods soul?

Lin Yun didnt say anything, but Clombton and Cross argued a bit because of Lin Yun, and the final outcome was naturally left unsettled. Clombton didnt want to look into why he hadnt died, and Cross wasnt willing to get to the bottom of what happened.

The team kept moving forward. Steer bared his teeth as he looked at Lin Yun, his eyes flickering with hardly concealed malice. Since he was already found out, then he might as well shed all pretenses. He only needed an opportunity to unhesitantly stab his own greatsword into Lin Yuns body.

Birbo remained silent. Her body couldnt hide behind a layer of darkness and she wouldnt be able to recover within a short time. It seems that if not for the Shadow Physique, Birbo would have already died.

Having lost the Shadow Physique, Birbos shadow magic had weakened by 20%.

This was very disadvantageous to her, but Birbo remained expressionless, no one knew what she was thinking. Even if there was enmity between Lin Yun and Dubois, the latter stayed far away from Birbo.

It was the same for Slythrin of the Quicksand Tower, he had some enmity with Lin Yun so he only gave her medicine, but he wasnt willing to remain too close to her since she was an assassin of the Shadow Tower.

Clombton and Cross were the strongest in the team and they kept moving towards the depths of the Holy Mountain.

After Lin Yun took out the World Chapter, the frequency at which the spatial tears appearing in this unstable area increased.

The lifespans of those continuously forming and perishing unstable small planes shortened, and having lost the World Chapters projection power, these small planes became even more dangerous.

As time passed, the World Chapters projection power slowly dissipated and these small planes were no longer forming. After those unstable spatial tears formed, things like chaotic spatial storms would appear.

Stepping into this unstable area was like walking into another plane. This place had already thoroughly mimicked the Abyss. Land, environment, air, mana, everything was mimicking the Abyss, but it was even more barren than the Abyss. A large amount of ashes and sulfur were condensed on the bare mountain peaks.

And there was a large number of Demons. When the Holy Mountain transformed, none of the Beastmen had been able to escape, and they now completely transformed into crazy demonic lifeforms. Moreover, there had been many powerful magic beasts living within the Holy Mountain, and they also demonized.

The endless demonic lifeforms had red eyes as they seemed to have lost their rationality. They would frantically attack everyone they saw

Facing these demonic lifeforms, most of the people sat on the sidelines, since they didnt need everyone to deal with them. Even if a Demon Overlord appeared, they would only send two Heaven Rank powerhouses to get rid of him.

The previous wave of twenty Demon Overlords gathered almost all the Demon Overlords of this place. These Demon Overlords had been Beastmen and magic beasts transformed into powerful Demon Overlords.

What they encountered now were some Demon Overlords that thoroughly lost their rationality after demonizing.

On the way, both Birbo and Steer couldnt help glancing at Lin Yun. But the latter hardly made a move, and they also couldnt see Lin Yun bearing a grudge. There were neither anger nor hatred on Lin Yuns face, he always remained indifferent.

As if reacting to Birbo and Steers gazes, Lin Yun slowly turned his head and glanced at them. At that moment, they both felt like sheeps being stared at by a powerful monster.

There was obviously no aura or killing intent, yet such an ordinary sweeping glance gave both of them a sense of crisis.

After Lin Yun retracted his gaze, the two of them felt that this must have been an illusion caused by being too nervous.

The rest of the journey was unexpectedly smooth. They would occasionally encounter a Demon that had lost its reason and would rapidly get rid of him.

They would also kill all abyssal lifeforms they encountered, even if it was an ordinary Abyssal Blood Crow.