End Of The Magic Era Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Desolate Overlord


‘Could this be a back door left behind for the prince so that people could easily go in and out? That doesn’t sound very logical’

Lin Yun kept studying the alchemy array, doubtful and on guard.

He quickly analyzed the structure of the array and found out that this array surprisingly didn’t have a mana source!

Lin Yun was shocked by this discovery. He first thought that there was a mistake in the analysis, or that there might have been some other issue with the structure of the array, and thus, Lin Yun performed another check. However, he still arrived at the same conclusion: this alchemy array didn’t have a mana source!

‘How could it be so strange?’ Lin Yun felt a headache coming up. He would understand if this alchemy array’s mana had been exhausted. After all, over a thousand years had passed since the end of the 3rd Dynasty.

But this wasn’t a problem of mana exhaustion, as there was no mana source from the start.

In other words, this alchemy array had never truly worked!

It was simply decoration!

How could a mistake like that appear in the tomb of a prince of the 3rd Dynasty?

Lin Yun thought about it for a bit, but he couldn’t understand. In the end, he could only decide to temporarily put this question to the back of his mind and start up the array.

There was no problem with this.

Lin Yun had already analyzed it twice and it could be said that he knew the alchemy array inside and out. Not having a mana source wasn’t a problem, because with his knowledge of alchemy arrays, transferring a mana source was only a matter of a few minutes and wouldn’t consume any strength.

Moreover, Lin Yun quickly realized that he didn’t even have to attach anything.

Because on his 3rd analysis, he found out that this alchemy array actually sort of did have a mana source, but it was inoperative. The alchemy array had a part that had never been activated, which was equivalent to not being non-existent. Thus, Lin Yun hadn’t found this disabled part of the alchemy array on his first two analyses. It was on the 3rd examination that he discovered this notch on the edge of the alchemy array.

Afterwards, Lin Yun thought about the whole structure of the alchemy array. Who would have been so senseless as to draw an entire alchemy array that couldn’t be activated with a mana source, wouldn’t this be a waste?

‘Whatever, I already found the mana source.’

The next step was a lot simpler, since as long as this mana source was activated, it would slightly change the structure of the array, and the Runic Shield on the Jade Rock Door would stop working.

Without the Runic Shield’s protection, it wouldn’t be impossible for Lin Yun to break open the Jade Rock Door.

Lin Yun looked into his pocket, but he only found a few inferior mana crystals.

‘Doesn’t matter, inferior mana crystals should be fine, the alchemy array doesn’t need to work for long anyway’ Apart from the inferior mana crystals, Lin Yun only had the Elemental Amber Ring and the Spiritual Magic Staff to supply mana. But those two were trump cards, so obviously he wouldn’t use them to activate this sort of alchemy array.

After Lin Yun made his decision, he put a level 5 mana crystal in the notch.

After the addition of that level 5 mana crystal, the magic nodes on the alchemy array started flickering with a faint light. That faint light also flowed through various magic circuits while the light from the level 5 mana crystal quickly dimmed, and moments later, it turned into an ordinary stone.

‘One isn’t enough’ Lin Yun thought. He fished out another level 5 mana crystal and quickly completed the swap.

The magic nodes flickered as mana flowed through the magic circuits…

Lin Yun knew that the alchemy array was about to be activated.

At this time, Lin Yun was already holding the Spiritual Magic Staff, waiting for the radiance from the Runic Shield to disappear so that he could cast his strongest spell to break open that Jade Rock Door.

“Stop, you damn thief!” But at that moment, a deep roar echoed in Lin Yun’s head.

“Fuck” Lin Yun felt a burst of confusion. He pointed his magic staff above his head and a Light spell came out from it.

At this time, Lin Yun could clearly see that above his head, a shadow was gradually being formed.

“I” Seeing that shadow, Lin Yun held his breath.

It was a Greater Demon, the Wasteland Overlord from its appearance, a ruler of the Wasteland of the Abyss’ 17th layer. An existence on par with a Heaven Mage. Not to mention this current projection that was descending, even the incarnation of a small amount of Desolation power could easily kill hundreds of Great Mages like Lin Yun.

