End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 Altar

a desert demon with a level in the mid-30 facing an incarnation with wisdom controlling a first-rate true spirit magic tool. he wasnt an idiot, he knew that the best course of action was to remain silent and act as if he didnt hear anything.

enderfa laughed at slythrin for a bit before getting bored since he couldnt get any reaction from the mute and deaf slythrin.

slythrin waited on the side and made himself as small as possible as he calmly waited for lin yun to finish burning the desert.

as time passed, slythrin understood that pieces of golden metal were mixed within the burnt desert.

slowly, the amount of lava reduced and more dark golden metal appeared.

this time, slythrin finally understood that lin yun was refining metal and treated the few kilometers range of the desert as a one-time use mine.

but after seeing this, slythrin felt more and more that his decision had been very wise.

damn, mafa merlin didnt even take the initiative to get rid of me. in his eyes, i might already be unworthy of him doing the job himself.

the flames released by that extraordinary magic tool actually cover several kilometers. a fire 1st rank heaven mage definitely isnt that powerful, and the flames released by those flaming gates seems almost infinite.

since mafa merlin can bring his own magic tools, then he definitely has a way to take those extracted magic materials out.

we cant take away any precious resource of the abyss, so we dont really care. but mafa merlin is different. this kind of dark golden metal must be very precious it feels like ive seen it somewhere.

forget it, it doesnt matter. it would really be an unjust death if i got infected by the flames that idiot dubois is truly courting death if he wants to fight mafa merlin.

he was really lucky to live to this day after almost killing mafa merlin.

he should have been grateful that mafa merlin didnt even look for him, yet he actually took the initiative to plot against mafa merlin.

that stupid idiot deserves to have turned into a filthy demons mouth. he is really courting death, that stupid idiots head is definitely full of lava like those demons.

hmpf, just wait for death. you only have two demon overlords while mafa merlin has a first-rate true spirit magic tool and an extraordinary magic tool. who knows if mafa merlin still has other methods.

as long as there are more, those two foolish demon overlords bewitched by dubois would definitely suffer a very miserable death.

the flames coming from the book of mantras flame world burned for three days within three kilometers and left a huge hole.

on the edge of the hole, the melted sand formed an eight-meter-thick glass wall. looking at it from above, it was like a three-kilometer-wide glass cup had suddenly appeared in the desert.

it was four to five hundred-meter-deep and everything within had been burnt into nothingness. only chunks of eternal dark gold had fallen to the bottom of the hole.

lin yun floated towards the bottom of the hole and opened his demiplane to summon a group of puppets to carry those chunks of eternal dark gold into his demiplane.

after a few minutes, lin yun returned to the surface of the desert. slythrin was still obediently sitting there.

"when the crimson sun sets for the 13th time from today, those two demon overlords will jointly attack your territory."

lin yun barely arrived that slythrin promptly told him this news.

lin yun attentively stared at slythrin and cold sweat started trickling down the latters back.

after no less than ten seconds, lin yun suddenly opened his mouth, "there are a lot of sand-like ores mixed with the sand, can you throw those into this hole?"

after hearing those words, slythrin sighed in relief and promptly nodded.

"there is no problem, desert demons are the most experts at this kind of thing. this desert also has many abyssal lifeforms that are expert at stealthily moving through the desert."

lin yun nodded and turned to lead enderfa and syudos away.

slythrins appearance was an unexpected accident. lin yun was a bit surprised at slythrins words, but he didnt really care.

instead, he was puzzled at how to treat slythrin. this guy had been malicious before, but he changed for some unknown reason, he even sold dubois out.

after thinking for a bit, lin yun understood. if people knew that the arrogant dubois had become the mount of a demon, he would never be able to wash that stain in his life and he would never be able to raise his head in the future.

it wouldnt be surprising if he was laughed to death by other heaven rank powerhouses.

since slythrin knew of that matter, dubois would definitely get rid of him after the plot is complete.

after lin yuns magic tool was revealed, slythrin thoroughly defected. retaliation? how could he dare

this guy surrendered but lin yun couldnt take him with him. dubois would definitely be alerted if he took him with him. the abyss dwellers dont have a sense of secrecy.

in the end, he remembered that slythrin was a mage of the quicksand tower and was now a desert demon with all the abyssal lifeforms within the area under his control.

isnt he the best miner? ill just have this guy lead those abyssal lifeforms to excavate ores from the desert and throw them into that hole. ill only have to come and pick them up.

