End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Abyssal Bear Goblin

in an instant, the black smoke in front of lin yun curled in front of him and a one-meter-tall pitch-black shield appeared before him. the image of a crypt overlord could be seen on the surface of the shield, and the shield looked just like the armor of a crypt overlord and was covered in fine decorative designs.

just as the shield appeared, the surrounding mantis-like thin reapers could no longer hold themselves back and they all charged at lin yun with a roar.

those pitch-black blades slashed at the shield and caused sparks to fly out. metallic sounds kept echoing as lin yun controlled his shield to continuously revolve around his body, blocking all of the reapers’ shields.

lin yun sat there, chanting another abyssal incantation. the pitch-black flames condensed into a four-meter-long flaming whip held in lin yun’s hand. he casually lashed and a reaper was sent flying out.

the pitch-black flames followed the surface of the reaper’s body, and in less than two seconds, it transformed into a living person. after three to four seconds, it transformed into a coal-like corpse.

lin yun lashed a few times and the pitch-black flames rapidly ignited their bodies, burning them to death within a few seconds.

after less than half a minute, burnt corpses littered the ground.

lin yun scattered his flaming whip and didn’t even feel like gathering the reapers’ materials.

the spell suffering lash took the shape of a whip with burning black flames. this wasn’t an offensive spell and no demon would ever use it in a fight.

only some foremen in mines would materialize suffering lash’s whip to lash at the lazy laboring slaves. the burning pain from the flames and the whip sharp lashes would be a few times more painful. but it would take at least a dozen lashes to kill the weakest slave able to survive in the mine’s environment.

the strongest of these reapers only resisted two lashes before it died while the weakest collapsed with only one.

after scattering the suffering lash, lin yun turned his head towards another side.

“i’ll give you three seconds to get the f*ck out and appear before me, otherwise you won’t ever need to come out of there.”

lin yun barely finished his sentence when a ball of flesh rolled from behind a mountain rock. the dark green flesh ball rolled and crawled to appear within three meters of lin yun before letting out a plaintive shout, “great abyssal spellcaster, please be forgiving. i really didn’t intend on peeping on your dignified self. please spare my lowly life, i am willing to vow loyalty and devotion to you and become your ultimate servant”

lin yun was dazed as he stared blankly at the creature completely lying on his stomach and not daring to raise his head.

his skin was dark green and his head looked like a deformed squash. he was about 1.5-meter-tall and his four limbs were thick, it looked extremely sturdy. more importantly, from that guy’s aura, he was at level 24.

“raise your ugly head and stand up.” lin yun roared with uncertainty.

that guy kept letting out mournful screams, as if he was being tormented by a lich.

“great abyssal spellcaster, please forgive me, i’ll definitely be your most loyal servant. the lowly me doesn’t dare to look straight at your handsome appearance, i don’t dare to do something so profane”

lin yun touched his own cheek, he was completely certain this time. such shameless guy fawning over a level 15 imp as a level 24. there was no need to look at his face to confirm what that guy was.

in the entire endless abyss, who other than an abyssal goblin could say that a sly and treacherous imp with an ugly demonic face was handsome and powerful.

that kind of guy is as cowardly as an abyssal magic bug. if the abyssal goblin was the 2nd most shameless lifeform in the abyss, then no one would claim to be 1st.

lin yun stretched his hand and made a grabbing motion as red scarlet flames condensed into a flaming whip which ruthlessly lashed at this abyssal goblin’s body.

“stand up.”

with a crisp sound, the abyssal goblin straight up jumped up from his lying position and stood there like a statue with his head lowered.

as it stood up, lin yun discovered that it was an abyssal bear goblin, which were existences whose fighting strength was off the charts among abyssal goblins.

yet, a level 24 abyssal bear goblin was afraid of a level 15 imp?

‘damn, the descriptions in the books can’t accurately describe this kind of weird race. i’m just an imp that casts spells, how could he think i’m an abyssal spellcaster?

‘no, that’s right. imps are considered part of the demon races. those in the abyss that can cast spells like mages are all demons or lifeforms with demonic bloodline.’

lin yun jumped down from the corpse of the eight-legged alligator and pointed at the abyssal bear goblin.

“you, carry this guy’s corpse and lead the way to your tribe’s gathering spot.”

the abyssal bear goblin lowered his head and promptly ran to the eight-legged alligator’s corpse. he put the eight-legged alligator’s tail on his shoulder, and with his 1.5-meter-tall body, carried the eight-meter-long eight-legged alligator as if it wasn’t strenuous at all.

