End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Evolution

mana ran through the limbless body lin yun wasnt very accustomed to and abyssal runes slowly appeared on the surface of his extremely ugly body. then, these abyssal runes covered in black smoke devoured lin yuns mana and rapidly transformed into a pitch-black cocoon.

the abyssal magic bugs aura thoroughly dissipated and only the aura of a new life slowly being born remained.

not far outside the cavern, a reaper moving towards the cavern suddenly stopped. a doubtful expression could be seen on his face. his nose sniffed the air, but the delicious scent he had found had disappeared, replaced by a dangerous aura.

the reaper rubbed the two arms that turned into blades and, after a moment of hesitation, turned to chase another prey.

the black smoke cocoon scattered an indescribable aura. the abyssal lifeforms approaching the cave couldnt help feeling danger before turning to chase other prey.

as he was undergoing rebirth, lin yuns consciousness also became dizzy once more.

on this rainy night, a hundred and sixty kilometers away, a two-meter-tall evil bone demon crawled out of a flaming cavern.

the evil bone demons body didnt have a bit of flesh, it was like an undead whose bones were burning. a torrential rain poured down from the sky but completely evaporated within a hundred meters from the cavern.

that terrifying heat stopped all water from appearing there. the evil bone demon sized its own body and then grinned.

"damn, i was hunted down by an evil bone demon before, but i hadnt expected to reincarnate into one.

"its truly a powerful lifeform, its a lot stronger than our bronze beastmen, that body is inherently stronger than all bronze beastmen, it possesses those terrifying bone-corrosive black flames and is already level 20 at birth.

"no wonder there is such a high chance of overlords appearing among evil bone demons. its deserving of high level demons with outstanding bloodlines.

"mafa merlin reincarnated in an ugly abyssal magic bug, he should have already died, right? haha, such an unlucky guy. that abyssal magic bug would be treated as food by any abyssal blood crow.

"it also seems to have a pretty good flavor, so unlucky. its unfortunate that he already died, but even if he didnt, ill still be able to crush his head"

steer was pretty lucky, he reincarnated as an evil bone demon and had just been born at level 20. as his level increased, he would reach adulthood at level 30 and the probability of advancing to level 40 was pretty high.

steer left the cavern and walked in the torrential rain. those raindrops were evaporating within five meters of his body. after moving a hundred meters away, steer discovered an abyssal magic bug in the middle of a river. he grabbed it and devoured it in one bite.

then, steer grinned.

"the flavor is really good, this can be considered a rare delicacy in the abyss. haha, this could have been that unlucky mafa merlin i just devoured"

the souls of the twenty heaven rank human powerhouses and beastman powerhouses had been reborn in this vast abyss world.

cross had been reincarnated as an armored steel demon. at birth, he had to fight with three armored steel demons he shared his birthday with and treaded over their corpses as he left the ore cavern he was born in.

clombton was standing on a mountains peak. he had turned into a black light demon and took advantage of the night time to devour the surrounding dark radiance.

dedale was born inside a volcano and was wrapped in endless lava as he turned into an ordinary small flame demon. his body was filled with lava and berserk flame power kept surging.

dubois reincarnated as an abyssal lightning eagle and endured his rumbling stomach to fly through the heavy rain, wanting to use this newborn body to hunt for prey and fill his belly.

birbo was born in a forge in a steel fortress, her surroundings were filled with rich shadow energy. after being born, the shadow power immediately poured into her body. she was relatively lucky as she didnt reincarnate in the countryside, but rather, she reincarnated in a family of shadow demons.

here, the shadow demons were serving the master of that steel fortress, a tyrannical ruler.

every powerhouse successfully reincarnated, and with the soul of a heaven rank powerhouse, they wouldnt die during their youth. the predators living around them wouldnt be able to get rid of these powerhouses.

a heaven rank powerhouse, even if their soul had been reincarnated as a weak pig beastman, they could still get rid of abyssal lifeform six or seven levels higher.

night slowly progressed, and the torrential rain that poured like a sea disappeared within three hours.

the dried up land became moist and the huge abyssal plants started taking advantage of this opportunity to grow. there was a large number of terrifying predators amidst those plants, and they were spread over the ground, invisible to most. but when their prey walked over the ground, the deep brown earth would rapidly be stained by blood.

