End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 A Terrifying Battle

The demonic heads kept exploding and the originally not too stable passage became even more unstable. The black hole slowly twisted and then distorted. The speed at which it was collapsing kept increasing and it wouldnt take more than a few seconds before it thoroughly collapsed.

Del Rovana laughed crazily. She even whipped at the crumbling passage to disperse the golden red light emerging from it, sealing away any chance the Raging Flame Emperor could have had to escape.

At that time, a several-kilometer-long huge tentacle whipped at the passage that had already transformed into a whirlpool. Those golden red lights grabbed onto it as if it was a rope and rushed out of that passage with the help of that tentacle. It was as if a golden red bridge of light flew out of the shattered space.

The bridge of light spread over several kilometers and the silhouette of the Raging Flame Emperor could be seen at the end. As for Del Rovanas tentacle, it was torn apart within the collapsed passage, almost pulling Del Rovana in.

The Raging Flame Emperor was pale, and his shabby armor had become dilapidated. His body was covered in blood. He was like a warrior taking his last stand, powerful and tragic.

As for Del Rovana, she was covered in black smoke and only her eyes burning with black flames could be seen shining through the black smoke.

The fierce battle was extremely fast. The conclusion could be determined every single second. Who had the upper hand and who was at a disadvantage kept switching. But now, everyone could see that the Raging Flame Emperor couldnt continue fighting. If no other power joined the fight, the Raging Flame Emperor would inevitably be defeated.

Lin Yun and the others were standing at the edge of the battlefield, their complexion extremely pale. The earlier black hole was a passage leading into nothingness. There the space was pitch-black and there was no light, no sound, no air, no mana.

Even the feeling of time passing couldnt be felt there, it was an endless void. If they fell there, their fate would be even more terrifying than death. It was a never-ending torture derived from loneliness and the pitch-black darkness, it would never end.

That was the place Demons were most frightened of, yet, a kilometer-long passage to that place had been opened and maintained for more than ten seconds!

The most frightening part was that these two guys managed to escape after falling into that passage.

This wasnt a power that Low Rank Heaven powerhouses could deal with.

As the battle between the Raging Flame Emperor and Del Rovana continued, Lin Yun suddenly spoke out.

"Are you going to keep watching?"

Lin Yuns calm voice made everyone look at him. The Beastmen all had pale complexions. One of them opened his mouth as he was about to mock Lin Yun, but for some reason, he couldnt say a word.

Morgan looked at that inhuman battle with shaking legs before looking at Lin Yun with disbelief and shock.

Damn, is Sir Merlin crazy? The battle between these two guys isnt something we can handle, when they are next to the Gods body, their strength definitely exceeds the Heaven Rank.

Even now, they are incomparably stronger than Cross and Clombton, the strongest among us. We are merely weaklings that have just advanced to the Heaven Rank, how could we interfere in this kind of battle?

This must be a joke, just one of those tentacles is over a hundred meters in thickness and several-hundred-meter long. Thats the tentacle of Greater Demon Overlord!?

Roaming in the void of the endless Abyss, feeding on the remnants of some huge creatures, or even devouring some newly birthed planes. A tentacle of that kind of monster would shatter our shields and end our lives with one lash.

You still want to join the battle?

No one spoke. Clombton held his staff, the holy light power surrounding his body was stirred, but he didnt make a decision. As for Cross, his eyes had turned red, but he remained silent.

After all, those two were clearly too powerful.

"The Raging Flame Emperor might be able to kill the other one. The other side might be stronger, but she also turned crazy" A Beastman hesitantly said, and the others didnt refute this.

But Lin Yun knew the course of history. Even if it somewhat changed, there wouldnt be a huge difference. At least, if the power behind the changes wasnt great enough, the ending was foreordained.

And in history, Del Rovana ended up devouring the entire Raging Flame Plane. Without any external help, the Raging Flame Emperor would inevitably be defeated.

Unfortunately, he couldnt explain this to the others.

Lin Yun took a step forward and took out his Draconic Staff. The Book of Death was in his left hand. Enderfa and the Spell Wheel floated on Lin Yuns right while the Book of Mantras and Syudos floated on Lin Yuns left.

Fierce mana gushed out of Lin Yuns body like a berserk tide. It transformed into ripples that kept spreading towards the surroundings. Droplets floated around Lin Yun, those were liquefied dense mana. He spared no mana, and the mana was pure enough to take shape.

"The Raging Flame Emperor is very powerful, and he is also wise. But the wager is the Raging Flame Plane. As long as the Raging Flame Emperor is defeated, the Raging Flame Plane and all lives here would die.

