End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Ou

Advancing to the Heaven Rank within a few years wasnt considered inconceivable, but this kind of lunatic who wants to destroy the world would hide himself even more after this. This was big trouble

The human mages and the Beastmen all had terrible complexion.

After all, the 73rd Gods body was in the Raging Flame Plane, the other side wouldnt give up on it. Moreover, the coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane wasnt a secret to the first-rate forces of the Andlusa Kingdom and Odin Kingdom.

It would be very simple if Del Rovanas human reincarnation wanted to return to the Raging Flame Plane. It might be hard for that crazy guy to destroy Noscent, after all, there were plenty of powerful people in Noscent, especially within some inherited ancient mage towers. There were also some extremely powerful people that hadnt been seen for millennia.

But it would be too simple for Del Rovana to destroy the Raging Flame Plane. The strongest of the Raging Flame Plane were only some Heaven Rank powerhouses, and Low Rank Heaven powerhouses at that.

The group of people were horrified, but before they could ask questions, the entire world started shaking.

The entrance had already disappeared, there was only an endless void and the spatial pressure around the Intrepid grew bigger and bigger. The squeezed Intrepid let out creaking sounds, it looked like the Intrepid would be crushed into two halves at this rhythm and everyone would be trapped there forever.

"Everyone get on the ship! We should leave this place first."

Lin Yun sensed the surrounding space, especially the pressure on the Intrepid, and urged them to leave.

The group of people flew towards the Intrepid and climbed aboard. As for Lin Yun, he looked at the Raging Flame Emperor.

"Sir Norrick, please leave with us. The space here is starting to thoroughly seal itself"

The Raging Flame Emperor looked at the Gods body and flatly shook his head.

"My mission is here, I cant leave this place. Del Rovana will definitely return here."

Lin Yun just had to try persuading an extremely powerful powerhouse like the Raging Flame Emperor to come with him.

Lin Yun still didnt know how powerful the Raging Flame Emperor was. Although it looked like the Raging Flame Emperor had been greatly weakened, he would be able to kill all of them within ten seconds, without breaking a sweat.

If he wasnt beyond the Heaven Rank, he was at least at the peak of the Heaven Rank.

Everything would be a lot easier with this kind of overpowered powerhouse around. Moreover, no one was more suitable than the Raging Flame Emperor to answer Lin Yuns doubts.

But when thinking about it, the most important thing in Del Rovanas mind should be getting rid of the Raging Flame Emperor, even destroying the world should be second to that.

If the Raging Flame Emperor followed, it would be the same as putting himself in front of Del Rovana. After all, they still didnt know Del Rovanas identity.

And the Raging Flame Emperor was too noticeable, he definitely couldnt go with him

With his swift mind Lin Yun rapidly thought of this problem. The surrounding space shook even more, and in order to prevent the Intrepid from being stuck there, Elsa gave the order to slowly retreat.

"Sir Merlin, hurry! The battleship is already moving, we dont have time"

Morgan let out a loud roar from the Intrepids deck.

Lin Yun made a gesture and looked at the Raging Flame Emperor.

"Sir Norrick, what happened at the end of the Era of Gods? Moreover"

Lin Yun rapidly went to the core of what he wanted to know, hoping that the Raging Flame Emperor could give him an answer. Aside from Del Rovana, the only living person that could give him an answer in this world was the Raging Flame Emperor.

But Lin Yun didnt have time to finish his question before the Raging Flame Emperor shook his head.

"I had already sunk into a long slumber when I was born. Del Rovana had woken up before me. Ive been fighting with Del Rovana ever since I woke up. I spent a lot of power to sever spacetime and then reincarnated as a Beastman in the Raging Flame Plane.

"We havent been truly born until after the end of the Era of Gods. All I can remember from that era is fuzzy, only Del Rovana might know about that secret.

"That soul has sunk into a slumber for a very very long time, it had already lost its earliest memories and became crazy.

"I cant help you if you want to know more, but the half soul reincarnation of Del Rovana in the Odin Kingdom might be able to tell you. I believe that youll surely find him. Go, you are running out of time. This place is collapsing to undergo nirvana."

"Sir Norrick"

Lin Yun opened his mouth to say something else, but the Raging Flame Emperor waved his hand and a gale went through Lin Yuns defenses to send him flying to the Intrepids deck.

As he fell onto the deck, he watched as the Raging Flame Emperor slowly walked towards the peak of the Gods body. That location shattered like a mirror and then, the Gods body collapsed into itself and the Intrepid shook even more fiercely.

"There isnt enough time! Master, we have to leave or the Intrepid will be crushed"

In the captains cabin, Elsa decisively gave the order to retreat. The shattered fragment of space in the center of the Intrepids power source was continuously converting the spurting abyssal power. The huge amount of energy was covering the surface of the Intrepid.