a five-meter-big huge plant with sharp teeth rapidly drew closer and dragged the coiled prey underground.

wood vines with delicate rhizomes were growing all over. as long as a prey could endure the temptation, those extremely quiet vines would instantly transform into terrifying snakes which forcibly dragged the victims inside the forest to devour him.

this layer of the abyss had extremely long nights, seven hours passed, but only half of the night had passed and the slaughter continued.

a peculiar aura was scattered in lin yuns cavern, it was a kind of power that belonged to demons. the radiance of that pitch-black cocoon slowly scattered and those black smoke abyssal runes also disappeared without a trace while cracks appeared on the cocoon.

not far outside the cavern, an eight-meter-long black alligator with eight legs seemed to have smelled something, it then immediately gave up on chasing the bristle beast it was after and charged towards lin yuns cavern.

the alligators eight legs frequently flickered as it fiercely charged into the entrance of the cavern. that fifty-centimeter-big entrance was simply too small for it. greediness flashed in its eyes as four sharp claws grabbed at the entrances rock.

those rocks were just like sand under the claw of the alligator, they rapidly turned into pieces.

soon, an almost two-meter-wide hole at appeared at the entrance of the cave. the alligator grinned as it frantically rushed into the cavern, its huge mouth tearing at the surroundings rocks to expand the passage.

after three minutes, half of the eight-legged alligators ultimately broke into the cavern. at this time, it also saw the cracked pitch-black cocoon. black smoke had already disappeared from the big cocoon. the big cocoon looked like bark as it withered.

the eight-legged alligator roared and the sound spread. the entire cavern shuddered as that pitch-black cocoon broke open, exposing a 1.5-meter-tall imp. the small imp closed his eyes and dense abyssal power curled around his body. he had become a level 15 imp.

the eight-legged alligator became even more crazy, saliva dripped from its mouth like a waterfall. imp were the favorite prey of eight-legged alligators, they could devour them in one bite and they carried dense abyssal power. to an eight-legged alligator, this was the equivalent of a great supplement.

not to mention, the imp before his eyes was a level 15 imp who was somehow slumbering.

lin yun regained consciousness and immediately noticed the rotting smell. he opened his eyes and saw the big maw of an eight-legged alligator crazily pouncing towards him. those eight claws were frantically tearing apart the surrounding rocks that stopped him from going forward.

looking at his own body, lin yun sighed. being able to evolve into an imp at level 15 was quite fortunate. after all, imps were considered demons, even if demons didnt acknowledge them as part of the demon races.

it was because imps bodies were too weak compared to demons. apart from their casting abilities, imps physique was terrible compared to demons of the same level, they were just as weak as scarecrows.

looking at the eight-legged alligator, lin yun slowly raised his hand and fluently chanted in the sinister abyssal language.

that chant was like a roar, but in lin yuns mouth, it possessed a mages casting intonation. the black smoke-like abyssal power quickly converged in lin yuns hands.

then, the large amount of abyssal power quickly rotated and rapidly transformed into dark green flames. the flames revolved and converged into a person-sized dark green fireball.

lin yun coldly looked at the level 20 eight-legged alligator before him. the moment it opened its mouth, lin yun sent the corrosive fireball in his hand inside its maw.

the fireball exploded like a sphere of water, but no flame escaped, they all flew towards its belly. blisters started appearing in the eight-legged alligators mouth.

its mouth, tongue, throat, everything was burnt and corroded by these dark green flames.

at this time, the greed in theeight-legged alligators eyes turned into fear. it fiercely struggled, but its body was already stuck in that rock passage and it simply couldnt escape.

it painfully roared and struggled, making the entire cavern shake. big holes were slowly appearing on the eight-legged alligators mouth due to the corrosion. its abdomen was also being burnt by the corrosive raging flames.

after struggling for no less than three minutes, the eight-legged alligator thoroughly stopped. its organs had already been burnt to ashes by the corrosive fireball, only its hide remained.

lin yun extended a three-finger hand and frowned as he felt his long ears.

"damn, abyssal lifeforms really have outstanding vitality. it was only a level 20 eight-legged alligator, yet it still struggled for three minutes before dying from the corrosive fireball. it only lost its strength when its organs were completely burnt.

