End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 Waking Up

in the sky, a large number of abyssal spells converged into black clouds, which revolved to form a vortex. a thick pillar of black smoke fell in that vortex, in the center of the bloody battlefield.

thick black lightning followed the black smoke and fell onto the ground. the earth split open and a huge volcanic crater appeared. following the appearance of that huge volcanic crater, the boundless abyssal power in the sky transformed into black smoke that poured into this volcanic crater.

the volcano was like a monster coming from underground. it rapidly emerged, and within a few minutes, it turned into a several-kilometer-wide and three-kilometer-tall huge volcano.

loud rumbling sounds echoed as the volcano erupted.

endless lava and flames spread out of the volcano, and the black clouds condensed from the abyssal power also converged there.

small volcanoes also started to appear in the surroundings of that huge volcano. it took less than an hour, for that ten-kilometer-wide area to be filled with volcanoes.

scorching heat filled the volcanoes

seeing this scene, the demons who came to pledge allegiance were thoroughly terrified. they all knelt on the ground and didnt dare to raise their heads.

the bloodline pressure emitted by the flame demon monarch made these demons afraid of having any other thoughts. they all pledged their eternal loyalty to the flame demon monarch.

after shocking these demons, who were kowtowing so sincerely that their spine could be seen, lin yun felt that he should return.

an altar was built in the demiplane, and then a sacrificial altar was built into the volcanic range. that way, bajiao, who had already awakened his evil bone demon bloodline, could offer the resources lin yun needed as an offering through the sacrificial altar, and the resources would end up being receptioned in lin yuns demiplane.

that receiving sacrificial altar had an abyssal rune made out of lin yuns own blood, which could be treated as lin yun personally receptioning the offerings.

moreover, with the large amount of eternal dark gold, defenses were building around the demiplane, and there was no need to worry that someone would find the demiplane because of the sacrificial altars array.

he let his subordinates know that their great overlord was going into slumber and that they had to carefully guard his territory and not disturb him regardless of what happens. then, lin yun jumped into that biggest volcano.

he roused that sacrificial power and felt a huge power wrapping around his soul as it rushed out of the abyss.

in that radiant tunnel, lin yun sailed against the flow while that power was continuously being consumed.

after rushing out of that abyssal gate, lin yuns soul guided him back to his own body. as he entered his body, wisps of mana slowly flickered on the surface of his body. life aura and soul fluctuations also slowly appeared.

in the abyss, cross was the fastest to break through to the heaven rank as a former peak 3rd rank heaven powerhouse. if not for lin yun leaving the abyss before advancing, the first person to return should have been cross.

his huge demonic body thoroughly burst and all of his life and power were used to deliver his soul back. a demon overlord had fallen.

on another side, clombton, who seemed to have fallen in the nastiest place, had no choice but to start using his demonic body to comprehend the law of shadow. cross had left for less than a month when clombton unhesitantly exploded his own body to send his soul back to the raging flame plane.

as for the others, they almost all advanced to level 39. morgan was the luckiest one and used the undergrounds resources to quickly advance to the heaven rank.

he was followed by slythrin, who had obtained lin yuns territory.

in less than a year, regardless of how smooth it had been, almost all the humans and beastmen heaven rank powerhouses advanced their demonic body to the heaven rank.

but they had exploded their demonic bodies, using the life and power of their bodies to deliver their souls back to the raging flame plane.

within that thick fog of rebirth, the corpse-like bodies began emitting mana fluctuations and life fluctuations one after another.

aside from the pitiful souls that fell in the abyss, everyone slowly regained consciousness.

the flow of time in the abyss and the raging flame plane was apparently different, or it might have been because the fog of rebirth weakened the river of time.

within three days, the people who had fallen asleep within the fog of rebirth awakened one after another.

lin yun was the first to regain consciousness. after awakening, the power of the fog of rebirth that seemed to cover his perception and soul power seemed to have disappeared. it looked like only a thin layer of fog remained in the air.

within the fog of rebirth, the bodies of the heaven rank powerhouses seemed to have sunk into a self-protection state and shields had been raised. lin yun found slythrins body, as per their agreement and dragged him a fair distance away.

after all, humans and beastmen werent especially friendly towards one another, just like how the hatred between sky city and the blood bone beastmen was deeper than their hatred of other forces.

it didnt matter if they were cooperating now, if there was an opportunity, they would unhesitantly get rid of others unnoticed.