At that moment, a layer of light covered the surface of the Intrepid and the areas damaged by the spatial pressure were no longer suffering damage.

The Intrepids frame was made out of a Gods body, it might not end up damaged under a spatial collapse, but not all parts of the Intrepid were made out of a Gods corpse. Many parts used second-best materials.

In front of the spatial collapse of a God Nation, it was impossible for them to not be damaged.

It didnt have much energy before so the Intrepid had been gathering energy in the void. But the efficiency was too low. The Intrepid needed an astronomical amount of mana to go at full speed, and even Lin Yuns Mana Water couldnt provide the fuel needed for it.

But now, it had an unending stream of power and they had enough to spare for a shield.

The large amount of power moved in the mechanical system as the Intrepidly unhurriedly moved backward, its shield continuously clashing with the spatial collapse, causing terrifying energy fluctuations.

Once the Intrepid left the spatial tear, everyone watched as it closed like a huge monsters maw. The rift closed in an explosion, as even space collapsed towards it.

The surroundings were once again made of mountainous rocks and the Intrepid quickly drilled out of the huge tunnel.

The world completely changed outside of that tunnel. A transparent shield could be seen in the distance, rapidly approaching.

Then, everyone could see the huge transparent barrier. It was rapidly shrinking and its insides were like an abyssal world, full of black smoke and sulfuric smell.

The Holy Mountains original appearance could be seen outside the shield. Even now, it was still barren, but there was no abyssal aura.

The shield was shrinking faster and faster. The abyssal lifeforms it covered instantly exploded and dissipated into black smoke. Even Demons Overlords let out sharp shrieks before turning into black smoke.

"Full speed ahead, rush out of here! Charge the mana crystal cannons and blast a passage!"

Elsa gave the order and almost instantly, the three races busily moved in various corners of the Intrepid. The Firerock Dwarves used all their strength to control the mana crystal cannons and started shooting in front of the battleship.

That Dwarf with an especially long beard attentively watched the Hand of Destruction and then ruthlessly shot the mana crystal cannon in front of him with a regretful expression.

"Its a pity, we could have blasted that barrier in one shot if we used the Hand of Destruction"

The numerous light beams exploded onto that continuously shrinking barrier. That shrinking barrier was a spatial barrier and the biggest reason why the Holy Mountain transformed into another isolated world.

After the mana crystal cannons shot several hundred times, the space in front of the intrepid distorted and the Intrepid fiercely rammed into the fluctuating space.

As if space was torn to shreds, the Intrepid forcibly tore open a crack and its huge body rushed out with terrifying power.

Then, that deformed shield instantly shrunk and disappeared into the depths of the Holy Mountain. When looking back at the Holy Mountain, it no longer had any lava, nor was black smoke visible. The earth was no longer bare and scorched black.

The earth was covered in withered plants and magic beasts corpses. Aside from these, the Holy Mountain seemed no different from the past.

Overtime, this place, as the closest place to the Raging Flame Planes source, would rapidly regrow. This place would be the exact same as before a few years later.

But that huge black hole remained halfway up the Holy Mountain. A stream of water poured in, but it was unknown where it flowed to.

After successfully escaping, that group of Heaven Rank powerhouses tacitly sighed in relief. The group of humans and Beastmen had settled the crisis of the Raging Flame Plane and no one was in the mood to proceed with the war.

After the Intrepid flew some distance away, Cross looked at Clombton with a complex expression.

"Clombton, I shall remember what happened this time. Considering your contribution, I wont kill you and Ill let you settle the issue in Noscent.

"Once you dealt with the other half of that crazy Ancient Gods soul, Ill personally snap your neck.

"For now, Ill let you keep your head!"

After saying that, Cross led the Heaven Rank Beastmen to fly out of the Intrepid.

Clombton warmly smiled as he looked at Cross back.

"Cross, do you think you can get away like this? Wait until I settle that matter and Ill come purify you."

As the Beastmen flew, Gallsworth turned towards Lin Yun and grinned. He then put his hand to his neck and did a beheading taunt.

Morgan had sharp eyes and could tell with a glance that Gallsworth was looking at Lin Yun and he craftily stood next to Lin Yun, instigating him in a low voice.

"Sir Merlin, that guy is implying that he wants to get rid of you. Open fire, quick! Let your subordinates open fire and turn that guy to ashes."

Lin Yun smiled and silenced Morgan with a glance. Everyone could see that Gallsworth didnt have any killing intent.

As for the discussion between Clombton and Cross, it was due to both of them being unwilling to bow their head. At this moment, no one among the Beastmen and humans were willing to keep fighting.

