End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 Del Rovana

Unfortunately, no one confirmed Del Rovanas death as no one dared to provoke her. Even if Del Rovana never showed up again, no Demon would dare to do something like that.

Lin Yun was stunned by the news and felt that there seemed to be some special information hidden within.

But before Lin Yun could understand it, the wicked and crazy voice echoed once again.

"Norrick! You b*stard, if not for you stopping me, I would have already been in control of the body and regained the glory of the old days, letting the radiance of the Gods shine once again on Noscent.

"No, I would have already destroyed that damned world and buried everything along with it. Everything would have been destroyed, everything would have been over.

"But its because of you. For the sake of stopping me, you actually cut off spacetime and banished me there while you had no choice but to reincarnate into a filthy ugly Beastman. Unfortunately for you, you cant stop me this time.

"A puny Beastman doesnt have the qualifications to be my opponent. What can you do now, Norrick?"


The Raging Flame Emperor!

Lin Yun was a bit stunned.

Damn, the Raging Flame Emperor is the reincarnation of one of the souls of the 73rd God?

What the hell is going on How could those expert grave diggers not discover this in the future?

Sh*t, its actually the Raging Flame Emperor

No wonder the Raging Flame Emperor used the fastest time to unify the entire Raging Flame Plane after being born.

Red Beard definitely didnt know this information, he most certainly wasnt aware that the Raging Flame Emperor was one of the souls of the 73rd God.

As for Constance, maybe he also didnt know. No

Constance might have already known, he definitely hadnt chosen the Raging Flame Plane carelessly.

This place had definitely been hiding some secrets, but what was it?

Damnit, I dont understand, the more I think about it, the more chaotic this is.

Id been puzzled, the Greater Demon Overlord wreaked havoc until an old Beastman severed spacetime and used the souls of all the warriors to seal the Greater Demon Overlord within that severed spacetime.

But the 73rd God was another matter The Raging Flame Plane had no records of this, only the source of the Raging Flame Plane has some vague cryptic information.

The power to sever spacetime and banish that spacetime had a lot higher requirements than barely sealing that Greater Demon Overlord

Now I understand. It was the Raging Flame Emperor

The other soul of the 73rd God reincarnated was the Raging Flame Emperor!

Only the Raging Flame Emperor had this kind of power Or it could be said that only he could accomplish this feat, because the one he was banishing was himself.

The large amount of information was analyzed by Lin Yun, but it terrified the others.

Cross was foolishly looking at the void starry sky world.

The name of the Greater Demon Lord of the 333rd layer might be something that Beastmen didnt know.

Moreover, in the 333rd layer, the name of that Greater Demon Overlord was taboo. Even when the name of that layer was mentioned, only Greater Demon Overlords would dare to say that name.

As for other Demon Overlords, they didnt dare to say that name, who knew whether the Greater Demon Overlord would notice them and throw an Extraordinary Spell at them in a bad mood.

But the name Norrick was a name known to all Beastmen.

The Raging Flame Emperor, the greatest sovereign of the Raging Flame Plane, the only one that unified the Raging Flame. Up until now, the Raging Flame Beastmen had already been split several times, and the originally powerful Raging Flame Beastman Tribe had already been extinguished. Only the eight Tribes remained, and they werent worshiping the Raging Flame Emperor.

After learning that the Raging Flame Emperor had been the reincarnation of one of the souls of the Ancient God, the few Beastmen were stunned.

"Del Rovana, I said that as long as I was still alive, I wouldnt let you succeed!"

The Raging Flame Emperors dignified and sage voice sounded resolute.

Those words made Del Rovanas wicked and crazy voice go even more insane.

She kept cursing and shrieking, causing the space in the surroundings of the Gods body to collapse. It seemed as if the surroundings of the God were filled with black glass shards, which kept being attracted by the Gods body.

Terrifying power raged around the Gods body. The power of the two voices lingered on the surface of the Gods body and the frantic clashes of the two terrifying powers made the entire world shake. It seemed like the God was awakening.

A battle on this level wasnt something Lin Yun and the others could join. The fourteen Heaven rank powerhouses were standing at the edge of the world and looked like children who saw mages for the first time. Their mouths were wide open, but they were horrified.

"Sh*t, such terrifying power. So this is the power of a God?"

Morgans legs were shivering and he was as pale as a corpse. He even started stuttering.

And on the side, the strongest Clombton was also pale. He couldnt help setting up his Holy Light Shield. Numerous law runes were flickering on the surface of the shield.

This wasnt an attack, but Clombton already couldnt remain calm.

The Raging Flame Emperor and Del Rovanas fight was limited to the surface of the Gods body and no fluctuation spread out. But just seeing that scene let everyone know that if they entered that area, the aftermath alone would tear everyone apart and their souls wouldnt even be left behind.