as for whether slythrin would double-cross him, lin yun simply didnt care.

because this was the abyss, he wouldnt be able to run before advancing to level 40. slythrin would have to wash his neck and wait for his death if he tried to double-cross him.

obviously, slythrin wasnt the kind of person who would give up his life for dubois

after returning to his territory, lin yun started thinking on how he should face the two demon overlords.

heaven rank demon overlords werent something he could get rid of at the moment. he was a level 38 pureblood flame demon. although his bloodline was considered to be a silver bloodline, he wasnt powerful enough to get rid of two demon overlords.

as he thought about it, lin yun quietly appeared at the intersection of the three territories. countless lives had been lost in this battlefield, it was full of bones as the flesh had been licked clean by the greedy and hungry abyssal lifeforms. the earth turned dark red and a foul bloody smell could be felt when approaching.

as he walked around the quiet battlefield, lin yun left burnt black marks on his wake. black smoke curled around those burnt black marks and transformed into abyssal runes that merged within the earth.

lin yun rapidly walked around the battlefield, leaving burnt black runes behind which formed a huge array. but it was actually a relatively simple basic array.

this was a new method of portraying runes that lin yun had researched as a flame demon. holding a pen to write runes was impossible as even steel pens would melt instantly.

condensing the runes under his feet and then imprinting them onto the earth was the fastest method.

he took a trip around this seven-kilometer-big battlefield. those black runes merged with the earth but the entire battlefield didnt look any different.

after leaving the battlefield, lin yun returned to the steel fort and swallowed a few dozen bottles of pure mana water. he used the properties of the abyssal magic bug to rapidly reach level 39. the restriction of the pureblood flame demons bloodline finally appeared at this level.

pureblood flame demon would reach level 39 when they reached adulthood. if they wanted to advance to level 40 and obtain extraordinary power, they would need a very long accumulation of power and comprehension.

naturally, comprehension didnt exist for demons. there was only war, battle, slaughter. in slaughter and battle, they would be able to find the power allowing them to keep leveling up.

without even thinking twice, lin yun proceeded with the transformation and a pitch-black cocoon appeared once more. even more runes appeared on the surface of the black cocoon, and the surface of each rune seemed to have turned dark golden.

the aura of the pureblood flame demon slowly dissipated, to be replaced by the aura of an even more powerful bloodline.

a large amount of mana water had been poured into a pond by lin yun and that big cocoon was swallowing that ponds mana water, speeding up the process a few times.

ten days passed and dubois sent a smaller lightning eagle to the desert.

"desert demon, when the sun disappears two more times from the sky is when we will launch an attack. your mission is to stop that pureblood flame demon. if you cant block him, then youll have to suffer our overlords fury!"

the domineering lightning eagle said his words before leaving, completely ignoring slythrin.

slythrin had a dark expression as he stood on the ground, the sand revolving around his hand dissipated and he dispelled the idea to kill that lightning eagle.

damned dubois, you are but a mere demons mount, yet you dare to send a stupid abyssal lifeform to humiliate me instead of notifying me yourself?

f*ck, fortunately i already saw mafa merlin. mafa merlin didnt react much these days. he knows that this isnt something he can ignore. arrogant demon overlords, stupid dubois, youll definitely pay a disastrous price.

is mafa merlin someone easy to push around?

that unpredictable guys soul entered the abyss, yet he was still able to summon his magic tools. he is really frightening. moreover, that guys strength isnt limited to casting abilities, he might be able to summon an army

no, i wouldnt be surprised if that guy suddenly summoned a heaven rank powerhouse

ill just sincerely help mafa merlin collect the ores here. although i dont know what use he has for those ores, i wont be able to bring those ores back when i return to my body anyway. in any case, no matter what happens, i wont bother mafa merlin. no matter how they fight, this has nothing to do with me.

on another side, in the purple-eyed demon overlords territory, dubois was loudly praising his "lord".

"my lord, that stupid pureblood flame demon is definitely screwed. we have already gathered over forty thousand people in our army. and aside from my invincible lord, we have over forty powerful demon above level 35

"that flame demons plot is bound to be destroyed in the lords hands. that stupid shade fiend isnt weak either, but after the victory, that guys territory would belong to lord.

