End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 Will To Die

Lin Yun chanted an incantation and law runes flew out of his mouth. Then, it looked like a giants hand merged the runes and flames together.

It formed a strangely shaped huge sphere emitting terrifying power. If not for the power of the Equilibrium Law, that sphere would have already exploded.

After the convergence was complete, Lin Yun spat out the last rune.

The hundred-meter-big chaotic sphere was sent flying towards the void as if it had been kicked by a giant.

At this time, the Equilibrium Law Lin Yun had been using reached its time limit. The scales shadow disappeared and the power of the Equilibrium Law disappeared.

The power of the Spell Wheel rapidly dropped to the peak of the True Spirit realm. Borrowing the power from the void several times in a row was tempering the Spell Wheel with Extraordinary Power.

Even if the Spell Wheels power plummeted, it would slowly increase its power.

This was one of the best benefits from the Equilibrium Law. Because the borrowed power was used and would be returned far in the future. This was Law Power, not a shady deal, because the borrowed power would be returned and not kept.

Having lost its stability and forced balance, that sphere full of chaotic and berserk energy thoroughly burst open.

Along with everyone elses all-out bursts, all powers ended up colliding and creating something terrifying. All powers collapsed

Their bursts shrunk into a ten-meter-big huge chaotic energy sphere.

When the collapse reached this stage, it could no longer shrink as it reached its critical point. The collapsed energy sphere then exploded once again.

In an instant, the sphere frantically expanded like a shockwave.

The fourteen Heaven Rank powerhouses were sent flying out while spitting blood, their shields being completely torn apart.

That wriggling long river of black smoke was also torn apart and many Heaven Rank powerhouses were unable to react to the outpour of power, but there was no need to react

Because that bursting power already shattered the space within several kilometers.

Space was shattered, power was shattered, everything was torn apart into the smallest possible fragments.

The Abyss power poured into the God Nations passage, and having lost the node sustaining it, it directly collapsed into fragments, severing Del Rovanas source of power.

They still had no time to sigh in relief as a faint black light started shining from the void. The rays of light slowly spread and rapidly expanded as the Abyss power spurted out once again from within.

They all succumbed to despair in an instant They hadnt been able to break through Del Rovanas source of power, and the Raging Flame Emperor couldnt kill her. Moreover, they had exhausted all their power. They wouldnt be able to burst out with that kind of terrifying power within a short time.

"Idiots, with your weak power, you actually think of severing my connection to my world? Thats my territory, the infinite abyssal power is my support, my source of power. You think you can sever it? What a joke.

"It doesnt matter, wait until Im done with Norrick and Ill take my time to make insects like you feel fear and despair.


Del Rovana let out a savage laughter, as if she had known long ago. It made everyone gave up any hope of being lucky.

Its over, we are finished

The group of people floated within the void with unconcealable despair and pain.

The milky white feathers of the Holy Light Wings behind Clombton fell off and dissipated, his holy light power almost completely dissipated as he watched the abyssal power passage being restored like a pious believer waiting to die.

Cross held his golden sword and closed his eyes in despair.

"We have done our best"

His flaming golden aura slowly stopped burning. Cross looked back at the Raging Flame Emperor and Del Rovanas fierce fight. The temporary loss of her source of power didnt decrease Del Rovanas strength by too much, but she was unable to keep her body from being immortal and her injuries slowly increased.

But everyone knew that by the time Del Rovana regained her steady source of power, the Raging Flame Emperor would definitely be unable to kill her.

This would be the same as their efforts being worthless and wasted.

The group of wounded mages and Beastmen calmly stood there, waiting for their death. They had lost all hope. But they felt that dying at the end of a God wasnt a bad ending

Morgan grinned, no longer having any hope to survive.

"I can be said to be the only member of the Henry family that fought a God. When the future generations hear my name, they will be able to boast that their ancestor had once fought a God. Even though we failed, it would be an honor"

Raphael spat out a mouthful of blood and also grinned.

"Wrong, wrong, they should be saying that we almost got rid of an Ancient God, and although we came up short and ended up dying, it should still be told as a legendary epic. Bards and minstrels would pass on the song of our feats for a millennium No, three millennia .

"Maybe we will become legendary heroes a millennium later"

They went all out but still had no results. Yet, no one was afraid, dying at the hands of a God wasnt something to be ashamed of, not to mention that they almost helped killing a God.

Lin Yun spat out a mouthful of blood and then floated towards the restored power channel. He mixed blood with a few runes and threw them towards that passage.

