End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Allied Armies

This was just to confirm whether there were ores within the belly of the Abyssal Earthworm. Ultimately five pieces of Eternal Dark Gold were discovered.

From that point on, all desert lifeforms would be torn to pieces.

After attacking for a dozen days, the abyssal army already penetrated deep into the desert, making one guy unhappy.

Slythrin had made the firm decision to leave his original place to come to this desert and had already gotten rid of a dozen abyssal lifeforms to vent.

Sitting in an underground palace under the desert, floating yellow sand floated around Slythrins fingertips. His burning flames and black smoke-covered eyes were filled with frantic malice.

Damn b*stard, I originally specially reincarnated as a Desert Demon, and I should have been able to rise extremely fast by relying on my quicksand spells, but apart from a desert, there had been only Demon Overlords around.

I ran over ten thousand kilometers and almost died a few times before finding this suitable region, but who would have thought that that Lesser Demon Overlord would be killed before I even went to war with him.

Damn, my luck is really bad. I dont remember anyone reincarnating as a pureblood Flame Demon, this must be a descendant of Flame Demon Overlord.

Those crazy and unreasonable Flame Demon Overlords are a group of lunatics that no one wishes to offend in the Abyss.

Damn, forget it, since he wants to occupy the desert, Ill let him occupy it. In any case, pureblood Flame Demons dont particularly like deserts. Once he nominally occupies the territory, he wont be doing anything towards the underground.

At that time he will have to shift his attention to another place. After all, the three Demon Overlords to the south wont wait for the pureblood Flame Demons territory to slowly expand next to them.

Slythrin didnt really have a sense of belonging towards the Abyss, he hid under the desert and pretended to be dead, completely ignoring the abyssal army rushing over.

Unfortunately, he didnt know that those crazy abyssal lifeforms only had a simple thought: excavating the desert to trade for Bloodline Potions.

Lin Yuns territory kept expanding and over half of the desert belonged to Lin Yun after a month. This was because the deserts environment was too vile, and the deeper they went in, the more abyssal lifeforms died there.

The losses of the abyssal army was more important than during a war. But that didnt influence those abyssal lifeforms terrifying enthusiasm.

These idiots were really prepared to excavate the entire desert.

And Slythrin was right, the Demon Overlords in the eastern, western and southern territories already paid attention to this place. They didnt want to let a pureblood Flame Demon wantonly expand towards their side.

Because as time passed, Flame Demons would slowly turn their territory into a zone of volcano and lava. Under the guidance of the pureblood Flame Demon, volcanoes would keep appearing to alter the environment until it was suitable for them.

And this kind of change was irreversible. As long as there was a pureblood Flame Demon, the area would soon turn into a field of volcanoes and lava, and as time passed, the surroundings would slowly turn into a world of flames.

This was the most nasty way Flame Demons expanded their territories. Many Flame Demons dominated the world because there were only flames and lava. Apart from Demons that liked flames and lava, no Demon would be willing to remain in this kind of world filled with sulfur, and without a single drop of water.

The Shade Fiend Overlord east of Lin Yun had already dispatched many Shades to collect information in Lin Yuns territory.

The western territory had just finished a war, the Demon Overlord had been suppressed and a Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord already occupied this territory. Since Lin Yun, a Demon that wasnt an Overlord, was blocking his expansion path, the only thing he could do was starting a war!

As a Demon whose brain wasnt completely filled with lava, the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord dispatched his own mount as a pathfinder.

With wings spanning over a hundred and fifty meters, the Lightning Eagle flew at high altitude in the chaotic Abyss. His eyes flickering with lightning could see everything within a few kilometers.

Indeed, this Lightning Eagle was the pitiful Dubois. His current status was the mount of a Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord. His Overlord was in the middle of a campaign and just killed the Overlord of the territory adjacent to Lin Yuns, and the next territory he planned on plundering was Lin Yun.

Fluttering within the deep black clouds, he kept looking down from the clouds to quickly observe Lin Yuns territory.

The abyssal army didnt know what was hidden above them, and no Demon would care if someone was peeping from the sky.

In any case, the final outcome would be a war, and it would be a melee when the war started, so who would care about someone spying on them.

This wasnt the first time Dubois came to another Demons territory to spy. His Overlord had been able to plunder the territory west of Lin Yuns so quickly in large part due to Dubois guidance.

