End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Fog Of Rebirth

"The deepest part of the Holy Mountain is ten kilometers ahead. Although there has been some changes in the space of the Holy Mountain and it has completely transformed into the Abyss, the rough direction hasnt changed. If there is nothing unexpected, the Ancient Gods soul should be inside.

"Even if the Ancient Gods soul isnt inside, his body should definitely be in the depths of the Holy Mountain, that should be where he is slumbering.

"Lets be careful. It would be best if we avoid coming in contact with the Ancient Gods soul and smoothly destroy his body, this would be our victory!"

Cross solemnly looked towards the depths. That place was covered in a dense black fog, the dense abyssal power had transformed into a fog that covered the air.

They could see no further than a kilometer, and the further they walked into the depths, the more restricted their sight became. From there, they couldnt see the deepest parts of the Holy Mountain.

The rich abyssal power even restricted Clombton magic detection abilities to as far as his eyes could see, the powerful abyssal mana interfered with all spells aside from abyssal spells.

As they slowly moved forward, their visible range was already reduced to a hundred meters, and after moving forward once again, their visible range had become a few dozen meters.

Ultimately, the dense black mist, akin to an inky sea, made them unable to see past three meters. They couldnt even sense with their mana and their ears couldnt hear any sound.

They also could no longer feel the presence of the others.

Lin Yun frowned. The Magic Arrays power only allowed him to have a better grasp over his surroundings. He couldnt analyze anything more than ten meters away even if he used the Magic Array.

The abyssal power was really too dense, and to others, it looked like they had suddenly fallen in water. They couldnt use the surroundings mana, and apart from their own mana, breathing made them feel like they were drowning.

But Lin Yun was different. Of his three kinds of Core Meditation Law Sets, the Void Forge was a powerful Meditation Law that could smelt all mana.

If it couldnt adapt to the dense abyssal power here, it wouldnt have been able to extract those bits of poison-like mana from the Void Storm during Noscents fall.

With each breath, the surrounding abyssal power would be devoured, refined, and turned into Lin Yuns own mana to maintain his shield.

Suddenly, Lin Yuns expression changed as someone suddenly collapsed. It was as if they suddenly lost their soul. Their mana was still roaming within their body as they fell on the ground, but their mind fluctuations and soul fluctuations had completely disappeared.

And it seemed to be happening in a chain reaction. Shock flashed in Lin Yuns eyes and he immediately ran around the surroundings, sensing everything within ten meters with the Magic Array.

After making a circle, Lin Yun saw that every mage seemed to be suffering from something similar to a Curse Mages ultimate curse, the Curse of Death. Their bodies werent scarred and their mana wasnt consumed, their shields were still operating after they collapsed.

But their spiritual aura and soul aura had thoroughly dissipated, it really looked like the Curse of Death.

They fell down one after another, all of them unsuspecting.

Cold Sweat trickled down Lin Yuns forehead and he looked at the inky sea-like surroundings as he mumbled, "Sh*t, to actually come into such a cursed area, this is really bad luck"

As soon as he finished his sentence, Lin Yun felt a kind of powerful and completely irresistible sleepiness coming from the depths of his soul. Just as he was about to fall asleep, Lin Yun threw all his Magic Tools and Incarnations into his Natural Demiplane.

After doing that he closed his eyes and the Law Runic Shield enveloped him inside. Lin Yun floated in the air, the aura of his soul having disappeared.

In just a few seconds, everyone, including Clombton and Cross, had closed their eyes and their mind fluctuations had disappeared.

For an instant, Lin Yun seemed to feel his body becoming infinitely light. His perception was apparently no longer restricted and his body kept falling underground.

The surrounding black dense fog slowly thinned as Lin Yun felt his body losing its weight as it strangely fell down.

He also seemed to have gained 360 degrees sight and could see everything around him. He even saw the others bodies turning translucent as they also rapidly fell underground.

As they fell, everyone turned into spheres of light emitting deep radiance. Everyones mind fluctuations slowly weakened, as if the powerful Heaven Rank souls were slowly sinking in a slumber.

Looking at the surroundings and seeing that even his soul had turned into a ball of light, Lin Yun couldnt help sighing.

I knew that we would have to face the Ancient Gods since we were going to where it slumbered, but I hadnt expected to encounter this thing.

The Fog of Rebirth, among the legends in Noscent, the Abyss, Hell, and even the Undead Plane, this was the most recurring legend.

Any creature that entered the Fog of Rebirth would have their soul leave their own body to reincarnate in another lifeform. Some powerful existences at the end of their lifespan would crazily seek the places where the Fog of Rebirth appeared.

