End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 Spatial Maze

"Im not too sure what will happen inside, but its not too important. Everyone meets different things, I cant tell you anything concrete. The distance you have to travel might be different too. Someone once walked for three days without crossing that area. The highest record is held by Sir Santon, he spent five hours to successfully enter the depths of the Ancestor Land.

"You can only rush by yourself, no one can help. This is the rule of the Ancestor Land"

Link hesitated a bit, before adding, "Moreover, it is said that no one can help you when you start charging in. Even the Heaven Rank powerhouses cant help. Any outside helper would be in even greater danger.

"Naturally, with Sir Mafas strength, you should be able to cross. It would only be a matter of time. The shorter the time needed to cross, the better the treatment and status you would get. It is said that Sir Santon received the guidance of one of the oldest ancestors of the Ancestral Land."

Lin Yun nodded, took a piece of magic metal from the Abyss and gifted it to Link.

"Many thanks for your pointers Sir Link, treat this as a gift."

Link looked at the piece of metal covered in bizarre decorative designs in Lin Yuns hands and his eyes rapidly widened.

"This This, this is too precious. Sir Mafa"

Lin Yun smiled and stuffed the piece of metal in Links bosom before disappearing into the fog.

Link opened his mouth, but he didnt refuse again. He looked at the piece of metal in his hand with unconcealable joy.

Abyssal Blood Copper, Ive been looking for it for eighty years and never heard of this thing being auctioned. I really didnt expect Sir Mafa to directly give me a piece.

I heard that the last time someone bought a piece of Abyssal Blood Copper, they had to pay three Low grade True Spirit Magic Tools. Moreover, it had been a Heaven Rank powerhouse buying it.

With such a big piece of Abyssal Blood Copper, I can raise my True Spirit Magic Tool by a grade. I can even use the Magic Tools power to comprehend Laws. I should be able to force my way into the depths of the Ancestral Land within twenty years, I might even advance to the Heaven Rank.

Link was overjoyed as he started going back through the dense fog, rushing in order to process that piece of Abyssal Blood Copper. He just didnt know that Abyssal Blood Copper had already piled up into a small hill within Lin Yuns Demiplane.

As Lin Yun entered the dense fog, a few powerhouses emitting Extraordinary Power were gathered in the deepest part of the dense fog.

They were facing a person-sized crystal ball which was displaying Lin Yuns silhouette, and the scene shown by the crystal ball was devoid of fog.

A red-haired Heaven Rank powerhouse in his forties wearing a flaming red robe looked at the crystal ball with a smile.

"This severed spaces dense fog might be dangerous to any powerhouse below the Heaven Rank, but it shouldnt be too dangerous for this Mafa. If he is careful, hell eventually smoothly cross this path."

On his side, a Heaven Mage wearing a black robe, and with so much muscles that he looked more like a Beastman Sword Saint than a mage, also smiled.

"Right, the ones on the outside cant know too much, but those few guys defending the entrance of the Ancestral Land can be told that this dense fog contains a ruptured space, even if we are unable to save them if they encounter danger.

"More importantly, that places Laws would change based on the strength of the person who enters. If we join in, the danger we would meet would kill any little guy under the Heaven Rank.

"This Mafas strength can already compare to a Heaven Rank powerhouse, apart from not having Extraordinary Power. Thus, he shouldnt be meeting any life-threatening danger as he crosses. Lets see how long he takes to cross."

The red-haired mage with a red robe extended a finger.

"One day. I think hell take about a day to cross."

The mage as sturdy as a Beastman shook his head.

"I think that this is impossible. Although the Laws of the ruptured space change based on ones rank, and although he is merely a 9th Rank Archmage, he is still far stronger than a 9th Rank Archmage. It would still take him at least 48 hours."

There were a handful of Heaven Rank powerhouses surrounding the crystal ball, but based on their aura, they were clearly weaker than these two. They all started expressing their opinions.

"I think 45 hours."

"About 40 hours. After all, it was said in the report that he is quite powerful."

"I estimate 50 hours. After all, crossing that fog isnt a matter of strength."

"Right, its a shame that the previous 9th Rank Archmage died there before we could save him, his fighting power was comparable to a powerhouse that just advanced to the Heaven Rank"

The red-haired red-robed mage waved his hand.