He followed Lin Yuns long and narrow territory before flying towards his steel fort. Just as he was taking a look, he saw a building exploding within the steel fort.

A pureblood Flame Demon covered in blazing lava and flames walked out of the flame-covered building and then turned to spit a glaring bright mouthful of lava.

After a few seconds, the flames dissipated and the originally pitch-black building turned into a pile of ashes and only a remnant of lava remained on the ground.

The pureblood Flame Demon held a piece of dark golden metal and kept using flames to heat it. He then kept spitting out runes on that piece of dark golden metal.

As every rune fell on the dark golden metal, the dark golden metal started emitting a faint halo. Soon, faint halo thoroughly enveloped that piece of dark golden metal.

The pureblood Flame Demon suddenly stopped and looked at the sky. Dubois hurriedly flew up to hide back into that black cloud.

Above that black cloud, Dubois was still in shock.

Damn, who is that guy? Sh*t, a pureblood Flame Demon understanding alchemy?

Raphael? No, I remember Raphael reincarnating into a Storm Demon

F*ck, that guy is Mafa Merlin!

He hadnt reincarnated into an ugly Abyssal Magic Bug, he tricked everyone and reincarnated into a pureblood Flame Demon!

Fluttering above the black cloud, Dubois forgo his plan to fly down and fight.

No good, I cant fight like this. Mafa Merlin has reincarnated into a pureblood Flame Demon. If he can continue to experiment with alchemy, he might be able to refine some Magic Tools.

And who knows what other tricks there are in his steel fort? A Demons steel fort isnt something a Level 37 Lightning Eagle can break through

The biggest benefit of having reincarnated as a Lightning Eagle was the ability to fly. After having obtained a large amount of resources, he had recently leveled up to Level 37.

But Mafa Merlin was unexpectedly already Level 38. His leveling speed was terrifyingly fast. It would be a pity if he didnt make use of such a good opportunity to get rid of Mafa Merlin.

I heard that Mafa Merlin is a very vengeful person. As long as he has the opportunity, he would definitely get rid of me. If he knew I reincarnated as a Lightning Eagle and that I was only Level 37, he would definitely spare no cost to come get rid of me.

In any case, he didnt care how many of those stupid abyssal lifeforms would die within the Abyss.

No, I have to get rid of him first. That stupid Purple-Eyed Demons head is filled lava, as long as I instigate him a bit, hell definitely personally attack Mafa Merlins territory.

No, Mafa Merlin is a crafty guy, who knows what he prepared. That Purple-Eyed Demon wont be able to get rid of him.

If Mafa Merlin doesnt die and learns who I am, then even if I leave the Abyss, I wouldnt be able to live without having to lower my head.

To have become the mount of a Demon, sh*t, that damned Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord had better die with Merlin.

Its said that there is a Shade Fiend east of Mafa Merlin, and a Desert Demon to his north.

Right, I should instigate that Desert Demon and that Shade Fiend to get rid of Mafa Merlin together. Two Demon Overlords and a strange Desert Demon would definitely be able to get rid of Mafa Merlin.

I absolutely cant let him leave the Abyss alive. If that guy has an opportunity, hell definitely retaliate against me because of what happened before.

Dubois gaze flickered as he once again poked his head out of the black cloud to peek at Mafa Merlin in his steel fort. He then immediately flew above the black cloud towards the Purple-Eyed Demons territory.

After having returned to the territory, Dubois immediately started instigating the Purple-Eyed Demon.

"Lord, there is truly a Level 38 pureblood Flame Demon over there. This must be the plot of a Flame Demon Overlord. I saw an alchemy laboratory over there.

"Damnit, there must be a Demon understanding alchemy within. After all, no Flame Demon understands abyssal alchemy. There must be a huge plot in the making.

"I also saw a large number of abyssal lifeforms dying, there are more deaths than during a war. That pureblood Flame Demon is definitely setting up an altar and using blood and souls to summon a Flame Demon Overlord!

"If he isnt killed, this territory would become a Flame Demon paradise!

"Lord, we should let that Shade Fiend in the east know of this matter, as well as the Desert Demon in the north and the Overlord in the south.

"They definitely wont watch as this happens. After all, if a pureblood Flame Demon Overlord appear here, it wouldnt take long before our territory turn into a zone of lava and volcanoes

"There would be no more sweet fruits, only thick flesh with a heavy smell of sulfur"

Dubois words were frightening as he explained that the consequences of not killing Lin Yun were terrifying.

