End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 The Ancestors Tes

Five sleeping Black Mirror Image Elementals. This was truly troublesome, these five Heaven Rank Mirror Image Elementals didnt need a buffer time to wake up from their slumber.

As they sensed Lin Yuns mana fluctuations, the five black crystal statues instantly transformed into copies of Lin Yun. Even the staves they held were perfect copies of the Draconic Staff.

The five individuals with Lin Yuns face and covered in a black halo expressionlessly raised their staves. In an instant, Extraordinary Power fluctuations spread as numerous elemental spells burst towards Lin Yun like a flood.

Flames, frost, gales, and rocks formed a chaotic elemental spellstorm that dragged everything in the surroundings. Even the dense fog was drawn into it, seemingly torn apart.

Lin Yun silently counted the time and spat out three runes. In an instant, twelve huge flame vortexes appeared above Lin Yuns head.

Boundless fire elements poured down like a flood and Lin Yuns body instantly rose up. Flames burned all over his body as Fire Elemental Incarnation was put in full display.

With a Flame Flash, Lin Yun appeared a dozen meters away, and with a single step, he entered another space. He then looked up and flew towards the sky to step into another space.

After continuously moving through three smaller spaces, only three Mirror Elemental Images remained behind him.

The other two had been unable to keep up with the changes in spaces and entered other spaces.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at the Black Mirror Image Elementals chasing him relentlessly. The Book of Death appeared in his left hand and he rapidly chanted a short incantation, spitting out law runes which set up seven huge Askrim Gates behind him.

The huge gates of ice blocked the Black Mirror Image Elementals path, even if three gates would be destroyed every second.

Lin Yun didnt pay attention to the three Mirror Image Elementals chasing him, he was looking at the dense empty fog in front of him.

Lin Yun took a step forward the instant he felt that faint spatial fluctuation, which could only be caught by the Magic Array, appeared, Lin Yun stepped forward. The two spaces instantly separated after connecting.

The three Black Mirror Image Elementals instantly disappeared.

Lin Yun calmly continued forward as he put away the Book of Death. These Mirror Image Elementals were very loathsome. In addition to being very troublesome, they left no valuable loot behind. Only a three-colored Mirror Image Elemental, comparable to a 5th Rank Heaven powerhouse, would leave a precious Mirror Image Gem behind.

Getting rid of these black and white Mirror Image Elementals, would bring him nothing except trouble.

As Lin Yun continued forward, the group of Heaven Rank powerhouses next to the crystal ball were stunned.

"This How could he get rid of those annoying Mirror Image Elementals? Do any of you understand?"

Blakeman stretched a thigh-thick arm and scratched his head, he looked as if he had seen a monster.

Reedman also looked at the crystal ball with a bit of shock.

"I still cant see through Sir Mafas strength, but his attainments in the field of arrays might already compare to the best first-rate Artisans. He is even stronger than the Artisan of the Odin Kingdom proficient in spatial mazes!

"At least when it comes to spatial mazes, he has reached the limit of the Artisan realm. He should have taken advantage of the fluctuations to cross through another space in an instant, making those Black Mirror Image Elementals unable to catch up to him. Maybe even Labard might be unable to catch up to him under such circumstances"

The group exclaimed in surprise, not because of Lin Yuns strength, but because of Lin Yuns attainments in the field of arrays.

Many of them have been living there for over five centuries.

In those years, there would be people dying in the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land every year due to the severed fog. Those that could enter the depths of the Ancestral Land were either geniuses, had advanced to the Heaven Rank, made huge contributions, or were retiring as a Patriarch.

Among these people, one out of ten would advance to the Heaven Rank. And it was a matter of fate. It was really a pity when people died in the severed fog.

But five hundred years ago, a young Peak 9th Rank Archmage not much inferior to Santon in terms of talent rushed through the severed fog and died. This accident made the Heaven Rank ancestors decide to invite the best spatial maze Artisan in the Odin Kingdom.

Unfortunately, he didnt find a safe way to enter and exit the severed fog and had to forcibly break through the severed fog the first time.

And the main reason why Heaven Rank powerhouses could cross through the severed fog, was because they left an imprint the first time they crashed their way through the dense fog. They could then rely on their own imprint to directly open a Spatial Door and enter.

But because the space was too strange and complicated, only the person that had left his imprint could pass through the Spatial Door, others couldnt take that shortcut.

Now, they just saw someone casually moving forward by relying on his ability in the field of array, it was like seeing a monster. After all, the price to hire that first-rate Artisan back then hadnt been small.

