End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 Evolution 3

“Sir Bajiao, what do we do now? Their leader unexpectedly made a move, that damned guy”

While running, an Abyssal Bear Goblin following Bajiao leaned forward and helplessly inquired about their next course of action. With these guys’ intelligence, they couldn’t think of anything else than running.

Bajiao fiercely slapped at him and loudly shouted, “Don’t be afraid, the Great Master once said to rely on wisdom! Do you understand what wisdom is? Damn, you idiot definitely don’t understand what wisdom is. It’s something a pureblooded Demon like Great Master possesses.

“Naturally, Lord Bajiao has also learnt some of master’s wisdom.

“We will retreat to the fort first and rely on the fort’s defense. Our Great Master is researching a very difficult spell.

“There is no point in asking what it looks like, would a group of idiots like you understand? Don’t ask me, I also don’t understand. In any case, it is very fierce and only a powerful Abyssal Spellcaster like Master could understand it.

“Although that Evil Bone Demon is powerful, it’ll definitely be eliminated by Master as long as we wait for Master to finish his research. Don’t even think about submitting to the enemy, damned morons.

“Do you want to survive by submitting? Would there be more food than you can eat or Energy Crystals if you submit?

“You might as well die and forget it. Not to mention, all the enemies will die when Master is done with his spell!”

Bajiao loudly cursed at the abyssal lifeforms trembling in fear, and soon, many Abyssal lifeforms calmed down and obediently rushed back to the demon fort.

Abyssal lifeforms’ loyalty could be said to be very high, but it could also be said to be very low. Before the Demon they swore allegiance to died, these abyssal lifeforms definitely wouldn’t betray him. But once he was killed, no abyssal lifeform would dare to fight to the end, they would immediately submit to the new master

Lin Yun had yet to be eliminated, so these guys didn’t dare to betray him. In a fight to death, they would at most be eliminated. However, if they betrayed him, and he not only survived but also got rid of the other side’s Demon ruler, then these betrayers wouldn’t be able to die even if they wanted to.

Steer led his subordinates to chase, not too slowly, yet not too fast. They kept nibbling away at Lin Yun’s army. By the time they reached the demon fort, only a quarter of Lin Yun’s army remained. The rest had all been eliminated.

The army returned to the fort and relied on the fort’s meager defenses, but the outcome wasn’t very optimistic. The fort’s entrance was quickly melted down by a group of fire-breathing monsters, and the gate made of Abyssal Magic Iron was burnt into molten iron.

Treading on the molten iron, a large number of abyssal monsters rushed inside the fort and the one-sided slaughter started.

Steer entered the fort very slowly and displayed his own Demon Body. With a ten-meter-tall Demon Body, he stood in the center of the fort and howled with laughter.

“Stupid guy, don’t tell me you want to hide? It’s an honor for idiotic Demons like you to die under this Lord Steer’s hands.

“Damn Flame Fiend, get the f*ck out for me. Abyssal cowards that don’t dare to fight will be disdained by all Demons!”

Steer was frantically destroying the fort, killing his way towards the ruler’s resting place, continuously cursing in Abyssal Language.

Many abyssal lifeforms couldn’t bear the power of these Abyssal words and stiffly became insane.

Abyssal Language was the most malicious curse in a Demon’s mouth. A Demon could pollute the mana of a Light Angel and corrupt a soul believing in the holy light just by relying on Abyssal Language.

Steer exploded the head of an Abyssal Bear Goblin with a slap and kicked open the entrance of the ruler’s mansion before swaggering in. All the abyssal lifeforms he encountered were completely eradicated if they dared to resist.

Soon, Steer arrived in front of the room Lin Yun was using for his evolution. He took a step forward and a wall of fire rose in front of him.

Steer laughed heartily as he walked through the wall of fire. Red-hot flames were burning over Steer’s body, but they had no effect.

“Silly guy, I was born from the flames of withered bones. Flames are my life. Flames of this level are better used as a lava bath.

“Flame Fiend, get the f*ck out and come meet your death”

As Steer walked among the flames, the temperature grew hotter and hotter but had no effect on him. It would at most slightly slow down his speed.

Steer’s big flaming hand slowly stretched towards the door of the room, as that metal cast entrance wouldn’t be too different from a wooden entrance under Steer’s hand.

Inside the room, the silent puppet suddenly raised its head, its eyes shining with a red light. The red-eyes flickered a few times before it raised both arms and an arm-thick cannon stretched out of the puppet’s arms.

As long as Steer’s hand touched the entrance, the patched puppet would blast him into nothingness alongside the entrance.

Suddenly, the patched puppet’s eyes flickered and it slowly retreated to a dark corner.

A crack slowly expanded over that huge black cocoon and all the abyssal power converged inside the big cocoon.

The big cocoon split open and a human-shaped flowing lava lifeform appeared. Sizzling sound kept echoing from his body.

