End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 Another Round Of Negotiations

The best way to improve the puppet base was to go to the Puppet Plane. There, they could find all solutions to things regarding puppets.

Some components that couldnt be manufactured at a low cost in the puppet base might be found on the bodies of some unknown puppets.

At this time, Lin Yun remembered the Planar Infiltrator that he had imprisoned.

Byron was going crazy. Lin Yun had imprisoned him with the power of the Demiplane. Let alone the Demiplens shadows, he couldnt even merge with the spaces shadows. It was the same as Lin Yun drawing a circle he couldnt leave and only being able to watch.

The ability he was so proud of was completely useless. Getting out by force? What a joke.

The Natural Demiplane had the protection of the Eternal Dark Gold. It was comparable to the amount of Eternal Dark Gold existing in the entire Noscent. As time passed, the Eternal Dark God would merge with the Demiplane and it would be like the Demiplane itself had the properties of the Eternal Dark Gold.

Moreover, the radiance of the God Fire Ember serving as a sun enveloped the entire Demiplane and would cripple the abilities of Planar Infiltrators.

Even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would be crushed to death in the Demiplane.

Lin Yun went to the place he had locked Byron at and undid the Demiplane pressure imprisoning him. He saw Byrons vacant gaze and his hair and beard reaching up to his stomach. It looked like he had lived as a savage for a few dozen years. His body was even emitting a stinky stench.

Looking at Lin Yun, Byron froze, even forgetting that the cage imprisoning him had already dissipated.

"Nervous breakdown?"

Lin Yun was a bit stunned, How could this guy be an Archmage And a Planar Infiltrator How could being imprisoned give him a nervous breakdown?

Those Planar Infiltrators should be more patient than assassins. In order to infiltrate a plane, those guys could even turn into shadows and merge with the shadow of a Planar Path. They wouldnt eat nor drink, only maintaining this state which slowly used their mana over the course of several years.

It was all in order to find an opportunity. The record of the longest concealment had been 28 years!

The Planar Infiltrator that left this record didnt draw the ire of the planes ruler. The latter even generously gave the Planar Infiltrator the precious Magic Tool he needed as a present.

Turning oneself into a shadow and hiding for 28 years How could a group of Heaven Rank powerhouses get angry? Even a powerhouse transcending the Heaven Rank felt that that guys perseverance had been quite good and gifted him a decently-sized plane.

But this guy got a nervous breakdown just from being imprisoned for a bit?

Lin Yun watched Byron for a bit, but there wasnt much vigor in Byrons eyes. His gaze was vacant, as if his soul had been torn apart and his mind thoroughly collapsed, turning him into an idiot.

Lin Yun sighed. He had managed to find a Planar Infiltrator, and although he could only be considered an apprentice Planar Infiltrator, this wasnt something easy to find in this era.

As Lin Yun turned around, Byrons eyes regained their vigor and his entire body turned into shadows, instantly disappearing.

Lin Yun sensed the fluctuation behind him and turned around, only to see Byrons silhouette having already disappeared. He was already unable to discover Byrons location by relying on his mana fluctuations, but he could barely figure out his direction by using the Magic Array and the law runes.

Lin Yun grinned and pensively looked in the distance before leaving while saying, "Ill let you go if you can escape."

Byron had turned into a shadow and his heart was filled with fear as he kept himself immersed within the shadows. As an insurance, he didnt even dare to merge into the shadows of other things. Those trees, vegetation, mountains, he gave up on every single shadow and instead kept sneaking through the spaces shadow.

Only after feeling that Lin Yun hadnt discovered him did Byron smile.

This terrifying guy is really too frightening, he was actually able to capture and imprison me. Fortunately, I was smart and came up with this method after thinking for a long time.

But who would have thought that this damned guy would take so long before coming to see me. Could it be that he grabbed me to imprison me to death? Fortunately I tricked him and he wont be able to capture me again.