"but that eight-legged alligators hide seems to be decent. the complete skin of a level 20 eight-legged alligator should be worth quite a bit"

after crawling out of the cave with difficulty and dragging the corpse of the eight-legged alligator out, lin yun started thinking of his next course of action.

he wouldnt have been able to cast a spell here if he hadnt already learnt the abyssal language before. demons casting was very different from mages casting.

moreover, this place is rich in abyssal power, abyssal spells would be stronger here, while human spells would be weakened quite a bit.

chanting a mages incantation and casting a humans spell? what a joke

even heaven rank powerhouses would have their strength greatly suppressed when entering the abyss, the laws humans grasped were different in the abyss.

furthermore, a demon that cast human spells would attract too much attention in the abyss. this is a middle-layer of the abyss, and a world on the same level as noscent, there would definitely be a lot of powerful demons.

lin yun sat on the corpse of the eight-legged alligator and used his arm to support his head as he wondered which layer of the abyss they were at.

in the abyss, every layer had a name, and there were a few that were similar to noscent. those were at the 200th layer or below.

the mages of this era didnt have enough power to explore the depths of the endless abyss. exploring the first thirty layers of the abyss was already their limits. either they couldnt find the entrance to the next layer, or a powerful demon was near that entrance.

the layers below the 200th layers were completely unknown to noscents mages.

darley moores 230th layer? no, that layer doesnt have areas with such an extreme environment where moisture is completely evaporated during the day, while there is a downpour during the night.

the rain is covering at least a thousand kilometers, darley moores world wouldnt have such an extreme environment.

srimultons 280th layer? no, the daytime and night time cycles are a lot faster, a day is only ten hours while the night is at most five hours.

that leaves only one: the 333rd layer controlled by del rovana!

this world must be one of the three abyssal layers similar to noscent. and this one looks the most suitable.

damn, this is really troublesome. how could this world not be a mess, the abyssal lifeforms and the demons arent very friendly.

moreover, who knows if del rovana is slumbering or not. if he is awake, his attention might be drawn if there is a problem, no, it would definitely be as long as the great demon overlord isnt slumbering, one of the other idiots would definitely do something to attract the great demon overlords attention.

if we still havent resolved the ancient gods trouble by then, we would have a greater demon overlord on top of that. this wouldnt be very pleasing.

forget it, it doesnt matter. i have to find a place to stay and rapidly increase my level first.

that fog of rebirth shouldnt have been formed naturally. if im not wrong, it was the ancient god that bound a piece of fog of rebirth there and our bodies are sleeping within. as long as we advance to level 40 and obtain extraordinary power, we should be able to use the connection between our souls and bodies to forcibly take our bodies back.

but if we die in the process, we would really die and our souls would be annihilated as they cant be thrown into the undead plane from the 333rd layer of the abyss.



lin yun massaged his head, he was somewhat fidgety.

when noscent was at its strongest, they had explored most of the abyss. at that time, people knew that the endless abyss was to be taken seriously.

there were endless layers here, even if there were only a few hundred main layers, the powerful mages nearly reached the 600th hundred layer. it was even said that god-like mages even explored layers below the 600th layer. rumors of a 666th layer appeared in the main layers at that time.

abyssal language and demonic casting was different from humans, they even used methods to nurture human mages to nurture a demon overlord.

this kind of thing was thoroughly studied by the crazy mages in the future. if not for the environment being too unsuitable for humans, and the huge difference in mana, the abyss would have already ended as a colony of those god-like mages.

lin yun sat on the corpse of the eight-legged alligator and started thinking. at that time, a large group of level 16 to 17 reapers appeared in the surroundings and greedily looked at the eight-legged alligators corpse under lin yun. many of them grinned as they looked at the imp with a fierce expression.

the dozen reapers slowly tightened the encirclement and were about to besiege lin yun. the corpse of an eight-legged alligator was enough for these guys with the intelligence of children to eat their fill.

lin yun slowly raised his eyes and coldly glanced at the surrounding reapers. these guys bodies were covered in scars and they were, for the most part, on the smaller side of reapers. it looked like a group of exiled reapers.

after all, powerful reapers could reach level 30, while adult reapers would reach level 20 under regular circumstances.

these guys were level 16 to 17 due to malnutrition and they were expelled from the tribe to save food.

"a bunch of brainless idiots, even more stupid than noscents low level magic beasts. if i can kill an eight-legged alligator, how could i not be able to kill failures like you?"