"Stupid Norrick, dont try to stop me. No one can stop me! This time, Ill definitely be able to destroy this world, no, all planes.

"Everyone, everything would be buried with us, everything"

"Del Rovana, this is our shared body. You think you can use the power of that body to defeat me? Itll never be possible.

"I said that as long as I was alive, you would never have your way. You have already gone crazy, you are no longer the Del Rovana I knew. Ill stop you, not just for you, but for us."

The Raging Flame Emperors voice was still resolute.

The powers revolving around the Gods body clashed even more fiercely. The Gods body could no longer be seen clearly, it was completely covered in spatial fragments and berserk power.

The equilibrium still remained after over half an hour of fighting.

The Gods power belonged to the Raging Flame Emperor, but it also belonged to Del Rovana. They were using their own power to deal with themselves. And the two souls were still fighting over the destruction of the world, there was no end to it.

Suddenly, boundless black smoke flew out of the body of the Ancient God. The dense black smoke quickly gathered outside the gravitational pull of the Gods body and condensed into a huge completely pitch-black Demon.

After the huge demonic body condensed, the boundless black smoke poured into that body like a flood.

The originally several-dozen-meter-tall pitch-black Demon rapidly grew taller. After a few seconds, it reached over a kilometer in height.

She had two curled horns and pitch-black eyes. Ink-like black flames curled around her body covered in black scales and sharp spikes could be seen at her joints.

The two demonic wings spreading behind her were like two curtains hiding the starry sky, and space rippled with every sweep of her long tail.

A storm of malice and madness flooded the entire world and everyone standing on the edge felt the terrifying pressure. Even Clombton and Cross had solemn expressions as they released their shields and aura to resist. As for the others, the pressure they felt was even greater, it seemed that their souls were suppressed by the aura.

"Norrick, I dont need the power of the body to destroy this damned world. Let me see how you plan on stopping me!"

Del Rovana shouted crazily and turned, as if she was about to leave this world.

Suddenly, the other power separated itself from the Gods body and condensed in midair. The red-colored radiance converged and the silhouette of the Raging Flame Emperor appeared in the air.

As he appeared, the Raging Flame Emperor chased Del Rovana. He extended his hands and a golden red greatsword appeared in his hands.

The Raging Flame Emperor held the hundred-meter-long greatsword as if it was as light as a stick and he ruthlessly slashed towards Del Rovanas back.

But Del Rovana instantly turned and pitch-black demonic claws appeared beside the greatsword and slapped away the Raging Flame Emperors greatsword, before another several-dozen-meter-big claws fell upon the Raging Flame Emperors body.

A golden red radiance blossomed in front of Del Rovanas claws and blocked her premeditated blow, but Norrick was still sent flying.

The golden red radiance transformed into a several-dozen-meter-big sphere of light. The golden red greatsword pierced through the light and instantly pierced Del Rovanas claws several hundred meters away.

Sparks instantly flew out, it was as if two sharp blades were colliding against each other. Sharp sounds echoed and created ripples in the air. The pitch-black smoke and the golden red radiance were instantly turned into pieces by these ripples.

Del Rovana let out a sharp crazy laugh.

"Norrick, you are still holding onto you feelings. You knew this was a trap, yet you unhesitantly jumped head first.

"Stupid, idiot!

"Next to the body you can borrow its power to block me, but have you forgotten that after you lose the power of the body, you are merely a lowly weak Beastman, a vermin that used to be treated as a slave.

"You want to stop me by relying on that power?

"Wrong choice. Norric, you are already dead. Ive forgotten how many years it has been, but I can finally kill you now.

"After killing you, no one would be able to stop me. Idiot, stupid Beastman. Drop dead"

Del Rovana swung her claws and boundless black smoke transformed into demonic heads spheres covered in black flames and dragging long trails behind. They fell onto the Raging Flame Emperor like rain.

A terrifying aura shrouded the surroundings, thoroughly enveloping the Raging Flame Emperor. A faint angry look could be seen on the Raging Flame Emperors face and the hundred-meter-long greatsword in Norricks hands turned into an afterimage.

Golden red rays of light flashed and the dozen demonic heads burning with flames were turned into pieces by the slash. But there was really too many of those sinisters demonic heads.

Del Rovana used her demonic casting abilities to frantically suppress the Raging Flame Emperor, and her huge demonic body was rapidly approaching the Raging Flame Emperor.

Her huge claws stretched into the pitch-black rain and ruthlessly slapped the body of the Raging Flame Emperor.

In the air, a golden red trail spread across a few dozen kilometers with the body of the Raging Flame Emperor appearing at the end.