As long as they persevered long enough, they would be able to retain their consciousness during their rebirth and they could choose where they would reincarnate, as well as their race.

But they would be able to pick a rough rebirth ground at best, as to what they reincarnated as, that would depend on their luck.

Aside from powerful existences that ignited God Fire, all lifeforms that entered the Fog of Rebirth would be unable to last long. Moreover, they wouldnt feel a thing when they were covered by the Fog of Rebirth. Only when their souls left their body could they clearly feel the changes. But at that time, no one would be able to stop their souls from leaving their body.

When Bane led Noscent, his most valued subordinate had been the Immortal Lich. The Immortal Lich had been a great help to Bane when he conquered the Undead Plane. At least half of the achievement came from the Immortal Lich. The biggest contribution of the Immortal Lich had been reducing Banes losses by 60 to 70%.

His understanding of the Undead Plane came from living there for countless years. The location of the resources, of powerful Undeads, the Immortal Lich knew everything.

Later, Bane disappeared and the Immortal Lich accidentally destroyed his body and transformed into a true Lich. The secret was revealed then.

The Immortal Lich had been a Lich Monarch of the Undead Plane which could compare to a Peak Heaven Rank human powerhouse. But the Immortal Lich had been unable to take a single step further. The Lichs eternal life brought no hope, only inexpressible despair.

If nothing happened, he would have been able to keep his strength till the destruction of the Undead Plane, unless he was accidentally killed by people. A millennium, ten millennia, nothing would change.

Later the Immortal Lich grew weary of everything, he was fed up with the Undead Planes forever dusky sky, tired of these ugly Undead lifeforms, he even wanted to destroy his own Soul Fire. That was when a small part of Fog of Rebirth appeared within his territory.

He unhesitantly walked into the Fog of Rebirth and his Soul Fire stopped burning. He turned into a soul energy sphere carrying his consciousness and memories.

After reincarnating in Noscent, he became a terrifyingly gifted Necromancer and rapidly advanced to the Heaven Rank. He was ultimately subdued by Bane and became his subordinate.

Knowing that he was suddenly dying, the Immortal Lich picked up his old eternal Lichs body and once again became a Lich.

As he recalled this matter, Lin Yuns expression wasnt very good. What they encountered wasnt the usual Fog of Rebirth, it was mixed with a large amount of abyssal power. There was no need to think to know that it was the Ancient Gods trap.

That was more terrifying than facing a few dozen Demon Overlords, because they had already been silently infected and couldnt resist at all.

He recalled that after entering the black fog, he had devoured a lot of abyssal power, which was definitely mixed with the undetectable Fog of Rebirth.

His soul energy slowly wiggled as Lin Yun resisted falling into a slumber. Once he fell into a slumber, the creature he would be reincarnated into would be up to fate.

Not to mention, Lin Yun had already seen the gate made of dark smoke appear below, as well as the dark smoke converging into Demons covered in pitch-black smoke.

A few Demons were dragging a crystal grinding wheel and the endless abyssal power was powering that huge smoke entrance. The boundless smoke transformed into demonic skulls, and these demonic skulls were like laborers that supported that several-dozen-meter-tall entrance.

Terrifying abyssal power kept surging from the entrance, and looking at it from a distance, it looked like a volcanic crater was about to erupt and the surging black smoke kept floating up.

Damn, I knew it, this is definitely the doing of that Ancient God. That damned b*stard, that guy wants to throw our souls in the Abyss by using the Fog of Rebirth!

Lin Yun inwardly cursed, but he was helpless at the moment. He could only do his best to remain clear-headed while blankly watching as his own soul, and everyone elses souls were finally thrown into that entrance.

After passing through that entrance, the surroundings instantly transformed into a colorful world, it was as if a radiant river was flowing into the unknown depths of the darkness.

It didnt take long for planes of different shapes to quickly flash on both sides of the river of light, just like murals.

There were planes full of flames, worlds filled with poisonous gas, and even an entire world that was like a spherical world.

Lin Yun knew that these were the layers of the Abyss. The Abyss was known for having endless layers, but there were only so many planes and plane masters known. Most of the Abyss was composed of desolate small worlds that could easily be swept by a Lesser Demon Overlord. Without resources, there would be no lifeform.

The power surrounding them had yet to dissipate. It was clear that the layer they would reincarnate in had already been chosen.

It didnt take long before Lin Yun felt the power enveloping his soul suddenly change direction and direct them into one of the worlds on the side.

The scenery thoroughly distorted, they only saw many light spots representing lives appearing in the distance. Within every light spot was an illusory lifeforms shadow.

