End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Reuniting

"We must arrive as fast as possible, no matter the cost"

Elsa barely finished her sentence that the little bit of energy stored in the Intrepid was consumed at a rapid pace. The Hand of Destruction blossomed with a glaring light and its the pure aura of destruction instantly spread out.

A thick glaring light beam extended out of the Hand of Destructions muzzle and instantly crossed eight kilometers. The spells released by these few Demon Overlords didnt even show any resistance in front of that several-dozen-meter-thick light beam.

The light submerged those few Demon Overlords and fiercely fell onto the Holy Mountain.

At that instant, the entire Holy Mountain started shivering. Space was shattered where the light beam impacted. The mountain rocks were destroyed and the destruction power crazily spread.

A several-kilometer-thick hole could be seen halfway up the mountain. Destruction fluctuations could be seen continuously spreading and expanding this hole. No one could guess how deep that hole was from the outside.

The Holy Mountain fiercely shook, as if it was about to shatter from the explosion.

In the midst of the violent shaking, the Intrepid fearlessly rushed through this pitch-black hole.

It travelled a few seconds through the hole before ramming into some obstacle. Its power was being consumed as its speed was raised to the peak, rapidly tearing a crack in this obstacle and entering.

Inside that starry sky world, the Beastmen were already igniting their Auras, and once their Auras were thoroughly consumed, it would start consuming their vitality.

The mages were also using their respective methods to kill themselves with as much dignity as possible.

Lin Yun silently looked at these guys. They didnt believe the truth and still felt that Lin Yun was just advising them to not give up.

"Sir Merlin, we clearly understand that you have good intentions, but failure is a foregone conclusion, no one can stop it"

Morgan hadnt started to end his life because his Darkness Elemental God was still resisting the order to snap his neck.

Suddenly, the entire world shook fiercely as a glaring radiance spread into that restored space. Terrifying pure destruction power tore through the void and destroyed everything, forcibly creating a rift into this world.

A sinister prow suddenly emerged from this rift, its target was the runic coordinates Lin Yun had just placed.

As the Intrepid appeared, Lin Yun picked up the Book of Mantras and chanted a series of incantations. Then, a flood of boundless runes surged from the Book of Mantras and instantly entered the Intrepid.

In an instant, the Intrepids sharp and sinister prow seemed to have come alive and opened its pitch-dark mouth to devour the restored spatial node within that void.

The spatial node it devoured was attached to the passage continuously gushing out abyssal power. After devouring the node, the passage fell into the core of the Intrepids energy system.

Having lost this spatial node, the starry sky once again repaired that area of space, but the passage gushing out abyssal power had been lost.

That shattered space was suppressed in the core of the Intrepids energy system. Power continuously poured into the Intrepids energy system and rapidly transformed into the Intrepids power source.

The Intrepids withered power source was replenished under this steady flow of power.

And this time, Del Rovanas source of power could be said to have been completely severed.

Morgans mouth was wide open, his eyes almost poked out of their sockets as he looked at the prow of the Intrepid.

"Damn, this is a battleship? F*ck, there is really such a huge battleship!?"

At that time, the gentle holy light above the self-harming Clombton dissipated. He hadnt noticed as he was foolishly looking at the Intrepid forcing its way forward with irresistible power.

The flames on the surface of the self-immolating Dedale also dissipated, he had a vacant look on his face as he looked at the Intrepid.

Raphael had just put down an array, which he was about to treat as his tomb, when he suddenly drew a wrong rune as his hands trembled.

Slythrin controlled Endless Sand to tear his own body, but when he saw that huge battleship, his control over his mana shook and the sand covering his arm twisted, breaking his arm. But Slythrin didnt feel it. He just foolishly looked at the Intrepid

Then, the desolate singing voices of the Beastmen bursting with Aura and chanting the Beastman Requiem suddenly stopped, as if they had all been grabbed by their necks.

Only Lin Yun smiled.

Damn, these b*stards fortunately hurried, a bit later and they would have only collected my corpse.

The problem of the Intrepids energy source made them spend so much time. After recovering for so long, they only managed to replenish such a little amount of power. But its all good now, with Del Rovanas abyssal power channel, the Intrepid has a far reaching source of energy.

Its really too easy for the power of a world to power the Intrepid

The Intrepid shook, and the Firerock Dwarf manning the muzzle of the Hand of Destruction roared, "Master! We will ferociously attack the idiot going against you! The Hand of Destruction is already terrifyingly powerful Eh, heavens, sh*t, Go God!"

