End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Begging For Forgiveness

"alright, sir dubois, you are right. mafa merlin is getting stronger and stronger. he isnt even a genuine heaven rank powerhouse but his strength is already higher than a 1st rank heaven powerhouse. if that continues, we would never have the opportunity to take revenge.

"when will the war against that hateful mafa merlin start?"

a smile appeared on dubois face.

"sir slythrin, please rest assured, mafa merlin is definitely going to die. our alliance would be completely assembled within a month and all our forces will be used against mafa merlin.

"remember, when the crimson sun sets for the thirtieth time is when we will be launching an all-out attack against mafa merlin to get rid of that stupid guy!"

dubois left with a satisfied expression. now they were flanking from three sides, their armies added up to several hundred thousand abyssal lifeforms and two demon overlords. this wasnt something a demon lord that had yet to reach level 40 could handle.

slythrins face turned ice-cold after dubois left.

that b*stard actually used abyssal language to entice me. idiot, how could i not know what you are trying to pull?

being attacked by two overlords, mafa merlin would definitely run towards the north. so i would be the one blocking his retreat.

it would be better for you that i die with mafa merlin so that no one learn what happened to you in the abyss.

hell, as a heaven rank powerhouse, he actually became the mount of a demon overlord. he definitely will get rid of humans and beastmen that learnt of this, he wont let anyone bring this news back.

thus, after getting rid of mafa merlin, hell definitely want to get rid of me

stupid guy, do you think i dont know how selfish and cruel demons are? after getting rid of mafa merlin, those so-called allies would immediately become enemies.

in any case, with two demon overlords, mafa merlin is definitely dead. i just have to hide in this vile desert; as long as i dont come out, those two demon overlords also wont be able to get rid of me.

ill slowly wait for time to pass and leave this abyss when i reach level 40. their destroyed world would have nothing to do with me.

slythrin was determined to watch the show and absolutely wouldnt leave the protection of the vile desert.

time passed, and the speed at which lin yun collected eternal dark gold increased. more and more eternal dark gold was excavated. the deeper in the desert, the purer the excavated eternal dark gold was. there would even be some extremely pure eternal dark gold that had been refined by the desert

after half a month, more than half of the surface area of the desert had fallen in lin yuns hands.

and there was an amazing discovery.

in the center of the desert, sand waves kept flowing and were half made of eternal dark gold ores.

in other words, this was a huge mine of eternal dark gold. the sand only needed to be refined with burning flames to remove all of the impurities and leave behind pure eternal dark gold!

after obtaining that news, lin yun personally appeared in the depths of the desert. as for that desert demon who had been hiding under the desert, lin yun completely ignored him. he would do so as long as he stayed out of the way.

now, in the depths of the desert, lin yun summoned syudos.

he hadnt dared to casually summon syudos before because he was afraid that the extraordinary powers fluctuations would be noticed by the greater demon overlord.

at that time, the greater demon overlord might have personally come to take away the book of mantras. after all, an extraordinary magic book conformed to most demons requirements.

but he later found out that the ruler of this layer had already sunk into a slumber for over ten thousand years. lin yun remembered that the 333th layers ruler was apparently slumbering. in the future, humans would come here, but that greater demon overlord wouldnt wake up.

a powerhouse surpassing the heaven rank would emit mana fluctuations stronger than an extraordinary magic tool.

then, lin yun had syudos light a fire in the center of the desert.

it was impossible for the eternal dark gold to be burnt down, while sand and magic beasts would be completely burnt into nothingness.

even the other metals within the desert would be burnt into nothingness. eternal dark gold was the only thing needed. in any case, the other materials werent precious.

a gate covered in flames appeared in the center of the desert and emitted terrifying mana fluctuations.

following the appearance of the flaming gates, the nasty desert environment was suppressed and those sand storms and tornadoes instantly disappeared.

the sand waves were also pressured by this terrifying power.

the aura of extraordinary magic power followed the sand, spread underground and slowly shook an underground palace a few hundred meters deep.

slythrin, hiding within that underground palace, suddenly had a change of expression. he quickly spat out abyssal runes.

as these abyssal runes dissipated, sand rapidly condensed on the surface and converged into a fist-sized demon eye.

as the demon eye was condensed, it looked at the several-dozen-meter tall flaming gates.

it looked like the gates to an ancient shrine. there were pillars on both sides carved with mysterious patterns, and atop the gates was a sphere of fire attentively watching the gates. and within that sphere of fire was an ancient book.