lin yun pushed the sandball containing slythrin to one side, and after thinking for a bit, he gathered the bodies of the other human beings within the fog of rebirth. as for the beastmen, the separated ones were also kicked together.

after all, this was a critical time in the raging flame plane. others might not know, but lin yun was clearly aware of the course of history. the raging flame planes power would be thoroughly devoured by the ancient god and the raging flame plane would be thoroughly destroyed.

if history repeated itself, then heaven rank powerhouses would have definitely come here, but there definitely wouldnt have been that many.

they might have already been annihilated before reaching the depths of the holy mountain. after all, the previous demon overlords and the fog of rebirth wasnt something a few heaven rank powerhouses would be able to deal with. if there had only been ten heaven rank powerhouses, then they would have already been annihilated.

as time passed, the humans and beastmens heaven rank powerhouses slowly regained consciousness, but after three days, there were still six heaven rank powerhouses that had yet to regain consciousness within the fog of rebirth.

on the human side, aside from birbo and dubois, there was also one of the new heaven rank powerhouses. as for the beastmen, there was bronze beastman steer, as well as a black iron beastman, and a blood fang beastman.

from those that didnt wake up, dubois and birbos life aura were continuously dropping and their mana was slowly dissipating. everyone could see with a single glance that it was because their souls had already been destroyed. even if their bodies had the protection of the fog of rebirth, it couldnt continue supporting them.

as for the remaining people, their bodies no longer had any mind fluctuation and their autonomous defenses were already dissipating. their life aura was fading away.

this meant that their reincarnation in the abyss had already died and their souls had fallen in the abyss, passing into oblivion, unless they met a kind greater demon overlord that personally saved them from their fate and sent them back.

but, everyone knew that if the soul of a heaven rank beastman or human fell in the abyss, the kindest demon would at most not devour their souls right away.

the power of the six bodies was clearly dissipating. once their power thoroughly dissipated, they would transform into ashes, disappearing forever.

"the abyss is indeed dangerous. i hadnt expected so many people to have fallen. thankfully i was lucky and reincarnated underground. there was only a slumbering black dragon overlord there

"these unlucky guys might have died soon after reincarnating, so pitiful. their souls were destroyed, but its always better than falling into the abyss. its always better than encountering a disgusting abyssal devil king.

"wanting to die would be impossible, and they would have to suffer millennia of painful torture before they could die."

morgan sighed with apprehension, fear still visible on his face.

as for the others, their expressions werent so good either. clombtons complexion was the most unsightly. as a holy light mage, falling into the abyss was no different than a holy light angel falling into the abyss, even if it had only been his soul.

he had to go against his principles as a holy light mage and practice shadow power, that degenerated power in the eyes of holy light mages.

"sir clombton, there is no need to brood over it. the holy lights radiance would forever shine onto you. this was part of the ancient gods plot after all.

"the body in the abyss has already turned to ashes and your soul hasnt been contaminated or corrupted"

butler comforted clombton from the side. he had comprehended the light law, but holy light mages imposed even stricter requirements upon themselves.

many ordinary light mages only felt that shadow was just another facet of light and that there was no big deal.

with butlers comfort, clombtons complexion became a lot better than earlier, even if he still couldnt accept that conclusion.

"eh, i feel that my power has strengthened. it might not take long before i can advance to the 2nd rank!"

after comforting clombton, butler suddenly discovered this and loudly exclaimed.

after hearing this, the others immediately sensed their own bodies and everyone felt that they had become stronger.

"thats true, i also feel stronger. my mana hasnt grown much, but my understanding of the laws greatly improved. im a lot more powerful than before"

"right, my understanding of the law has stagnated for a dozen years, but it now increased a bit. my strength increased by at least 10%"

"im already at the peak of the 1st rank. i might reach the 2nd rank within a few years!"

lin yun didnt speak, he also felt that his own understanding of the laws had increased quite a bit, just not as much as these people.

it was because these people were heaven rank powerhouses, they had advanced to the heaven rank once again within the abyss and their understanding of the laws had deepened.

but from the start, lin yun hadnt advanced to the heaven rank. although he had some gains, it wasnt as much as the others.

but lin yun had gotten even better benefits. the constant wars and battles of the abyss not only didnt pollute his soul, it instead vented the negative thoughts and impurities within his soul.

these would benefit his breakthrough and simply couldnt be put into words. because even when noscent developed to its peak, the mages were unable to use formulas to make these benefits clear.

