End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Ambush

the group of demons kept nodding their heads, obviously all agreeing with that sentence.

the bone demon remained seated in silence, his eyes flickering.

damnit, that pureblood flame demon came out of nowhere and his leveling speed is terrifying. that guy must be the most remarkable pureblood descendant of some powerful flame demon overlord.

if that guy is killed, it would definitely give a pretext to that flame demon overlord to invade this world.

who knows how many times those lunatics with lava-filled brains used this kind of method.

they would use the fact that a pureblood flame demon was killed to invade this place and would only retreat after being pressured by our worlds greater demon overlord.

but at least half of this world would be assimilated into a world of volcanoes, and who could fight against flame demons in those domains?

ultimately, even if they didnt succeed in smoothly occupying our territories, with their talents, our world would become a world of lava and volcanoes within a few thousand years.

but if we dont get rid of that pureblood flame demon, my territory is going to be snatched

the bone demon was fidgety as he irritably got rid of a demon butler next to him. under him, birbo, who was covered in a layer of shadows, opened her mouth, "lord, that guy isnt a descendant of a flame demon at all, i already figured out that he had been born in a volcano.

"he absolutely has no relation to a flame demon overlord.

"we only need get rid of that guy to solve our plight.

"lord only need to personally lead a team and attract the armys attention. ill then use my assassination techniques to get rid of that guy and shift the blame on other demons.

"isnt the territory to his east the territory of a shadow demon? even if there is something, we can just keep saying that it has nothing to do with us and that those stupid shadow demons violated the war rules of the abyss and got rid of that pathetic pureblood flame demon."

birbo sneered as she explained her plan. sure enough, the greedy demon couldnt refuse this flawed plan as long as he saw the benefits he would get.

birbos plan soon obtained the bone demons approval and the bone demon personally led an army to start an all-out war. as long as the plan was successful and he later got rid of birbo, the bone demon would not only take back his territory, he would even avoid potential retaliation.

the level 39 bone demon lesser overlord got into action and led all of his forces to attack lin yuns territory.

the dozen officers within the steel fort also made a move. even if lin yuns army was fearless of death like suicide squads, the frantic invasion was put to a stop. the abyssal armies had a huge number of losses, and the speed at which they lost people far exceeded the speed at which they replenished the army.

and with lin yuns counterpart taking action, lin yun also had to give up his research. he had seen countless abyssal materials in the decaying library, but unfortunately, the current noscent only had a few kinds of abyssal materials.

only materials with a relatively high output like abyssal magic iron could be seen in noscent, and they were worth quite a bit.

a lot of mages didnt know that something like abyssal magic iron was merely used as bricks to construct a lords steel fort in the abyss

as an alchemist, especially as an alchemist researching alchemy in the shape of a flame demon, this was a very annoying thing. now that he was interrupted, lin yun grew even more angry.

he led his territorys abyssal army and majestically killed his way towards the border. his army was formed of an abyssal bear goblin army, an evil flame elemental army, a crawler army, and a reaper army

even now, there was a huge army of imps and evil earth elementals, as well as some lesser demons, forming a caster army. the hundred thousand abyssal lifeforms formed a huge army, and as they moved forward with endless abyssal power covering the sky.

the terrifying auras converged together and it was even more formidable than an abyssal overlords aura. the chaotic legion charged and started a bloody melee.

the non-casting abyssal army was a mess, they were just clashing in a big melee. whichever army died the fastest would lose.

numerous abyssal blood crows were fluttering over the scorched black plain, and a large amount of decaying lifeforms seemed to have turned the earth into a terrifying meat grinder. there would be a few dozen to a few hundreds abyssal lifeforms being torn apart every few seconds.

meteors covering the entire sky were falling onto the battlefield. poisonfire, black ice, and black smoke were covering most of the battlefield without a single bit of order.

there was no demon that would wonder how many people belonged to his side on the battlefield, as long as they saw the opponents army, spells would fall indiscriminately.

a two-meter-big flaming meteor fell among a dozen excited reapers and crawlers.

six reapers roaring and slashing at each other were smashed by the meteor and instantly transformed into a pile of fragments that were spread around by the shockwave. over forty abyssal lifeforms were torn apart, and over twenty of them received serious injuries.

