End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176 Borders

After thinking about it for a bit, Joseph felt that this method was very feasible. Everyone was discussing the division of territories, and the most important things were the borders. Some territories were cut down a bit, some expanded a bit. It was all a matter of strength.

Just like how the Cloud Tower suffered disastrous losses in the Raging Flame Plane, yet everyone had to pay respect to the Cloud Tower and distribute a bit of the benefits since Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse Clombton was there.

"Arent our territories sandwiching a small part of the Four Seasons Plain? We can divide that area into two halves and draw a boundary there. We wont need to fight over it. That irregular area was hard to split, but we can divide it properly with that small part of the Four Seasons Plain.

Joseph was smiling as he made this suggestion to the Black Flame Beastman he had been arguing with.

This greedy Beastman definitely wouldnt let go of such a fat piece of meat. Would Mafa Merlin, who has yet to reach the Heaven Rank, still dare to resist when that guy joins in?

The Merlin Family doesnt have a single Heaven Rank powerhouse in the Raging Flame Plane, yet they dare to possess such fertile territory? What a waste. In any case, other people would come to snatch it sooner or later so we might as well make the first move. Moreover, we are only taking a third, doesnt he still have two thirds?

Joseph was full of confidence, he didnt care whether Lin Yun was willing or not, but suddenly, he discovered that the chaotic conference room had become silent.

People were looking at him with strange expressions, as if they had seen a ghost.

And the expression of that goblin-like greedy Black Flame Beastman instantly turned grim. He was staring at his own fingertips as if he was thinking of some difficult issue. He appeared so focused that he hadnt heard Josephs words.

Joseph was a bit unhappy, I managed to find a satisfactory method but that stupid Blake isnt working with me. Its a third of the Four Seasons Plain, its worth more than half of our territories.

Such a good opportunity That stupid guy must be wanting more benefits, right? Damn, is half of his territory not satisfactory? If I had known earlier, I would have consulted with him ahead of time

"Sir Blake, what do you suggest? This is a perfect plan, it cant be more perfect than this. This will allow us to have a clear dividing line between our two territories and remove any possible conflict we would have regarding our territories, this would be for the best."

Joseph was confidently smiling, he didnt ask Lin Yuns opinion as he planned to cut off his territory.

Not a single sound could be heard as everyone mockingly looked at Joseph. Many of the Beastmen had strange smiles as they looked at the smiling Joseph as if he was an idiot.

Next to Joseph, Slythrin of the Quicksand Tower couldnt help raising his head and glancing at him before discreetly moving further away. It was as if he was afraid that being too close to Joseph would infect him with his stupidity.

Idiot, he actually planned to set himself against Mafa Merlin He is really brainless, even a slime would be more intelligent.

Hasnt the Shadow Tower suffered enough? Idiot, the commanders of the Shadow Tower in the Raging Flame Plane have all been eliminated. That Birbo died in the Abyss, but did that guy really think that it was an accident?

Whoever believes that is an idiot. That treacherous woman was a mage assassin, even if she reincarnated as a Demon, her chances of survival would always be greater than the others. That foolish Morgan didnt die, but Birbo did!

Is that not enough to wake up the Shadow Tower? Damn, I thought that the Shadow Tower had been so well-behaved during this time because they knew what happened in the Holy Mountain, I really hadnt expected them to send an idiot to negotiate.

What an idiot. Want to snatch Mafa Merlins territory? Only a small part? Does he think that everyone is stupid? The part of the Four Seasons Plain between the Shadow Tower and the Black Flame Beastmens territory accounts for a third of the entire Four Seasons Plain.

Moreover, many precious natural resources have recently appeared in that part of the territory. In terms of value it amounted to at least half of the Four Seasons Plain.

How could this idiot have lived to this day? Mafa Merlin, an Archmage, came to this place to negotiate with Heaven Rank powerhouses. Isnt that enough to raise questions?

Did that idiot not see that two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses didnt object to that, let alone the Black Flame Beastman whose territory bordered Mafa Merlins. Why did he not raise the issue first?

He is truly a brainless idiot. Staying next to him will definitely pollute my mind.

The strange silence lasted more than ten seconds. Joseph sensed that something was wrong, but he didnt pay attention to it. He was the best negotiator of the Shadow Tower, he would be the one to negotiate every time there was an issue.

The crucial part of these negotiations was drawing the boundaries of the territories, and thus, the Shadow Tower had specially dispatched Joseph. Unfortunately, they forgot to remind him of some matters.

Joseph turned back to Blake.