"maybe lord will advance and become a black iron overlord soon. i believe that when the greater demon overlord awakens, he would definitely praise lord for his contribution."

dubois has almost become accustomed to being an abyssal lifeform, he was continuously boot-licking in abyssal language and it invisibly carried enticing power, making that purple-eyed overlord with purple flames around his eyes continuously laugh.

how could those uncultured demons understand flattery, they didnt have much resistance against it. some unsubtle vulgar flattery even seemed to produce better effects.

dubois changed his way of flattering and had now become the favorite existence of that purple-eyed overlord, even if his status was still that of a mount.

the army got on the move and the crazy abyssal lifeforms rushed towards the battlefield between the three territories. this was the custom of demons wars, territories had to be invaded little by little.

this custom would undoubtedly make the deaths and injuries of abyssal lifeforms even more disastrous, but those idiots would never go extinct. there was so much cannon fodder that demon overlord just didnt care.

instead, the huge amount of souls that arose were necessary sacrifices to stronger demon overlords.

the territories of existences like abyssal devil kings, which had an even greater longing for souls, were always at war. the wars wouldnt stop even when they were slumbering.

dubois flew at a high altitude and coldly watched the battlefield with a sneer.

mafa merlin, lets see what you can do now. stupid guy, no matter what you do, you are bound to be torn apart by two demon overlords, your soul will sink in the abyss for all eternity.

hateful guy, you were lucky last time, but you cant escape your fate this time. i have to get rid of you this time, i want to watch you die.

on this huge bloody battlefield, a large army of abyssal lifeforms rushed from the three sides. over a million abyssal lifeforms ended up converging on this bloody battlefield

according to the abyss customs, this kind of war had to be carried out on the border between their three territories, and there was only one region that bordered all three territories, this bloody battlefield.

abyssal lifeforms rushed into this battlefield and immediately started a chaotic slaughter. the abyssal battlefield, this life grinding tool, was once again operating. every second, a few hundred abyssal lifeforms died in there.

those dead abyssal lifeforms bodies were torn apart for the most part and blood irrigated the earth, before following the earth and seeping underground.

in the depths of the earth, abyssal runes forming a circle lit up one after another after being irrigated by blood. the blood on the floor started permeating the earth.

the souls of the dead abyssal lifeforms were also torn apart under the earth, and a faint layer of black red fog appeared on the battlefield. those originally crazily abyssal lifeforms became even more crazy.

within a day, two to three hundred thousand abyssal lifeforms would die on this bloody battlefield, soon to be replenished.

within three days, the losses of the three forces reached over a million abyssal lifeforms.

those lifeforms blood, lives, and souls were completely torn apart onto the earth. and 330 meter underground, a blood-colored bone altar appeared.

the bones that made up the altar came from all kinds of creatures, and each of them had a painfully roaring abyssal lifeforms soul attached to them.

souls and blood kept pouring onto the altar from above.

it was an abyssal sacrifice, and it was a kind of huge sacrifice.

unfortunately, no one knew of the altars existence under the battlefield.

after three days, the powerful demons started joining the battlefield and the war became even more cruel. abyssal lifeforms above level 30 became cannon fodder while the level 35 and above demons led the war.

as more and more demons fell, their blood, lives, and souls were thrown into the sacrificial altar under the battlefield, rapidly increasing the speed of the sacrifice.

a terrifying existences shadow could faintly be seen atop the altar, and following the appearance of that shadow, the blood-colored bones making up the altar shuddered. those demons souls within the bones also remained silent, apparently terrified and not daring to make a single noise.

lin yun had yet to appear on the battlefield after three days, and even the demon overlords waiting on the edge of the battlefield were becoming impatient.

but the most anxious person was dubois. according to the abyss customs, cannon fodder would be thrown in the battlefield first, then, more powerful lifeforms would slowly be joining the fight until the ruler ultimately joined.

the previous day should have been the day the demon overlords joined the fight, but unfortunately, they had yet to see any trace of lin yun.

dubois was still circling in the sky, even flying towards lin yuns territory to probe, despite the customs, but he still didnt find a trace of lin yun.

damned b*stard, mafa merlin actually fled. f*ck, he actually threw his territory away and fled.

i miscalculated, i forgot that he wasnt a true demon and wouldnt care about the demons customs. he fled, what now?

b*stard, those two arrogant and stupid demon overlords definitely wont go against the abyss customs, they definitely wont abandon the battlefield. they will kill their way into mafa merlins territory, chasing after him for the sake of victory, and slowly taking over his territory, little by little.

no good, i cant let this continue, mafa merlin might thoroughly escape if we wait any longer

dubois rushed back to the battlefield and immediately looked for the purple-eyed demon.