“sir great abyssal spellcaster, my name is bajiao, it also means eight legs. you can call me bajiao or eight-legs. sir, please follow me.”

lin yun grinned but remained silent, ‘does that guy have no sense of shame? his name means eight-legs? isn’t there an eight-legged alligator before his eyes?’

bajiao carried the corpse of an eight-legged alligator with a grin as he walked in front. every time they encountered another lifeform, he would open his huge frog-like eyes and fiercely curse, “blind insects! this is the prey of the great abyssal spellcaster! i’m his most faithful servant, trashes like you need to get the f*ck out. get the hell out of here unless you want to be thrown into a volcano to feed a flame demon!”

bajiao stood upright as he carried the eight-legged alligator’s corpse forward. no other lifeform dared to do something against him.

after walking for over half an hour, they reached the base of a bare mountain peak. at that time, many stones suddenly moved as a group of abyssal bear goblins holding bone clubs and stone clubs rushed down.

looking at this group of people, bajiao immediately dropped the eight-legged alligator’s corpse and took out a one-meter-long bone club before charging with a roar.

that thick bone club shattered more than half of an abyssal bear goblin’s head. then, bajiao became enraged and attacked three abyssal bear goblins rushing for the corpse of the eight-legged alligator, seriously injuring them in a few hits.

at that moment, the few dozen abyssal bear goblins in the back no longer dared to step forward and they all fearfully looked at bajiao, no one went to help the three injured abyssal bear goblins either.

“a bunch of idiots. damnit, you dare to snatch this prey? that’s the prey of sir great abyssal spellcaster! i’m already following sir and became sir’s most loyal servant.

“you filthy and dirty guys! do you want your heads to be shattered!?”

bajiao fiercely swung his bone club as he cursed at those abyssal bear goblins. at that time, lin yun slowly walked out from the back.

at that time, the few dozen abyssal bear goblins who seemed to be around level 20 acted as if they had encountered a dragon and they all lied down on their stomach, their face buried in the earth. they were all shivering.

lin yun looked at those guys and didn’t feel anything strange. in the abyss, slaughter and conflict were everlasting. two guys that were having a meal could suddenly be at each other’s throats the next second. this was very normal.

getting rid of a tribesman was also something normal, whoever was stronger made the rules. weaklings that died deserved it, no one would spare a second glance.

those like the abyssal bear goblins would be thoroughly terrified when they met someone they couldn’t afford to offend. but if they met someone they dared to kill, these guys would act like a group of bandits.

the first reaction they would have when encountering a level 28-29 reaper would be rushing to get rid of the opponent before dismembering him and eating him.

but an abyssal black dragon that had just broken out of his shell and had yet to open his eyes would scare those guys stiff.

they absolutely wouldn’t provoke those with bloodlines stronger than theirs, since they might have stronger lifeforms backing them.

lin yun didn’t feel like talking much to these guys and pointed to the eight-legged alligator’s corpse.

“go, tidy up that guy’s leather and then find the closest demonic stronghold to sell it off. and prepare a clean house for me.”

after those words, bajiao kicked the corpse towards a guy that was about to come over to flatter lin yun. he then lowered his head and led the way in front of lin yun.

none of the abyssal bear goblins dared to say anything as lin yun disappeared, they felt like they had gotten a new lease on life and rushed towards the eight-legged alligator’s body.

the group of salivating guys didn’t dare to be unbridled and they had the most skilled person slowly skin the eight-legged alligator. then, the group of abyssal bear goblins went crazy, and in less than ten seconds, the eight-meter-long eight-legged alligator’s corpse was dismantled, the bigger fragments not surpassing thirty centimeters.

in ten minutes, no flesh could be found on the eight-legged alligator’s bones, and the bones had even been broken down with the bone marrow being devoured.

not knowing whether to laugh or cry, lin yun drove out a bashful female abyssal bear goblin and started considering his next course of action.

if nothing unexpected happened, he would look for a safe space to advance to level 40 as fast as possible in order to let his soul break free from the abyss and return to his body.

with the natural demiplane as a support and using the natural demiplane’s resources, rapidly advancing to level 40 wouldn’t be very hard.

most of the abyssal lifeforms, even demons, would be restricted by two things, their bloodline and pure mana.

the powerful mana from the abyss was too violent, it was full of all kinds of chaotic impurities. if the lifeforms in the abyss wanted to absorb abyssal mana to level up, it would only become more and more difficult, until they reached a point where they wouldn’t be able to level up in a few hundred years. when the bloodline’s restriction appeared, they would remain at the same level for a millennium, or a couple millennia.

this was also the reason why the abyssal lifeforms could easily be summoned on other planes. even most demons would quickly sign the contract when they first felt the summoning contract descending.

especially when it came to noscent. it was the most complete world and mana was smooth. all abyssal lifeforms could find mana they could absorb there.

the biggest opportunity to break from the bloodline’s restriction was in other planes. pure mana, rich resources, beautiful environment this was something all abyssal lifeforms looked forward to.

