End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Eternal Dark Gold

then, the ground around lin yuns body splitted into cracks and lava spurted out like a fountain.

the patched puppet silently appeared in front of lin yun.

dense runes covered the surface of the patched puppet. chaotic flame spells mixed with lava and instantly covered lin yuns line of sight as they ruthlessly impacted the bone demons body.

being hit by that forty-meter-thick burning lava within a few dozen meters, the bone armor the bone demon was so proud of rapidly collapsed.

the bone demon angrily roared and held his arms in front of him. layer upon layer of bones surged from his arms to form two bone shields. he was holding his shields, his eyes full of rage.

hung and beaten by lin yun for more than ten minutes, that guy already lost reason. the only thing in his mind was tearing lin yun apart.

and within that flood of lava, a small cannon protruded from the puppets thigh. four deep crimson cores were inlaid on the surface of that cannon and filled it with chaotic power.

dark red light shone within the cannon, and after three seconds, a terrifying power rushed out of the cannon before transforming into a three-meter-thick dark red light beam. the beam broke through the flood of lava and fire spells to fiercely impact the bone demons arm shields.

the bone shields bones kept shattering, only to be replaced by new bones. but when facing this dark red light beam, they instantly vaporized.

the dark red beam pierced the bone demons arms and melted two huge holes into them before ruthlessly smashing onto the bone demons face.

the scorching and chaotic light beam used less than an instant to hit the bone demons head.

in an instant, the lava and flames submerged the bone demons body, and a blazing power rapidly turned his body into ashes.

lin yun put away the patched puppet and looked back at the shocked birbo.

"are you wondering why my puppet is here? why havent i died?

"idiot, im a pureblood flame demon now."

after saying that, lin yun extended his hand and a scarlet light shot out from lin yuns hand and hit the lava-wrapped birbo.

in an instant, birbos horrified shout echoed.

"no mafa merlin, no, you cant do that"

dazzling light shone from birbos body, and within a second, her shadow demons body exploded in a burst of lava.

lin yun grinned and let out a powerful roar towards the battlefield.

"fools! get rid of anyone who resist, kill them all!"

lin yun didnt need to take action for what came after getting rid of the bone demon. having lost their lord, half of those abyssal lifeforms immediately gave up on fighting. without a lord, there was no meaning in resisting, hurrying to hug the new lords thigh was even more important.

not long after he had appeared on the battlefield, lin yun had noticed the aura of a shadow spell. unfortunately, there had been no shadow fiend here, only a shadow demon.

shadow demons and shadow fiends were completely different demonic lifeforms. the former were mortal enemies of holy lights followers and used gloom power, while the later used shadow power.

for a shadow demon to be using shadow magic that didnt have abyssal aura, only birbo could accomplish such a feat.

unfortunately, lin yun was a flame demon. even if he found birbo, he wasnt certain that he could get rid of her unless she got close. then, birbo was getting ready to ambush lin yun.

at this time, lin yun was cheerfully waiting for birbo to come and assassinate him. he clearly understood the nature of assassin mages.

and sure enough, birbo first used shadow binding and then appeared behind him to shatter his heart with her weapon.

there was no problem with the tactic in itself, because the shadow power accumulated would bind lin yun for a second, and that was more than enough.

in noscent, any mage caughting in a shadow binding was bound to die.

unfortunately, this was the abyss. noscents assassination tricks were useless here.

lin yun was a flame demon, a pureblood flame demon was different from an ordinary flame demon. strictly speaking, pureblood flame demons were elemental lifeforms and could be said to have no heart.

pureblood flame demons would never die unless the lava on the surface of their bodies stopped burning. unless the flames burning within their eyes were extinguished, pureblood flame demons would be able to recover from any injury.

a hole being stabbed in their chest wasnt even regarded as an injury.

moreover, pureblood flame demons werent just capable of casting spells, they were extremely talented.

as an elemental lifeform, he felt no pressure when turning his head around. the lava he spurted out was able to isolate mana, and once someone was covered in their lava, they would not only lose their casting abilities, they would also suffer from constant burning.

after their bodies were covered in the lava of a flame demon, a flame demons scorching ray would turn any creature into heat-absorbing lava.

everything within the creatures body would turn into lava and their mana would turn into lava power. they would ultimately explode into a burst of lava.

the pathetic birbo was bound to die a miserable death for planning to use human mages tactics to handle a pureblood flame demon.

he hadnt needed to use the innate ability of pureblood flame demons, nor had he needed to chant in abyssal. he only needed to open his mouth and spit.