"Since we cant see his strength, then lets wait for Mafa to pass through the fog, you can test his strength then"

Reedman had pondered for a bit before making this decision. The group of Heaven Rank powerhouses looked at him, then looked at each other, and remained silent.

The Ancestral Land had been standing there for so many years, and the standard to test fresh talents was to carefully look at their strength as they broke through the severed fog. This kind of situation never happened.

Blakeman mumbled.

"Send a message to Labard and let him return. Im afraid that even Reedman and I cant do anything to that kid in the severed fog. He is safer than anyone there.

"Once Labard returns, let him probe that kids strength"

Faced with such a terrifying guy, no one was willing to stand out. After all, they were the older generation of the Merlin Family, many of them were related. There were even old monsters of the generation of Lin Yuns great-great-grandfathers grandfather

If they lost to a kid under such circumstances, their reputation would sink. Moreover, they couldnt be proud of winning either, after all, they have been studying magic several centuries to millennia longer than him.

Hearing Blakemans decision, the group of Heaven Mages let out relieved sighs.

At this time, a voice echoed outside the Mage Tower they were in.

"Is someone here?"

The group of mages looked as if they had been hit by a Petrifaction when they heard that voice.

Then, everyone turned towards the crystal ball, but Lin Yun could no longer be seen within.

Reedman had a shocked expression as he reassigned the crystal ball to check outside the Mage Tower. There, they saw Lin Yun looking at the Mage Tower.

"Damn, when did he come out? Sh*t, how long has it been? Not even an hour has passed but he has already rushed out?!"

"Did any of you see how he broke through?"

The group of Heaven Rank powerhouses were all horrified. There were so many of them, yet none of them saw how Lin Yun broke through the severed fog. After such a short amount of time, Lin Yun was silently standing outside the Mage Tower they were gathered at.

The group of mages remained silent. Outside the Mage Tower, Lin Yun was frowning. Heaven Mage fluctuations clearly came from the Mage Tower he was looking at, and they came from multiple mages. Yet no one answered?

"Mafa Merlin greets seniors, is there anyone?"

Lin Yun asked again, but the group of Heaven Rank powerhouses looked at each other in dismay as they didnt know how to reply. There were so many of them, yet none of them had sensed Lin Yun leaving the severed fog, just how did he appear outside the Mage Tower?

Suddenly, the air flickered and a silver light rapidly converged into a Spatial Door and Labard came out with a terrible expression.

"Sh*t, I havent found him yet and you called me back? Whats going on? Did that unlucky guy already die?

"Its a pity, a talented youth finally appeared after so many years. It was even said that his talents are comparable to that monster Santon How could he have fallen into the damned severed fog?

"F*ck, how could five Black Mirror Image Elementals appear simultaneously? His luck is really terrible

"Eh, why are you looking at me like that? I also regret the fact that Mafa died, but why are you looking at me like that"

Labard hadnt checked the crystal ball or he would have noticed Lin Yun standing outside the Mage Tower. He lamented, until a voice echoed outside the Mage Tower.


Labard also seemed to have been hit by a Medusas Petrifaction when he heard that voice. He then stiffly looked at everyone with doubts and bewilderment.

"Indeed, Sir Mafa has already broken through the severed fog. We should go out"

Reedman broke the silence and patted Labards shoulder.

Labard was at a loss. He was shocked and couldnt think. He had been lucky in his youth and had merged with a wave of spatial fluctuation that laid the foundation for his Law of Space, allowing him to become a Heaven Mage proficient with the law of Space.

Even now, he was only a 1st Rank Heaven Mage, but when it came to fleeing or to his speed, no mage of the same rank entered his sight. He could even calmly flee from a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage.

The fastest record in travelling through the severed fog, when not just taking into account everyones first time, was held by Labard. Yet, Lin Yun had already passed through before he could find him in the severed fog

He used less than an hour to cross the severed fog. To be more precise, he spent 46 minutes.

This was still three to four times faster than Labards current record!

What kind of monster is that

Labard massaged his face and bitterly smiled as he left the Mage Tower with everyone.

After leaving the Mage Tower, everyone looked at Lin Yun with strange expressions.

Reedmans eyes were a bit erratic as he sized up Lin Yun.

Just by looking at him, who would have thought that this seemingly ordinary kid actually established the all-time record for the traversal of the severed fog.

And that was as a 9th Rank Archmage!

