End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 War

He had previously gotten the news that there was a rising Evil Bone Demon named Steer a few hundred kilometers away. He rose up at a terrifying speed, and the territory he controlled in less than a year spread over a few hundred kilometers.

With such a high profile and such a rapid rise, Lin Yun couldn’t think of anything else except that Bronze Beastman.

Before even going to get rid of that idiot, he delivered himself to his door to easily be killed…

The new territory was waiting to be taken over, and after visiting his new territory, Lin Yun discovered a large amount of natural resources. It was a pity that Steer simply didn’t pay attention to these resources which were extremely precious in Noscent.

It was because he simply had no way to take away these resources.

When they left the Abyss, all they could take with them was their own souls, so they couldn’t take anything from here.

But Lin Yun could. These precious resources were thrown into his Demiplane in large piles.

As his level slowly increased, Lin Yun’s path to conquest hadn’t stopped there. As long as he didn’t die, he would keep on seizing resources.

A Level 35 pureblood Flame Demon controlled a territory spanning close to a thousand kilometers. After the news of Lin Yun killing Steer spread, the Lords of a few smaller territories in the surroundings decisively chose to acknowledge allegiance.

After discovering that the new lord was a pureblood Flame Demon who loved to collect various materials and resources, a large amount of valuable natural resources were delivered to Lin Yun as gifts.

Lin Yun picked up an Abyssal Vampiric Tree’s core but it turned into charcoal and broke down into ashes. He then looked at his lava covered hands and sighed.

‘No wonder pureblood Flame Demon’s territories are volcanoes full of lava or flaming areas rich in fire elements.

‘So many treasured materials can’t even be touched, alchemy tools would be burnt to ashes, and even solid metal would become molten in a couple seconds.

‘It’s no wonder that the Abyss’ alchemy wasn’t very developed. Most Demons can’t even touch alchemy tools. Aside from those magic books made from the hide of powerful monsters, anything coming in contact with their bodies would be ruined by their magic power.

‘Thinking about it, this truly seems to be the case. The magic books in the Abyss are a kind of powerful Magic Tool that can record knowledge, they are very rare and each one would be treated as a Magic Tool.’

Walking out of that warehouse storing all kinds of materials, Lin Yun turned to glance at the burnt door and helplessly sighed.

“Bajiao, why has the conquest slowed down?”

Lin Yun kicked Bajiao who was waiting outside the door and the burning lava scalded him into letting a miserable scream.

Bajiao, who had already become a low level Demon, hurriedly rushed over and explained with some hesitation, “Great Master, your territory has already reached two thousand kilometers, and seven of the eight Lords of small adjacent territories have already acknowledged allegiance. As for the last one, he has already been eliminated.

“But if your territory expands a little bit more, we would be invading the territory of steel forts. The rulers in the four directions are very powerful Demons, three of them are Demon Overlords while the last one is a Level 39 Peak Lesser Demon Overlords.

Their armies are very powerful and they have a huge number of Demons. The northern side’s ruler already dispatched an envoy requesting Master to serve them”

As Bajiao spoke, he cautiously looked at Lin Yun’s expression. Seeing his expression becoming bad, he immediately added, “Master is a powerful pureblood Flame Demon, how could Master serve a Bone Demon? That dogsh*t envoy has already been killed and fed to the Crawlers.

“And that idiot Bone Demon is just waiting to be turned to ashes by Master’s great flames”

‘Damn, fortunately I was clever and had that arrogant and violent envoy captured. I knew that Master would definitely look down on the Bone Demon. It’s only a Bone Demon, yet he dares to request a pureblood Flame Demon like Master to serve him? That’s just courting death.

‘His soul is destined to be thrown into a bottomless abyss of torture. Right, after leaving I have to personally get rid of that stupid envoy. The taste of a Goat-horned Demon is pretty good but the smell is a bit heavy Forget it, I’ll just throw it to the Crawlers, they aren’t picky about food. The great Bajiao is already a Demon, how could I casually eat this kind of filthy food’

The war resumed and the large abyssal armies were thrown into a long and drawn-out war. The number of lifeforms within these two thousand kilometers was enough to support this lasting war.

These abyssal lifeforms were like weed growing after the rain. As long as they had something to eat, then even if a lot died, they would just keep reproducing, and the battlefield was the best location to harvest food.

This war was bound to last a very long time. During that time, Lin Yun kept absorbing Mana Water to level up.

On the other end, Demons that suddenly emerged at a rapid speed kept appearing in this layer. A dozen Demons of various races were constantly fighting.

After more than a year, the humans and Beastmen powerhouses were over Level 30. With the experience of advancing to the Heaven Rank, even if they had reincarnated as Demons, they would still level up rapidly.

Plundering resources was the only way to accelerate this rate.