"Alright, dont argue. Mafa is about to be tested. Who knows what his test will be. If he meets a Mirror Image Elemental, he might truly be able to cross in a day. But he might be in trouble if he encounters a runic transformation.

"Labard, you are the most proficient in spatial magic and your foundation is based on the Law of Space. You should get ready to go and save him if he meets any danger.

"A youth with decent talent finally appeared in the Family, we cant let him die here."

A not-so-majestic silver-robed man in his thirties shrugged.

"Alright, I have already positioned the approximate location. But with my strength, I would still need ten minutes to rush over if he met a danger he cant resist. If he cant survive for ten minutes, then no one can help him."

The red-haired red-robed mage nodded while the black-robed mage scowled.

"The dangers of the severed fog isnt something that can be anticipated, but he also cant be instantly killed. If he cant even last ten minutes, then his power is simply not worth mentioning. He would have died sooner or later, dying here would actually be considered fortunate."

Hearing the words of the black-robed mage, no one said anything and they all attentively watched Lin Yun with the crystal ball.

Lin Yun slightly frowned after entering the dense layer of fog. From outside, he felt that this dense fog was like a heavy mountain, it simply couldnt be shaken.

After entering, he understood that this places space was different from the outside. The space was very heavy and stable.

It was as if the space on the outside was an earthen wall while the space inside was made out of Steel Essence. It was terrifyingly stable and even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would be unable to tear through space while fighting, let alone shattering the space.

Moreover, after coming in, he immediately understood that this space was different from what he could see. It looked like a natural maze, a maze that was continuously changing.

After walking ten minutes, Lin Yun used his Magic Array at full-strength to infer this places modus operandi.

This looked like an enchanted space formed of multiple small cubes, with every small cube moving about. The person staying there would keep moving alongside the small cubes, but the direction was fixed.

Lin Yun slightly frowned and kept using the Magic Array to infer everything.

After a short period of time, he let out a sigh of relief. At first, he thought that only a fixed space had a door to leave, but he discovered that he had been overthinking, and that as long as he kept moving along the path of the maze until the end, he would be able to casually leave this place.

Now, he only needed to calculate the fastest itinerary. After all, the cubes of spaces were continuously moving, and while his perception would tell him that he was moving forward, he might actually be moving backward.

Lin Yun stood there with his eyes closed, motionlessly waiting for fifteen minutes. This puzzled the group of mage watching the crystal ball.

"What is he doing? He has already been waiting for fifteen minutes. Could it be that he isnt ready to move forward?"

A Heaven Mage had a doubtful expression, this was the first time he saw someone do this.

The black-robed mage smiled.

"It doesnt matter, there is no need to care about him. That little guy should be thinking of a method. But staying immobile isnt necessarily safe, haha"

"He isnt afraid, is he? He has yet to move in fifteen minutes, does he intend on going back?"

"He can no longer take the same way back. The space is very chaotic there, its completely unpredictable. Even if he decides to retreat now, he would be unable to find the way back"

Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on the black-robed mages face.

"Hey, take a look, there are a dozen Mirror Image Elementals in front of him. Eh, a dozen White Mirror Image Elementals, he is in huge trouble"

Surprise appeared on the red-haired red-robed mages face.

"A dozen White Mirror Image Elementals are comparable to a dozen 9th Rank Archmages. Mafa is definitely in trouble, but this shouldnt be great trouble based on his strength. He should be able to get rid of those within an hour"

"Hey, Labard, didnt you encounter ten White Mirror Image Elementals when you first went through that space and almost died?"

The silver-robed Labard seemed to recall a bad memory, his face turned a bit awkward.

"Well, you should know that I had just advanced to the Heaven Rank back then. I was still not proficient with spatial mages fighting methods and thus a mishap happened. It was only a mishap."

As the group of Heaven Mages were making conjectures, Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes and his mana fluctuations spread out. He raised a Law Runic Shield and took out his Draconic Staff.

A second later, a small spatial fluctuation appeared ahead of him as a piece of space was replaced by another and ten transparent crystal-like statues were now in front of Lin Yun.

And just as Lin Yun saw these crystal statues, his Draconic Staff shone with a bright light. Blue Bursting Flames dragging blue trails frantically fell down.

As soon as these transparent crystal statues noticed Lin Yun, multi-colored rays of light started appearing on the surface of their bodies, as if they were awakening.

In less than a second, a few of the transparent crystal statues turned into copies of Lin Yun, its just that their bodies were somewhat illusory.