The monstrous Santon Merlin had already advanced to the Heaven Rank when he crossed through the severed fog, and he still took four to five hours. And that had broken the previous record held for several thousand years.

This little monster is even scarier than Santon. And we still dont know how powerful he is

Reedman didnt know what to say, but the sturdy Blakeman grinned as he walked towards Lin Yun with large strides and gave him a hug, his fan-like huge hands fiercely patting Lin Yuns back.

This made Lin Yun pale and he had no other choice but to quietly use mana to resist Blakemans terrifying power.

Damn, is that guy a Beastman? How could a mages physical strength be so formidable as to automatically rouse my mana resistance.

"Hahaha, Mafa, you are even more powerful than what the rumors say. Welcome to the true Ancestral Land. You have set the fastest record for crossing through the severed fog. Those damn Black Mirror Images Elementals couldnt do anything to you, thats terrific.

"You know, I had been chased by those damned b*stards for an entire day when I first crossed the severed fog.

"But your skill in the field of arrays is terrifying and we cant get a grasp of your strength. Come, have a battle with Labard first, let us see your strength.

"After all, we wont know how much we can tell you unless we understand your strength."

Blakeman burst out into a loud laughter and straightforwardly stated his aim.

Lin Yun smiled. He liked Blakemans bold and forthright attitude. Being straightforward was a lot better than talking in circles.

Lin Yun nodded and decisively took out his Draconic Staff and the Book of Death.

The other mages instantly took a step back while the stunned Labard hadnt moved.

Labard was a bit stunned and stared at Lin Yun blankly. He then looked at the mages smiling at him and almost cursed.

Damn, I must have overlooked something, these damned guys must have seen something.

When I went out, five Black Mirror Image Elementals simultaneously appeared. Even I wouldnt dare to face five Black Mirror Image Elementals simultaneously.

But it had only been less than ten minutes and that monster actually crossed the severed fog. Something that Im not aware of must have happened.

These guys tricked me. Damn, I heard that Mafas fighting strength was formidable, but from those damned guys expressions, it looks like my reputation will suffer.

Blakeman grinned and walked over to pat Labards shoulder.

"Sir Labard, be careful. Sir Mafa is very powerful."

After saying those words, Blakeman squinted and retreated. The group of mage stared at Labard, while the latter wondered how to refuse.

Could it be that saying no isnt possible? Can I even avoid this battle?

Lin Yun didnt know what Labard was thinking about and bowed in a mage greeting.

"Sir Labard, please."

It was too late for Labard to refuse. He bitterly smiled as he took out a pure silver metal staff and bowed towards Lin Yun in a mage greeting.

"Sir Mafa, please make the first move."

Labard was so polite. Lin Yun looked at the mages around him and felt that asking him to do the first move would seem as if he was looking down on him.

He directly spat out two runes and four shields covered his body. The shields of the four elements slowly revolved around Lin Yun.

Then, Lin Yun chanted three brief syllables and his Draconic Staff shone with a not-so-glaring radiance.

Immediately, six fire vortexes and six ice vortexes appeared above his head. They looked like passages to planes full of elemental spells.

The twelve ten-meter-tall vortexes frantically spurted out fire and ice spells, which then distorted and transformed into a spellwave. Ice and fire revolved together like a tornado and clashed against each other before turning into an even more berserk Ice Fire Storm.

Berserk elemental power instantly spread over a hundred meters. Labards expression changed and he raised a Spatial Shield without even thinking.

The layer of distorted space turned into an arc blocking in front of Labard and the berserk power impacting Labards Spatial Shield seemed to disappear as if it had gone through a spatial passage.

Then, several hundred meters away, a spatial fluctuation suddenly appeared and the berserk Ice Fire Storm suddenly appeared, fiercely exploding within the fog.

The fog started fluctuating and runes emitting terrifying power suddenly appeared. The space in the impacted foggy area rapidly froze, and the flood of ice and fire was like a huge hammer that impacted a rubber wall.

A huge hole appeared in the dense fog due to the impact, and more runes started appearing in the surroundings. Within a few seconds, runes emerged within those five hundred meters of fog.

Suddenly, the runes appearing in the layer of fog seemed to have strengthened the fog to the extreme, and that caved-in several-hundred-meter-deep hole bounced back like a stretched elastic.

The attack diverted by the Spatial Shield instantly bounced back.

The bouncing back torrent of spell and the original Ice Fire Storm collided on Labards Spatial Shield, the berserk power instantly tore through Labards Spatial Shield.