The outer shell of the cocoon kept in contact with the lava and was instantly burnt to ashes. The room temperature rapidly increase, and in a few seconds, the surrounding room burnt to ashes before it could even ignite.

That Magic Iron entrance also slowly turned red. It was just the heat transmitted from his body, yet it could heat up the Magic Iron entrance three meters away.

Outside the room, Steer had been about to burst with power to open the door when his expression suddenly changed. That pitch-black Magic Iron entrance could be seen reddening at a visible speed. This made Steer move back immediately. Thick bony outgrowths surged out of his body as the ashen black Bone-corroding Black Flames kept spurting out.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and walked towards the Magic Iron entrance. By the time he was a meter away from it, that five-meter-tall entrance rapidly melted into molten iron.

Standing atop the boiling molten iron entrance, Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes, the heat waves emitted by his body slowly dwindling, but lava kept rolling under his feet.

Steer vigilantly looked at Lin Yun from a hundred meters distance, he appeared somewhat bewildered.

“Flame Demon? Damnit, wasn’t it supposed to be a Flame Fiend?”

There was a huge gap between Flame Demons and Flame Fiends. Flame Fiends were also part of the pureblooded Demonic Bloodlines with a bloodline that wasn’t ranked at the bottom.

But their reputation wasn’t very good, because Flame Fiends were only the offspring of Flame Demons, even if it was the strongest race among the Flame Fiend’s offsprings.

After all, within the 72 Demonic Bloodlines, Flame Fiends were the only race that were the offspring of another race.

But Flame Demons were different. The Flame Demons that appeared in the Abyss were different from those appearing in Noscent or other planes, those had impure bloodline. The trademark of a pureblooded Flame Demon was the heat they were constantly radiating, and their bodies continuously dripping with bright lava without a wisp of impurity, it was like shining crystals of lava.

Pureblood Flame Demons were part of the Silver Bloodlines and could even advance into a terrifying existence known as Flame Demon Monarch. They weren’t looked down upon because of their Silver Bloodline, even the ten Gold Bloodlines’ Demons didn’t dare to casually provoke a Flame Demon.

That race had the largest number of Demons among the Demonic Bloodlines of the Abyss. Any area possessing lava and volcano would be the territory of a Flame Demon Overlord, because no Demon could compete with a Flame Demon in such an area.

Suddenly seeing that his target wasn’t a Flame Fiend but a Flame Demon, Steer hesitated.

No one would care if a hundred Flame Fiend were killed, but this might not be the case for a pureblood Flame Demon.

Demons were temperamental and simply didn’t have the notion of siblings. It was very normal for them to kill their genitor and siblings.

But Flame Demons were different. There could be a Flame Demon Overlord suddenly wanting to eliminate the murderer of a pureblooded Flame Demon after hearing about it.

And the excuse of avenging a sibling was the best reason to expand one’s territory.

Steer only hesitated for a split second before exposing a malevolent smile.

‘Damn, I thought it was a Flame Fiend, but it turns out to be a pureblood Flame Demon, that’s even better! The heart of a pureblood Flame Demon is the most formidable source of mana.

‘As long as I get rid of that guy, I’ll be able to smoothly level up to level 36. No, I might be able to use the heart of this idiot to quickly reach level 39.

‘There is no large formation of volcanoes here, it’s simply impossible for a Flame Demon Overlord to be here. As long as I advance to level 40, I’ll be able to use Extraordinary Power to connect to my body and leave this cursed Abyss.

‘Will those stupid Flame Demons chase me back to the Raging Flame Plane?

‘If they dare, all that’s awaiting them is being torn apart!’

Steer was covered in bony outgrowths and ashen black Bone-corroding Black Flames were curling around his body. Moreover, a sinister Aura power was hiding within that thin body.

That was the method of awakening Aura that Steer had slowly fumbled with by relying on his memories. The body of an Evil Bone Demon was much stronger than the body of a Bronze Beastman and the Aura he roused was definitely stronger than a Bronze Beastman. Even if the difference in their bodies was huge, Steer was able to find a simple way to rouse Aura.

Aura was Steer’s trump card against Demons of the same level.

“Stupid Flame Demon, I already got rid of eight Flame Demon, but I have yet to get rid of a pureblooded Flame Demon. You can only blame your lack of luck, fate isn’t on your side.

“You are the same as that stupid human abandonned by fate, you are bound to die a tragic death. Your heart is mine!”

Before Steer even finished his words, a two-meter-big dark green fireball exploded onto his body. The huge explosive power was like a slap that fiercely hit Steer’s face.

“Foolish Steer, you are still that stupid after reincarnating as a Demon, you actually roused the Beastmen’s Aura, you are even dumber that those goblins that only know how to eat”

Lin Yun walked on the lava and his body suddenly expanded. In an instant, it reached over ten meters, and the heat emitted by his body distorted the surroundings and made Lin Yun look like an illusory phantom.