In fact, the crafty Demon had been somewhat doubtful, but he couldnt handle it when he heard about his territory transforming into a field of volcanoes and lava

It was because this was the infamous method Flame Demons used to expand their territory, this was real.

Moreover, by roping in the other Demon Overlords, he wouldnt be suffering from a potential retaliation of a Flame Demon Overlord on his own.

As long as there was no Flame Demon Overlord in his layer, the so-called retaliation wouldnt be too strong. After all, all Demon Overlords didnt like Flame Demons appearing in a world without a Flame Demon Overlord.

As for the lobbying, it fell onto Dubois head. The southern Demon Overlord didnt see Dubois because he had already started a war with a Demon Overlord further south, and the battle was already heated as both Overlords were fighting.

As for the eastern Shade Fiend, the lobbying was very easy. The only requirement was to split the territory and cooperate.

As he kept flying towards the northern desert after having convinced one Demon Overlord, he soon saw Slythrin reincarnated as a Desert Demon.

When he saw the sand fluttering around Slythrins claws, Dubois immediately thought of him. This was Slythrins habit, he was constantly controlling sand, anytime, anywhere.


Damn, thats perfect! This Desert Demon is actually Slythrin!

It was said that Mafa Merlin got rid of the Quicksand Towers mages within the Raging Flame Battlefield, one of which was Slythrins nephew.

Slythrin definitely wants to retaliate against Mafa Merlin. He definitely wont pass up on such a good opportunity!

Dubois shrunk his body and turned into a two-meter-tall Lightning Eagle before using his magic power to condense a rune. This rune was Dubois personal runic signature, even if it was only a shape now and didnt possess the mana fluctuations belonging to Dubois.

"Sir Slythrin, I am Dubois. I didnt expect to see you there!"

The sand fluttering within Slythrins fingers disappeared and his cold eyes gazed upon Dubois.

"Sir Emissary, I think you have made a mistake, the name bestowed upon me by the Abyss is Darwin Dlo."

Dubois was stunned, but he immediately smiled.

"Sir Slythrin, I dont have any evil intent. I think you are still unaware, but the pureblood Flame Demon attacking your territory is Mafa Merlin!"

Slythrin instantly exclaimed.

"What? That damned Flame Demon is Mafa Merlin?"

Slythrin reacted before finishing his sentence, this outburst was admitting his own identity.

Slythrin remained silent while Dubois kept enticing him.

"Sir Slythrin, you dont need to be so vigilant against me. Dont you know that I have unforgettable memories with Mafa Merlin?

"That damned guy acted against my two disciples, one of them was mercilessly killed in front of me, while the other is suppressed somewhere unknown.

"He then forcibly occupied my fort and made me pay a huge humiliating price before returning my fort.

"I really regret not getting rid of him while he was still small and weak. It was too late and I thought there would be no opportunity to get rid of him.

"Now, the opportunity has come, he is only a Flame Demon without the backing of a Flame Demon Overlord. He is only a Level 38 Flame Demon!

"As for our allied armies, we have two Demon Overlords, Sir Slythrin, and I. We can absolutely make Mafa Merlin sink in the Abyss forever.

"You should know that Mafa Merlin is the type of person to hold grudges. As long as we offended him, he would definitely remember it. As long as he has an opportunity, he would frantically retaliate. He is a crazy mad dog, we have to get rid of him.

"By the time he returned, he would definitely look for an opportunity to get rid of us!

"Furthermore, that guy is proficient in alchemy. Even though he has reincarnated as a Flame Demon, he hasnt given up on alchemy. Who knows what kind of method hell come up with.

"Thus, this time, my current Lord and the eastern Shade Fiend would block both sides, with Sir Slythrin, we can surround him and he would absolutely be screwed!"

Dubois kept trying to entice him and even carelessly used Abyssal Language.

Almost all abyssal lifeforms understood Abyssal Language, and it would have a peculiar effect when used.

There would be cursing power when cursing, and when some powerful Demons cursed at weaker abyssal lifeforms, it would quickly bring disaster to those weaker abyssal lifeforms.

And while enticing, the Abyssal Language would have a powerful enticing power. No one could sense it, but it would directly affect soul power.

Slythrin also didnt notice that Dubois was already using Abyssal Language.

But his heart felt that Dubois words were making sense. There would be no opportunity for revenge after leaving the Abyss.