End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 Time To Return

"my lord, this isnt good, that damned pureblood flame demon is a coward and doesnt dare to appear on the battlefield. he must have already escaped, we cant keep delaying.

"we have to occupy his territory as soon as possible and hunt down that pureblood flame demon. he might be seeking a flame demon overlords help, we definitely cant let him escape.

"if he escapes, those unreasonable pureblood flame demons would definitely retaliate"

dubois was speaking very solemnly about the consequences, he was enticing him, while threatening him. and sure enough, the purple-eyed demon blew up when he heard this matter. his body expanded to over a hundred meters and he loudly roared.

"damn pureblood flame demon, coward! shameful abyssal magic bug! you actually fled from a war!"

as he roared, the purple-eyed demon personally stepped onto the battlefield while dubois flew to the other side, to threaten the shade fiend with even more alarming words.

the shade fiend instantly exploded. pureblood flame demons could be said to be an existence shade fiend had to eliminate. blazing bright lava filled the underground of pureblood flame demons territories and shade fiends simply couldnt approach.

now that he heard that a pureblood flame demon overlord might be brought over here, the shade fiend panicked and hurriedly stormed the battlefield.

they planned on quickly finishing the war and killing their way into lin yuns territory.

with the two demon overlords personally entering the battlefield, lin yuns demon army was unable to resist and kept retreating. but something happened when the demon overlords joined the battlefield.

the faint bloody mist and black smoke covering the battlefield transformed into a faint mist. it was as if a demon overlord suddenly awakened. in less than three seconds, the entire bloody battlefield was covered in a thick dark blood fog.

the large number of cannon fodder within were less than level 20, or barely above level 20, and they instantly became crazy after being enveloped by the dense fog.

each and every one of them burst with their most powerful spells and attacks towards the people next to them.

a hundred thousand abyssal lifeforms were torn apart within a few seconds, this plunged the entire battlefield into chaos. that didnt have much effect on the level 30 and above demons, but they were forced to fight.

after killing a few crazy abyssal lifeforms, these demons also became crazy. then, these lesser demon overlords were drawn into the chaotic slaughter.

in less than thirty seconds, the two demon overlords and dubois started being attacked by a large number of crazy demons.

the purple-eyed demon used those purple flaming eyes to observe the surroundings, before rapidly discovering something fishy.

the dead abyssal lifeforms blood, flesh, life aura, and souls were all torn apart and flowed under the earth.

the shade fiend next to him transformed into a shadow and tried to break through that dense fog that made him uneasy, but he was unable to escape.

seeing the blood converging into a small river flowing towards the depths of the earth, as well as the dead demons rapidly transforming into ashes, the shade demon quickly let out a frightened screech.

"damnit, sacrifice! f*cker, someone is conducting a sacrifice to an overlord!

"no good, that damned guy is actually going to sacrifice the two of us. this is a sacrifice to a gold bloodline demon!

"lets quickly get out of here, that madman there is a demon of the ten great gold bloodlines watching this place!"

the shade fiend was losing his mind and wanted to escape the bloody battlefields dense fog. as for the purple-eyed demon, he also immediately summoned a shift gate to escape. but just as the halo appeared above his head, it was torn into pieces by the chaotic energies within this space.

the purple demon overlord and the shade fiend no longer cared about getting rid of lin yun, they were both madly charging in a direction to escape this bloody battlefield.

but just as the purple-eyed demon reached the edge of the battlefield, a patched puppet blocked his path.

deep crimson rays of light roamed around the surface of the patched puppet. those thick rays of light then transformed into a chaotic flood of spells that ruthlessly pressured the purple-eyed demons body back into the bloody battlefield.

on the other side, the shade fiend hadnt managed to reach the end of the battlefield before a several-dozen-meter-tall flame gates opened before him. all kinds of flames converged into a flood of flames that wrapped around the shade fiend, and the impact of that flood of flames sent the demon overlord back to the bloody battlefield.

as for dubois, he immediately flew up to flee after hearing the conversation between the two demon overlords, as well as seeing their frantic escape.

but in the sky, enderfas three faces laughed eerily as the spell wheel slowly rotated and emitted dense mana fluctuations.

following some slight fluctuations that appeared in the dense fog, dubois managed to extend his head out of the thick fog and a fearful yet joyful expression could be seen on his face.

enderfa laughed heartily as he controlled the ten thousand spell wheel to release over a hundred-meter-thick elemental storm.

