End Of The Magic Era Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Soul Walker


Along with Jalax’s deafening roar, gray flames appeared all around. The smell of sulfur spread through the entire tomb. This was Decay Fire. Jalax resided in the Wasteland, a place burning with Decay Fire, which would burn the souls of all living beings.

Lin Yun felt the temperature drop when the flames were ignited. The originally sinister tomb became like an icy cave. The raging Decay Fire almost touched Lin Yun’s feet, like flaming tongues lashing about, able to completely extinguish his soul.

But Lin Yun stood there, not flinching away at all. Instead, he looked at the Desolate Overlord as if he was looking at a performance.

“Okay, one hundred years” After a short confrontation, Jalax’s voice unexpectedly eased up. “One hundred years is this Lord Jalax’s final concession. This is also your last opportunity, Human.”

“Haha, Respected Desolate Overlord, your generosity is moving me to tears.” Lin Yun showed a smile for the first time. He was looking at the Desolate Overlord without the fear he had previously felt. “But I’ll still refuse!”

“Bold!” Jalax immediately flew into a rage. After roaring once again, the Decay Fires in the surroundings rose up, and the entire area turned grey as it was covered in the flames.

Lin Yun couldn’t help shivering when hit by that bone-piercing chill. But his eyes were staring at the contract, at the Desolate Overlord’s name written in Nesser. After a short time, Lin Yun’s face once again revealed a smile. His finger softly moved along the name of the Desolate Overlord. In a flash, the few Nesser Runes quickly dissipated and the Desolate Overlord’s name was wiped away!

“You You You have the cheek to erase Lord Jalax’s true name! Shameful Thief, you offended the mighty Lord Jalax! Your soul will sink into the abyssal flames forever! I’ll make your body turn to ashes and spread you on the Wasteland’s soil! I’ll imprison your soul for all eternity, I’ll make you”

As the deafening roar echoed through the tombs, pieces of rock fell down from the ceiling. The whole tomb seemed to shake from the anger of the Desolate Overlord.

But despite all this, Lin Yun cast a spell at this moment.

“Time to show me what you really are!”

The spell Lin Yun cast was the 3rd Tier Spell, True Eyes. It was said to be able to see through all illusions and falsehoods. Lin Yun’s eyes shone with a radiance the instant the spell was cast.

“You damn human!” Following the activation of the spell, the projection of the Desolate Overlord let out a blood-curdling scream. The projection that had been obscuring no less than half of the ceiling shrank under the light of the True Eyes spell before finally turning into a ring. With a clank, it fell on the ground.

“Human, I curse you!” The moment the ring fell, a shadow flew out.

“Magic Tool Incarnation!” Everything happened too quickly. Lin Yun only had the time to let out a surprised shout before the shadow arrived in front of him. Lin Yun didn’t have time to think as he pointed with his Spiritual Magic Staff and cast Flame Shackles while hurriedly retreating.

Lin Yun didn’t think these Flame Shackles would have much of an effect because this was a True Spirit Magic Tool’s Magic Tool Incarnation. An existence of this level would be able to contend with an Archmage. If the Flame Shackles he sent could trap it for a second, it could be considered a huge victory.

“Fuck, fuck, you damn human!” After casting the Flame Shackles, Lin Yun heard a miserable shriek…

‘What happened’

Lin Yun looked over, stunned, and discovered that the great True Spirit Magic Tool’s Magic Tool Incarnation was unexpectedly trapped by a mere 2nd Tier Spell!

“You You Wait for me to come out, I’ll bite you to death!” That’s right, in the middle of the Flame Shackles’ flames, a young wolf the size of a palm was loudly barking curses. The only strange part was that the wolf’s body was translucent, making it look as if it would dissolve into the air at any moment.

‘Hold on, this is a Ghost Wolf!’

Although there was the word “ghost” in its name, the Ghost Wolf wasn’t really an undead lifeform. They were genuine Soul Lifeforms. They had no bodies and lived in Noscent only as souls. They were naturally proficient in all kinds of soul techniques. The illusions they created even had a trace of the Shadow Law.

Such a skill was not to be trifled with. An illusion with a trace of the Shadow Law was comparable to the Death Garden. Just one more step and it wouldn’t be impossible for it to turn into reality.

