End Of The Magic Era Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Jade Rock Door


The Lava Dominator’s reputation was too great, even an outsider like William could recognize it with a glance. Keeping this Spiritual Magic Tool was like hanging a sign around his neck reading “Killed Lonald and Snatched Lava Dominator” in capital letters.

It wouldn’t be fun…

Let alone the crazies from the Ash Tower, even an old tortoise wouldn’t be able to tolerate this.

Fortunately, there were many ways to change the outer appearance through alchemy, Lin Yun wasn’t worried about the Lava Dominator being a hot potato. Once he returned from the prince’s tomb, he would be able to change the appearance of the Lava Dominator.

Right now, Lin Yun was worried about something else.

“Haha, Leader Sauss, the issue has been solved.” Lin Yun smiled at Sauss.

But this kind of smile made this leader of the 1st underground force of Thousand Sails City feel cold. An uncontrollable fear shrouded Sauss’ heart. At this time, Sauss even felt like he was being observed by a fierce magic beast.

‘Fuck, I know too much!’

Sauss immediately understood. The freshly dead Great Mage came from the Ash Tower, a force equally famous as the Sage Tower. Not to mention, this was related to an important secret of the Ash Tower. If something was leaked, the Gilded Rose might meet a lot of troubles.

He looked around…

Besides the Gilded Rose’s people and the corpses on the ground, he was the only outsider.


Sauss suddenly felt his legs weaken. Even an idiot would know that turning the outsider into another corpse was the safest way.

Dead people don’t talk.

Sauss knew that he wasn’t overreacting. He understood when seeing Mafa Merlin’s smile as he said that the issue had been solved, while still holding the hand crossbow that killed the Great Mage. ‘Damn, if the issue had been solved, why would you still have the hand crossbow in your hands?’

As he thought of this, Sauss couldn’t help wanting to slap himself twice, ‘Why didn’t I think of bringing back up? I can’t even beg for my life now’

‘No good, I have to save myself!’

Sauss ground his teeth and made a firm decision.

“Hold on, Great Mage Merlin, the issue hasn’t been solved. Look, his eyes are still moving!” Sauss said with a panicky expression on his face. He quickly unsheathed his sword and pierced Lonald’s chest. In an instant, a bit of black blood spurted out, flowing out of Lonald’s corpse.

Sauss then saw the weeds around the corpse withering.

‘So toxic, no wonder that Great Mage wasn’t able to withstand one hit from the hand crossbow, even with the Lava Dominator.’ Sauss was inwardly shocked while displaying a relieved expression, “Okay, the issue has been settled. I never expected that I would have to personally kill a 5th Rank Great Mage.”

“Haha, fortunately Leader Sauss reacted promptly or we might have been sneak attacked.” Lin Yun smiled once again, but it was a sincere smile this time.

Because he already knew that this action had tied the Viper Nest with the Gilded Rose. Sauss wouldn’t be able to do anything about it in the future due to what happened here. After all, the final blow done on the Ash Tower’s Great Mage had personally been done by Sauss.

As long as Sauss was smart, he wouldn’t leak anything.

If even Sauss wouldn’t talk, who would?

The remaining people were all members of the Gilded Rose. If Lin Yun was unable to do something as easy as having his people keep their mouth shut, then he might as well give up on this second chance at life.

“Great Mage Merlin is too polite” Seeing Lin Yun’s actions, he finally sighed in relief. To be honest, Sauss had been under high pressure ever since he came in contact with this ruthless young Great Mage.

But fortunately, after fighting on the same side during this battle, the Viper Nest and the Gilded Rose’s relationship should be more stable than with the other forces in the future.

It should be considered an unexpected harvest.

“In any case, thank you, Leader Sauss.” Lin Yun didn’t remain too courteous with Sauss and waved his hand, leading the Gilded Rose’s caravan on their way.

As for the recently saved Colin, he was directly thrown to the old butler by Lin Yun.

From that previous question about his identity, it was clear that this youth wasn’t very trusting. This was quite normal. The original Mafa Merlin wasn’t always in Thousand Sails City and many of Locke Merlin’s subordinates were actually not familiar with him. Moreover, this Colin shouldered a huge secret of the Ash Tower, it was normal to be on guard against strangers.

But Lin Yun wasn’t in a hurry.

In any case, he had to go to the prince tomb again. He couldn’t bring Colin along so it was better to let the old butler brainwash him. Once Lin Yun returned, Colin should be able to participate in the rebuilding of the mercenary group.

