End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 Holy Sunligh

The tide of golden flames flowed for a few dozen meters before slowly dissipating. Apart from the initial impact, the remnants of the power were no different from a sea wave meeting a reef, they simply couldnt break through these pitch-black Demons bodies.

As for the spells and Aura Slashes of the other mages and Beastmen Heaven powerhouses, they were like ordinary flames falling onto a piece of pitch-black Magic Iron, only the sound of metal could be heard as they simply couldnt break through their defenses.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at these pitch-black Demons, apparently thinking of something. He then used the Andlusa Kingdoms dialect to tell something to Clombton.

"Sir Clombton, can you use a large-scale channelled Holy Sunlight? We dont need to take care of that monster, we only need to chip at the source of Del Rovanas power. This is our only chance."

Clombton was stunned for a moment, the others were also stunned. It was because no one used their dialect when chatting, that kind of language didnt help mages at all.

When discussing, mages would usually use the Common Language of the 3rd Dynasty. This was the most commonly used language when mages used Low Tier Spells or ordinary spells.

Just like the ancient Elves and Dragons Nesser Language, or the Gods Divine Language, that Language contained a huge power, and whenever mages discussed magic, they would always use this kind of language. It was because it was the least prone to errors when describing magic. Some of the meaning would be lost when translated into a lesser language.

Clombton froze, before immediately understanding. Lin Yun didnt want the crazy Demon to understand. It was because every powerful magic language would let out faint mana fluctuations. And even if those faint mana fluctuations could be disregarded, it always transmitted the meaning.

As the soul of an Ancient God, that crazy Demon would definitely understand.

Unfortunately for her, the only God who could understand the dialect of the Andlusa Kingdom would be the God of Mind and Soul.

After understanding Lin Yuns meaning, Clombtons brain became extremely active. Although he wasnt too clear about it, he did as Lin Yun said.

Clombton rushed to the front and flapped the pair of wings on his back. It was like a rift was torn into the sky and boundless holy light shone from within. The gentle radiance shone upon those pitch-black Demons bodies and it was like a powerful acid splashed onto them.

The surface of the Demons bodies became mottled from the corrosion. It looked like their skins were suffering corrosive burns from the light and exposed the black smoke hiding under.

These Demons could completely disregard this kind of injury, but because they were burnt by the Holy Light, they became even more crazy.

Hundreds of pitch-black Demon Overlords frantically rushed forward, their combined aura seemingly stronger than Del Rovana herself At least in everyones eyes.

"Damnit, Mafa Merlin! What have you said to Clombton?! Clombton, have you gone crazy?! You actually attacked all of them at once and made these brainless guys berserk?!

"Thats a few hundred Demon Overlords! Heavens, you are really crazy, you dont care if we die" Cross let out, terrified.

The others clearly didnt figure out the reason behind it, but Lin Yun was already going all-out.

Enderfa controlled the Spell Wheel. The circles of the several-dozen-meter-big wheel shadow were revolving at different speeds.

The different positions brought out different spells, and a crazy flood of spells started. The surface of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was filled with powerful elemental powers.

The berserk elemental powers instantly burst out and transformed into a revolving hundred-meter-thick elemental storm that instantly flew through the army of crazy pitch-black Demon Overlords.

Then, the failure everyone expected didnt happen and the three pitch-black Demons were drawn into the Elemental Storm. These three Demons bodies instantly shattered like black porcelain.

The storm kept going forward and killed six pitch-black Demon Overlords before its power was exhausted.

On the other side, Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and a several-dozen-meter-tall flame gates slowly opened. The flood of flames crazily rushed out and ruthlessly impacted the three pitch-black Demon Overlords bodies.

The flames followed the surface of those pitch-black Demon Overlords and entered their bodies through the corroded holes. It took a few seconds before endless flames spurted out of their bodies and turned them to ashes. The flames then continued forward.

As for Lin Yun, he was holding the Draconic Staff in his right hand and the radiant Book of Death in his left hand as he condensed a three-meter-big Runic Bomb.

The frantically revolving Runic Bomb flew out and pierced a pitch-black Demons chest just like a drill. Sparks spread everywhere as the pitch-black Demons chest was like steel meeting a diamond drill bit, it twisted and shattered before a big hole was left behind by the explosion.

There was only a two-meter-big hole on the chest of the pitch-black Demon, but there was a several-dozen-meter-big hole on his back.

The glaring radiance emitted by the revolving bomb pierced two pitch-black Demons in a row, and the pitch-black Demons who had their bodies pierced let out angry roars before their bodies disintegrated like sand.

