End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Abyssal Magic Bug

lin yun just regained consciousness and controlled his abyssal magic bugs body to raise its head.

he saw the abyssal blood crow a few dozen times bigger than him crazily charging towards him.

lin yuns head swayed as he looked at that abyssal blood crow with a bad mood. he split a bit of his spiritual power into a thread, which was the limit of an abyssal magic bug.

at that time, a fist-sized dark red fireball appeared before that abyssal blood crow and exploded on its body, rapidly turning into a wave of fire that submerged the abyssal blood crow.

the raging flames instantly turned the abyssal blood crow into ashes.

lin yun felt exhausted after releasing a weakened fireball and an intense feeling of hunger came from his body. he was also already starting to become dehydrated, if he didnt replenish his moisture content, he would die of thirst before starving.

seeing the desolate surroundings, lin yun instantly understood what happened.

a deep crimson sun was hanging in the sky, the air was extremely dry, and the heat made breathing painful. he felt like he was swallowing a mouthful of scalding sand each time he breathed.

most of those abyssal magic bugs corpses surrounding him belonged to bugs that had been born not that long ago, they had obviously been born before dawn.

as the sun rose, that scalding heat rapidly increased the temperature and none of the abyssal magic bugs survived. more than half had their bodies dry up as moisture evaporated off their bodies.

of over ten thousand abyssal magic bugs, only the one lin yun reincarnated in remained, but his body was already on the brink of collapse.

if lin yun wasnt there, none of those ten thousand abyssal magic bugs would have lived past half a day.

but even during normal times, no more than ten out of these ten thousand abyssal magic bugs would survive the scorching sun and be able to live a day. these ten might also be devoured the next day.

because whether it was the scavenging abyssal blood crows, or demons, they would treat abyssal magic bugs as food. in most parts of the abyss, the environment was so vile that demons just couldnt tolerate it. abyssal magic bugs, these tender and juicy things, would simply be devoured directly.

any lifeform within the abyss would treat abyssal magic bugs as food. if not for the abyssal magic bugs terrifying reproduction ability, they would have already become extinct.

this was why the other heaven rank powerhouses already thought that lin yun was dead after reincarnating as an abyssal magic bug.

no one would think that lin yun took the initiative to be reborn as an abyssal magic bug, this was simply courting death. if he was lucky, he wouldnt be scorched to death but would end up devoured by an abyssal blood crow a few dozen times bigger than himself.

unfortunately, no one knew that the abyssal magic bug was the most frightening lifeform in the abyss because it was the only lifeform in the abyss that wasnt restricted by its bloodline.

at the moment, none of the abyss demons ever faced an abyssal magic bug. but eight millennia later, an abyssal magic bug cared for by fate would be fortunate enough to live past a year.

ordinary abyssal magic bugs that could live past three months was something that wouldnt happen in millennia, but there was one such abyssal magic bug that hadnt been killed after a year.

and something terrifying happened. in a year, that abyssal magic bug relied on its devouring instinct to accumulate enough power. it then went through an evolution and cast off the abyssal magic bugs body to turn into a deepcrawler, an ordinary abyssal lifeform.

since then, that seemingly ordinary deepcrawler kept gathering mana and once again transformed at level 10, turning into a sword demon, an abyssal lifeform with demonic bloodline.

at level 20, it would transform into a bottom class strength demon, and at level 30 it would turn into a demon with bronze demonic bloodline.

at level 35, it would transform into a demon with silver demonic bloodline, and at level 40, when becoming an extraordinary lifeform, it would evolve once again and transform into a demon with gold demonic bloodline.

and that wasnt the end. as time passed, that abyssal magic bug would keep transforming, from the last golden demonic bloodlines to the first three.

ultimately, once it surpassed demon overlords and became a greater demon overlord, something that never happened before happened: the birth of the first demonic lifeform that surpassed the ten gold demonic bloodlines!

after noscent stepped into the planar colonization era and its development reached its peak, the only time they suffered a large scale demonic invasion happened under the lead of that demon monarch!

it was only when the noscents strongest powerhouse returned and got rid of this demon monarch that they learnt of that huge secret. that demon monarch had originally been the weakest abyssal magic bug!

after countless years of study, they reached the conclusion that the abyssal magic bug was the only lifeform of the abyss that didnt suffer from the restriction of bloodlines. in other words, as long as it had a suitable opportunity, the abyssal magic bug could evolve to no end!