He had called out Steer’s true identity in one sentence, stunning him.

Steer vigilantly looked at Lin Yun and his bone slowly condensed alongside the bone armor and covered the surface of his body.

“Who are you? This is a misunderstanding, we are allies, there is no need to waste power in this kind of filthy place, our goal is to return”

Lin Yun’s boiling lava slowly burned brighter and brighter, his demonic horns looked like orange shining crystals. The heat burnt the surrounding buildings one after another and the earth slowly turned into lava. Lava sprayed out of Lin Yun’s body and rapidly turned into a hundred-meter-wide area of lava. The dense sulfur smell filled the air like toxic gas.

Suddenly, Steer’s bones spurted out 8 two-meter-long thick flaming pillars. The Bone-corroding Black Flames attacked Lin Yun’s body and submerged Lin Yun in less than a second.

“Stupid guy, regardless of who you are, you will died here, just like that stupid Mafa Merlin. Your body will become a putrefied corpse and will become food for those abyssal lifeforms.

“You might not know, but that stupid Mafa Merlin got reincarnated as an Abyssal Magic Bug.

“You should know what that is, right? That’s the weakest abyssal lifeform that can only be treated as food. It can never live past three days. He should have already turned into Crawler’s waste.

“Being able to die in my hand is your honor. At least you are a lot more fortunate than Mafa Merlin.

“Give me your heart and your name, I’ll keep in mind that you helped me leave this place faster.”

The ashen black flames wrapped around Lin Yun and made the surrounding black flames even hotter.

But the flames still retained their appearances after ten seconds, and the red hot lava and spread to Steer’s feet.

Suddenly, two blazing big hands covered in lava stretched out of the Bone-corroding Black Flames as if they tore through paper.

At that instant, those Bone-corroding Black Flames Steer controlled seemed torn apart like rags. Lin Yun took a step and various abyssal runes stuck to the surface of his body.

Lin Yun’s body instantly disappeared, crossing over a hundred meters in a second to reappear right in front of Steer.

A frantically revolving fireball instantly condensed in Lin Yun’s palm, and with a slap, it ruthlessly hit Steer’s face

The explosion power and the slap’s power shattered Steer’s bones, disfiguring half of his face.

The dozen-meter-tall huge body fell to the ground with a loud sound.

And as he fell in the lava, shackles made of lava bound Steer’s body.

Lin Yun walked over and looked at the shocked Steer.

“Idiot, I am Mafa Merlin. Demons’ strong points are their bodies and casting abilities, yet you actually gave up on both to study some sh*tty Aura?

“After staying in the Abyss for so long, could it be that you still don’t know that Flame Demons are immune to all flame injuries on the same level?

“I’m level 35, and you are level 35, yet you actually wanted to use Bone-corroding Black Flames to burn a Flame Demon to death. You are really an idiot, I don’t even have the heart to get rid of you.

“Doing so might even lower my intelligence. Besides, Flame Demons have no bones, even Evil Bone Demon Overlords wouldn’t try to use Bone-corroding Black Flames to burn pureblooded Flame Demons to death”

Lin Yun looked at the fallen Steer and suddenly really couldn’t bear to get rid of him. This kind of thing was common sense in the Abyss, any Imp would know about it. Trying to burn a Flame Demon to death could only be described as stupid. A Demon with little knowledge, everyone liked to use this sentence to curse at those kind people, instead of directly cursing at them.

Even if they didn’t know in advance, this was common sense. Relying on his common sense from the Raging Flame Plane in the Abyss was stupid in itself.

Flame Demons did appear in the Raging Flame Plane, but they were only b*stards.

Steel looked at Lin Yun in shock.

“Mafa Merlin? Impossible, I obviously saw you reincarnating into an Abyssal Magic Bug…

“No! Mafa Merlin, we are allies! You can’t kill me! What happened before was an accident, it was Birbo of your human side that enticed me! I really didn’t want to get rid of you!

“We are allies, any grievance should be settled after the Raging Flame Plane’s crisis has passed.

“Not! Mafa Merlin, I give up on our hatred, that was only an accident. We can cooperate, cooperate”

Lin Yun slowly raised his foot, and his several-meter-big flaming foot ruthlessly stomped on Steel’s head. A series of flaming explosions echoed as Steel’s head was crushed into the burning lava.

Black smoke condensed, and after a few seconds, Steer’s body stopped struggling and was slowly devoured by the lava, his body completely disappearing within.

Lin Yun’s huge Demon Body slowly shrunk back to his two-meter-tall body and the terrifying heat in the surroundings slowly dissipated. But the layer of blazing lava covering Lin Yun’s body kept flowing.

After walking out of the lord’s mansion, the commotion outside had already ceased. As Steer was killed, his subordinates immediately knelt and welcomed their new master.