After this cooperation, both sides felt that the other side was unpleasant to the eye, but nothing more.

After all, under the threat of an Ancient God, who was willing to continue fighting? Who knew if the raging war would rouse the Raging Flame Planes source of power once again? And whether it would help the lunatic Del Rovana jump in.

Or quietly pull something

The Intrepid didnt go very far before the human mages opened Spatial Doors one after another and left. As for Lin Yun, he drove the Intrepid back to the Four Seasons Plain.

The disaster of the Raging Flame Plane didnt have much impact on the Four Seasons Plain. The magic beasts there were extremely rare, there would only be some puppets appearing from the Puppet Plane here and there.

And these puppets werent polluted by the abyssal power. The few puppets that went wild werent powerful or numerous enough for the Grey Beastmen to be unable to handle them.

After being corrupted by abyssal power, the puppets only became more powerful and the components on their bodies became more powerful and more rare.

Most of the yield of the Four Seasons Plain was minerals.

The mountain range neighboring the Four Season Plains had been greatly affected and many magic beasts had been influenced by the sinister power.

But they were rapidly eliminated. With the mountain range and plain supporting each other, various medicinal ingredients and magic metals were produced.

After the cooperation, the Four Seasons Plain became very prosperous.

The Grey Beastmens steel fort grew stronger and stronger. This had already become a huge business hub connected with Noscent.

Those guileless Grey Beastmen had slowly became shrewder and shrewder and wouldnt use cheap prices to sell the puppets to the human merchants.

Large amounts of resources, various delicacies, and medicine slowly flowed into those prospering Grey Beastmen. This also greatly increased the strength of the Grey Beastmen.

As they traded with the humans, the Grey Baestmens alchemy skills rose and two Artisan had appeared.

Now, the Raging Flame Planes sky was no longer filled with cracks, the sky had regained its peaceful color and the ambient mana was smooth once again. Everything had returned to normal.

The Grey Beastmens fort was prospering once again, especially under the shadow of the Intrepid, it made the public security even more perfect. Even some unscrupulous businessmen decisively gave up on their plans.

With its shield, the huge warship covered the sun, and even from its high altitude, the pressure it emitted made everyone within the fort feel a deadly crisis.

Most of the human mages didnt know that Lin Yun was controlling the Intrepid. A 9th Rank Archmage was covered in cold sweat. He was extremely pale and felt as if he had sunk into a deadly crisis from which he couldnt escape. It was like a God had appeared in the sky, giving him no chance to escape.

On another side, a merchant was working hard to con a seemingly foolish Grey Beastman when he suddenly felt an extreme power locking onto him. He suddenly felt like the sky darkened.

He raised his head, only to see a huge battleship above his head. Huge mana crystal cannons muzzles extended out of the battleship, and the power being roused within the biggest cannon made people despair.

Being locked onto by that terrifying aura made the fat merchant look at the foolish Beastman before him with a smile.

"Eh, heavens, such a good puppet need to be traded for a spirit mana crystal. I made a mistake just now, how could a Level 10 mana crystal be enough"

The fat merchant was covered in sweat and his face was pale as he hurriedly grabbed mana crystals and handed them over to the Grey Beastmen. Aside from three spirit mana crystals, he also handed over a dozen Level twenty mana crystals.

He then raised his head and saw the Grey Beastman grinning. This made him terrified.

Shit, I only slightly lowered the price, yet he drew support from that kind of thing?!

At that instant, chaos rose in the Grey Beastmens fort, that terrifyingly fatal aura wasnt an hallucination.

In the captains cabin, Elsa had a dark expression and summoned a rune, allowing her to see what had been happening in the armory. A Firerock Dwarf with a dark red beard reaching his belly was standing next to the Hand of Destruction.

"Let those guys know that the great Firerock Dwarves have arrived. I want them to forever remember the scene of our reappearance. Look, quick, look! They almost peed their pants, and that guy is already sitting on the ground. Hahahaha"

Elsa had an ashen expression as she roared at the scene.

"Johan Paladin! You idiot, you are not allowed to touch a mana crystal cannon for the next three years. As the captain, I order you to clean the entire Intrepid once, and you cant eat, sleep or drink alcohol until you are done!"

In an instant, the Firerock Dwarves within the armory were stunned. They all took back their smiles and solemnly went on to their own matters. Only Johan Paladin, who was standing next to the Hand of Destruction, remained stunned.

After a few seconds, a team of Dark Elves, Ash Beastmen, and Firerock Dwarves appeared in the captains cabin with dark expressions. Among them, the Firerock Dwarves expressions were even darker, similar to the people on the outside.