"Even if that crazy woman leaves this place, what will happen to Noscent is a foregone conclusion. That lunatic definitely wont let Noscent off.

"Dont rely on the hope that she wont be able to find Noscents coordinates, they are the souls of the 73rd God born in Noscent."

After indifferently saying those words, Lin Yun flew towards the Raging Flame Emperor.

As for the others, their complexion thoroughly changed. No one dared to think that Lin Yun was just scaring them off.

Because Del Rovana had said those words herself, no one dared to keep watching the fighting, they didnt dare to gamble.

The price for losing the gamble would be the Raging Flame Plane and Noscent. No one doubted that this lunatic woman would do as she said.

"Damn it, get rid of her! If we have to die sooner or later, then Id rather stake it all! Fight her! I want her to remember my name!"

Morgan gnashed his teeth and stomped his foot. He then summoned his Darkness Elemental God and followed behind Lin Yun.

"The radiance of the holy light does not show concern for any mage scared of evil. All evils have to be banished and cleansed."

Clombton took out his holy light staff and followed behind them, Butler behind him. As for the other humans, they could no longer hesitate and flew out.

As the seven human Heaven Rank powerhouses made their move, Cross eyes turned red and he used his finger to cut his cheek and smear blood on the golden greatsword in his hands.

"Beastmen never surrender! Remember our precept! The Raging Flame Plane is our homeland, are we planning to rely on the despicable humans to save our homeland?

"F*ck, Id rather die than be known as a coward!"

Cross flew out with red eyes. As for the other Beastmen, they imitated Cross and cut their own cheek and smeared blood on their weapons before flying out.

This was a Beastman ritual conducted when they were about to fight to the death. Their weapons would bear the weight of their souls, and when they returned to the earth, some of their power would be inherited by the weapons and they would become a kind of totem to be passed down.

The fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses burst with their strongest might as they flew over. The Raging Flame Emperor looked over and a complex and gratified expression flashed in his eyes.

Beastmen never surrender, this was the belief that the Raging Flame Emperor had spread when conquering the Raging Flame Plane.

"A group of repulsive insects wants to shake a great Gods toe? Insects, you should obediently lie down on the ground and tremble!"

Del Rovana shouted in anger. Her berserk power turned into black smoke and burst out. The black smoke condensed into demonic heads, and thick tentacles condensed under those demonic heads before they flew towards everyone.

Even more abyssal power transformed into a powerful pressure that pressed down on everyone.

Everyone instantly felt as if they had been hit by a Medusas Petrifaction. They all went stiff and kept floating in the air. They could now feel how terrifying Del Rovanas pressure was.

Her aura alone could suppress them and keep them at bay. Let alone fight, they could only stare blankly as that terrifying tsunami of black smoke forced its way towards them.

Del Rovana angrily roared, but a faint golden red light pierced through the tide of black smoke and ruthlessly attacked Del Rovanas body, leaving behind a ten-meter-big hole in Del Rovanas chest. The Raging Flame Emperor was floating in the air, coldly looking at her.

"Del Rovana, you still have the power to take care of others while fighting against me? It looks like your intelligence has greatly suffered."

The Raging Flame Emperor roared and a hundred-meter-long golden red greatsword once again condensed in his hands. His body transformed into a ray of light and appeared before Del Rovana.

The scattered power and aura simply couldnt defend against the Raging Flame Emperor. The golden red greatsword cut through Del Rovanas defenses like a heated knife through butter.

The greatsword severed Del Rovanas head, left shoulder, and left arm.

The cut demonic arm rapidly dissipated in black smoke, as for the wound in her left shoulder, a black oily thick sticky liquid squirted out of it. Flames burnt on that black oily liquid and it rapidly condensed into the shape of an arm. After congealing, Del Rovanas arm was recovered.

But during this process, everyone could feel that Del Rovanas power had stopped crazily increasing, it even showed signs of weakening.

With an arm being chopped off, Del Rovana became cautious and no longer dared to scatter her power, she also no longer paid attention to Lin Yun and the others and focused all her power to fight the Raging Flame Emperor.

Being able to move again, everyone was a bit pale. This had been scary, only when they really faced her did they discover how terrifying the other side was.

But now that the pressure was no longer suppressing them, everyone instead became more resolute in helping the Raging Flame Emperor get rid of this crazy Demon.

"This lunatic has to be killed, we wont be able to stop her if we lose the back up of the Raging Flame Emperor. This is our only opportunity!"

Cross eyes were crimson red, the aura covering his body looked like golden crimson flames.