all of the other lifeforms of the abyss were already restricted by their bloodline. apart from the 72 demonic bloodlines and some powerful abyssal lifeforms, no other lifeform in the abyss could advance to the heaven rank. as for greater demon overlord, that was limited to the peak powerhouses within the gold bloodlines and silver bloodlines.

there has never been something like this happening in the history of the abyss. what bloodline one had and what race they were determined their limits. they couldnt break through that limit.

only the weakest of the weakest, the abyssal magic bug, didnt receive that restriction. the abyssal magic bug had unlimited evolution ability, and the countless mages researching it came to a conclusion, the very first lifeform born in the endless abyss might have been the abyssal magic bug and all the other lifeforms must have evolved from the abyssal magic bug.

after noscent developed to the peak of the magic era, the only large-scale invasion was naturally recorded in detail and the books regarding abyssal magic bugs was left behind in books. moreover, there had been even more books regarding the abyssal magic bug than regarding mages having ignited their god fire.

his magic would have been crippled if he had chosen to reincarnate into a bottom-feeder demon that purely relied on physical strength.

there had also been an abyssal magic bug next to it, so lin yun naturally chose it.

after resting a moment, lin yun cautiously surveyed his environment with his mind power. he then summoned a wisp of water element power and condensed a fist-sized sphere of water and started drinking.

he felt alive again after drinking water and his dried out body recovered to its peak, his body even slightly transformed.

damn, its really a creature with formidable vitality, i didnt die even with a third of my body being dehydrated, and it was able to recover to its peak state in less than three seconds after hydration.

ill be able to break away from the abyssal magic bug shape as long as i keep devouring mana and reach level 5. this shape is really too hateful, everything in the abyss treats it as food.

lin yun started devouring the scalding abyssal power through a simple rune within his body. as the abyssal power passed through that rune, it became a lot more gentle, it was at least within the range of what an abyssal magic bug could absorb.

runes kept appearing as he swallowed more and more mana, and soon, a rune formula appeared.

the runes of that formula scattered and formed a simple smelting furnaces shadow. the mana lin yun swallowed was thrown into that simple furnace and the hot and scalding feeling disappeared. that brutal and tyrannical aura also disappeared and only the purest mana remained.

sure enough, the void forge could be used. the void forge, which could devour all power, could not only be used by humans, it could be used by other lifeforms as long as it was slightly altered.

during noscents fall, some mages made those speculations, but noscent had unfortunately already become desolate. apart from humans, only sand beasts remained, and they were pure slaughter beasts without wisdom.

wanting to find a specific magic beast was impossible so they couldnt test the void forge on other lifeforms.

once the first formula of the void forge appeared, lin yuns abyssal magic bugs body turned into a level 1 magic beast. at least he could use a lot more mind power and wouldnt explode his abyssal magic bug body because of overuse of mind power.

abyssal magic bugs bodies were really too weak when compared to other abyssal lifeforms, even more when compared to demons.

lin yun wiggled his body and hid in a small cavern to keep devour mana.

at this stage, he could only devour the abyssal mana within the air to level up, he couldnt open his demiplane either, he needed mana to open it, so it would be impossible before that.

as an abyssal magic bug, he would need to reach level three before he had enough mana to open his demiplane.

and this was just because lin yuns control over the demiplane had increased during its last upgrade.

to put it simply, the natural demiplane was now bound to lin yuns soul and not his body.

the demiplanes the other heaven rank powerhouses established were connected to their bodies, not their souls. at least no one could do so at the heaven realm.

after being reincarnated into the endless abyss, they had nothing except their own souls, they were unable to bring any physical matter.

by hiding in the deepest part of the small cavern and using the void forge, lin yuns levels rapidly increased. and as that huge deep red scorching sun disappeared in the horizon, lin yun already advanced to level 3.

this was because abyssal magic bugs could keep on leveling as long as they had mana. after finally reaching level 3, he started using all his mana to open a crack to the demiplane, a crack big enough to take out a potion.

lin yun controlled the abyssal magic bugs ugly body and gathered all his mana into those sinister mouthparts. the mana converged into three runes which fiercely clashed together.

at that moment, a palm-sized spatial crack opened and a glass bottle filled with liquid as dark as the night sky fell down from the spatial crack.

as the potion swayed, the liquid within the bottle looked like a flickering starry sky emitting endless flickering rays of light.

the spatial crack immediately disappeared after the potion fell to the ground.

rich and pure mana came out of the potion, and just breathing a mouthful was enough for his consumed mana to recover.

he lightly took a drop and felt a huge amount of mana bursting within his body. after taking three minutes to digest it, lin yun swallowed another drop.