And in the captains cabin, the solemn Elsa became lifeless as she looked at the huge body slumbering inside the void. She couldnt help being afraid.


A living God!

The understanding of the three races that had been living in Constances God Nation for a long time far surpassed the lifeforms of this era when it came to Gods. Similarly, their fear and reverence of Gods far surpassed every creature of this era.

After a short and strange silence, an enraged voice echoed through the entire world.

"Stupid mortals! Youll all die! All of you!"

Del Rovana went thoroughly insane after losing the source of her power. Her huge demonic claws spread through several kilometers.

A golden red radiance flashed and severed Del Rovanas arm once again. The remnant black smoke within the God Nation rapidly converged towards her body.

A second later, Del Rovanas arm was restored, but the price had been all of the abyssal power within the God Nation.

Having lost her source of power, the gap between the crazy Del Rovana and the Raging Flame Emperor could clearly be seen.

With similar power, wisdom would be the greatest weight tilting the scales towards victory.

After a few minutes, the Raging Flame Emperor severed Del Rovanas arm by using a simple tricking lure. After having lost an arm, Del Rovana was no longer the Raging Flame Emperors opponent.

A dozen minutes later, half of Del Rovanas body disappeared and boundless golden red radiance surrounded her, ruthlessly suppressing her to the bottom of the God Nation.

The few Heaven Rank powerhouses floating in this starry sky were all pale, they looked as if they were seriously injured, but they calmly looked as Del Rovana was about to receive her final judgement.

The golden red radiance and sinister black smoke clashed for a dozen seconds before an explosion echoed.

The black smoke dissipated and the golden red radiance also dissipated. The blood-covered Raging Flame Emperor floated in the air, his greatsword nowhere to be seen and his armor completely destroyed. Some mottled marks could even be seen on his skin, his body was injured.

All the powerful fluctuations dissipated. In the void, Del Rovanas body started turning into ashes.

And the dissipated ashes formed a huge scene in front of her.

A dark and gloomy sky covered with all kinds of monstrous large cracks from which chaotic power fell down.

On the ground, ancient tall plants collapsed under the chaotic power and turned to ashes. Various kinds of plants that only appeared within legends were becoming extinct.

Tall magic beasts that only appeared within the most ancient records were emitting some frightened laments, the weakest one being at the Heaven Rank.

Those monsters, described as brutal and powerful, possessed power that would terrify the latter generations. They were separated by generations, but their power could be imagined just by reading the records.

However, those powerful magic beasts were like terrified pets at this moment. They were lying on the ground and shivering with their tails tucked between their legs, not daring to raise their heads.

Countless meteors fell down from the sky, burning and distorting the sky and rupturing the earth.

Those mountains piercing through the clouds were like piles of sand as they collapsed one after another while lava surged from the ruptured earth.

Everyone could even see silhouettes that made their souls shake.

These figures fell from the sky and their bodies collapsed onto the ground with waterfalls of blood.

They could even see God Nations collapsing, and countless unknown lifeforms disappearing alongside those God Nations.

The scene became even more chaotic as ultimately, only destruction remained. Blood, destruction, apocalypse The powerful horrifying aura broke through that silent scene and ruthlessly hit their souls.

The Heaven Rank powerhouses were frightened and couldnt help falling back, they were all scared by this scene.

As for Lin Yun, his eyes were wide open as he looked at the silent scene evolving from Del Rovana.

This was the end of the God Era, damn, this is the end of times

"Im finally free, I can finally meet my clansmen Norrick, goodbye."

On the verge of death, Del Rovanas craziness finally disappeared and she regained her intelligence as her body slowly dissipated into ashes.

The remaining half of her face looked at the Raging Flame Emperor with a peaceful expression for a very long time.

Sadness flashed in the eyes of the Raging Flame Emperor as he calmly watched Del Rovana turn into ashes.

A cool breeze blew by and the ashes filling the sky disappeared from this space. Del Rovanas aura thoroughly dissipated.

The other Heaven Rank powerhouses were all shaken by the scene shown as Del Rovana died. Although everyone knew that something happened at the end of the Mythological Era causing all gods to die, no one knew the details.

But they all understood after seeing this scene.

It was a disaster that destroyed Noscent, it was the end of the world.

