End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156 Flame Fiend

A three-meter-tall large Evil Baboon came from behind the small volcano. That level 26 Evil Baboon was the ruler of the tribe.

That big guy stood up on his hind legs and fiercely beat his chest with his fists as flames revolved around him. In terms of aura, he was the strongest lifeform here.

Then, a few dozen meters away, Lin Yun scratched his long ear and rapidly chanted in Abyssal Language. A fifty-centimeter-big flaming meteor appeared above the Evil Baboons head.

It smashed his body onto the ground with a huge explosion, and then, not waiting for him to crawl out, another flaming meteor dragging a long black smoke fell onto his body.

A mournful scream echoed, but flaming meteors just kept falling one after another, second after second. After eight flaming meteors had fallen, that sinister baboon ruler was smashed into a pile of fragments, but his legs and arms were still intact, only its chest and head could no longer be seen.

Having lost their rulers, those Evil Baboons started panicking. They wanted to escape, but trying to escape from the cowardly Abyssal Bear Goblins was the same as encouraging these guys and rousing their spirits.

After ten minutes, every Evil Baboon had their bones shattered and died. It was to the point where those red-eyed guys smashed the heads of those Evil Baboons to make sure that they were dead, in fear that they would suddenly get up and flee.

After occupying the small volcano and seizing all the Energy Crystals, the group of Abyssal Bear Goblins excitedly went into the Abyssal Magic Irons mine and swung their weapons to extract the ores.

Some of the more powerful Abyssal Bear Goblins actively asked to gather all Abyssal Bear Goblins within ten kilometers, in order to gather all the solitary Abyssal Bear Goblins under Lin Yuns command.

Lin Yun couldnt help covering his eyes as he looked at the chunks of Abyssal Magic Iron being mined.

Damn, I knew that Abyssal Magic Iron was a common mineral in the Abyss, but why is the price still so high and why is there so little circulating in the human world?

Those idiots How is that extracting ore, its a pile of slag with half of the content being stones. The energy needed to extract ore from it might be worth half of the value of these ores.

Damned fools

After personally glancing over, Lin Yun kicked a few Abyssal Bear Goblins. Their mining method was just to beat down with big sticks to form large chunks of stones.

In less than half a day, four Abyssal Bear Goblins were killed by a cave in.

Lin Yun sent all the Abyssal Bear Goblins to gather manpower and went into the mine alone before opening his Demiplane to release a group of alchemy puppets.

In this place, Lin Yun didnt dare to casually get the help of the people within the Demiplane. Whether it was the aura of humans or other races, it was different from the Abyss aura. If their aura appeared now, it would be the same as a big piece of fat falling into the hands of a bunch of greedy Goblins.

He didnt even dare to casually take out the puppets. This layer was similar to Noscent, the structure and layout, and even the Abyssal Demons, were similar to Noscent. These puppets were made of materials that couldnt be found in the Abyss, it would be very easy to figure it out.

Moreover, there werent just Demons here, other humans and Beastmen Heaven Rank powerhouses reincarnated here. These puppets were like Lin Yuns trademark. Anyone seeing these puppets would know that Lin Yun was there.

More importantly, none of them knew whether he was dead or alive. All they had seen was Lin Yuns luck being terrible and reincarnating in an Abyssal Magic Bug, but no one knew of his whereabouts.

As for what kind of Demons the other had reincarnated into, Lin Yun knew most of them, especially those he didnt have a friendly relationship with, he knew exactly which race they chose.

The others didnt know him, but he knew about them. It would be stupid to expose himself.

There was nothing he could do now. Lin Yun released a pair of puppets to mine the Abyssal Magic Irons mine before thinking of using Abyss materials to refine a couple of simple puppets to extract ore.

Puppets also existed inside the Abyss, there were even a few layers rich in ore veins occupied by puppets. Once he used materials to manufacture some Abyss-style puppets, he wouldnt have to worry about it.

Bajiao became the leader of this Abyssal Bear Goblin Tribe. With Lin Yuns support, they frantically gathered up the other scattered Abyssal Bear Goblins and attacked other Abyssal Bear Goblins tribes on this flat plain.

With Lin Yun very generously giving them the poor quality Energy Crystals, these cowardly idiots quickly grew stronger. Their strength might not increase in years, but in the span of three days, Bajaio already leveled up again.

Time quickly passed and Lin Yun already advanced to level 25. At this level, the restriction of the Imp bloodline appeared and he couldnt advance even with a lot of mana.

He had to evolve once again. At this time, the Abyssal Bear Goblin army had already emerged in the Sun Lakes area.

This land that was barren during daytime was actually revolving around a lake. The lake spread over ten kilometers but wasnt very deep. The lifeforms within a hundred kilometers were relying on this lake to survive.

The deep red scorching sun appeared during the day and the light and heat surrounding the lake was especially terrifying. The lakes water would boil within two or three hours, and from that point on, the water would evaporate within an hour.