Then, Lin Yun let his body float into the air as if he died and calmly looked at that passage.

"Sir Merlin, what are you doing?"

Morgan was lying on his stomach on a flying carpet like a corpse and looked at Lin Yun with a grin.

Lin Yun didnt have time to say anything before one of the Beastmen heartily laughed, "Mafa Merlin, what do you want to do now? Damn, we all listened to your suggestion and failed, do you understand? Everyone is going to die here."

Cross opened his eyes and berated that Beastman, no fear visible in his eyes.

"Enough, Beastmen never push the fault onto others. Our lack of power doesnt mean a wrong strategy. Death is not worth fearing, dying for the sake of our home and tribesmen is an honor!"

The group remained silent and no one paid attention to what Lin Yun was doing.

Del Rovana was frantically clashing with the Raging Flame Emperor, her black and greasy blood kept sprinkling from her body, flowing like small rivers. But there was no fear in her eyes, there was only a malevolent self-assured smile.

"Stupid insects, you provoked a great God! Youll suffer the most malicious curse and your soul is bound to suffer endless torture.

"Carefully enjoy this little bit of peace you have left, because Ill personally torment you next. Rest assured, I wont let your bodies and souls die until the end of time.


Del Rovan fiercely threatened them. They didnt feel like she was threatening them, she was simply stating facts.

Cross closed his eyes and started chanting the Beastman Requiem. Aura fluctuations started spreading from his body. This startled the other Beastmen, before they appeared behind Cross and closed their eyes to chant the desolate Requiem.

This was a song chanted after or when a Beastman was about to die. It would let their souls return to the embrace of the earth after their deaths.

All Beastmen started letting out faint Aura fluctuations. They were burning their last bit of Aura and life to burn themselves to death and deliver their own souls to the embrace of the earth.

Sorrowful Auras filled the surroundings and no one on the human side was in the mood to mock them.

Clombton brought his Holy Light Staff above his head, and wisps of faint holy light sprinkled down, slowly filling Clombtons body.

Dedale remained silent, his three flaming spheres slowly enveloping his body.

Morgan revived his Darkness Elemental God and touched its head. The Darkness Elemental God seemed to be resisting Morgans order.

Everyone would rather end their lives than fall in the hands of that crazy Demon.

Lin Yun attentively watched that condensing spatial node and a smile appeared on his exhausted face, but he was startled when he looked to the side.

"Heavens, what are you doing?! We just accomplished our mission, why are you trying to kill yourself?"

The surrounding people were distracted.

Morgan sighed, "Sir Merlin, there is no need to persuade us. Id rather have my Darkness Elemental God break my own neck than end up in the hands of that lunatic.

"Death isnt the most terrifying outcome, falling in the hands of that lunatic is"

A layer of pure holy light could be seen on Clombtons face. It looked like this was the time in his life when he was the least afraid of death, especially since it was in line with the holy lights doctrine.

"Everyone believing in the holy light would never bow their heads to evil. I am only returning to the embrace of the holy light, this isnt tragic.

"Sir Merlin, I appreciate your good intentions, but the road has come to an end and no one can stop it."

As for the Beastmen who were already determined to die, they simply ignored Lin Yun and kept condensing and igniting their Auras, throwing their own lives into the flames and burning them to oblivion.

Lin Yun didnt know whether to laugh or cry, they had managed to reach this step with great difficulty The others hadnt known that even though the passage could be shattered, it couldnt be permanently destroyed, but how could Lin Yun not know?

This space belonged to a God Nation, as long as the God hadnt died, this God Nation would be able to quickly recover from any damage.

That space would quickly recover after being torn to shreds, and that passage attached to the space would also recover.

All they could do was temporarily sever Del Rovanas connection to the source of power. It would be for the best if the Raging Flame Emperor could kill Del Rovana during this temporary disconnection.

But now, it was clear that the Raging Flame Emperor wouldnt be able to kill Del Rovana in the short term, so Lin Yun could only use his trump card.

Outside the Holy Mountain, within the dark red sky, an incomparably huge flying warship was rapidly approaching the Holy Mountain. The warship emitting an ancient aura looked like a huge ghost ship. It was old and quiet.

The dilapidated war flag fluttered at its mast, and on both sides of the warships prow, various holes opened and huge mana crystal cannons extended from within.

On the deck of the battleship, teams of Dark Elves, Firerock Dwarves, and Ash Beastmen were working hard like bees, continuously cleaning the deck.