And to have enough resources, they had to expand their own territory, and in order to expand their own territory, they had to go to war.

Not everyone was as unlucky as Lin Yun to be surrounded by three Demon Overlords and a Peak Lesser Demon Overlord.

Morgan was among the lucky ones, he had reincarnated underground. That place was chaotic and without a single wisp of light. Moreover, Darkness Demons had the most supreme bloodline there.

In the well-connected underground, he killed another Darkness Demon and occupied his underground city. Large amount of natural resources kept being delivered to Morgan. He kept all the resources that could help him rapidly level up and divided the rest between his subordinate Demons.

In the selfish and greedy Demon world, a generous ruler would easily attract a lot of loyal subordinates. And more importantly, a Black Dragon Overlord was slumbering in the deepest part of the underground, next to the entrance to the next layer. There was simply no Demon Overlord existing there.

Morgan rapidly grew stronger and stronger and the entire underground world’s resources rapidly converged towards him, naturally increasing his leveling speed by a lot.

Cross was among the unlucky ones. This Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse had reincarnated in a relatively desolate area, an impoverished zone without too much resources. As he wanted to expand towards an area rich in resources, he ended up facing a Demon Overlord.

One had to be cautious if they wanted to plunder resources. Even if he had been a Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse, he was now a Level 33 Demon. A Demon Overlord’s slap could kill him a few times.

Clombton was also miserable. A holy light mage in the Abyss was a heresy. Any low level holy light spell would be felt by a Demon Overlord over a hundred kilometers. Thus, Clombton could only discard all his holy light spells and switch to suitable demonic magic. This was the biggest torture to a pious follower of the holy light.

Killing those abyssal lifeforms didn’t pose any pressure on Clombton, but the sinister abyssal power was the most twisted thing to Clombton.

After such a long time, the Peak 3rd Rank powerhouse should have grasped everything as if it was his own body, but he barely reached Level 30.

But they weren’t the worst off, Dubois was the most sullen. The others all reincarnated as Demons, only Dubois reincarnated as an abyssal magic beast.

Because this was the only abyssal lifeform he found with lightning power. But if one wasn’t a Demon, wanting to capture a territory in the Abyss would be a joke.

Unless a magic beast was a Magic Beast Overlord, they wouldn’t be able to get the subordinates to develop a territory, as all abyssal lifeforms would look for a Demon as a patron.

The Abyss was the territory of Demons after all. Dubois wanted to occupy a territory and ended up starting a war to plunder resources, but quickly paid the price for his recklessness.

The territory he invaded belonged to a Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord. After finding out that the invader was a Lightning Eagle, that Level 39 Purple-Eyed Demon personally made a move.

Dubois then earned a new identity, mount of a Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord…

In order to survive, Dubois, who had just reached Level 30, could only obediently act as the Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord’s mount, even if this was only in name. Ever since following the Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord, Dubois never fulfilled his duty as a mount.

After he got rid of the Lesser Demon Overlord’s mounts, the Demon Overlord didn’t get angry and instead grew interested in Dubois. A large amount of magic beasts’ mana crystals and all kinds of Energy Crystals were delivered to Dubois.

After all, as the Lord’s only mount, and a fierce mount the Lord was fond of, how could Level 30 be enough? All sorts of things that could increase Dubois’ level were delivered in carts.

At that time, Dubois’ level rapidly increased and he was completely resigned. In any case, he only needed to be a mount in name to obtain a huge amount of resources. He would be able to leave the Abyss as long as he advanced to Level 40.

After figuring this out, Dubois obediently remained within the steel fort and pretended to be a stupid yet fierce abyssal magic beast.

In a distant group of volcanoes, Dedale had already evolved from a Lesser Flame Demon into a Flame Demon. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a pureblood Flame Demon, but seizing territory within the several thousand kilometers volcanic area was extremely easy.

He simply had no need to gather an army, he only needed to go over and get rid of the territory’s ruler and all the lifeforms of the territories would send large amounts of resources to the new ruler.

The northernmost side of this Abyss Layer was barren, extremely hot, and covered in an endless desert. Slythrin, who had reincarnated there, wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to settle his grudge with Lin Yun. He even thought of using his opportunity to get rid of a few Beastmen and hostile human mages.

Unfortunately, this desolate area’s constant battles and conflicts for the sake of natural resources already took all his energy, he simply didn’t have time to leave this desolate desert to seek his own enemies.

A Demon without his own territory casually invading the territory of other Demons would be regarded as an invader. He ended up having a lot of enemies as soon as he was born.

The entrance to the next layer was in the well-connected underground world, but there was a Black Dragon Overlord standing guard there, so leaving was out of the question.

As for the passage leading to the upper layer, there were actually two. Unfortunately, they were both controlled by two Bronze Demon Overlords comparable to humans’ 3rd Rank Heaven Mages.