but that concept was a fact. when advancing to the heaven rank, the purer ones soul was, the more benefits one would gain down the line. and those were invisible, the higher the rank, the greater the influence. reportedly, the soul was the main influence in taking one more step at the peak of the heaven rank.

whats more, lin yun had yet to destroy that flame demon monarchs body in the abyss and had even constructed a sacrificial altar.

in the future, the special products produced within his territory would be delivered to the altar in lin yuns demiplane through the sacrificial altar.

that mine of eternal dark gold would be enough to reinforce the entire demiplane. moreover, the demiplane was still maturing and the eternal dark gold would thoroughly merge with the demiplane as it grew.

at this time, no eternal dark gold could be found and its defensive abilities would instead fuse with the growing demiplane.

from that point on, it would be impossible for the natural demiplane to be disturbed by spacetime storms, void storms, elemental storms, and other external threats.

along with the steady flow of natural resources from the abyss, many of those special products were low level materials in the abyss that could be traded for a large amount of precious materials in noscent.

they werent just a few dozen times more expensive, it was a few hundred times. it was a lot more profitable than the golden transformation potion.

lin yun didnt pay attention to the others and calmly looked to the side.

the experience in the abyss made many people gain some benefits. after all, after reaching the heaven rank, progress wasnt just a matter of mana. although the mana requirement was scary high, this could be reached overtime. one just had to spend all their energy into gathering mana, and their mana would keep on increasing.

but the comprehension of laws wasnt something that would deepen overtime. every old heaven rank was stuck because of the comprehension of laws.

especially clombton, this peak 3rd rank heaven powerhouse. comprehension of laws was more important to him. it looked like he might advance any time, but if he made no progress in his law comprehension, he would never be able to reach the 4th rank.

the bottleneck of the 4th rank wasnt easy to cross.

the increase in strength took everyones minds off their experiences in the abyss.

but suddenly, birbos body seemed to have experienced countless years of decay and dissipated into ashes.

three humans heaven rank powerhouses and three beastman heaven rank powerhouses turned to ashes and dissipated

everyone turned silent. they had previously faced the holy mountain incarnation and two dozen demon overlords with armies of tens of thousands abyssal lifeforms.

yet not a single heaven rank powerhouse had died then. but now, they had just entered the fog of rebirth, that ancient god hadnt made a move, nor had any demon overlord, but they lost six heaven rank powerhouses!

morgan looked at birbos corpse dissipating and sneered.

"that kind of rat that only knows how to assassinate should have been targeting the weakest opponent after entering the abyss.

"serves you right. stupid filthy woman. she deserved to have been eliminated by demons!"

the surrounding people didnt speak. the reputation of the shadow tower wasnt very good, but they didnt dare to offend extremely powerful forces and powerhouses, so the major forces didnt feel like paying attention to them.

these guys survival abilities were very powerful. they hadnt even been eradicated after being surrounded and pressured twice. it was only later that some paid attention to them. but everyone would only feel joy upon the death of a shadow towers mage, no one would take the initiative to help them out.

the abyss was filled with chaos and war. even the souls of heaven rank powerhouses could be killed by a small demons right of the bat after entering.

it was very normal for them to be eliminated if they were unlucky. it was normal for a heaven rank powerhouses soul without the power of the heaven rank to die.

no one felt anything strange about their deaths, they only felt that they had run out of luck. even if they had the feeling that something happened, they didnt wish to investigate.

everyone felt that these guys must have been killed by allies, but no one cared. they had already died after all, and it had been in the abyss.

morgan sneered and glanced at slythrin. the latter had a very strange expression.

birbo and that bronze beastman called steer apparently plotted against sir merlin before, unfortunately, they failed. now, they both died in the abyss.

but is that related to sir merlin?

and that guy called dubois seemed to have almost killed sir merlin before, and his fort had been occupied by sir merlin. this was a huge loss of reputation. i heard that he previously said that he would make sir merlin pay the price.

that guy also died in the abyss? had he also been eliminated by sir merlin?

but how come that slythrin didnt die? i heard that he wanted to avenge his nephew who had been buried in the endless desert.

just now, sir merlin was the first to awaken and our bodies should have been gathered together by sir merlin, including slythrins.

he didnt silently silence slythrin? was i wrong?

did that rats death have nothing to do with sir merlin? did that lightning mage and the bronze beastman accidentally die in the abyss?