"idiot, those that want to kill merlin end up being killed by merlin, do you still think you can escape?"

before enderfa could release the elemental storm, he still needed to release spells of the four elements and have them collide against each other to make the spell matrices collapse in order to create chaotic elemental power and form an elemental storm.

it was very troublesome and its power wasnt as great as a real elemental storm, but now all the magic gems of the spell wheel aside from its power source had been replaced by the most berserk deep crimson cores. as long as he burst out with spells of the four elements, it would inevitably create the most berserk elemental storm.

the elemental storm pressured dubois back into the bloody battlefield.

"no, mafa merlin, you cant do this. damnit, i am dubois, im not a demon, let me go, quick"

dubois fell back to the bloody battlefield and was immediately approached by a dozen crazy lesser demon overlords. dubois wings were torn to shreds, and within a dozen seconds, his body was torn into a dozen pieces.

the light within his eyes slowly dissipated as his blood and soul sunk in the ground, bound to the altars surface.

the altar slowly rose up and appeared on the surface.

the sacrificial altar emitting a terrifying aura was now on the surface and the bloody battlefields abyssal armies had already disappeared.

a rope made of countless blood-colored bones restricted the two demon overlords bodies.

as more and more blood-colored bones appeared, the two demon overlords were no longer able to struggle free and they looked at the center of the altar with despair.

"no, you cant do that! its a rule established by sir greater overlord, you cant sacrifice an overlord, you cant sacrifice us. damnit, youll suffer punishment, your soul will be suppressed and thrown into the lowest layer of the abyss, youll be tortured in that sea of corrosive souls for countless years"

the purple-eyed demon loudly cursed, but unconcealable fear could be seen in his eyes.

the shade fiend also shrieked in fear, his body unable to turn back into shadow and his body continuously shrinking, his flesh, life aura, and magic power were continuously drained.

"forgive me, i swear on my true name to pledge allegiance to you, great existence. please forgive me"

the aura being emitted from the altar, even if it was unclear, it made the two demons know that it was a member of a gold bloodline, and a pureblooded one!

ordinary demons were no different from abyssal lifeforms to pureblooded members of the ten gold bloodlines. if they wanted to kill, they would just kill. this was the reason why the two overlords were so frightened.

because even if they were killed by an overlord of the ten gold bloodlines and the greater demon overlord of this plane awakened, he still wouldnt pay attention to it. whoever had the bigger fists made the rules, and the rules of the abyss were drawn by the ten major gold bloodlines.

if ordinary demons died, they died, even if they were overlords

the abstract shadow on the altar slowly condensed and a demon burning with golden red flames was now standing on the altar.

dubois, who was bound to the surface of the altar, shouted in startled and angry, "damn b*stard, mafa merlin, its you! you daring guy, you actually offered a sacrifice to yourself! aside from the demons with gold bloodline, anyone offering a sacrifice to themselves would be courting death!"

lin yun indifferently glanced at dubois soul and crushed his soul by stomping on it.

"idiot, who told you that i wasnt the one with the pureblood gold bloodline?"

as for that purple-eyed demon overlord, he was already thoroughly despairing.

"flame demon monarch, f*ck, who told me this was the territory of a pureblood flame demon. damnit, its actually someone with a gold bloodline, a pureblood flame demon monarch.

"its over, its thoroughly over. even if the greater demon overlord was watching this place, he wouldnt intervene. offending a young flame demon monarch in its infancy for the two of us isnt worth at all"

the shade fiend fearfully begged for forgiveness, but the flames were restricting him too tightly and he ended up turning into ashes and dissipating. after more than ten seconds, the purple-eyed demon overlords body also transformed into ashes and dissipated.

the power of the two demon overlords converged onto the altar. the power of those cannon fodder had only been used to handle these two demon overlords, what he really needed was these two demon overlords!

after finding out that these two demon overlords came to attack him, lin yun had suddenly thought of a problem that had previously been on his mind.

the other heaven rank powerhouses had reached the heaven rank before reincarnating, they had controlled extraordinary power, comprehended extraordinary power, and had experience controlling extraordinary power.

even if they had become demons, many things on the path to power were universal and they would be able to quickly grasp those.

the pressure to advance to the heaven rank would be minimal, but it was different for lin yun.

he hadnt advanced to the heaven rank and had no direct experience controlling extraordinary power, so there would inevitably be some inaccuracy.

it would take longer to advance to the heaven rank and the chances would decrease. but by using the properties of the abyssal magic bug, he can continuously transform and break through the restriction to his demonic bloodline. advancing to level 40 would be very easy.

this was the reason why lin yun originally chose the abyssal magic bug. it was because that would greatly shorten the time needed to return, while also increasing his opportunity to advance to the heaven rank.

but he had another problem. he could reach the heaven rank in the abyss, but lin yun himself hadnt reached the heaven rank.