With the humans and Beastmen’s current status, even if they all gathered together, they would still be slapped to death.

To plunder natural resources, they could only compete for territory with the other Demons of this world.

After another hundred days, new Demon rulers emerged and their reputation spread through this world.

Lin Yun’s war with that Lesser Demon Overlord was still ongoing and showed no signs of stopping. It was as if it wasn’t a fight over territory, but a fight over consumption.

A large number of abyssal lifeforms would die every day, and even more abyssal lifeforms would join the battlefield. All abyssal lifeforms within Lin Yun’s territory were forcibly sent to the battlefield.

As large numbers of abyssal lifeforms were slaughtered, many abyssal lifeforms started having different thoughts. After all, this was no longer a war, but a simple waste of life.

But those signs had yet to come out. After the appearances of a few new Demons with inferior bloodlines, all the Abyssal lifeforms started going crazy.

It was because these news Demons had just roused their bloodline, they had transformed into Demons!

Almost all lifeforms within the Abyss had Demonic Bloodlines, it was only a matter of how much of that Demonic Bloodline they possessed. Some abyssal lifeforms didn’t even have a thousandth of a Demonic Bloodline. That kind of thin bloodline would never awaken until their death.

But as long as they had a Demonic Bloodline, Lin Yun’s Mana Water would be able to strengthen that rarefied bloodline, and once that Demonic Bloodline was roused to a certain degree, the Demonic Bloodline would automatically awaken.

The awakening of their Demonic Bloodline was the dream of all Abyssal lifeforms.

These few new Demons with inferior bloodlines had survived a month of bitter battles. Only these guys who survived were granted Mana Water by Lin Yun to awaken their Demonic Bloodline.

Then, crazy things happened. A lot of abyssal lifeforms sacrificed themselves and died every day, but it didn’t stop the crazy enthusiasm of these abyssal lifeforms.

Like that, Lin Yun’s subordinate army used their lives to forcibly snatch back a large number of territories. That Bone Demon Lesser Overlord was stunned by their crazy actions, he had never seen such a desperate battle.

Territory conquered like that would be annexed by other Overlords due to the weak power in their hands.

After another hundred days of war, almost half of that Lesser Overlord’s territory had been easily annexed by Lin Yun. And while Lin Yun’s army sacrificed a large number of abyssal lifeforms, the scale of the army has instead grown bigger.

In the end, Lin Yun used abyssal materials to craft abyssal puppets and they put forth overwhelming pressure.

A three-kilometer-long steel fort was towering on a scorched black plain. That was the fort controlled by the Bone Demon Lesser Overlord.

The fort was built entirely of burnt black steel, and the Bone Demon especially liked that ice-cold aura.

In the center of the fort, in that tall demonic interior, a two-meter-tall Bone Demon was twitchy as he sat on his bone throne.

Underneath, Demons of various shapes were sitting on two rows of ice-cold chairs made of Magic Iron. At this moment, the leaders of this fort were all lowering their heads, not daring to say anything, they were petrified like gargoyles.

“Fools, a bunch of idiots. Why aren’t you speaking? Have you all gone mute from poison?

“That arrogant Flame Demon already invaded half of my territory. Who knows how many Demons are laughing at me now.

“Does none of you have a method? It was obviously won, how could my territory be occupied now?

“Damn, you should have drowned in lava at birth! How could you forget to give me an explanation?!”

The irascible Bone Demon’s ears kept emitting black smoke, which made the Strength Demon below him stammer, “Sir Overlord, we really have no way to withstand that Flame Demon.”

But he didn’t have time to finish his sentence before a thick bone pierced his head, forever silencing him.

“Idiot, that’s not what I want to hear.”

The Bone Demon spat out black smoke and his cold eyes scanned his subordinate Demons like knives.

Then, a Goat-horned Demon wiped his cold sweat.

“Sir Overlord, I already dispatched a Lich to ascertain the situation. That Demon is a pureblood Flame Demon.

“Although it is only level 35, that’s a pureblood Flame Demon. Sir, you know that those pureblood Flame Demons don’t care about those with impure bloodlines and would even kill a lot from time to time.

“But the rare pureblood Flame Demons that could be thrown here would definitely be valued.

“The best way would be to get rid of that pureblood Flame Demon, but we still don’t know which of the pureblood Flame Demon he is a descendant of, and how important he is to that Flame Demon Overlord.

“If we provoke a Flame Demon Overlord that doesn’t care about the rules of the Abyss, and if he is in a bad mood, we might be in serious trouble.

“I’ve already given a lot of gifts to the Lord atop the Magic Iron Peak, I believe we will soon get some information as to which Flame Demon Overlord sent his descendant to our layer. After all, that guy has the inheritance of the Abyssal Spellcasters and seems connected to the puppets of the lower layers, there are many powerful puppets helping him.”