End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167 Two Souls

Morgan was puzzled, but he wasnt the only one. The others had the same thought process as Morgan and didnt think that Lin Yun had killed the few of them.

After all, in the Abyss, strength was directly related to the Demon they had reincarnated as. Whether they were powerful or weak depended on their Demonic Bloodline. Although this wasnt absolute, it was the most important factor.

Since Lin Yun could help Slythrin protect his body, then that meant that he definitely didnt care about their previous grudge, or at the very least, he took the big picture into consideration. Birbo and the others must have died in the Abyss due to terrible luck.

Clombton occasionally looked at Lin Yun with an admirative gaze, and even Cross felt that Lin Yun was a lot more pleasing to the eyes.

No one doubted Lin Yun aside from Slythrin who knew the truth, but he stayed hidden within the group.

In any case, the mages of the Quicksand Tower were like that to begin with. They felt disinclined to speak when there were many people.

Slythrin looked at Morgan approaching Lin Yun and saying that it was a shame that he hadnt taken advantage of the Abyss to get rid of the few people that would make a move against their own allies. He would never have the opportunity to avenge himself if their souls were destroyed.

Morgan had lowered his voice, but Slythrin had definitely heard his words and cold sweat was slowly trickling down his forehead. Fortunately, his robe was covering his face and his body was still covered in a layer of sand, so no one noticed.

Damnit, that simple-minded Morgan. Sh*t, he would have still been a puny Archmage that wouldnt have advanced within a few decades if he hadnt been hugging Mafa Merlins thigh.

Mafa Merlin didnt kill them?

What a joke, how could those guys call themselves Heaven Rank powerhouses then? Even as a weak Demon, they should still have the ability to escape from danger. Its not like a Demon Overlord was waiting for them as they awakened.

Apart from a terrifying guy like Mafa Merlin, could those greedy, brutal, selfish, and afraid of death Demons be able to kill those capable Heaven Rank powerhouses?

Of those poor unfortunate souls, three of them were Mafa Merlins enemies. Their falls are definitely related to Mafa Merlin!

Dubois lost his reputation as a mage and became the mount of a Demon before being eliminated by Mafa Merlin. As for Birbo and that Bronze Beastman, although its unclear, it must have been related to Mafa Merlin.

I was able to live because I lowered my head and didnt recklessly provoke Mafa Merlin like these idiots.

Is Mafa Merlin that simple? Those stupid guys didnt even think whether Mafa Merlin would initiate a deadly counterattack.

I heard that he could already burst out with the strength of a Heaven Rank powerhouse as an 8th Rank Archmage And he is already a Peak 9th Rank Archmage able to step into the Heaven Rank at any time.

Once this guy steps into the Heaven Rank, 1st Rank Heaven Mages would be like harmless babies in front of him, he would only need to use a little bit of strength to get rid of them.

Moreover, he was able to summon his Magic Tools with his soul in the Abyss. Damn, how did that come about? Ive yet to figure out.

But who cares. In any case, Mafa Merlin already let me off, so I need to have a very good relationship with him in the future. Who knows what path this terrifying guy would take in the future.

My nephew, who I hadnt seen for so many years, must have taken the initiative to provoke Mafa Merlin, otherwise he wouldnt have been killed.

Whatever, I have no idea anyway. I managed to survive and those guys deserved to die

With Slythrin alive, no one thought that the deaths of those people had been caused by Lin Yun. Lin Yun had a chance to kill Slythrin but hadnt done so, helping everyone instead.

The fall of six Heaven Rank powerhouses didnt really decrease their groups strength. Instead, the fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses were brimming with power and their overall power might have been stronger than their previous team of 20.

These guys fighting strength increased by at least 10%, so with the fourteen of them, their group was definitely stronger than before.

Especially Clombton and Cross, these two showed some faint signs of being on the verge of advancing to the 4th Rank. And they could already completely crush their previous selves as they are.

After all, after entering the Heaven Rank, a little gap would make the balance between victory and defeat tilt towards one side.

The Fog of Rebirth had lost its effect towards them. Or it might be better to say that as long as their souls didnt take the initiative to come in contact with the Fog of Rebirth, then this place would only be a foggy area.

They continued towards the depths of the Holy Mountain and didnt walk far before they faintly heard two voices quarrelling.

Those two voices apparently had a hint of the Laws and ignored everyones defenses as they spread and directly pierced their bodies, pouring into everyones souls.

Faintly, it felt as if souls were mumbling beside their own souls. Every quiet voice seemed to be containing terrifying Laws that they couldnt understand. It seemed that the words they spoke represented the Laws!