the two doors making up those gates were covered in numerous incantations that slowly roamed about.

then, the gates slowly opened and a world full of boundless flames appeared behind.

in an instant, that terrifying flaming sea was like a flood coming out of a flood gate as it frantically surged out of the gates.

the demon eye slythrin was controlling evaporated from the terrible heat before even coming in contact with the flames.

under the desert, cold sweat kept trickling down slythrins forehead and his mana fluctuations started becoming chaotic.

damnit, damnit, mafa merlin discovered me!

shit, thats a magic tool! its mafa merlins magic tool!

how could he carry his magic tool into the endless abyss?! f*ck! its actually an extraordinary magic tool! and one with an awakened incarnation!

that guy definitely discovered me! he is using that extraordinary magic tool to burn the entire desert into nothingness.

i knew it, mafa merlin is definitely not that easy to kill. that idiot dubois couldnt kill mafa merlin before he had the power of a heaven rank powerhouse and even got his fort snatched.

now he is definitely not mafa merlins opponent, yet he wants to take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of mafa merlin?

impossible! he is screwed

two demon overlords wouldnt be enough for mafa merlin to fall. thats an extraordinary magic tool with an incarnation!

moreover, i remember that mafa merlin seemed to have a peak true spirit magic tool with an incarnation possessing wisdom. damn, these two magic tools are equivalent to two heaven rank powerhouses.

this is a trap, i remember mafa merlin choosing to reincarnate as an abyssal magic bug. everyone saw that, yet now he is a pureblood flame demon?

there must be a secret we cant comprehend. damnit, i cant go on like this. if this continues and mafa merlin burns the entire desert into nothingness, then i would definitely die.

damnit, this kind of unfathomable guy definitely has many powerful cards. i need to go out now

slythrin somewhat collapsed the moment he saw lin yuns book of mantras, especially as he felt more and more heat gathering above him. he could clearly feel the desert melting above him and a large amount of sand being melted into nothingness.

those few hundred meters of sand protection were a joke at this moment, because there was no need to reach that far down, overtime, that terrifying heat would end up steaming him alive like a crab.

cold sweat kept dripping from his forehead. the more he thought, the more he felt that this was a huge plot. lin yun was luring them in to get rid of them.

there was no need to ask anything, everyone was only able to enter the abyss as souls and couldnt use a single iota of mana, yet lin yuns extraordinary magic tool went through?

this is a trap!

from the start, he kept putting pressure and frantically rushed to the center of the desert. then, he summoned the extraordinary magic tool to burn the center of the desert, and burn all lifeforms living within to death.

after coming to that conclusion, slythrin no longer hid and controlled layers of sand to cover his body as he rushed towards the surface.

as he was seven to eight meters away from the surface, slythrin felt as if he had jumped into scalding lava. the surrounding sand had already melted into a pile of dense blazing and sticky liquid. and the heat coming from above was even greater.

the sweating slythrin no longer dared to rush upward, the death aura above his head clearly let him know that he would be burnt to ashes within a few seconds if he fell into those flames no, he wouldnt even leave ashes behind.

after all, he was only a desert demon above level 30. without the power of the heaven rank and without the endless sand to defend himself, he would die very quickly within that sea of flames.

"sir merlin, i surrender, i surrender. please withdraw those terrifying flames" slythrin shrieked.

his voice pierced through the scalding lava to reach the surface. this made lin yun frown.

he originally thought that there was just an ordinary desert demon below, he hadnt expected it to be someone having reincarnated into a desert demon. moreover, they knew his identity.

ignoring slythrins shout, lin yun kept having syudos burn the center of the desert. as the flames burned, many pieces of eternal dark gold as small as grains of sand could be seen heating up. as long as everything evaporated, including the lava, all that would be left would be the eternal dark god.

slythrin roared twice, but sensing the flames above his head covering several kilometers not dissipating and instead spreading out further and further, traces of fear slowly made their way onto slythrins face.

damnit, that guy really discovered me. no, he might have discovered that stupid dubois plot and he now came to get rid of me first

no good, i cant die a meaningless death. that idiot dubois became the mount of a demon overlord and will definitely plot my death afterwards. why should i even fight mafa merlin to death?

and how would that be considered a fight. that damned guy possesses an extraordinary magic tool. i dont want to die here

"sir merlin, i surrender, please put away your flames. there is no hatred between us. i wasnt that close to my damned nephew, i have no plan to avenge him.