A 9th Rank Swordsman with a trace of Aura and a 5th Rank Great Mage scion of the Merlin Family leading fifty 5th Rank Great Mages delivered by the Merlin Family Although the number was far from enough, it should still be a pretty decent force. There shouldn’t be much problems on the trade routes around Thousand Sails City.

When Sauss finished dealing with the body of Lonald, the Gilded Rose’s caravan was already out of the Poison Fog Canyon. Besides William Merlin sitting in the now empty carriage, no one knew that Lin Yun had already quietly left the caravan. He had made his way for the prince tomb with the support of the Magic Spring Potion.

There was no hidden Rotten Flower on the way this time, nor was there any Toxic Dragonfly blocking the path to the cave, thus Lin Yun only used one Magic Potion to reach the depths of the cave.

The enchanted vine set up at the entrance was still there. After a short incantation, the vine coiled around Lin Yun and brought him in the prince tomb once again.

Lin Yun followed the same path and reached the location of the Death Garden. Lin Yun clearly remembered that location turning into a path after the Death Garden disappeared.

Sure enough, after going through the hallway and walking past withered ruins, Lin Yun quickly found a tightly closed stone door.

Over a thousand years passed, but time didn’t leave any mark on the stone door. To the touch, it felt as if that door had been recently cut, and the delicate decorations on both sides made people overwhelmed by a feeling of beauty in this sinister tomb.

‘Sure enough, it’s a prince tomb’ Lin Yun was dumbfounded, the 3rd Dynasty’s royal family was so extravagant. It was well known in all of Noscent, but Lin Yun really didn’t think that it would be to this degree. But this tomb door was carved from a whole piece of Jade Rock, that was worth three Inheritance Magic Tools!

Not to mention the decorative design…

That was an enchanted 6th Tier Runic Shield, High Mages’ strongest defensive spell.

It could be said that this Jade Rock Door couldn’t be broken by anyone below the High Mage realm!

And this was only the way to the center of the tomb…

‘This is definitely a bit too much’ Lin Yun tried to push open the Jade Rock Door, but as expected, it didn’t move.

Lin Yun had a headache, Jade Rock itself was the natural armor of Abyssal Demons. Its defensive abilities could only be described as shockingly high, and it was further enchanted with a Runic Shield. This Jade Rock Door was blocking Lin Yun’s path, he wouldn’t be able to break this door open unless he reached the level of a High Mage.

This was a bit too unfavorable.

Lin Yun made a lot of preparations this time, he brought 50 Magic Spring Potions in order to get to the Reincarnation Eye, but he hadn’t expected to be stuck at this Jade Rock Door. Lin Yun was stunned, ‘This is a great start.’

‘What should I do’

‘Should I withdraw and explore once again to see if there is another way in?’

With such a large tomb, there must be more than one path leading to the center. As he thought of this, Lin Yun’s mind was drawn to this plan, but he couldn’t help having second thoughts. In the 3rd Dynasty people wouldn’t spare anything when burying their relatives, particularly the royal family. Even if he found another way, there would most likely be another Jade Rock Door.

‘Forget it, there might be a mechanism’

After making his decision, Lin Yun began looking around.

“Eh!” After about ten minutes, Lin Yun’s eyes suddenly shone.

Lin Yun’s luck was pretty good.

As he looked through the weeds, Lin Yun found an alchemy array!

Lin Yun was excited, he hurriedly checked the alchemy array and then discovered that it was most likely to be the control center of the Jade Rock Door, but it was a little strange. The remains of that alchemy array didn’t seem very old, a hundred years at most.

Thinking about it carefully, the Jade Rock Door wasn’t a thousand years old either, based on appearance, it looked recently cut.

The reason behind this should be the environment of the prince tomb.

Thinking about this explanation, Lin Yun slowly stopped pondering about it. He started researching this array, and no less than half an hour later, Lin Yun stood up and sighed.

Lin Yun was now sure that this alchemy array was the control center of the Jade Rock Door.

No, to be more precise, it was the control center of the Runic Shield on the Jade Rock Door.

‘An enchanted spell with a control center?’ Lin Yun couldn’t help exposing an astonished expression on his face. After all, the meaning of enchanted spell was to make a spell exist forever. As long as the mana source didn’t disappear, the effect of the spell wouldn’t disappear. Usually, there wouldn’t be something like activating and deactivating that kind of enchanted spell.