Lets find the entrance of the Planar Path Eh, damn, the entrance to the Planar Path is actually in the air. Such a crafty guy But it doesnt matter, I already merged with the spaces shadow, the Planar Path being in the air cant stop me.

Hey, crafty and terrifying guy, Im leaving, lets never meet again.

Eh, should I get a hold of the planar coordinates? Forget it, I shouldnt provoke that terrifying guy. Who knows if he will chase after me if I get a hold of the coordinates

Byron carefully sneaked, he even slowly drifted within the spatial fluctuations, slowly making his way towards the traces of the Planar Path.

After three days, he reached the location Lin Yun had used to come in. There was a portal linked to the Raging Flame Plane.

As for Lin Yun, he no longer concerned himself with Byron. Most of the Natural Demiplane was already under Lin Yuns control. He only needed one more step to control the Laws here, but this was a very slow process and it would need Lin Yun to comprehend them before he could control them.

But finding Byron who was moving within the spaces shadow was really too simple. He watched Byron sneaking like a thief for three days as he floated towards the entrance.

Lin Yun laughed inside the puppet base and spoke to Shawn, who had been snacking on mana crystals due to boredom.

"Lord Shawn, its been boring lately, hasnt it? I found something fun for you. But please dont kill him, I still have a use for him."

After saying that, he told Shawn the coordinates of that entrance and the idle Shawn immediately regained his vigor. He grinned as he floated to the entrance.

Shawn floated near the entrance, but didnt find anything strange. He rolled his eyes and pretended to nap

A dozen meters away, Byron was slowly approaching the entrance and only relaxed when he noticed that the strange Ghost Wolf didnt seem to react.

He still didnt react when Byron walked in front of the entrance and was about to take the final step to leave this place.

He grinned and almost burst out from excitement.

Damn guy, I can finally leave this cursed place. Damn, this place is crazy. There is a guy that can discover and capture me, a huge base which seems to be mass-producing puppets with the lowest level puppet being at Level 30, there are also mages from the Quicksand Tower and Shadow Tower, yet they are all treated as the lowest laborers, and they dont even dare to resist.

I want to leave this place, I want to return to Noscent. No, I need to find a plane where that scary guy will never find me

Byron joyfully merged with the shadows and followed the entrances shadow.

But just as he was about to step into the Planar Paths shadow, an undetectable dark golden light wall suddenly revealed itself, and Byron bumped into it.

"Ouch, damn, what is that"

Byrons silhouette was suddenly revealed, his head clearly bloody and his magic power unstable.

Byron suddenly quivered as he glanced at the Ghost Wolf who had opened his eyes and was glancing right back at him. He then looked around and figured out that his shadow state had been canceled.

Before he could turn back into a shadow, he saw a flash of light coming from the eyes of the Ghost Wolf and he instantly let out a blood-curdling screech. He looked as pale as a corpse as he fell towards the ground.

Shawn laughed heartily as he felt that he had found a funny toy. He chased Byron to the ground and entered his body. Then, Lord Shawn came out, his claws scratching his chin as he seemed to hesitate.

Merlin said not to kill this guy, that he had some use for him. What should I do if I go in and carelessly tear that guys soul apart? Forget it, Ill just be very careful, yes, Ill just take a look, thats all.

He once again got into Byrons head, and a second later, Byron let out a blood-curdling screech. His pupils dilated and his body kept twitching on the ground, as if he was about to die.

Shawn cautiously drilled out of Byrons head. He had wanted to take a good look at his surroundings, but he ended up jumping out immediately before fiercely slapping Byron.

"Idiot, hurry up and stand up for me. Dont play dead, the great Lord Shawn has pulled his punches. I know you are fine, damnit, you leave Lord Shawn no choice if you dont stand up"

After saying that, Shawn blew a gust of wind into Byrons head and Byron seemed filled with energy. He fearfully crawled up and looked at Lord Shawn as if he was a Devil specialized in playing with souls.