Everyone was alarmed, Lin Yun was also surprised

They promptly sped up and rushed out of the Fog of Rebirth. Once they were out, they reached the deepest part of the Holy Mountain. This place had once been filled with the most powerful power of the Raging Flame Plane and was the closest place to the origin of the Raging Flame plane, it had been filled with abundant mana.

There was a huge ancient temple there. The Raging Flame Beastmen had been willing to use plenty of previous metals and materials to construct this temple and a bunch of great shrines in the depths of the Holy Mountain.

But this place had completely changed. Those great shrines had disappeared, and that biggest temple also disappeared.

The surroundings seemed to have turned into a vast starry sky and a huge throne stood there. The throne was at least a kilometer in height and three to four kilometers in width.

When looking closely at the materials used to construct the throne, the remains of many shrines could be seen.

The shrines and the temple had been destroyed and converged into an incomparably huge throne filled with a dense sinister power. The remains of the temples were chaotically assembled, and if one were to carefully look, they would discover a hard to comprehend terrifying power within.

It seemed to be an extremely complex rune, and there was an even stronger power. Lin Yun carefully looked at the throne, but didnt dare to throw a second look. He even caught a faint aura which nearly made the Magic Array explode from its own computing ability.

This wasnt the most frightening part, the most frightening aura came from the huge shadow sitting on the throne.

A lofty six-kilometer-tall figure was sitting on the throne, his height made it impossible for everyone to look above his chest as his head seemed to have already pierced through the endless void. A part of the void was enveloping that area and it looked like he had no head.

His skin was ashen black and it looked like he had been sitting there since the river of time started flowing, as the dust covering his body had turned into solid rock.

Black smoke curled around most parts of his body. He was just sitting there, calmly towering above the world.

Everyone felt very small as they looked at his body, and this feeling became more and more intense as time passed. An indescribable despair and sense of powerlessness flooded their souls.


Thats the Ancient God! The body of an Ancient God that had been slumbering for who knows how many years!

The body of the 73rd God!

Lin Yun glanced at the 73rd Gods body and couldnt help moving his gaze away, not daring to keep looking.

There was almost no power leakage coming from the Gods body, but it was already so powerful that he didnt have the qualifications to look upon the Gods appearance.

It wasnt that the 73rd Gods head was squeezed into the endless void, but rather, the 73rd Gods power was too powerful and their eyes simply couldnt see through the faint power released by the God to see his appearance.

Lin Yuns mind shook.

He used to think about how powerful the Gods had been, but now, the body of an Ancient God was in front of them. Even if it had only been slumbering for countless years and barely emitted any power, he still didnt have the qualifications to gaze upon his appearance.

This Gods body was only a body without the most important soul. To a living God, facing this body was the same as facing an ordinary magic beast.

But it was already powerful to that extent.

After looking at this Gods body, everyone, including Clombton and Cross who were only a step away from the 4th rank, already gave up on destroying the Gods body.

How ignorant had they been to want to destroy a Gods body. It was like ants wanting to destroy the Holy Mountain. This was a huge joke.

The Gods body was here, but who would have thought that they would be unable to destroy this Gods body. This was simply impossible.

The fourteen most powerful Heaven Rank powerhouses of the Raging Flame Plane stood at the entrance of this seemingly boundless starry sky-like world, foolishly looking at the body of the Ancient God.

Up until an angry shout roused them up.

"Enough! You have already gone insane! How could you think of destroying the world!"

A voice full of dignity exploded within the space, or it could be said to be exploding within everyones souls. No one could make the difference.

But following that voice, a sinister voice full of madness and wickedness echoed.

"Why cant the world be destroyed? Im only destroying this loathsome world, this is what we should be doing.

"We could have been born smoothly, but we ended up like that because of this damned world. Destroy it, we have to destroy it. Only by destroying it will I be able to get free.

"Destroy, must destroy, destroy it, destroy it"

The wicked voice full of madness crazily echoed, and that voice revolved against that huge Gods body, and it was filled with boundless power.

The space surrounding the Gods body was like a mirror being shattered, bursting into countless fragments as an aura of destruction surrounded the Gods body.

A large void space was now surrounding the Gods body, but the shattering space simply couldnt harm the Gods body. And because of the pressure of the Gods body, the shattered space could only revolve around the Gods body, no power leaked.

From outside, it was like all the destruction power was forcibly tearing the Gods body apart and the Gods body was bearing all that power.

Cold sweat slowly trickled down Lin Yuns forehead as he sized up that boundless starry sky-like void world.