That wasn’t an existence he could compare to.

The Greater Demons existed during the beginning of the Ashan Era. That was a true mythological era, when Gods and Devils ruled the earth. Countless powerful creatures were thriving during that period. Each of these creatures had unfathomable power, and powerful existences like Dragons were a mere common race in that time period.

The current mages were suspicious about the existence of that era, and their reasoning had been supported by many people. They believed that Noscent would never have been able to withstand the frightening power of those powerful creatures and the Gods walking on earth.

And the Greater Demons came from that era…

This kind of frightening existence that had walked on the same ground as Gods and Devils had now unexpectedly sent a projection in the tomb of a prince from the 3rd Dynasty.

In that split second, Lin Yun had one thought in his mind. ‘It’s over I’m finished!’

This simply wasn’t a power that Lin Yun could contend against.

Let alone Lin Yun, even the strongest High Mage of Thousand Sails City, Solomon, and his Archmage teacher would be like ants in front of that existence. One breath from this Desolate Overlord’s projection would be enough to crush their bodies.

“Shameful thief, you have the cheek to disturb Lord Jalax’s sleep! Despicable thief, you’ll pay for your recklessness!”

‘How could I have such luck’ Lin Yun originally held onto a slim hope, but after this roar, he only felt darkness.

In this era, only Lin Yun knew what the Desolate Overlord’s true name meant. Jalax, in the language of Gods and Devils, was a combination of the four domains: Withering, Decay, Destruction, and Desolation. Even among the Abyss’ numerous Greater Demons, Jalax’ power was among the top.

This Desolate Overlord became famous towards the end of the magic civilization’s peak. The powerful mages of that time were already comparable to Gods. They conquered thousands upon thousands of planes before their sight fell onto the endless Abyss. They broke through 20 layers of the Abyss and killed no less than 20 Greater Demons, this Jalax included.

In other words, in this era, the Overlord’s true name had yet to be known.

Each Abyssal Demon’s true name was taboo, especially for a Greater Demon like the Desolate Overlord. If not for the plane invasion that year, the name Jalax might have never been known.

Now that this name appeared in front of Lin Yun, it meant that this projection inevitably belonged to the Desolate Overlord.

Lin Yun felt like his luck had run out…

“Respected Desolate Overlord” Lin Yun gulped and took a deep breath before asking in a hoarse voice, “Would you believe me if I said I had the wrong room?”

“Hahahaha” Deafening laughter echoed through the tomb. For some time, Lin Yun only felt his surroundings shaking, before he received a response. “Who would have thought that a disgraceful thief like you would actually recognize the name of this great Lord?”

“Yes, yes, Respected Desolate Overlord, your fame spread through myriads of planes, your radiance illuminates the endless Abyss.”

“Hahahaha, Human, you are very interesting.” Delight could be heard in the Greater Demon’s voice for the first time. “Since that is the case, I’ll give you a chance.”

After saying that, a scroll gently floated down.

Lin Yun sniffed the air and felt a concentrated scent of sulfur. He knew that it was the smell of the Abyss.

“Human, this is your only opportunity. Sign this contract and you’ll become Jalax’s servant. This way, I’ll be able to forget your previous disturbance.”

“Respected Desolate Overlord, it would be my honor!” Lin Yun didn’t hesitate as he immediately grabbed the contract. The projection didn’t notice Lin Yun squinting at that time…

Lin Yun only needed one glance to understand that this was a soul contract. If he signed, it would bind him forever. His soul would never be able to break away from enslavement. Lin Yun had seen many such contracts, so his eyes swept past most of the content and fell on the last part.

A blank space left for Lin Yun’s name in the servant position, while the master position had a few Nesser Runes emitting a thick sulfur smell, Jalax.

Seeing these Nesser Runes, Lin Yun understood how to handle this.

“Respected Desolate Overlord, my stomach suddenly started hurting. I’m afraid I cannot sign your contract!”

“Bold!” Jalax’s shadow suddenly roared, making the stones of the tomb shiver accordingly. “Human, this is your only opportunity. If you don’t sign this contract and become the servant of Lord Jalax, your soul will endure endless suffering in the flames of the Abyss!”