"Devil, damnit, you are a Hells Devil, one of the most malicious Soul Sadists"

Before he could finish his words, Byron held his head in his hands and rolled about on the ground.

Shawn had an unhappy expression as he slapped Byrons head with his claws.

"Moron, the great Lord Shawn is a Soul Walker, not one of those filthy Devils. How could those idiots compare to the great Lord Shawn?"

More than ten kilometers away, Daggeth raised his head as he seemed to have heard some faint mournful screams as well as Shawns cursing roars. He couldnt help smiling.

Which idiot dared to provoke Lord Shawn? Even if you provoke Merlin, the one thing you should never do is provoke Sir Merlins demonic Magic Tool Incarnations. No, the most wicked Devil of Hell might not even compare to these Incarnations when it came to torture.

But thats also good, with someone attracting the attention of the newly arrived Shawn, we are safe and can properly enjoy our time here.

After three days, Byron cried and asked to pledge his loyalty to Lord Shawn. He then asked to join one of the laboring groups.

Unfortunately, neither Daggeth nor Dylas wanted to accept that guy. They said that they had enough manpower and didnt need someone else. Thus, Byron could only use his expertise to go sort out areas that others couldnt see.

Half a month rapidly passed and the news of negotiations between the humans and Beastmen soon spread. As for LIn Yun, he was naturally invited as one of the human participants of the negotiations.

Lin Yun could guess the results of the negotiations without even going.

The Raging Flame Plane has gone through this disaster and both humans and Beastmen were still shaken. They didnt dare to start another all-out war, who knew if it would trigger the Raging Flame Planes source power again.

After all, that Gods body was still slumbering in the depths of the Raging Flame Plane, and its souls hadnt been annihilated, who knew if Del Rovana would take another shot at causing a calamity.

They didnt dare to fight, this was very important. And more importantly, the Raging Flame Plane had gone through this calamity, the earth had been overturned and the sky had shattered, but there would be even more benefits after it recovered.

The energy storms rushing down from the torn sky made the Raging Flame Planes environment even more terrible, and as the Gods body was devouring the source power of the Raging Flame Plane, these chaotic energies started destroying the Raging Flame Plane.

But the Raging Flame Plane was now becoming more and more stable. The chaotic energy storms started being slowly pacified under the effect of the Raging Flame Planes source.

Like this, the Raging Flame Planes mana would keep growing for a long period of time, and it would be a lot more diverse. This was the greatest advantage, whether it was to humans or Beastmen, it would make many resources come into being.

The greatest benefit of the earth being overturned was that many precious resources hidden in the depths of the earth had now surfaced or appeared in the shallow depths of the earth where they could be easily dug out.

Moreover, these natural resources were very old and were resources on the verge of extinction. There were also metal veins of a few kinds of ores that required a lot of time to be nurtured.

The amount and quality of the resources in the Raging Flame Plane had greatly increased.

Recently, more than thirty new veins of ore had been discovered in the Four Seasons Plain. Many precious resources were found and these abundant resources made the puppet bases research greatly progress, the pace greatly sped up. As for the Grey Beastmens fort, this fort which already had the reputation of being the first formed city, it was welcoming more and more people lately.

The patrolling puppets had all been upgraded to level 35 puppets, and every small squad of five was led by a Level 37 puppet.

As for the puppets in charge of those groups, they were a new kind of Level 39 puppet among them. If not because the materials needed were too high level, and because it required too much time and labor to be mass-produced, Lin Yun would have changed all the puppets within the Grey Beastmens fort to Level 39 puppets.

With these cold puppets as guards, no one would dare to cause trouble in the Grey Beastmens fort. After all, those puppets could only execute orders based on their settings, they didnt care about the identity of the other side. During this time, three children of affluent Families had been killed. There was even a 9th Rank Archmage that protected a child of an affluent Family and tore a few Level 39 puppets apart.

As for their Family, they could only hope not to be recognized. They didnt dare to come looking for trouble. After all, the news of Lin Yuns strength had already spread around. And with the Intrepids energy source matter already solved, no one in the Raging Flame Plane dared to provoke Lin Yun.