even flame demons that liked to immerse themselves in lava knew that choosing a volcano with purer and smoother flame mana was better. unfortunately, such a place would never be found in the endless abyss.

as for lin yun’s abyssal magic bug’s reincarnation, it kept its properties even after he evolved into an imp. as long as it had pure mana, the abyssal magic bug would keep on leveling up with no regards for its bloodline.

as long as it met bloodline obstruction, he would accumulate mana to transform once again into an even better demonic bloodline.

as for pure mana, it was the least valuable thing in the natural demiplane, the mana vine were tearing down chaotic power from the void and it would converge into the mana pond after being purified, that was the purest liquid form mana could take.

by staying there and devouring pure mana for a few months, he would definitely advance to level 40 easily, and at that time, he would be able to take his body back and leave this vile world.

the coordinates of the natural demiplane were currently interrelated to his soul and he could open the planar path here. but it would be a waste of an opportunity to leave this place.

yes, it was an opportunity. the environment might be terrible, but there were some resources that could only be produced in the abyss.

abyssal magic iron, deep crimson core, black flame dragon flower, half-life bone tree.

many previous materials were produced in the vile environment of the abyss, and most of them were found in the lower half of the abyss.

it was impossible for mankind to get a hold of them. not many people were currently able to dive deeper than the 30th layer, and it was unthinkable for the layers below the 100th. as long as the aura of a heaven rank powerhouse appeared in the abyss, those demon overlords and greater demon overlords would absolutely want to personally make a move.

most importantly, lin yun had almost been killed by his so-called “allies”. he wasn’t the type of person to forget about that kind of thing. had it not been for the book of death and the world chapter, lin yun would have either died or been stuck in the natural demiplane forever. he didn’t have the power to survive a small plane’s destruction.

steer and birbo had also been reincarnated here, and they definitely wouldn’t let the opportunity of getting rid of lin yun pass by.

as he thought about it, lin yun absorbed a bit of mana water and slowly increased his level. he then had bajiao gather the abyssal bear goblin tribe.

after having left lin yun for a bit, bajiao suddenly discovered that he had leveled up to level 16 and was even more cautious, he didn’t even dare to raise his head.

after ten minutes, over a hundred abyssal bear goblins crookedly stood in a circle with their heads lowered. they were holding bone clubs, some of them even used the bones of the eight-legged alligator as weapons.

they were just a group of miserable bandits. in noscent, a group of bandits around level 20 would be much stronger than these guys. at the very least, they wouldn’t be using unprocessed beasts’ bones as weapons.

lin yun divided the energy crystals from the leather trade among the abyssal bear goblins. this made the group of fearful abyssal bear goblins energetic, they started roaring while waiting for lin yun’s order, as if they had drunk some kind of berserk potion.

the energy crystals were fingernail-sized and were rare treasure to those abyssal bear goblins. they were a currency in the abyss, there was some relatively pure mana thin. at least compared to the abyssal power, they were a lot purer.

wealthy demons with background were absorbing mana from the energy crystals ever since their birth. unfortunately, these energy crystals were nothing more than a pile of poor quality crystallization of energy, he might as well use the mana crystals of some of noscent’s low level magic beasts.

after giving them a pile of poor quality energy crystals, the abyssal bear goblins bandit group started campaigning and fighting over territory on behalf of their abyssal spellcaster.

nine kilometers away was a tribe of six-armed evil baboons with flaming fur. aside from the abyssal bear goblins, they were the strongest force within ten kilometers.

more importantly, that group of evil baboons were occupying a small volcano which produced abyssal magic iron. there would frequently be demons’ butlers collecting abyssal magic iron from these evil baboons, and the price was to not get rid of them and give them a bit of poor quality energy crystals.

in fact, this was just making that group of brainless evil baboons take care of the abyssal magic iron vein and use them as free miners.

lin yun naturally went along for the first campaign of the abyssal bear goblin army.

they charged towards the small volcano and encountered a hundred roaring evil baboons.

“for the great master! get rid of those fools! master already promised us that all energy crystals we find will be our reward! charge!” bajiao raised a thick thigh bone belonging to an unknown lifeform and roared.

hearing about energy crystals, the eyes of the group of cowardly abyssal bear goblins turned red and the evil baboons before them became a pile of walking energy crystals.

the abyssal bear goblins instantly went crazy and rushed out with no regards for their lives. there was no technique or skill, just a bitter and desperate melee.

an abyssal bear goblin used his bone club to smash the head of an evil baboon while grabbing another evil baboon by his neck.

the evil baboon spat out a mouthful of flames and burnt the head of that abyssal bear goblin into charcoal, but before he could let out a triumphant roar, four red-eyed abyssal bear goblins bashed his head into a pile of flesh.