No wonder all species from the Mythological Era disappeared, including the vegetation.

As Lin Yuns expression flickered, a storm raged in his heart. He couldnt help thinking of the scene he saw before his transmigration.

The final radiance of the Shelter Tower, Heiss City sinking in the darkness, the entire world losing its light.

The sky being ripped apart, the earth crumbling, flaming meteors descending, flames enveloping the entire world.

That huge crack in the sky rapidly expanding It was like the entire world was fiercely torn apart and endless meteors and flames fell down upon Noscent.

Everything was destroyed.

Similarly, within the Merlin Familys temple, he had also seen the end of the Nesser Era.

Boundless flames seemed to have ignited the entire world

Innumerable Chromatic Dragons soared in the sky, looking like multi-colored clouds. The large number of Dragons let out Dragon Breaths to the point where the entire ground was scorched.

In the sky and on the ground, the silhouettes of Pureblood Elves, Silvermoon Elves, Darknight Elves, Sunflames Elves, and Holysong Elves, used the four elements, bows, spears, and holy light to desperately struggle.

The sky was torn apart and the earth caved in. Mountains crumbled and seas boiled. A calamity befell the entire world.

Large numbers of Chromatic Dragons fell, large numbers of Pureblood Elves turned to dust.

There had been burning flames raging in the entire scene, flowing blood, damaged corpses.

It was the same scene, the same tragic calamity. Lin Yun just saw it for the 3rd time, and except for the different lifeforms, there had been no difference.

Del Rovana transformed into the scene of the end of the Mythological Era upon dying, Gods fell down from the sky and blood rained.

In the Merlin Familys temple, he saw the bitter end of the Nesser Era.

And thirty thousand years later, he saw the struggling Noscent being completely destroyed

These three almost identical destructions, how were they related?

Lin Yuns mind was full of doubts. He had previously only known that something huge happened at the end of the Era of Gods, while a huge turmoil happened at the End of the Nesser Dynasty.

There was hardly any document recording the end of the Era of Gods, while the legend regarding the Nesser Dynasty was that the revolt against the throne of the Dragons and Elves was successful.

But this didnt conform with what he had seen in the Merlin Familys temple. It was nothing more than a widely circulated rumor.

And now, this short and incomplete scene Del Rovana had transformed into greatly puzzled Lin Yun.

Calamities altered Noscent several times, and it actually looked like they were all the same calamity.

Is there a connection? No There is definitely a connection But what is it?

His mind was covered in fog, he couldnt find an answer. He wanted to ask Del Rovana, but she had already dissipated into ashes.

Thus, he could only ask the Raging Flame Emperor.

As the others were silent from the shock, and Lin Yun was lost in his thoughts, Clombton suddenly asked, "It doesnt seem right. Did that crazy Del Rovana really die? She was the soul of a God, why didnt her death cause any change?"

Lin Yun was startled. He sized up this world, only to discover that this world hadnt changed much. Only the path to this God Nation was closed, the path they had taken had already disappeared.

The Gods body was sitting on the throne, his surroundings still filled with terrifying and silent power. It seemed that having lost a Gods soul didnt affect this place.

Everyone looked at the Raging Flame Emperor, and the latter looked at the body sitting on the throne before explaining, "Just now, the Del Rovana we annihilated was half of his soul, the half that had been reincarnated in a female Demon. His other half has already reincarnated in Noscents Odin Kingdom a while ago."

The Raging Flame Emperors words made everyones expressions change. They all became horrified, they looked like children encountering a ferocious beast for the first time, fear could be seen all over their faces.

"Half of a Gods soul already reincarnated in the Odin Kingdom? And a while ago?

"Heavens, whats wrong with this world That lunatic is actually in the Odin Kingdom"

Morgan was shivering as he spoke. This was terrifying, the lunatic Demon had only been half a soul? And that half almost beat down the Raging Flame Emperor even with their help? They all looked terrified. The other side only needed to glare at them and they stiffened, awaiting their deaths.

That kind of monster reincarnated in the Odin Kingdom?

The few mages of the Odin Kingdom had terrible expressions. A Gods soul, even if it was only half a soul, would rapidly rise after reincarnating in the Odin Kingdom. His human reincarnation should definitely be shockingly gifted.

The time it took some mages to study a complicated spell would be all it took for that kind of monster to reach the Heaven Rank from the Magic Apprentice realm.