this time, the feeling and experience of breaking through the heaven rank would involuntarily form an awareness, which would make it very easy for lin yun to advance again, but it would also make his magic path imperfect, or cause a deviation.

the most perfect solution was returning to the raging flame plane without advancing to the heaven rank.

when he learnt about the two demon overlords planning to attack him, lin yun put this plan in motion and immediately started his next transformation.

because only a pureblood demon of one of the ten gold bloodlines could offer sacrifices to themselves.

by sacrificing two demon overlords, he obtained the power to make himself, who hadnt advanced to the heaven rank, return to the raging flame plane and take back his own body.

he once again transformed. there was only one possibility among the golden bloodline going forward, the flame demon monarch.

the master of all flames within the abyss. all demons and abyssal lifeforms related to flames were attached to this demon race. with that identity, he could do anything he wanted. most importantly, he could sacrifice two demon overlords to his sacrifice while not having advanced to the heaven rank.

as the two demon overlords dissipated, a sphere emitting extraordinary power took shape in the middle. lin yun swallowed that orb and the altar under his feet dissipated into ashes.

a trace of extraordinary power fluctuations appeared on lin yuns body. he could even faintly feel that after that orb of extraordinary power burst out, his soul would be able to go back and take back his body.

similarly, it seemed that this flame demon monarchs body wouldnt collapse and dissipate, but go into slumber.

after thinking for a bit, lin yun smiled.

other heaven rank powerhouses would have to break through to the heaven rank first, before releasing all of their extraordinary power at once in a self-detonation manner. life and mana would be consumed in a split second.

to demons, this meant giving up their own lives.

their souls would return, and after taking back their own bodies, the bodies they used in the abyss would disappear, not leaving anything behind.

but lin yun wasnt using his own power, he was offering a sacrifice to himself. after that power was consumed, lin yuns soul would be able to take back his own body while the flame demon monarchs would fall into a slumber, waiting for the nex awakening.

that was an unexpected harvest. a flame demon monarchs body was like a planar coordinate in itself. after leaving this place, he would have a way to return without passing through the abyss upper layers.

he put back syudos, enderfa, and the patch puppet into the demiplane and rushed towards the desert once again.

slythrin was controlling the deserts lifeforms to mine the ores within the desert. all of the ore was thrown into that huge crystal hole.

within a dozen days, the bigger pieces of ore had been dug out, while the remaining were small sand-like pieces mixed with the grains of sand of the flowing desert. this was taking too much time and they simply wouldnt be able to gather everything within a short time.

lin yun appeared once again and slytrin displayed a "sure enough, i was so wise" kind of expression.

mafa merlin seems even more powerful. damn, there are actually extraordinary power fluctuations. its over, there is no need to think about it. those two arrogant and stupid demon overlords definitely died. dubois must have died too.

i was smarter and didnt provoke that terrifying mafa merlin or my fate would have been no different from dubois and those two stupid demon overlords.

"sir merlin, these ores are all that we have collected. the rest is sand. those stupid abyssal lifeforms still cant completely distinguish which ones are ore fragments and which ones are grains of sand. this might take a while"

lin yun nodded and gathered the eternal dark gold ore at the bottom of the hole before flying up again and telling slythrin, "im already ready to leave the abyss. after i leave, youll be in charge of the territory. you can use any resource that can help you level up.

"but some of the minerals and special products of the abyss will be in bajiaos charge. after i return, i can help you find your body and make sure that nothing untowards happens to it."

slythrin was overjoyed, what he had been most afraid of was that sending his soul back would have no effect as his body would have been destroyed upon his return.

with lin yuns promise, slythrin promptly showed his loyalty.

"sir merlin, rest assured, ill definitely help you oversee your territory. ill give what you need to bajiao."

slythrin smartly didnt ask lin yun how he was planning on taking these resources out of the abyss, nor did he care why lin yun wanted these things.

lin yun nodded with satisfaction. he had previously felt that slythrin was like the mages of the quicksand tower, hiding in the dark until the crucial time, but that guy was clearly craven and cowardly.

lin yun didnt care what slythrin would do, after all, apart from the special resources of the abyss, there was nothing worthy of attention in the abyss.

after leaving the desert, lin yun appeared on the bloody battlefield where the three territories overlapped. lin yun had gotten rid of an additional two demon overlords and had gotten their territories, so he would naturally take over them. moreover, a large number of demons came to show their loyalty.

in front of these demons, lin yun flew up and kept chanting in the sinister abyssal language.

after finishing his long incantation, the earth under him started shivering and cracks started appearing on the earth, as if a huge monster was about to emerge from underground.