End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Puppet Base

"Be careful not to kill him. You can firmly beat him as long as he doesnt die!"

The few Firerock Dwarves seemed to have turned insane as they kept slapping and kicking Johan Paladin. After three minutes, the bloody Johan was dragged out of the cabin.

This was the team of enforcers that Elsa had formed after taking charge. It was formed by members of the three races, and whoever made a mistake would be beaten up by the enforcers.

Every time someone made a mistake, they would be hit even harder by their own clansmen, because they were mocked by the other two races whenever someone from their own race made a mistake.

This time, the Firerock Dwarves would definitely be laughed at by the Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen for several years

After this unexpected episode, the aura emitted by the Intrepid dissipated, but its huge body still gave off an indescribable pressure.

At this moment, thieves within the Grey Beastmens fort no longer dared to extend their fingers.

As for the terrified humans, they learnt from the Grey Beastmens cheers that it was the return of the forts master.

A 9th Rank Archmage foolishly looked at the hovering Intrepid with a complicated expression.

Mafa Merlin? The Merlin Family is truly lucky During its hardest times, Santon Merlin emerged and let Merlin Family rise.

Now, the Merlin family has Mafa Merlin, who is even more frightening.

He built a city in the Raging Flame Plane where humans and Beastmen interact peacefully. Even the Beastmen with extreme hatred towards humans will cheer for a human city lord.

This is really inconceivable. From the look of these Grey Beastmen, they seem to be greatly respecting him. Even children are smiling because of his return.

How did he do that? I heard that the Grey Beastmen withdrew from the war and all the Grey Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane gathered here.

When the adjacent Shadow Tower attacked the Four Seasons Plain, the first resistance they faced wasnt the humans, but the Grey Beastmen

This is extraordinary, now, no one can stop the rise of the Merlin Family. It was said that, aside from Mafa Merlin, all the powerhouses that went for the Holy Mountain were at the Heaven Rank, yet no one felt that Mafa Merlins strength wasnt up to par. What a terrifying guy

Lin Yun returned, but he didnt go straight to the Grey Beastmens fort. After hearing a report from below, he immediately led the Intrepid to the mountain ranges basin bordering the Four Seasons Plain.

It was still occupied by mana-corrupted magic beasts, as well as some Demons left behind.

He made the three races clean-up the magic beasts and Demons within the basin before he went to the Black Iron Beastmens fort.

This was the first fort he had occupied, and was a masterpiece that exceeded the current era. It hid a huge puppet factory underground, and the entire underground base was a giant Heaven Rank puppet.

And now, he could finally move it into the Natural Demiplane!

When he entered the underground base, he heard Shawn loudly cursing, "Idiot! Moron! How could you be unable to do such a simple thing. Why are you still alive"

At this time, the swearing Shawn suddenly stopped and turned towards Lin Yun.

"Merlin, damnit, how long are you going to leave me here? This place is too boring, there are only stupid guys here, its impossible to find anything fun here"

Lin Yun took a quick tour. The underground base was operating normally. The Grey Beastmen who were originally captured were now being overworked there. There was now well-developed equipment, as well as sufficient natural resources. Any puppet they could think of could be made. As long as they thought of something, they could use the resources and alchemy facilities to run some tests.

There was no problem here, Lin Yun carried Lord Shawn, and as soon as he came in, he saw the prisoners of the Quicksand Tower and Shadow Tower working hard at their tasks.

Dylas was leading the mages of the Shadow Tower and only a small part of their palace assignment had been completed. And because the palace had yet to be completed, more and more tasks started piling up and they simply couldnt think of having a break.

Those two Beastman Ancestor Souls, who only thought of swaying the Three-Eyed Wolf, wanted to construct a palace and a temple for the Wolf God, and they had an exceedingly strong imagination. They were two guys Lin Yun simply couldnt order around and they took the initiative to become overseers. The mages of the Shadow Tower simply couldnt think of having a good day.

They even unsealed their mana to increase their construction speed and quality. Their days werent as good as when their mana was sealed, because the two crazy Beastman Ancestor Souls were attentively watching them like watchdogs.

If they tried to pull anything, they would immediately suffer a cruel punishment.

Lin Yun didnt pay attention to the Shadow Towers mages, these guys were stuck there and had to carefully work as laborers.

Seeing Lin Yun appear, Dylas didnt dare to spare a glance and only lowered his head before going back to work. Seeing that, Lin Yun thought, This arrogant guy seemed to have been beaten up. He became a lot more intelligent and learnt that he cant resist

Lin Yun smiled and turned his head towards the Quicksand Towers people. Following the Natural Demiplanes continuous evolution, the Demiplanes land would continuously grow, and even the narrowest region was several thousand kilometers.