But it took less than a second for all the crystal statues to be exploded by the six Enhanced Bursting Flames, as if everything had been calculated from the start.

The six Enhanced Bursting Flames used the strongest explosive power of bursting flames. Moreover, the six Bursting Flames had encircled the statues and exploded on the statues from six different directions.

Explosions instantly echoed as crystal fragments turned into nothingness in midair.

"Mirror Image Elementals? It looks like it really was the spot where two spaces linked"

Lin Yun kept walking at an unhurried pace, and after walking a dozen meters, he suddenly stopped.

The flames were still raging behind him.

As for the Heaven Rank powerhouses watching from the crystal ball, their voices all came to an abrupt stop as they were stunned.

"Blakeman, what did I just see? One second He finished the battle in one second"

The red-haired red-robed mage exclaimed in surprise.

The black-robe mage had still been talking about Lin Yun being in trouble, but he didnt get to finish his words before Lin Yun ended the fight. Ultimately, he could only chuckle.

"Reedman, this should be Mafas incredible reaction speed. After all, these White Mirror Image Elements would need one second to complete their transformation upon finding their target.

"All of us here are capable of getting rid of those White Mirror Image Elements within one second.."

Reedman didnt speak and couldnt help smiling. They were all Heaven Rank powerhouses, and the weakest of them had advanced to the 1st Rank a long time ago and might advance to the 2nd Rank anytime.

To that group of powerhouses, White Mirror Image Elementals were only chickens ready to be massacred, they simply couldnt be compared to Lin Yun.

At this time, everyone remained silent and calmly watched.

Lin Yun stood at his spot, motionless for three minutes before once again taking a step forward. After taking a step, the blue flames behind him instantly disappeared.

This was due to moving between two spaces. That space where the earlier battle happened had already moved somewhere.

And it seemed that there was nothing wrong in this area. The surroundings were covered in dense fog and he could only see within a dozen meters.

After entering this space, Lin Yuns footsteps didnt stop and he retained a stable speed. After moving forward for over fifty meters, he stepped across three spaces before suddenly changing position and moving towards the left.

After crossing another space, Lin Yun waited for 36 seconds before walking back a dozen meters and entering another space.

The mages watching the crystal ball remained silent, calmly watching Lin Yuns movements. Three minutes later, Reedman suddenly said, "I heard Mafa Merlin is an Artisan, and that he is especially proficient in potioneering and the field of array, while also excelling in the field of Magic Tool refining and puppeteering"

Blakemans expression changed as he seemed to realize something.

"Damn, are you saying that this kid already solved the chaotic space maze of the severed fog? No way, this has only been twenty minutes. We spent a huge price five hundred years ago to ask an Artisan proficient with spatial mazes and he spent a dozen days before barely figuring out a path. Hadnt he said that this place was too chaotic and changed infinitely? That finding a fixed safe itinerary was impossible"

But they could only remain silent as they watched Lin Yun continuously moving forward or backward, and then moving backward a few seconds after moving forward.

Although everyone here understood a bit of alchemy, they reached the Master Alchemist realm because they spent a huge amount of time piling up their knowledge. None of them had reached the Artisan realm, and they were only proficient in a small part of a field, such as compounding a kind of medicine within the potioneering field.

Everything before their eyes felt a bit scary, but none of them dared to draw conclusions

"Labard, get ready! Damn, how could there be five Black Mirror Elemental Images!"

Reedman suddenly cried out in fear as he pointed at the crystal ball. Mana fluctuations exploded as a powerful aura stirred the surrounding atmosphere, as if it was burning.

Labard saw the five black crystal statues suddenly appearing and he instantly disappeared.

Blakeman also frowned.

"Damn, five Black Mirror Image Elements How could five of them appear at the same time? These guys can display the power of the Heaven Rank. He is in great trouble, I dont know if Mafa can last ten minutes"

"Who cleaned up the Mirror Image Elements within the fog before? Sh*t, how could five of them appear at the same time?!"

"Alright, dont argue, lets hope Sir Labard gets there as soon as fast as possible. This is really sh*tty. We cleansed the severed fog a year ago, there shouldnt have been five Black Mirror Images appearing at the same time. Whats going on?"

"Mafa is really unlucky. I remember that the last time we rushed into the severed fog, the unluckiest person only encountered two Black Mirror Image Elements"