Ultimately, at night, after the deep crimson sun disappeared, that torrential rain would fall from the sky and cover over a hundred kilometers.

Upon falling, the water would follow the rivers and reform the Sun Lake, which would then evaporate during the day, forming an unending cycle.

The difference of temperature between day and night here was even greater than Noscent, the temperature during the day was hotter than the hottest day of summer, while the temperature during the night was colder than the coldest night of winter. Those who could survive here had very thick hides and extremely vigorous vitality.

As for the Abyssal Bear Goblins, they were the most numerous species in this area. They were bandit-like, rogue-like, wretched locusts. They never provoked the powerful lifeforms, but everything else, including Vampiric Vines, were these guys food. They would eat anything that could fill their bellies.

They would fight for a piece of hard meat and a few dozens of them would come to blows, after killing half for the sake of a piece of meat, they would unite under the pressure of a powerful lifeform.

No lifeform over a hundred kilometers around the Sun Lake hadnt been dismembered and eaten by these blockheads.

After twenty days passed, in the depths of the Abyssal Bear Goblins tribe, the hundred strongest Bear Goblins were guarding the entrance of a cavern.

Bajiao was baring his fangs as he raised his club made of Abyssal Magic Iron, his pair of fish-like eyes looking at the surroundings with vigilance while still guarding the entrance.

"Idiots, the Great Sir is undergoing a very important spell research, no one is allowed to disturb him. Anyone that dares to disturb him will be eliminated.

"F*ck, anyone that dares to get within a hundred steps No, anyone other than the patrols coming within five hundred steps have to be killed and torn apart.

"Any outsider coming within three kilometers have to be eliminated Hmm? F*ck, dont ask me how much is three kilometers, how should I know?"

In the depths of the cave, a cocoon covered in black smoke was calmly floating in the air. Numerous pitch-black runes kept roaming over the big cocoon as a wisp of Demonic Aura roamed within.

After five hours, those pitch-black runes all entered the big cocoon and disappeared. As for this big cocoon, it dried up and fell apart.

A 1.8-meter-tall Demon covered in a layer of red flames came from inside. Flames burned around the Demons eyes and two red fireballs were hanging at the end of his curved horns.

Lin Yun opened his eyes, looked at his body and smiled.

Flame Fiend? Thats not too bad. At the very least the physical strength and casting abilities are pretty good and its not at the bottom of the 72 Demonic Bloodlines.

Its also a close relative of Flame Demons. No, it seems that all fire Demons are descendants of the Flame Demon Overlord and they would still be under the banner of the Flame Demon Overlord later on.

It could be said that the Flame Demons are a powerful Demonic race in the Abyss and the strongest Flame Demon Greater Overlord was one of the few Greater Demon Overlords present in Noscents invasion.

Lin Yun came out of the cavern after his evolution, stunning Bajiao in the process. The latter immediately lied down on the ground.

"Great Lord, is that you? You have become much more handsome and powerful, this lowly self almost didnt recognize you"

Lin Yun grinned and kicked Bajiao flying.

"Damn idiot! This lord has just grown up a bit! How could you not recognize me?!"

As Lin Yun left the cavern, a terrifying heat spread in the surroundings. The Flame Fiends power was also at Level 25, but it wasnt something an Imp could compare to. The Flame Fiends eyes were the symbol of a pureblooded Demon in the Abyss.

Bajiao had been kicked, but he immediately ran back with a delighted smile. He endured the temperature emitted by Lin Yuns body and knelt not far before loudly acclaiming.

"Oh, Great Master, you have finally come out. Your lowly servant already completed your command and has been waiting to report to you.

"We have already attacked the territories surrounding the Sun Lake, and the number of Abyssal Bear Goblins already reached over three thousand and five hundred.

"A demon fort over a hundred kilometers away already sent an envoy saying that the formidable City Lord conferred you the title of Commander!"

Lin Yun scratched his chin before kicking Bajiao flying again.

"Sh*t, you moron, if someone dares to come again in the future, directly get rid of these greedy b*stards. A small demon fort dares to confer a title upon me?

"Truly stupid and hopeless, Ill have to find some time to get rid of that guy"

Bajiao was shivering on the ground, he hadnt dared to say anything, Demons were moody creatures. They could be laughing one second, and crazily kill ones entire family the next second.

Lin Yun casually threw a glass bottle containing some of the Abyss rainwater, to which he had added a bit of Mana Water. But even so, the rich and pure mana fluctuations directly made Bajiaos eyes widen.

He couldnt stop his eyes from going round as he caught the glass bottle and put it in his embrace.

"You did decent work this time. Continue expanding the territory and capture all fools. If they know how to mine, then have them mine. If they dont know and their strength isnt great, then just get rid of them.

"Then check the surroundings and see if there is anything we can take over"

Bajiao promptly answered, "There is a group of foolish Reapers on the edge of Lords territory. Those guys dont have much meat on their bodies, they are completely made of bones. If Lord wants to subdue them, that group of idiots would definitely qualify as cannon fodder. They eat very little, their strength is decent, and there are quite a few of them. If Lord were to personally make an appearance, those idiots would definitely be willing to swear loyalty."