"i warned him long ago to not provoke those he couldnt afford to provoke or he would deserve his death. its his own fault that he died.

"that treacherous birbo came looking for me before. she wanted to assassinate sir merlin but i flatly refused. its true! sir merlin, this really has nothing to do with me.

"ah, right, its that lowly b*stard dubois! he now became the mount of a filthy demon overlord, such a disgraceful mount.

"this is his plot, he enticed that stupid purple-eyed demon and that shade fiend to come kill you and snatch your territory in order to let your soul sink into the abyss.

"he also came to persuade me, but i didnt agree no, he used abyssal language to entice me so i reluctantly agreed, but it no longer mattered after sobering up.

"it truly has nothing to do with me, sir merlin, we could have a good cooperation without hatred, please believe me. sir merlin"

slythrin slowly sunk underground. the flames covering the area were like a huge cover falling down. as time passed, the flames transformed into a hemisphere that wrapped the desert within.

everything inside was being burnt into nothingness. slythrin wanted to escape, but he was really panicking.

he fearfully begged for forgiveness and ruthlessly sold out dubois even though he had been planning to watch the show from the start.

slythrin burst in horror as he absolved himself of everything. he even used his own soul to swear that he said the truth.

lin yun stood on the surface, doubtfully scratching his head before finally understanding what was going on.

this fool thought i came to get rid of him ahead of time because i discovered their plot?

lin yun couldnt help chuckling. slythrin was overthinking, but lin yun didnt intend to tell him that his coming was unrelated to him and that he only came here to extract the eternal dark gold.

naturally, it wouldnt matter if he casually killed any demon hidden in the desert.

as time passed, slythrin had no choice but to continue diving towards the depths of the desert. but the further down he dove, the closer he was to death.

the hemisphere formed from flames already pierced a few hundred meters under the ground, and it was continuing downward. the vile underground environment and huge pressure was something a desert demon couldnt handle.

if he was unlucky and met an underground pulsation, it wouldnt be impossible for him to die from the pressure.

slythrin was more and more frightened, no one was willing to die, especially such a sullen death. moreover, he would be dying a meaningless death in the abyss, that would be even more sullen.

dubois, you shameful mount, you lost all your reputation as a human mage. you are the cause of my death. damn guy, how could mafa merlin know i was here, only a despicable scoundrel like you knew.

this must be dubois discreetly leaking that information, which made mafa merlin think i was going to act against him. thus he came to get rid of me in advance and burn me to death.

i definitely cant die. damnit, mafa merlin already cant be provoked, i cant die such an unjust death

slythrins shaking voice kept begging for forgiveness from underground, he kept cursing dubois and swearing that he had no plan on participating in dubois conspiracy and had at most planned on watching.

as slythrin thoroughly despaired, a passage suddenly opened amidst the flames continuously falling upon him. as he looked at the passage, he didnt dare to think whether it was a trap or not and frantically rushed through this flameless passage.

sensing the golden red hellfire, the ashen gray corrosive fire, and the tangerine high-level elemental flames, slythrin felt as if he was walking on the edge of death. as long as he was ever so slightly infected, he would definitely be screwed.

after he rushed out of the ground, slythrin cautiously followed that passage while shrinking his body to the extreme.

once he left the range of the flames, slythrin looked as if he exhausted all his strength and limply lied down on the ground, rejoicing as if he had gotten a new lease on life after a calamity.

lin yun didnt pay attention to slythrin and had syudos continue to release flames from the book of mantras to burn the ores in the depths of the desert. enderfa was controlling the slowly rotating ten thousand spell wheel and floated behind lin yun.

the few magic gems embedded in the ten thousand spell wheel had been replaced by the purest deep crimson cores. there seemed to be chaotic magic power within the calmness. one thought from enderfa was all that was needed for the ten thousand spell wheel to burst with a terrifying chaotic elemental storm that would tear slythrin apart.

as he saw the ten thousand spell wheel, slythrin became well-behaved and more resolute. he sat on the ground and didnt dare to stand and then anxiously looked at enderfa.

"its quite suitable for a mage of the quicksand tower, to reincarnate as a desert demon, but i was under the impression that those desert demons were troublesome guys just like pureblood flame demons. how could a desert demon like yourself be in such a miserable state?

"for you to have such a small desert as territory. any random desert demon overlord could control a numbered layer, not to mention those unnumbered lower planes"

enderfa ridiculed slythrin, but slythrin remained silent and acted as if he hadnt heard enderfas three faces mocking him.