"Guys, work harder! Master summoned us so we need this broken deck fixed, we dont want Master to be humiliated!"

"Hey, Idiot, this kind of work should be done by the Firerock Dwarves, yet you actually want the Dark Elves to mend the deck? Is your brain still working?"

"Hurry up and work, dont spout nonsense. Dont tell me that you want us to steer a ghost ship-looking Intrepid towards Master? At least make it look undamaged!"

A group of busy Dark Elves and Firerock Dwarves were busy entering and exiting the captains cabin, continuously reporting information.

Elsa had a solemn expression as she attentively watched the outside from the captains cabin.

"Speed up, Masters order is to use the fastest speed to rush over and destroy anything that blocks the Intrepids path."

"Lady Elsa, there seems to be a layer of spatial barrier eighteen kilometers forward, it forms a powerful spatial obstacle"

A Dark Elf gathering information hurriedly shouted. But he barely had time to say those words before Elsa ordered with an unquestionable tone, "Fire the mana crystal cannons, open a hole and ram the Intrepid in. Remember, Masters order is to rush over at the fastest speed. Eliminate all obstacles."

Louds explosions echoed in the sky as thick light beams shot out of the Intrepid in the direction of the Holy Mountain.

It looked like a transparent barrier blocked these light beams ten kilometers away from the main body of the Holy Mountain. It looked like fireworks exploded within the void.

Cracks suddenly appeared within the void as that transparent barrier was unable to handle that power.

"The results of the calculations show that the Intrepid will be able to get in if the barrier is cracked, the loss in speed would be negligible."

"Ram in!"

The Intrepids huge body was like a monster rushing in. An oval light barrier was raised in front of the warship and it rammed into the barrier without slowing its speed.

A cracking sound echoed in the sky as the space was completely shattered within a few kilometers. Shattered pieces fell one after another. As for the Intrepid, it kept pushing through.

The tall Holy Mountain stood before them, but the scenery was completely different from the outside world. The air was covered with strands of black smoke. Rivers of lava flowed on the ground, and numerous abyssal lifeforms struggled beneath.

With the appearance of the Intrepid, the abyssal lifeforms on the ground fearlessly raised their arms and let out angry roars.

Halfway to the Holy Mountain, five Demon Overlords released their huge Demon Bodies and blocked the path of the Intrepid.

"The targets coordinates are in this mountain, use the Hand of Destruction and open a path."

Elsa calmly released her order.

In the warships armory, a Firerock Dwarf with a beard half-a-meter-long jumped three meters and kicked a Firerock Dwarf block his path.

"Fool, get out of the way! Sh*t, hurry up! I can finally test that Hand of Destruction! F*ck, hurry the hell up!

"These Demons really appeared at the perfect moment. No, they ran out of luck, that crazy Elsa simply doesnt care about these Demons.

"Right, we only need to blast a hole"

The group of Firerock Dwarves still repairing the mana crystal cannons immediately turned crazy when they heard the three words "Hand of Destruction". They immediately threw aside their work and started adjusting the Hand of Destruction.

"Damnit, the angle Which idiot is in charge of adjusting the angle?

"Mana crystals? What about the mana crystals? The Intrepid doesnt have much power stockpiled, it cant fire a full blow of the Hand of Destruction. Idiot, do you want us to fall from mid air?

"If you delay Masters matters, youll have to deal with that crazy Elsa peeling off your skin.

"20% is the limit. Idiot, I said 20%. Stuff all the mana crystals in!

"Right! All of them. Sh*t, have you brains been contaminated by Demons? Did it transform into lava?

"Hurry up, there isnt enough time!"

The mouth of the Hand of Destructions cannon slowly extended out of the Intrepid and aimed at those few roaring Demons.

As that Firerock Dwarf fiercely slammed a few runes in, the Hand of Destructions pitch-black mouth was like a black hole devouring endless light. The light in the Hand of Destructions surroundings turned into sharp strands of light that sunk in the cannons mouth.

The Intrepid was rapidly charging towards the Holy Mountain, but when they were still eight kilometers away, Elsa coldly asked, "What the hell are those red-skinned midgets doing? We will crash into that huge mountain in less than ten seconds!"

The Intrepids speed was very high, and at that speed, they would knock against the Holy Mountain, and the huge mountain would clearly reduce the speed of the Intrepid.

That was conflicting with Lin Yuns order.