When the revolving Runic Bomb reached the body of the 3rd Demon, it lost its piercing power and exploded from the impact.

That pitch-black Demons body instantly disappeared.

A huge sphere full of destructive power rapidly expanded and spread over three hundred meters before suddenly dissipating.

And following the dissipation of this destructive sphere, the three pitch-black Demon within that range instantly disappeared.

In less than three seconds, eighteen pitch-black Demon Overlords disappeared!

Everyone was startled.

Morgan almost forgot that it was a race against time and that he was going all-out. His mouth was wide open and saliva was trickling down.

Damn, Sir Merlin is really powerful. No, he is inconceivably powerful. He is a lot more powerful than Clombton and that arrogant Gold Beastman.

Sh*t, those were Demon Overlords, eighteen Demon Overlords. They were instantly killed like a group of chicken ready to be slaughtered. Thats terrifying.

And it wasnt just Morgan, Cross was also terrified, Eighteen Demon Overlords in less than three seconds?

This must be a joke, he couldnt have done that Let alone eighteen, even eight should be impossible. If eighteen Demon Overlords surrounded him, he would have to pay a disastrous price, tearing them to shreds should be impossible.

After Lin Yun attacked, he noticed everyone being frozen.

This made him frown and he hurriedly shouted, "if you keep on wasting time, the opportunity wont be there anymore!"

Cross quickly reacted at those words and promptly slashed down at those pitch-black Demon Overlords.

But this attack felt completely different from his last attack. This ignited Aura Slash tore over twenty pitch-black Demon Overlords to pieces. Some of them were unable to dissipate into smoke and thoroughly turned to ashes.

At this time, everyone seemed to understand what was going on and they all attacked together. The large number of spells mixed together into a chaotic spell storm that swept through the Demon Overlords at the forefront.

As for the Beastmens Aura Slashes, it was like countless swords were raining down on the pitch-black Demons and ripped through the areas hit by the storm and tore all Demons to pieces.

Understanding flashed on Clombtons face, as well as a wisp of excitement.

He finally understood why Lin Yun made him release a large-scale Holy Sunlight.

Holy Sunlight was most suitable when it came to facing a large number of low level Undeads.

Holy Sunlight was only an illumination spell that contained holy power, it didnt have any effect on an ordinary person.

Even high level Undeads would only be slightly weakened by the radiance of Holy Sunlight and their defenses would become slightly weaker.

But the effect wasnt that powerful. When this spell was used to deal with low level Undeads, the bones of the Undeads illuminated by the Holy Light would become brittle.

Simply put, even Level 1 Undeads couldnt be killed by the Holy Sunlight, but it would alter the Undeads defense to the point where an ordinary farmer could break through their hard bodies.

Holy Sunlights defense weakening was the strongest against some undead elemental lifeforms.

As for the army of pitch-black Demon with the power of Demon Overlords, werent they a group of elemental lifeforms condensed from pure abyssal power?

Moreover, their strongest defense was the metallic-like skin on the surface of their bodies. Attacks of 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses couldnt break through their skins, and they had the power of Demon Overlords, so if a few of them surrounded a Heaven powerhouse, they would easily tear him to shreds.

Unfortunately, their bodies had gone through the Low Tier Holy Sunlight. It was a confrontation of evil against holy.

Clombtons holy spell could barely tear through their skins, but that was more than enough.

It looked like it wasnt a big injury, but these Demons skins were brittle against the Heaven powerhouses power.

As long as they used Extraordinary Power, they could easily pierce through their skins.

With Clombton taking the lead with his Holy Sunlight, Cross charged at the forefront and tore a hole through the army of Demons and led the Heaven powerhouses forward.

Following the path shown by the Holy Sunlight, they didnt kill their way towards Del Rovana, they instead killed their way towards the place where the pitch-black smoke was surging out of the void.

That black smoke was forming a longer river from which the pitch-black Demons were surging out. Unfortunately, they could no longer stop them.

After less than half a minute, everyone already crossed half of the path, they werent far from the source.

Del Rovana suddenly reacted. The humans and Beastmen Heaven Rank powerhouses werent targeting her.

She wouldnt have cared if she had been the target. With her power rivalling the Raging Flame Emperor,the Raging Flame Emperor wouldnt be able to kill her. How could these inferior Heaven Rank powerhouses injure her?

Del Rovana only spared a bit of energy because her prestige had been provoked by insects and she intended to casually crush them.

But now, she clearly understood that they wanted to sever the source of her power.

After the Raging Flame Emperor cut off Del Rovanas body several times, he clearly understood that unless the source of her power was severed, defeating Del Rovana would be impossible. Unfortunately, he was entangled with her and couldnt go attack her source of power.