the abyssal magic bugs level started growing at a visible speed and his body grew to fifty centimeters from being palm-sized.

this glass bottle was filled with pure mana water, the water from the demiplanes mana pond. each drop had been purified and condensed into pure mana by the mana vines.

moreover, the abyssal magic bug only needed enough mana to mature, as long as it had enough mana, it wasnt impossible to reach level 30 or even 40.

but the higher the level of the abyssal magic bug, the stronger its body. at level 40, its body would be bigger than a demon overlords and even bigger than an abyssal black dragon.

the air slowly cooled down. the temperature of the world that had been like a stove during the day rapidly lowered. rain poured down from the pitch-black clouds like a torrential rainstorm.

in an instant, the entire world seemed to have turned into a world of water, water covered every single area and was greedily absorbed by the withered plants under the earth. every second was treated as a day of growth and in a few minutes, the earth was covered in dark green lush vegetation.

various kinds of abyssal lifeforms that were nowhere to be seen during the day suddenly emerged from unknown locations.

a rabbit with red-eyes and sharp spikes growing all over its body opened its mouth to keep drinking the water. then, that mouth was like an alchemy weeding puppet as it frantically harvested the sharp spiky plants peeking out of the ground. those sharp thorns had no effect on this rabbit as it casually devoured the plants.

at the same time, a long two headed pitch-black python came out of a nearby river and snapped its maws at the rabbit, the sharp spikes of the rabbits body also showed no effect as it was swallowed whole by the python.

the two-headed python roamed for less than ten minutes before the frantically growing plants suddenly came alive. dark green vines covered in sharp thorns coiled around the huge black pythons body and their sharp thorns pierced its body.

those barbed tip-like thorns were firmly coiled around the pythons body and the dark green vine kept contracting. it only took three seconds before all of the big pythons blood was thoroughly devoured.

and this all happened in a dozen-meter-wide corner.

slaughter, coldness, and tyrannical aura filled the entire world almost instantly.

lin yun, who was peeking from the entrance of the cavern, was immediately stunned.

sh*t, this isnt a desolate world of the abyss, its a named layer! damnit, its the kind of plane on noscents level.

during the day, lin yun had thought that this was just an abyss layer rich in fire elements. this kind was the most numerous in the endless abyss, in and out of the upper layer.

dry world, poor water source, lava and sulfurs smell everywhere. this world had rich fire elements, with earth elements being abundant. it had some wind elements, but the power of the water element was very limited.

the demons seen in noscent carried an intense sulfur smell because they came from the upper part of the abyss, from layers just like this one.

powerful demons would only appeared on those layers. the chances of demons from the lower layers of the abyss appearing in noscent or other places was very low.

here, this place was barren during the day, filled with heat and high temperatures. it seemed devoid of vitality. but at night, a torrential rain started and the plants rapidly grew. the night was the time for all lifeforms to hunt and slaughter.

during the day, the earths moisture evaporated due to the terrifying scorching sun, but when the sun disappeared, the evaporated moisture rapidly condensed into clouds due to the low temperature and rain started pouring down.

here, day was the rest time for all lifeforms, while the night was when all lifeforms were active.

apart from the vile environment, this was one of the places that looked the most like noscent for the humans. this kind of world couldnt appear in the upper layers of the abyss, it could only appear in the middle layers.

and this kind of environment had to be controlled by a greater demon overlord!

after seeing this situation, lin yun decisively gave up on the thought of proceeding with the abyssal magic bugs shape.

the abyssal magic bug could indeed devour mana until level 40

but in this dangerous place, abyssal magic bugs with huge bodies but no fighting strength would be nothing more than delicacies to abyssal lifeforms.

as long as he advanced to level 10, his body would expand to five meters. at that time, he would absolutely attract the interest of some demons.

if his body was destroyed and his human soul appeared in a middle-layer of the abyss that would be pretty bad.

the greater demon overlord controlling this layer would be very happy to grab that human soul, and it would be impossible to die then.

and the biggest probability was that his soul would be torn apart when his body was destroyed.

lin yun softly sighed and kept devouring mana. he had already reached level 15 and could already undergo his first transformation.

the higher the level, the more powerful the bloodline of the abyssal lifeform he turned into. but now, he had no other choice but to transform because of the nightfall. the air was already filled with the aura of chaos and slaughter, and it would definitely become more chaotic in a few hours. at that time, he would definitely be unable to hide from the hunting predators even if he hid in that cave.

after all, the abyssal magic bug was a piece of fat that could be eaten by all hunters.