In fact, the supreme existence among the Soul Lifeforms was the rumored Dream King. It was said that each of the Dream King’s illusions was indeed a true world.

The Dream King was continuously sleeping and reincarnating among those countless true worlds. If the Dream King truly woke up some day, these countless true worlds would be instantly destroyed, and the burst of power would destroy the world.

Moreover, Soul Lifeforms were immune to almost all physical damage. They also had an extremely high resistance to magic, and only attacks aiming at their souls would truly harm them.

However, Soul Lifeforms were very rare in Noscent. Even in the notes in the decaying library, Lin Yun didn’t find more than two dozen mentions of Soul Lifeforms.

He hadn’t expected to find one in the tomb of a prince from the 3rd Dynasty.

Moreover, this was a Magic Tool Incarnation’s Soul Lifeform.

‘But how can it be so weak?’

As he thought about it, Lin Yun couldn’t help looking at the Ghost Wolf with some disappointment. ‘This is a Magic Tool Incarnation from a True Spirit Magic Tool, how could it be bound by 2nd Tier Flame Shackles. Is it a fake?’

“What are you looking at! Wait until I get out, I’ll bite you to death!” Lin Yun’s expression made the Ghost Wolf explode with anger.

‘Hmm, it should be a Magic Tool Incarnation’ Lin Yun had seen through it and felt that the Ghost Wolf was definitely a True Spirit Magic Tool Incarnation… but for some reason, its power was extremely weak.

Lin Yun felt that this was a real opportunity.

A chance to get hold of a True Spirit Magic Tool!

“If you have any nonsense to say, say it quick, and then hurry up and release this Lord, or else” The Ghost Wolf bound in the Flame Shackles was still arrogant as it made threats.

“Or else you’ll bite me to death” Lin Yun scratched his cheek, thinking, ‘No wonder that Great Mage from the Cloud Tower was able to get a hold of you. Turns out you had such a low IQ’

“But before you bite me to death, I have to ask, what’s your name?”

“How can this Lord casually tell you his name” The Ghost Wolf’s voice was extremely disdainful. As a noble Magic Tool Incarnation, how could he casually give his name to a human?

‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me, let me guess” Lin Yun then actually started guessing.

Lin Yun used Nesser Language to say the names of a few dozen True Spirit Magic Tools. Each of them made the Ghost Wolf sneer in disdain, but Lin Yun wasn’t worried at all.

That Great Mage of the Cloud Tower had shone for about a century in Noscent. Not that many True Spirit Magic Tools appeared during that century, so in the end, there shouldn’t be much more than thirty, and those thirty had been recorded in the library.

However, Lin Yun had only read those records to study Nesser Language, so he hadn’t been concerned with which true name corresponded to which of the True Spirit Magic Tools.

Thus, Lin Yun had no other choice but to guess now.

But there wasn’t anything complicated with guessing. With only about thirty true names, he would sooner or later find the correct one.

Sure enough, the 23rd true name uttered by Lin Yun turned the sneering Ghost Wolf speechless.

“Turns out it’s you, Soul Walker Shawn.” Lin Yun chuckled after saying that.

“How, how could you have learned of Lord Shawn’s name?”

“Haha, it doesn’t matter. I just want to tell you that there is a price to pay for trying to make use of such a loophole in a soul contract” After saying this, Lin Yun no longer cared about the bound Soul Walker. He took out a quill pen and began writing on the scroll.

“Damn, what do you think you are doing!” The Ghost Wolf was frightened when he saw Lin Yun writing on the scroll.

He could clearly feel that the damn human was tampering with the soul contract that he had drafted. As a Soul Lifeform, how could the changes on the soul level escape Shawn?

Although he still didn’t know what that damn human was up to, each character on the soul contract being altered made the Soul Walker full of fear.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Regardless of how much the Soul Walker cursed, it couldn’t prevent Lin Yun from writing his own name on the soul contract.

“No, no, no Shameful thief, despicable human, what do you think you are doing!” At that moment, the Soul Walker struggled as hard as it could in the Flame Shackles.

But it found out that there was no point in struggling, as the Flame Shackles around him fell off just as he moved.

Despite this, the poor Soul Walker neither cheered nor roared. Rather, he looked at Lin Yun with an extremely complicated gaze, because at that time, the Soul Walker felt that the soul contract had already taken effect.

But in another kind of way.