"Sir Blake, could it be that you didnt hear my offer? Such a good way to take care of this, dont tell me that you arent satisfied? Thats already my bottom line, I wont back down. Half of that small territory of the Four Seasons Plain is my biggest concession"

Morgan, Raphael, and even Dedale looked at Joseph with mocking gazes. Everyone made the decision to interact as little as possible with the idiots of the Shadow Tower in the future.

These guys didnt have a good reputation to begin with, and they had been lucky to not be overthrown by a mage tower, yet they still dared to carelessly provoke an enemy? This was plainly stupid, and even more loathsome than bullying the weak.

Within the strange silence, Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes and calmly swept a glance at Blake, before looking at Joseph.

In an instant, Blakes black-skinned face turned horrified. If not for his skin color, everyone would have noticed him paling.

Damned Joseph, I wish you die a horrifying death. Even if you have to provoke that terrifying Mafa Merlin, why do you have to drag me in!

Isnt it just a bit of territory? Ill give it to you! Are you trying to frame me?

That idiot must not know how terrifying Mafa Merlin is He isnt a Heaven Mage yet, but he can still get rid of Heaven Rank powerhouses. Sir Cross said that Mafa Merlin has reached the limits of the Archmage realm and can advance to the Heaven Rank at any time.

Once this kind of terrifying guy advances to the Heaven Rank, no one aside from Cross would be his opponent.

Moreover, he controls a terrifying puppet army, three powerful races from the ancient times, and even a huge terrifying battleship.

This damned guy definitely doesnt know how terrifying Mafa Merlin is. That battleships cannon almost blasted the Holy Mountain in one shot and tore a rift through a God Nation.

This idiots head must have been kicked by a Pig Beastman, he most likely doesnt know about it. Damnit, he actually provoked Mafa Merlin, I dont want to die

Blake was scared witless as he saw Joseph being dissatisfied and about to speak again.

"Joseph, right? You win. The mountain range bordering our territories is yours. The area north of the mountain range is ours, and the south, including the mountain range, is yours. There is no need to argue, its all yours"

Joseph was surprised, but he quickly smiled.

"Sir Blake, how could this be? We have to be fair, so that small part of the Four Seasons Plain between our territories should be equally divided between us"

Blake glanced at Cross, and after discovering that Cross was looking at Joseph as if he was an idiot, Blake let out a relieved sigh.

He then squeezed out a smile as he looked at everyone.

"Everyone, I suddenly remembered that I still have an urgent matter so Ill be leaving first. As for the matter of our Black Flame Beastmens territory, well leave it here, we are already satisfied with our territory."

After pausing, Blake looked at the calm Lin Yun and squeezed an ugly smile.

"Sir Merlin, our territories are next to each other. If you have the time, please come be a guest of our Black Flame Beastmen. We are rearing a rare race of gold pigs and they are a specialty of the Raging Flame Plane. They are few in numbers, but they improve ones constitution. You wont be disappointed.

Lin Yun nodded.

"Alright. Similarly, if you have time, please pay a visit to our Grey Beastmens fort."

Blake was overjoyed as he heard those words and promptly nodded.

"Yes, yes, yes, Ive been admiring Sir Merlins Steel City for a long time and always wanted to experience it for myself. After I take care of those matters, Ill definitely come visit. Ill bring some of our Black Flame Beastmens specialties for Sir Merlin to sample."

Blake happily left, but the other Beastmen had envious expressions. The original name of the Grey Beastmens fort had already been forgotten, people only remembered the Steel Fort.

That place might not be the biggest fort of the Raging Flame Plane, but it was definitely the most flourishing fort. Even during the war, Beastmen and humans interacted peacefully there. Under the deterrence of the puppets, anyone daring to challenge the rules of the Steel Fort would be killed.

Many Beastmen were extremely envious. Unfortunately, no one dared to rashly go over for trade. Now that Lin Yun personally invited one of them, the others naturally wouldnt let go of such a good opportunity.

Cross smiled and was the first to talk.

"Sir Merlin, Ive also been admiring Steel City for a very long time. Ive been wanting to take a look at that flourishing place ever since I heard of it. I wonder if Sir Merlin would welcome me?"

After Cross spoke, Clombton chuckled and joined in.

"Indeed, ever since I came back to the Raging Flame Plane, Ive been wanting to take a look at the most flourishing and steady city, but Ive never had the opportunity. Sir Merlin, will you deny an old mans request to visit?"

Since Cross and Clombton took the initiative to ask, and in a very polite manner, the other Beastmen also requested to visit Lin Yuns Steel City one after another. The humans also made the same request while smiling.