God Nation, this place is that damned 73rd Gods God Nation!

Everything here was birthed because of that God and that 73rd God is equivalent to the only celestial body in this boundless starry sky.

His huge body might be a lot bigger than we think. Everything here, even the space, seems to have been attracted by his body. The huge gravitational force suppressed everything and made the space here unshatterable!

No one dared to say anything after entering this place. They were all pale and calmly stood at the edge of the starry sky, calmly waiting for those two voices carrying endless power to continue speaking.

"Have you forgotten what happened to us? Damn guy, why are you still not dead?! Damnit, damnit, damnit"

The sinister and crazy voice kept shouting as the black smoke covering the surface of his body transformed into terrifying and malevolent demonic heads that let out crazy roars.

The restored space around the Gods body collapsed once again and those malevolent hundred-meter-big demonic heads containing terrifying power were shattered into fragments alongside the restored space.

The power that was capable of tearing Heaven Rank powerhouses to pieces was instantly suppressed by the Gods body and fell onto the Gods body, but that power was like a gust of wind falling onto steel.

The dust accumulated onto the Gods body hadnt fluctuated at all.

The sinister and crazy voice finished venting when that voice full of dignity and wisdom echoed once again.

"How could I forget, we were the last God to be born. We still hadnt been born into the world up until the end of the golden age.

"You should be rejoicing that we were born after that disaster. If we had been born before the disaster, we might have already fallen"

The dignified voice had yet to finish his answer before the wicked and crazy voice rudely interrupted him.

"Its all nonsense, filthy and stinky quibble. I would have rather been born before that disaster, I would have rather perished, look at what happened now.

"Look at what that damned disaster, that damned Noscent brought up.

"Souls, two souls. It made you, that guy who shouldnt have appeared, appear. If not for you, if not for that damned world, how could I end up like this?

"Damnit, damn it all. Everything has to be destroyed"

The dignified voice didnt get angry about being interrupted and coldly continued, "No, Del Rovana, you should clearly understand that we were originally a whole, and that it was only because of the effect of the disaster that we ended up being born with two souls, none of us is superfluous.

"This was only an accident.

"We came to the Raging Flame Plane and fell asleep here, hoping to rely on the power of time to recover from the accident that birthed both of us.

"But you got ambitious and wanted to control this body alone, still fighting to obtain the strongest power of the past.

"Just look at what you are doing. In order to kill me and gain the sole ownership of this body, you didnt spare a thought at borrowing the power of the Abyss. That sinister power has already polluted the body and even transformed you into those arrogant, crazy, sinister, and cruel Demons. You have already lost yourself

"In order to control the body, you even abandoned yourself and reincarnated in the Abyss to become a filthy Demon.

"Am I wrong? Del Rovana."

As he heard that name, the cloud shrouding Lin Yuns mind cleared up.

Damn, Del Rovana It turned out to be like this. No wonder the Abyssal Gate opened to the 333rd layer.

No wonder Greater Demon Overlord Del Rovana was so famous in the Abyss and even an Abyss world was named after her.

Damn, it turned out to be like this, she was the 73rd God

The 73rd God was already being nurtured during the Mythological Era, but it was nurtured successfully as the disaster descended and was born after the end of the Era of Gods.

It seems that if not for that disaster, the 73rd God might have been the most powerful God since it needed such a long time to be nurtured.

No wonder there was no trace or news of the 73rd God after the God Era, it was because it had been affected by the disaster and was born with two souls.

After its birth, it immediately sank into a slumber in the Raging Flame Plane.

But the two souls started fighting over the control of their body in order to restore the former glory of the Gods.

One of the souls even reincarnated in the Abyss and became the Greater Overlord of a vast territory intimidating other Greater Demon Overlords. But it reincarnated as a female.

Greater Demon Overlord Del Rovana. No wonder this slumbering Great Demon Overlord didnt wake up when a powerhouse above the Heaven Rank fell into her layer.

Even in the history of the Abyss, this Greater Demon Overlord never awakened after sinking into slumber, even when Noscent was being destroyed.

It turned out that she was a Demon reincarnated from one of the souls of the 73rd God. After Del Rovanas soul left the Abyss, her Greater Demon Overlords body fell into a deep slumber, or might have dissipated forever.

Del Rovana was famous in the Abyss for the savage methods she used to get rid of a Greater Demon Overlord and plunder his 333rd layer, as well as for getting rid of two Greater Demon Overlords, and an unknown number of Demon Overlords.

If not for her fame, her layer would have already been invaded by other Greater Demon Overlords.