Sorting out the rivers of such a big land wasnt something that could be done within seven or eight years. Especially since the ocean has already been formed. It would be an even bigger project near the coast. It might take a dozen years for those guys to finish their work.

But who knew what changes there would be in the Demiplane within a dozen years. Its growth speed was a lot faster than their work speed.

Quicksand Towers Slythrin had already apologized, and he also did some good work in the Abyss. After Lin Yun left, the amount of Eternal Dark Gold he received through sacrifice has increased quite a bit. Obviously, Slythrin had personally acted or he wouldnt have gotten so much.

Now, there were no grudges, so keeping the people of the Quicksand Tower as prisoners didnt feel that great.

As he thought about it, Lin Yun felt that it was better to let Daggeth go. In any case, there was a large amount of Eternal Dark Gold buried in the Demiplane now, and the defense has been integrated into the demiplane. Unless Lin Yun personally agreed to it, no one could enter the Demiplane. Others shouldnt even dream of it.

Planar Infiltrators shouldnt even think of taking one step into the Demiplane. Not to mention, the Natural Demiplane was still maturing. Something like coordinates didnt have much meaning, so he wasnt afraid of it being discovered.

After thinking about it, Lin Yun flew to Daggeth.

"Sir Daggeth, you can leave."

This short sentence stunned Daggeth. He then seemed to think of something and turned pale.

"Lord Enderfa, Im not leaving, I had no thought of running away. Ill be done tidying up this river today"

Lin Yun froze, before understanding what was going on. Enderfa definitely changed his appearance to himself to torment these pitiful guys. Now that he wanted to let them go, they didnt dare to go.

"Sir Daggeth, I am Mafa Merlin, not Enderfa. The grudge between your Quicksand Tower and me, lets end it here. Prepare your things, Ill let you leave."

As if he thought of something, Daggeth was a bit bewildered as he looked at Lin Yun. After a few seconds, he thoroughly confirmed it, the one standing before them was the real one, it wasnt Enderfas trick.

"Sir Merlin, I Can I not leave? I like it here"

Lin Yun sighed, Enderfa really has some issues. Look at what he did to a proper mage. Im letting him out, yet he is unwilling to leave. He must have been tortured silly.

"Sir Daggeth, Im not in the mood to play with you. Im serious, you can take the mages of your Quicksand Tower and leave this place to return to your Quicksand Tower."

Daggeth firmly shook his head.

"Sir Merlin, there is no need to persuade me. Ive already decided. I think this place is very good, I never had such an easy time!"

Lin Yun sighed and left. It seemed that this prisoner got used to the bitter work and was unwilling to leave the prison.

Lin Yun chose a place in the Demiplane to put that huge Heaven Rank puppet and left.

As for Dylas, he took the opportunity to stealthily find Daggeth during his break.

"Sir Daggeth, what did Mafa Merlin say? Was it a trick again? Was it that demonic Enderfa?"

Daggeth sincerely shared Lin Yuns words.

"Sir Merlin told me to leave."

Dylas expression changed, first to amazement, then into a sneer.

"Mafa Merlin must have played that trick for his amusement, telling you to leave, and just as you said you would go, he would change his mind and let you stay in this damned place."

Daggeth shook his head.

"It was I who didnt want to leave this place. I think that this place is very good, there is only fighting and slaughter outside"

Disbelief could be seen on Dylas face as he looked at Daggeth, and the latter only had a dull expression, as if he was enjoying foolish hard work.

"Sir Daggeth, you are already crazy"

After saying that, Dylas left, disinclined to speak with someone that had already gone crazy.

Once Dylas left, Daggeth sneered.

That idiot Dylas will always remain an idiot. How could he still want to escape with such a good opportunity before him?

Idiot, this is a Demiplane, and a very special Demiplane. Ive never seen anyones Demiplane being so complete, its like a true world.

Unless Sir Merlin personally released people, no one would be able to escape this place, yet you are still thinking of escaping? You are really stupid.

The most important part is that this is a continuously developing Demiplane. The Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Laws are stable and the four elements form a balance. Its not different from a true world.

Similarly, the Laws can be comprehended here even if this isnt considered a complete world. In fact, it was even better. Especially when the Laws shake as the Demiplane grows.

At that time, the Laws would be just like a blurry scroll spreading out in front of us. It would be like having a guide when comprehending any Law. Its at least ten times more efficient than Noscent. With our comprehension, the chances of advancing to the Heaven Rank would be more than a hundred times greater.