In the Abyss, those that met the criteria of eating less, having good numbers, and possessing decent strength would be eligible to be cannon fodder. Reapers were the most classic cannon fodder. As for Abyssal Bear Goblins, they couldnt even meet the requirements to be cannon fodder.

When he started the plan to form an army, Lin Yun started acting in person. As a Flame Fiend, conquering some idiots that were considered to have a bit of Demonic Bloodline wouldnt be too easy.

After running around for a few days, Lin Yun now had an army of Reapers, and an army of four-legged Crawlers, as well as an army of Evil Flame Elementals.

Most importantly, he also discovered a small tribe of Evil Dark Dwarves. They finally found a suitable candidate for the task of mining and refining ore.

The frantic war and expansion continued and no one felt anything wrong with it. Even the envoy dispatched by the Demon Fort over a hundred kilometers away was eliminated.

But that Demon Forts Demon wasnt surprised. After hearing that this places ruler was a Flame Fiend, he immediately sent a large pile of precious treasures and even dispatched a Goat-Horned Demon butler to personally pay a visit.

Unfortunately for him, that group of Abyssal Bear Goblins faithfully obeyed Lin Yuns order and got rid of that butler. By the time Lin Yun learnt of this news, the Demon Butler was a skeleton without a single bit of flesh and his big bones had been taken away to be used as weapons.

This time, the war with the Demon Fort was inevitably starting.

Over three hundred kilometers away, Steer had developed quite smoothly as an Evil Bone Demon. With his identity as an Evil Bone Demon, he soon possessed his own territory.

The fastest way to level up in the Abyss was through war and plunder, only then would they be able to gather enough resources.

The Abyss was poor in natural resources, there were enough resources to provide for a large number of demonic lifeforms. Only by seizing their territories and plundering their resources could they rapidly grow stronger.

Especially with the rules of the Abyss, the strongest controlled the bigger territories, while Demons without territories would even be looked down upon by goblins. Born at Level 20, Steer invaded the territories within a few dozen kilometers, and he was currently fighting over the territory of a Strength Demon.

On another side, on a steel fortress over a thousand kilometers away, the Shadow Demon Birbo was unexpectedly dedicated to the master of the steel fortress, a Level 39 Lesser Bone Demon Overlord.

Using her experience as an assassin shadow mage, Birbo rapidly adapted to the body of a Shadow Demon and became a powerful assassin. Moreover, with her control over shadow magic, every assassination went smoothly.

In less than half a month, she became a commanding officer of the steel fortress as a Level 28 Shadow Demon. As for the other commanding officers, Level 30 and above Demons, they were very unhappy.

But in less than three days, the Demon that objected the most died under the belly of a Succubus and the voices of opposition died down.

As a result, Bibos position within the steel fortress sharply rose, and the resources she gained quickly increased.

Several thousand kilometers away, in an underground world, Morgans Dark Demon reincarnation was cursing from under the body of a huge monster. His sharp claws skillfully digging out that monsters heart and mana crystal.

In a group of volcanoes, Dedale was leading a group of Lesser Flame Demons to war against the neighbouring Fire-eating Lizards.

A month ago, all human and Beastman Heaven Rank powerhouses had reincarnated as Demons and gained a foothold in this world. Everyone had their own territory or gained a position in a huge steel fort.

As the second month passed, Lin Yuns territory finally expanded to 150 kilometers, half of which had belonged to the demon fort.

Very late at night, the torrential rain had thoroughly disappeared, but wisps of sunlight had yet to appear and the vegetation was frantically absorbing the moisture. It was on this moist plain that numerous abyssal lifeforms converged into an army not far from the demon fort.

After frantically absorbing Mana Water, Lin Yun had already advanced to Level 30. That rapid growth speed made even his stupidest subordinates not dare to act up.

Abyssal Bear Goblins, Reapers, Evil Flame Elementals, Crawlers, Abyssal Goat-horned Monsters

The huge number of abyssal lifeforms had converged together, and there was even a few hundred Imps forming a caster army.

Lin Yun sat on a throne made of bones and Abyssal Magic Iron. The throne was carried by a ten-meter-tall monster with a dozen legs and was calmly standing in the middle of the army.

On the side, Bajiao was sitting on a six-legged terrifying monster and was brandishing an iron club covered in runes as he loudly cursed at the abyssal lifeforms in the surroundings.

"Morons! Quiet down! That demon forts idiot unexpectedly dared to challenge Masters might. Since Master has taken a fancy to this territory, he personally came over, yet they dared to resist!

"This is unforgivable! Morons, its time for you to show off! Master came here personally, so let Master see your might and loyalty!

"An unknown amount of food and Energy Crystals are just ahead! Our Master is the most generous Lord of the Abyss, there is no doubt about it! For Master! Morons, Chargeee!!!"