As he appeared visible the greatsword the Raging Flame Emperor had condensed thoroughly collapsed and his body was covered in blood.

The direct hit wounded the Raging Flame Emperor and he lost his evenly matched control over the Gods body. The Raging Flame Emperor simply wasnt Del Rovanas match.

Del Rovana laughed crazily. Dense black smoke was covering her body and even more black smoke poured in from the void.

That was the power from the Abyss. The power from the Abyssal layers she controlled could be borrowed, not to mention forcibly extracted. Her power was boundless and kept on increasing.

As for the Raging Flame Emperor, he was unable to borrow the power of the Raging Flame Plane. He had once been the ruler of the Raging Flame Plane and the only person in control, but now, the Raging Flame Planes source was already dwindling and no external force could draw support from it.

He could only use his own power to withstand Del Rovana. Not to mention, the Raging Flame Emperor had been asleep for a few dozen millenia. Who knew what happened to him, but his power wasnt equal to Del Rovana.

If this continued, it wouldnt take long before the Raging Flame Emperor was pressured into death by Del Rovana.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun started recalling the course of history. The current situation should have happened a lot later. Humans didnt defeat the Raging Flame Beastmen that quickly.

At that time, the losses on both sides were relatively great, and it was simply impossible for powerhouses to enter the Holy Mountain to check. They would have died before reaching the depths.

The only one that could stop Del Rovana was the Raging Flame Emperor. But clearly, the Raging Flame Emperor didnt have a way to suppress this crazy Demon.

Ultimately, the Raging Flame Emperor would be pressured to death and Del Rovana would smoothly devour the mana of the entire Raging Flame Plane, turning the Raging Flame into a dead world.

The golden red radiance and endless black smoke clashed in the air. No matter if it was the Raging Flame Emperor, or Del Rovana, either of them could get rid of everyone here.

Everyone could see that Del Rovana and the Raging Flame Emperors bodies were flickering from time to time as they clashed.

A loud sound echoed, it sounded as if a bubble was popped. The golden red radiance transformed into a sphere that instantly expanded to four hundred meters. The black smoke transformed into extremely fierce sinister tentacles that firmly coiled around that golden red light sphere.

After a few seconds, the Raging Flame Emperor let out a deep suppressed roar, while Del Rovana let out a triumphant roar. The sphere the golden red radiance had turned into rapidly exploded, and the surrounding space started slowly collapsing.

That pure golden red radiance was like a crystal shattering into pieces. The ugly tentacles on the surface of the pure golden colored sphere of light also collapsed back into black smoke.

After all the fragments shattered, they started collapsing towards the center. Apparently, there was a passage leading to the endless void and everything was forcibly torn apart.

The radiant fragment and thick black smoke were all drawn into that lightless pitch-black passage. Even if Del Rovana relied on the power of the Abyss to form that flood of black smoke, she still couldnt struggle free of that pitch-black passages pressure.

"Del Rovana, I can no longer suppress you, but I can still banish you. Even if you cant die, I can still drag you down for a few millennia."

The Raging Flame Emperor sounded exhausted. Within the black smoke, Del Rovana let out an angry roar mixed with laughter.

"Norrick, you are underestimating me too much. Im no longer my former self, Ive already absorbed the Raging Flame Planes source power. Ive already devoured this places mana. Do you think I dont know what you want to do?

"This is just like your majestic kindness, what a joke, a complete joke"

Amidst the crazy laughter, black smoke rapidly condensed out of that surge of abyssal power from the void. It seemed like a terrifying monster was hiding inside the black smoke.

Fierce and ugly tentacles covered in some sort of thick sticky liquid came out of the black smoke. They were several-dozen-meter-thick and several-kilometer-long and rushed towards that shattered space one after another.

A spatial fragment tore one apart, but even more tentacles proceeded to enter that darkness.

After a few seconds, the space started fiercely shaking, and the shattered space slowly recovered under the God Nations power.

In midair, only a kilometer-big black hole calmly floated there as all power was devoured by that black hole.

Moreover, there were still several dozen thick tentacles stretching towards the inside of the black hole. Del Rovanas huge demonic body was slowly being pulled out.

These tentacles were stretched taut, but they were unable to bear with the black holes devouring power and kept collapsing. However, more and more tentacles appeared.

Del Rovana was slowly being pulled out of the black hole and the black flames burning within her eyes rapidly rose.

"Idiot, Norrick, Ill help you succeed in your goal. Ill make you forever sink into nothingness, to endless pain and suffering"

Del Rovana extended both hands and a crazy and evil power transformed into sinister screaming demonic heads that fell towards the black hole like meteors.