The enraged Del Rovana turned around in order to personally kill the dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses, regardless of the presence of the Raging Flame Emperor.

The berserk pressure felt like the entire world was pressuring them. They were a dozen kilometers away, but everyone was instantly suppressed.

Everyone felt like they were carrying a world on their back. Their souls felt as if they were grabbed by the neck and just a bit more strength was needed to crush it and shatter them.

Clombtons Holy Sunlight was forcibly interrupted. No longer being weakened by the Holy Sunlight, those pitch-black Demons with corroded skin recovered within a couple seconds.

They transformed from brittle brainless Demon Overlords, to just brainless Demon Overlords.

That instant clearly decided their life and death.

Del Rovana stepped through the void, only needing one step to cross over a kilometer in a few seconds. She was about to personally crush that group of Heaven Rank powerhouses like ants.

After a second, a similar terrifying power that looked like a huge greatsword cut through the world and cut through Del Rovanas pressure.

The golden red radiance fell as the Raging Flame Emperor appeared before Del Rovana.

"You are too arrogant Del Rovana, Im your opponent."

The Raging Flame Emperor was holding his greatsword, and on the opposite side, golden radiance slowly dissipated from Del Rovanas head. Her head had been cut in two by the Raging Flame Emperor and tiny pitch-black tentacles extended out of her wound to rapidly merge the two halves back together.

And for this small amount of time, Del Rovana was thoroughly blocked by the Raging Flame Emperor. In a clash of this level, a distraction couldnt be tolerated.

Even if Del Rovana was stronger!

After being blocked, Del Rovana went thoroughly insane and crazily charged at the Raging Flame Emperor.At the same time, a layer of flames started burning on the greatsword in the Raging Flame Emperors hands. This was the strongest burst power of the Raging Flame Emperor, this showed that he was staking everything in this clash.

By abandoning the battle of endurance and bursting with all of his power within a short time, even the crazy Del Rovana couldnt break through the Raging Flame Emperors defenses.

The golden red radiance and the pitch-black power frantically collided. The both of them raged within the void, but it was clear that none of them would be able to do anything in the short term.

But on another side, the Heaven Rank powerhouses that had lost Del Rovanas pressure could fight once again. Clombton immediately released his Holy Sunlight.

Those brainless beast-like pitch-black Demon Overlords frantically roared, their skin shining with metallic luster darkened once again and becoming mottled again.

Cross swung his greatsword and tore apart the Demon Overlords at the forefront.

The fourteen Heaven powerhouses kept bursting with all their strength, forming an irresistible flood of power that sailed towards the black smoke long river.

After twenty seconds, everyone reached the end of the black smoke river. This was the source of the river and the start of the void.

The power of these fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses fully burst against the void!

Cross swung his flaming golden greatsword. This was his strongest attack. The burning Aura Slash burst with the strongest energy he could muster.

The other Beastmen did just like Cross, their entire bodies burst out with Aura and launched the strongest blow of their entire lives.

Blood-colored Aura, black Aura, scarlet Aura, golden Aura

All the Auras converged onto that void.

The powerful attack made the space distort and the long river of black smoke started fluctuating. From a distance, it looked like a huge black python continuously distorting.

As for the humans, Morgan clenched his teeth and kept buffing his Darkness Elemental God before ultimately using Berserk to make the Darkness Elemental Gods become berserk and unstable.

The Darkness Elemental God transformed into a shadow that drilled into the void and exploded.

Dedale chanted a few simple words and then his incarnation of a Dragons head opened his mouth and a one-meter-big fireball appeared.

As the fireball appeared, the surrounding space was twisted by the terrifying heat and the fireball was thrown into the void.

Butler chanted an incantation and a luminous silhouette appeared on his body. He then recovered to normal, but his mana was greatly weakened.

The radiant silhouette transformed into a light that rushed into the long river of black smoke within the void and transformed into a ravaging blossoming light.

As for Slythrin, he seemed to hesitate, before the sand covering his body rapidly dissipated and boundless grains of sands appeared within his hand as he threw half of the Endless Sand in that void. A moment later, the power of the Endless Sand activated uncontrollably.

Waves of Endless Sand expanded and burst out there. It was as if a piece of dry land appeared out of nowhere and the chaotic power merged with the void.

As for Lin Yun, he used the power of the Equilibrium Law to its limits while Enderfa controlled the Spell Wheel to throw out endless runes and Syudos released flames from the Book of Mantras to fuse with those runes.

With the power of the Equilibrium Law, these formidable powers seemed to reach a perfect balance and simply couldnt collapse.