This was Cross igniting his Aura. The ignited Aura would disappear permanently, but the burst power would be twice as strong as usual.

If the battle wasnt over by the time his Aura was completely ignited, then his vitality and soul would be next.

This was the supreme skill of Heaven Rank warriors, only when they planned on giving up their lives would they ignite their own aura.

Clombton raised his holy light staff and a Demiplane suddenly appeared behind him. A small Angel came out of it and cooperated with Clombton to raise a Holy Light Shield in front of everyone. Possessing the power to deal against evil and similar spells made the Holy Light Shield the most suitable spell with its defensive power and endurance.

That Demiplane shadow slowly dissipated and ultimately, only holy light surged from behind him. The terrifying holy light power condensed into a pair of white wings and made Clombton look like an Archangel descended from the Holy Light Plane.

Clombtons expression was calm and resolute, and a wisp of surprise flashed in Lin Yuns eyes.

Holy Light Wings, the trump card of holy light mages, the life threatening spell kept hidden. After releasing that spell, the holy light mage would have to fight until all his power is exhausted or until he got rid of his opponent, that was the only way to dispel this spell.

Once that spell was dispelled, the holy light might be weakened for a very long time, their strength would be weakened to its minimum.

That spell was of the same nature as the Aura igniting of the Heaven Rank warriors, it was used to stake ones life.

Cross and Clombton releasing their life-threatening abilities erased the hesitation the Beastmen had. They ignited their Auras one after another.

They were ready to die, because if they couldnt get rid of that sinister and crazy monster, the entire Raging Flame Plane would perish.

As for the human Heaven Rank Mages, they staked everything in this fight.

This crazy monster was one of the two souls of the Ancient God, they couldnt imagine what she could do. Even if she couldnt use the power of a God, she was terrifyingly powerful.

Dedale controlled his three flaming spheres and his body was slowly covered in flames before it ultimately transformed into a long burning draconic head elemental lifeform.

Slythrin controlled the Endless Sand to rapidly divide until the Endless Sand covered Slythrin and turned him into an earthen yellow monster.

Butler turned into a radiant body, his entire body turned translucent and rays of light curled around him like fairies.

Morgan controlled his Darkness Elemental God and threw a large amount of buffs onto the Darkness Elemental God, making ite body expand to seven meters and strands of ink-like power curled around its body.

As for Lin Yun, he roused the power of the Equilibrium Law and a scales shadow appeared under his body. Lin Yun was like the cursor in the center of the scales. Enderfa controlled the Spell Wheel on one tray, while Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras on the other.

In an instant, the Spell Wheel and the Book of Mantras disappeared, replaced by the huge furnace of the Void Forge furnace and the four-colored radiance of the Elemental Heart.

The scales started tilting, but a huge power was rapidly and forcibly borrowed from the void. The power fell onto the Spell Wheel and made the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel reach the power of an Extraordinary Magic Tool, on par with the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

At this time, a several-dozen-meter-big wheel appeared in the air. Enderfa was in the middle of the wheel, his three faces filled with excitement.

"Damn, its only at this time that I feel like I can display a bit of power, work harder Merlin!"

They all burst with their strongest power, and of the fourteen of them, two were a step away from the 4th Rank. The bursting power they could display when they staked their lives was really terrifying.

The aura emitted by the groups burst power was impressive and Del Rovana couldnt help glancing over there.

Unfortunately, the Raging Flame Emperor wouldnt let go of this opportunity. At this time, Del Rovana was stronger than the Raging Flame Emperor, but it was limited and couldnt suppress him. As long as she scattered a bit of her power, her power wouldnt be able to fully condense back together. To the Raging Flame Emperor, Del Rovanas power would decrease by 30% to 40%.

The enraged pitch-black Demon could only use that boundless abyssal power to condense pitch-black Demons and form a demonic army to deal with the humans and Beastmen.

This little bit of distraction and scattered power allowed the Raging Flame Emperor to equalize the score. As long as he got an opportunity, he would be able to fiercely hit that irascible Demon and her Demons body would be cut piece by piece. Unfortunately, that body was only condensed and wasnt her main body.

As long as she still had power, Del Rovana would be able to quickly restore her body.

The Raging Flame Emperor and Del Rovana were in a deadlock. And on the other side, the allied forces were facing several dozen hundred-meter-tall pitch-black brainless and crazy Demons with burning eyes.

These pitch-black Demons all had the power of a Demon Overlord but didnt possess wisdom. She was purely using numbers against them, but they were all at the Heaven Rank.

There were still pitch-black Demons coming out of the long river of black smoke one after another, and they were all crazily attacking everyone.