no one cared how many belonged to the opposing army, after the power of the meteor dissipated, the surrounding abyssal army was once again replenished and those twenty injured guys were killed.

a crawler devoured those corpses heads before returning to the battle, completely ignoring the fact that many of these corpses had been "allies".

in the chaotic and messy battlefield, this was a harvesting ground for reaping lives. the environment in the abyss was extremely harsh and many of the resources were scarce.

but the abyssal lifeformss breeding ability was completely inconsistent with the environment. in order to consume large amounts of cannon fodder, every adjacent territory was war ready.

no one wondered why sometimes a war border wouldnt change for decades, or even centuries.

in the chaotic battlefield, even more powerful lifeforms were thrown in this terrifying meat grinder. by the time the deep red scorching sun rose once again, both sides leaders finally appeared on the battlefield.

a seventy-meter-tall bone demon appeared in front of the abyssal army, his entire body covered in thick and sinister bony outgrowths. his body was only made of joints and blade-like sharp bone blades.

his thick demonic horns were filled with pitch-black smoke, which was formed by the concentration of dense abyssal power.

"stupid flame demon, you have made a grave mistake. now get the f*ck back to your territory and ill forgive your sins for the sake of the flame demon overlord.

"otherwise, youll learn how stupid it is to provoke a bone demon on the verge of reaching the heaven rank. i can replace the flame demon overlord to teach you a lesson since you dont know how deep the abyss is."

the bone demon angrily shouted as he approached, apparently wanting everyone to see that he didnt want to provoke the flame demon overlord and only wanted to get his territory back..

lin yun could feel that he was somewhat affected by the body of the pureblood flame demon as he became more irritable and angry. seeing this guy before his eyes, he remembered having almost grasped the power of the flame demon to do alchemy experiments, until that guy caused him to lose control and burn down his laboratory.

lin yun slowly walked out of his army, scalding lava continuously dripping down his body. as he released his demon body, lin yun instantly reached forty meters and the lava under his feet rose like waves.

the terrifying heat spread to the surroundings and the air became distorted.

"fool, you are full of sh*t."

a four-meter-big sphere of lava was thrown out of lin yuns hand and ruthlessly smashed onto that bone demons body. the burning hot lava flowed down the body of the bone demon and his large white eyes popped out as the bone armor covering his body became somewhat charred.

the bone demon flew into a rage, the flames burning within his eyes suddenly rose and the dense black smoke transformed into angry demonic skulls that shot towards lin yun.

the bone demon took a step and his huge body rapidly flew towards lin yun. the aura of a level 39 demon transformed into black smoke that flew out.

the abyssal lifeforms close to the bone demon were infected by that demonic aura and they all started rolling on the ground, screaming, before their bodies withered and the aura of life disappeared. their auras followed the demonic aura and returned to the bone demons body.

the charred surface of the bone demons body was rapidly restored after absorbing those auras of life.

it wasnt a wise choice to fight a level 39 bone demon wearing a bone armor in close combat.

lin yun was now at level 36, and he knew that if he got in a melee, a bone blade would be piercing his body.

this was very dangerous without a runic shield.

within the bone demons palm, two ten-meter-long blood bone blades appeared and were swung towards lin yun. any lifeform they encountered on their path were like ants in front of an elephant. those stepped on would turn into a pile of sludge and mud.

the powerful demon subordinates lin yun had were sent flying by a casual sweep. a level 33 among them was directly cut in two.

the abyssal lifeforms simply couldnt stop this rash bone demon.

lin yun landed on the ground and rapidly retreated to avoid fighting that bone demon in a melee. two lava shields emitting black smoke on both sides floated around lin yun.

an abyssal chant full of sinister aura came out of lin yuns mouth and pitch-black abyssal runes flew out.

these runes transformed into blazing lava spheres that charged towards the bone demon. within that black cloud in the sky, seven-meter-big flaming meteors fell down towards the bone demon.

the bone demon swung his two huge bone blades and roared as he sliced the flaming meteors. the flaming meteors were cut like leather balls. they exploded from the cut and filled the sky with fragments that rained down.

as for the blazing lava spheres, the bone demon didnt even dodge. he glanced at his bone armor before resolutely taking on those blazing lava spheres and charging towards lin yun, as if he thoroughly wanted to get rid of lin yun.