In an instant, over twenty Heaven Rank powerhouses from all the Tribes and human forces expressed their will to visit.

They even forgot to argue over their territories.

As for Joseph, he was completely stunned as he looked at this scene.

Even the two Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouses, who didnt like each other, were now expressing their goodwill towards Lin Yun. Joseph was instantly stunned.

Heavens, what is happening. Isnt Mafa Merlin an Archmage? Isnt he just slightly more powerful? How could all the human forces express their goodwill? And why do all those Beastmen want to tour Steel City.

Damn, whats going on?

No matter how slow Joseph was, he could sense that the situation was strange and exceeded his expectations.

The Black Flame Beastman left in a hurry after expressing his goodwill. It looked as if he felt that his intelligence would suffer if he stayed near Joseph.

Joseph hesitated and glanced at Arnaud Henry. Although the relationship between the Henry Family and the Shadow Tower wasnt especially good, they did collaborate. After all, the Henry Family was the merchant family among the mages, and the mage family among the merchants. As long as it wasnt a hostile family, they would have a basic degree of collaboration.

Joseph looked at Arnaud with a bit of doubt and wanted to ask Arnaud what was going on. But Arnaud gave him a pitying smile and then acted as if he hadnt noticed Josephs inquiry.

Joseph immediately thought of a lot of things. As for Arnauds smile, even if it was traded for a previous favor, their relationship was over.

As the Shadow Towers most proficient negotiator, Joseph could be said to have an extremely fast brain. Cold sweat was now trickling down his forehead.

Its over Which b*stard gave me the intelligence?! Is that Mafa Merlin really an ordinary member of an Andlusan Mage Family?

Is he really just a slightly stronger Archmage? Sh*t, which idiot gave me the intelligence! I must hack him to pieces upon my return, I have to break his neck.

Damn, this is too troublesome. F*cking b*stard. Not only did that Peak 3rd Rank Heaven Mage show goodwill to Mafa Merlin, even that Peak 3rd Rank Gold Beastman is very friendly towards Mafa Merlin. This doesnt conform with the intelligence I received.

The Heaven Rank powerhouses and Heaven Rank Beastmen even seem a bit scared of Mafa Merlin. How could he be an ordinary member of a Mage Family?

F*ck, this is an insult to my intelligence. No wonder those greedy b*stards started vying for profits and territory, yet none of them tried to seize some of Mafa Merlins territory.

Sh*t, the territories no one fought over, didnt they belong to Mafa Merlin?

Then Could it be that his territory is bigger than everyone elses? Aside from the Four Seasons Plain, he had at least three or four fertile territories

Eh, damn, Blake scammed me. No wonder he didnt cause trouble for Mafa Merlin even though his territory borders his.

Its over, Ive gotten into big trouble this time. I should have known Those who offended the Shadow Tower and could still live well are definitely not people that the Shadow Tower can offend.

Joseph paled. He recalled that if this matter was passed back to the Shadow Tower, his punishment would definitely be painful. Being thrown into a magic ore mine to dig might be the best outcome.

Joseph instantly wanted to bow his head, but a group of Beastmen and humans were surrounding Lin Yun so he didnt dare to go over. Did he have to apologize in front of everyone and admit his own mistake?

Joseph kept struggling with his head down, but once he raised his head, he discovered that Lin Yun had already disappeared.

The others were almost done dividing the territories, but it was mostly done according to the current territories. As for the humans and Beastmen territories bordering each other, a big enough buffer zone was left in order to prevent conflicts from happening. They were classified as common labor areas and no one had authority in those areas.

They were done, and the Beastmen also started leaving.

At this time, Morgan walked next to Joseph and sized him up with a regretful expression before clicking his tongue.

"Joseph, I previously thought that you were a person as shrewd as a fox, yet today, you were as stupid as a pig, and the kind of pig raised by humans to be slaughtered.

"You actually dared to openly try to take Sir Merlins territory, and you are still alive! This is inconceivable, no, I should say that you are extremely lucky that Sir Merlin didnt really pay attention to you. Otherwise, no one here would stop it if Sir Merlin personally got rid of you"

Morgan patted Josephs shoulder and then left the conference room. Arnaud expressionlessly walked next to Joseph and coldly glanced at Joseph.

"Sir Joseph, the best I can do is reminding you to not do something stupid. Fortunately, you arent considered too stupid."

The human Heaven Rank powerhouses left one after another, while on the other side, Cross also led the Beastmen to leave.

After leaving, a Heaven Rank Beastmen doubtfully asked Cross, "Sir Cross, why do we have to curry favor with that human mage?"