Not using such a good opportunity and instead setting yourself against Sir Merlin and hoping to flee You are truly an idiot. Serves you right to be tortured by that demonic Enderfa.

But its also good. With that guy here, the demonic Enderfa wouldnt pay attention to me. That damned guy is definitely a Devil transformed into a Magic Tool Incarnation.

That Incarnation is more terrifying than the most wicked Demon I ever saw.

In any case, I wont leave. Since Sir Merlin was willing to let me leave, it must mean that he reconciled with the Quicksand Tower. With Sir Merlins temperament, I dont believe that the Quicksand Tower would make him bow his head.

Since thats the case, I cant leave. This place is a lot better than the Quicksand Tower. Im not as foolish as Dylas.

Lin Yun didnt know what Daggeth and Dylas were thinking about, he was too busy releasing mana and the Demiplanes power to slowly cover the huge underground base puppet.

That puppets body was too big to go through any Planar Path he could open. He could only use mana and the Demiplanes power to slowly envelop the entire alchemy base before instantly moving it into the Demiplane.

After spending half an hour, Lin Yuns exhausted his entire mana three times before he managed to envelop the entire underground base.

A glaring flash of light flickered on the Demiplane. The light seemed to distort as the silhouette of a huge base slowly appeared. That silhouette was slowly condensing like a black and white picture.

The space fluctuated like waves and spread towards the surroundings. It took no less than three minutes before the spatial fluctuations thoroughly dissipated and a colossus over a kilometer-big emerged.

It was hundred-meter-tall and a large amount of earth and stone were attached to its body. It looked like a huge machine, and from its entrance, Grey Beastmen and puppets could be seen busying themselves.

After appearing here, this huge puppet lost its stable supply of energy. There had been a huge array stealing power from the Abyss in the Black Iron Beastmens fort. But the array lost its effect after the base appeared in Lin Yuns Demiplane.

The puppet bases energy was rapidly being consumed at the rate of 1% every few minutes.

Lin Yun spat out three law runes and instantly roused the Demiplanes power. Mana Vines drew power from the void and poured it into the puppet base. He even controlled a small Mana Vineand had it be in charge of supplying power to the puppet base.

This kind of pure power was much better than the abyssal power. This puppet base wasnt like the Intrepid, its frame wasnt made out of a Gods corpse.

Abyssal power was no different from ordinary energy to the Intrepid, but this was greatly different to the puppet base. After switching to a pure energy source, the stability and accuracy of a lot of equipment greatly increased. This was a huge benefit to the puppet research and manufacture. Many things that couldnt be done before could now be done.

Lin Yun was finally relieved after having moved the puppet base to the Demiplane.

Everyone knew that Lin Yun had a puppet army, and they could all see that this army of tireless and fearless puppets was mass produced.

A puppet base was a huge matter. And it wasnt that no one had planned to attack Lin Yuns puppet base, its just that unfortunately, no one could find the location of the puppet base. The Black Iron Beastmens fort and the Grey Beastmens fort had been specially targeted by those greedy people.

If the news that the puppet base was a Heaven Puppet was discovered or leaked, then these people would have no issue setting themselves against Lin Yun to plunder his forts.

After completing this matter, Lin Yun wondered whether he should take a look at the Puppet Plane.

After all, the main purpose of this puppet base had been to serve as a bridgehead to enter the Puppet Plane. There might even be a bigger base in the Puppet Plane.

Whether it was for the sake of the patched puppet or other puppets, a lot of materials and components could be found in the Puppet Plane.

Heaven Puppets components were extremely precious. To restore the power of the patched puppet, he would need a lot of Heaven Grade components, and the compatible parts would be even fewer in number. He might need to get rid of quite a few Heaven Puppets to gather enough materials.

But the one thing the Puppet Plane didnt lack was Puppets, this was a paradise for Puppets. To form a true puppet army, he had to leave for the Puppet Plane.

He only had two kinds of puppets in his army. The first were close-range sword puppets, they could easily tear through large armies of weak opponents like a flood of swords.

But their strength would sharply fall if they met opponents with somewhat powerful defenses, or elemental lifeforms who didnt really care if their bodies were severed, or some special lifeforms.

The other kind were casting puppets which relied on large numbers of spells to form spellwaves. That power was only applicable on large-scale battlefields. They werent too effective when handling a powerhouse. After all, no matter how many Low Tier Spells there was, not that many spells could hit one target at the same time.

The limitations were too great. If they encountered an army with some resistance against spells, more than half of the casting puppet army might end up destroyed.