as the two lords started their battle, the armies thoroughly descended into chaos. the chaotic armies clashed and started forming a meat grinder. a large number of abyssal lifeforms would have their heads crushed or their hearts dug out every second.

as the battlefield descended into chaos, lin yun remained unhurried, falling back while fighting. lava spheres and flame roar behind used alternately while the flaming meteors kept falling down.

the bone demons bone armor had already been burnt black by the lava and his bone armors defense became weaker and weaker. but he had yet to catch up to lin yun.

he threw out thick bones, but that kind of attack couldnt pierce lin yuns two lava shields.

as flame demons were born and bred in lava, especially pureblood flame demons, their ability to use lava spells was outstanding, it was still a bit more powerful than human mages.

the same lava spell could be a tier stronger in the hands of a flame demon. even 8th tier spells would surpass the 8th tier. except from not having extraordinary power, it wouldnt be inferior to spells cast by humans heaven mages.

a level 39 bone demon was actually unable to get close to a level 36 flame demon, this made the bone demons eyes turn red.

although all demons had casting abilities, they were biased. bone demons were especially focusing on their bodys power. their casting abilities were focusing on self-buffs. their only long range ability was the bone throw.

after a dozen minutes, the bone demon had already turned into a black bone demon, the bone armor covering the surface of his body was completely charred black, bones even crumbled into ashes in some areas.

that blazing lava and scorching temperature was even more terrifying than the flames.

in this kind of large-scale war, lin yun didnt want to casually expose something, so he only attacked like an ordinary flame demon and didnt release the patched puppet.

if he released the patched puppet, this bone demon would be turned into pieces within at most three minutes.

the demons in the abyss were selfish and greedy. if lin yun took out a powerful magic tool today, then there would definitely be an abyssal overlord coming to plunder it tomorrow.

magic tools, especially magic tools that could be used by demons, would always be used by demon overlords. inferior magic tools simply couldnt be considered magic tools in the abyss. at most, they would be considered as fighting power supplements.

using the kiting tactic mages were proficient in, he kept attacking the bone demon. it wouldnt take long before he slowly died.

their battlefield suddenly grew close to the chaotic battlefield and a viper-like shadow that couldnt be sensed approached lin yun.

after a few seconds, shadow tentacles rapidly extended out of the ground like vipers and spread towards lin yun.

the thick shadows were like ropes as they coiled around lin yun and restricted him. lava kept clashing with the shadows and slowly melted the binding.

but the speed was too slow, it would take at least two seconds to remove the binding.

a person-shaped shadow drilled out of lin yuns shadow and a pitch-black longsword ruthlessly pierced his heart.

a vicious curse echoed in lin yuns ears.

"stupid mafa merlin, you thought you could deceive everyone? wrong! everyone thought you reincarnated as some ugly and puny abyssal magic bug, but i discovered that you reincarnated as a pureblood flame demon.

"i dont know what trick you used last time, but do let me see how you are going to survive this time. if you die in the abyss, your soul will forever remain in the abyss. this is your fate!

"take a look, i already crushed your heart and your power will completely dissipate. do you see that stupid bone demon?

"a level 39 bone demon will take your head off as a trophy.

"go to hell, mafa merlin!"

the flash of shadow was like a black light as it invaded lin yuns chest. a two-meter-big hole ran through his chest and back, and that pitch-black hole was absolutely empty, everything was distorted by the shadow power.

lin yuns head twisted as he looked at the shadow within his shadow with ridicule.

"birbo, you fool. in the entire abyss, is there another shadow demon that can use shadow magic?"

a blazing light burst out of lin yuns mouth and lava instantly submerged birbos body, shattering her shadow incarnation.

her entire body was wrapped in burning lava, which meant that birbo wasnt in contact with the shadows anymore. her magic had been completely crippled and the shadow energies were wrapped in red-hot lava power. apart from enduring, she could only stare blankly like a reaper, with no casting ability.

birbo let out a miserable shout as she fell down from lin yuns shadow, disbelief, shock and fear visible on her face. a burning pain made her unable to move her body and she wasnt able to cast.

impossible, damnit! how did that guy discover me?! how did he recognize me? damnit, i already twisted and crushed his heart, he shouldnt have been able to do a thing

lin yun turned his head and looked at the furious bone demon, before looking at the demons rushing over out of rage, and helpless sighed.