The power surrounding their souls dragged Lin Yuns soul towards the spots of light. After remaining conscious for so long, Lin Yun felt as if he had stayed awake for ten days and was about to collapse.

He hurriedly swept a glance at those specks of light. The bigger ones should represent powerful vitality, the races would naturally be more powerful. As for the smaller ones, they represented weaker races, they would be weak lifeforms after their birth.

The illusory shadow within the specks of lights were the souls that were being formed and they roughly showed what kind of lifeform they were.

The others who had yet to fall asleep naturally knew what to choose at this moment and they forcibly adjusted their directions to snatch those bigger specks of light.

One by one, the souls of the Heaven Rank powerhouses entered those specks of lights. How could the fragile souls that had just been nurtured be their opponents? As they entered the specks of light the newborn souls were ruthlessly shattered, they didnt even need to forcibly snatch them.

Lin Yun glanced around him, but there was no bigger speck of light in his direction. The most powerful speck of light was only a Strength Demons.

Suddenly, Lin Yun saw an ugly insect shadow being born within the smallest speck of light.

Seeing that insect, Lin Yun no longer wasted time and adjusted his direction to enter the small speck of light.

Not far, Steers soul was already on the verge of slumber after snatching one of the fairly good Demon Races. But he saw Lin Yun brush past a Demon speck of light and enter the smallest speck of light.

Eh, what an unlucky guy, fate is actually playing with him. That guy actually entered a bugs speck of light

Hahaha, Mafa Merlin! You actually turned into an ugly insect. I cant help feeling bad for you, even if you cant be reborn into a Demon with a powerful bloodline in the Abyss, you should at least pick a Demon with one of the 72 bloodlines. Other abyssal lifeforms are only Demons pets and food.

An insect This is just the ration of the ugliest abyssal lifeforms. This is really unfortunate, I had intended to use this opportunity to let that guy suffer in the Abyss, but I hadnt expected him to be reborn into an ugly insect.

There will be no opportunity The greedy hunters of the Abyss, no, even a disgusting Abyssal Slime will be able to kill Mafa Merlin.

If that guy runs out of luck, he might even end up dying from a tick with intelligence. This is the biggest joke in history.

Steer was in a joyful mood as he sunk into slumber.

And the others next to him also noticed Lin Yun brushing past a Demons speck of light to enter the weakest bug speck of light behind it.

Clombton sighed, but he was helpless.

Its really a pity, Mafa Merlin is the most gifted mage I have seen in years, he had yet to reach the Heaven realm and control Extraordinary Power, yet he was still more powerful than some 1st Rank Heaven Mages.

When he fell into that small plane, the planes collapse hadnt killed him and instead made him even more powerful. He was only a step away from becoming a true Heaven Rank powerhouse, and it even felt like he was on the verge of advancing.

But he is now going to die to a mishap. This is really too unfortunate. In a place filled with sin and slaughter like the Abyss, a bug is the weakest of the weakest lifeforms.

All bugs have to rely on huge numbers to keep multiplying, no insect could survive by itself.

Unfortunately, I cant do anything. No one expected the Ancient Gods soul to actually use a trap involving the Fog of Rebirth, as well as open an entrance leading to the Abyss, making us all fall into the Abyss.

Many people saw Lin Yun being reborn as an insect and watched with amusement, but soon, everyone had entered their speck of light and their souls went into a slumber.

On the other side, Lin Yuns soul also went into a slumber after entering the insects speck of light. He couldnt be conscious until his birth.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Yuns consciousness reappeared. He opened his eyes and saw that huge deep red sun in the sky. It looked two to three times bigger than Noscents sun.

The air was distorting from the heat emitted by the sun. Everything was gently swaying in the distance, withered dark green plants were everywhere and the dried up earth was covered in condensed blood.

There was a large number of abyssal magic bug corpses in the surroundings, and these corpses seemed to have lost all moisture and dried up.

An Abyssal Blood Crow dove from the sky, and picked up an abyssal magic bug that wasnt too dried and swallowed it as if it was swallowing a stone.

It got another abyssal magic bugs corpse, unfortunately it was too dry and was like a solid slab of rock. The Abyssal Blood Crow faced upward and it swallowed three to four times only to choke. It could only resentfully spit out that abyssal magic bugs corpse.

Suddenly, the Abyssal Blood Crows bloody eyes turned towards Lin Yun and its gaze turned heated, as if it had suddenly seen a tasty piece of meat. It flapped its wing as it flew towards Lin Yun.

The abyssal magic insect that Lin Yun incarnated was now pressured and hidden by the corpses of a few abyssal magic insects, but a live insect was the most delicious meal for an Abyssal Blood Crow.