the battle was still on-going and the abyssal lifeforms eyes were crimson red from the killing. even if many of their opponents surrendered, they showed no quarter and killed.

lin yun was standing in the rear, his throat feeling somewhat bad. he kept spitting out spheres of lava. he was still not used to the breath of a flame demon.

it was like accumulating mouthfuls of saliva and spitting them out. he felt like there was always more saliva blocking his throat, it was a terrible feeling;

a red-eyed crawler carelessly stepped on the lava lin yun spat out and its body was instantly covered in flames before being burnt to ashes in less than three seconds.

lin yun kept spitting out spheres of lava and after a few unlucky abyssal lifeforms were turned to ashes, all abyssal lifeforms sensibly decided to remain far from their moody lord.

the war ended soon, and all the participating abyssal armies were gathered. when the armies of both sides finished gathering, the numbers still didnt reach his armys original numbers.

this was the difference between noscents wars and the abyss wars. conflict was everywhere in the abyss. every time there was a war, a large number of abyssal lifeforms would serve as cannon fodder. in large-scale wars, even demons might serve as cannon fodder.

a large number of dead abyssal lifeforms would be exempt from consuming the already limited resources of the abyss, while even demon lords would be contributing large numbers of souls.

as for these lifeforms dying in the abyss, most of their souls returned to the greater demon overlord ruling that layer.

whether it was the abyss or hell, souls were always the favorite thing of greater demon overlords and greater devil overlords. especially for greater demon overlords, they were always in a bad mood due to the abyss resource situation and the only thing that allowed them to keep making progress were lifeforms souls.

falling into a slumber was their way of reducing their power consumption. when they woke up, the layer would have accumulated souls due to the wars, enough to let the great demon overlord eat his fill. then, if there was no problem, they would go back into a slumber to slowly digest those souls.

and thus, outside the abyss, as long as one knew a greater demon overlords name and used enough blood and souls as a sacrifice, their query would be answered.

lin yun didnt really pay attention to what happened post-war. he had plenty of pioneers in his army, crazily helping him develop new territories or supervise his current territories.

as the lord of a territory, he only needed to wait for a large amount of precious natural resources to be offered to him as tribute.

he diluted a bottle of mana water a few dozen times and threw the potions to his subordinates before entering the alchemy laboratory that the dark dwarves had rebuilt for the 19th time.

three days later, a drop of lava carelessly fell to the ground and burnt the entire laboratory down because he was unable to control his bursting flames.

lin yun had a dark expression as he silently walked out of the flames. he spat out a mouthful of lava and turned the burning ruins into a plain. like that, it didnt need to be dismantled again.

lin yun turned towards his spare laboratory. by the time he was far away, the scared dwarves silently used their fastest speed to clear up the ruins. they then used already prepared materials to build a laboratory there. even if the materials used were all fire resistant, they werent very effective and would be burnt into a pile of ruins within a few days.

time rapidly flew by. after occupying a new territory, lin yuns territory was already 5000-kilometer-wide. this range was comparable to the territory of other demon overlords. although this wasnt a fertile area, there werent many places that could compare to it.

the territories to the west, south and east belonged to demon overlords, but it didnt matter to lin yun when he entered his laboratory. that caught his subordinates, who had had their bloodlines improved or awakened by lin yuns mana water, off guard.

a demon had gone to ask lin yuns opinion after encountering him coming out of a burning laboratory, but he ran out of luck and was burnt to ashes. since then, no one dared to use this kind of trivial matter to disturb lin yun.

but they would obtain the mana water, an impossible existence in the abyss, if they crazily expanded their territory, so how could they stop? these crazy guys then put their sight on the north.

the other three territories belonged to overlords, so they didnt dare to provoke them and kept expanding towards the north, even if the further north they expanded, the more desolate it was. even the goblins, the least picky eaters who could even eat tribesmen, were unwilling to migrate north.

less than two thousand kilometers north was a desert. there was nothing there apart from sand beasts and desert demons foraging the sand and even eating sand to allay their hunger.

the only thing valuable was the ore emerging from the bottom of the desert as sand moved. those dense ores were huge and were also used by demon to construct the foundations of their steel forts.

in order to build a steel fort for their ruler, they had to store up the materials in advance until they had enough to construct the steel fort, thus, frantic development and war kept unfolding.

the huge army kept increasing in numbers, continuously expanding towards the north.

by the time they developed over a thousand kilometer, these ore would be treated as spoils of war and sent to lin yun.

lin yun was stunned as he saw those ore. as the demon kneeling on the group saw that his lord didnt speak, he immediately panicked and hurriedly spoke, "great lord, these ores are very hard, they are for for constructing the foundations of the steel fort, right, thats what those dark little men said.