The emergence of the Dark Elves, Firerock Dwarves, and Ash Beastmen wasnt very impactful, mostly because no one provoked them as they were all living in the Intrepid.

The might of the mana crystals cannons on the Intrepid was something that almost all the Heaven Rank powerhouses currently in the Raging Flame Plane had seen. Especially the main cannon, it almost blew away the Holy Mountain in one shot. This wasnt something a Low Tier Heaven Rank powerhouse could do.

Although the humans and Beastmen couldnt help cursing at each other while participating in the negotiations, as well as taking the fight outside on a few occasions, once the negotiations started, both sides came to the same conclusion.

The war had to stop. Especially since the current Raging Flame Plane had enough natural resources for everyone. There was simply no point in starting a war over territory and natural resources.

What needed to be discussed was just how to distribute these territories.

Lin Yun was sitting at this huge heated round table with closed eyes, he simply wasnt participating in these matters.

Apart from the Merlin Familys territory, Lin Yun was now occupying the original remote territory of the Black Iron Beastmen. That place had sparse vegetation and the environment was somewhat vile. Aside from mineral resources, no plant could be found there.

That place had now become even richer in mineral resources, but it wasnt to the point of being shocking.

As for the Four Seasons Plain and the mountain ranges depression bordering the Four Seasons Plain, they were important areas Lin Yun was managing, and the mineral resources and vegetation had become frighteningly rich. The corrupted magic beasts and Demons within the depression had been cleared up and many magic plants that hadnt been seen before were now growing there.

Unfortunately, no one would dare to make Lin Yun spit out that area. Lin Yun felt quite satisfied with these two regions. After all, the Raging Flame Planes territory had almost been completely partitioned, the debate regarded some controversial areas.

And these areas were quite far away from Lin Yuns territory, so Lin Yun didnt bother to listen to these peoples discussions. After confirming his own interests, he didnt feel like listening to them argue.

The benefits of the RagingFlame Plane, no matter how much one fought over it, they wouldnt get much. The Four Seasons Plain had a Planar Path leading to the Puppet Plane. And the benefits of the Puppet Plane were a lot higher than the entire Raging Flame Plane. Lin Yun truly didnt feel like pushing for extremely small benefits.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun had been comprehending the Laws with his eyes closed when someone brought the topic to Lin Yun.

The Shadow Tower and the Black Flame Beastmen were arguing on who that piece of contested territory belonged to. After discussing for a while, the Shadow Towers Heaven Rank powerhouse suddenly noticed Lin Yun ignoring everyone with his eyes closed.

Joseph rolled his eyes and sneered.

Mafa Merlin is actually not paying attention to whats happening here at such a time. Thats for the best, the resources of the Four Seasons Plain are the richest. Its like the warm spring among the four seasons, that place is filled with even more materials.

More importantly, the Four Seasons Plain has almost no Magic Beast, there are only some puppets with unknown origins. Those puppets have no interest in valuable plants. This is completely letting Mafa Merlin off cheaply.

Damn, that guy only needs to safely control the Four Seasons Plain and that basin to obtain a huge harvest. He is obtaining his resources a lot more safely than us. No to mention that he already established a city. The profits that arose there everyday could absolutely compare to a major city in Noscent.

That lucky guy How did that foolish Birbo die? Not to mention letting Mafa Merlin off before dying. If Mafa Merlin died in the Holy Mountain, it would have been really easy for the Shadow Tower to take over his territory.

But now, our territories have yet to be confirmed. One third of the Four Seasons Plain was sandwiched between our Shadow Tower and the Black Flame Beastmens territories. It would be profitable as long as that bit of territory was snatched.

I believe that the greedy Black Flame Beastmen would definitely not refuse this suggestion. A third of the Four Seasons Plain clearly has more benefits and natural resources than the small piece of land on the edge of our territory.