"they said that by spreading it under the steel fort, it would guard against the dangers from underground. even the most powerful desert demon would be unable to enter your steel fort from underground"

lin yun held the ore and the flames within his palm suddenly rose up. the ore wrapped in blazing lava and flames remained heated.

lin yun was already level 38 and the flames and lava flowing on the surface of his body had already reached a terrifying temperature, a drop would turn a crawler to ash within three seconds.

but this ore burnt for more than ten seconds and only a tenth of its impurities had been burnt out, leaving a dark golden metal behind. no matter how bright the flame burnt, it didnt shrink in the slightest.

lin yun scattered the flames and looked at the dark golden ore in his hands with a stunned expression.

eternal dark gold, known as a material to forge shields. after eternal gold essence is added, it would turn into a material immune to elemental power. the more chaotic the power, the stronger the resistance.

the shelter tower would have a layer of eternal dark gold and eternal gold essence in the future, this gave it the power to resist against the void storm.

as for the records of the decaying library, all of noscents eternal dark gold, as well as some surrounding planes eternal dark gold, barely managed to form a layer of protection.

and in noscent, apart from some parts of the endless sea which produced some eternal dark gold, no other place on the continent produced it.

it was recorded that the abyss also produced this precious metal, unfortunately, there wasnt a huge amount. at least back then, the powerful mages established a few bases on the 200th layers and above, but they didnt discover much.

on they got into the 400th-500th layers, the powerful mages that ignited their god fires couldnt enter the depths of the abyss and first turned their sight to the castle of a slumbering greater demon overlord and dug up some information regarding his fort.

in fact, those powerful mages that ignited their god fire would only secretly sneak into the depths of the abyss. in places with slumbering great demon overlords, they would carefully restrict their power and definitely wouldnt display power surpassing the heaven rank.

if they started a war with a greater demon overlord in the depths of the abyss, no one aside from god-like guys would be able to flee.

now, he saw eternal dark gold there, in the middle layer of the abyss, and it was actually used as a foundation for steel forts

lin yun couldnt remain calm.

damn, if the shelter towers bricks had all been made of eternal dark gold and eternal essence gold, then the shelter tower would have been able to survive the worlds destruction.

"dig! dig hard for me. kill whoever is blocking the path! excavate the entire desert.

"whoever digs a large number of ores bigger than this one will be rewarded with a bottle of bloodline potion!

"let those idiots know. if they want to successfully evolve into demons, they should be excavating this ore!"

lin yun fiercely shouted at that goat-horned demon before throwing a dozen bottles of diluted mana water at that goat-horned demons face.

the ecstatic goat-horned demon didnt care about his bleeding nose and rushed out with a nasty grin while hugging the pile of potions.

the so-called bloodline potion was just a bottle of mana water that lin yun had diluted in a jar.

that thing wasnt rare at all, but those demons didnt know.

throwing all the eternal dark gold into the demiplane, lin yun ignored his alchemy experiments and personally started inspecting this batch of eternal dark gold.

damn, those crazy demons are a bunch of idiots. they actually used eternal dark gold for their foundations f*cking idiots, thats too formidable to be reduced to mere foundations

let alone desert demons, even an underground volcanic eruption would be blocked. as long as there are enough, even the attack of the planar source could be resisted.

the stronger the power, the more resistant the eternal dark gold would be. as long as there was enough eternal dark gold, i would be able to build a defensive array in the demiplane so that even gods within the void would never be able to find my natural demiplane.

void storm, elemental storm, spacetime storm, these things which could cause a lot of damage to the natural demiplane, would become a joke

a lot of uncertain and possible crises would be avoided in advance

lin yun anxiously appeared on the frontline battlefield and personally roused the abyssal army. when a dozen abyssal lifeforms awakened their bloodline, they evolved into some lesser demi-demons. as for the rest, lin yun didnt need to take care of it.

the frantic abyssal army became a group of hungry lunatic madmen that pounced towards the northern desert.

a level 35 long ugly earthworm rose out of the desert, and his long toothed maw devoured fifty abyssal lifeforms at once.

but the abyssal lifeforms didnt flee in disarray, several thousand red-eyed abyssal lifeforms stared at the few pieces of eternal dark gold drilling out of the ground alongside it and rushed out as if they went crazy.

an earthworm two-hundred-meter-long was torn into pieces by an army of level 10 to 20 abyssal lifeforms.