End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 The Ancestors Test 2

Labards expression changed instantly. A silver radiance flashed across his body as he instantly appeared several dozen meters away. Cracks appeared where he had been standing, spreading over a dozen meters like a trees branches.

Everyones expressions instantly changed.

Labard wiped his cold sweat as he looked at the cracks on the ground, still somewhat fearful.

Damn, is that guy really a 9th Rank Archmage? Even a 1st Rank Heaven Mage didnt have such a violent attacking method, right?

This ground had been pressured who knows how many times to the point where 1st Rank Heaven Mages wouldnt be able to create a crack on it when using Extraordinary Power. But now, it was torn apart for over ten meters.

Damn. Those guys definitely knew that Mafa was so powerful. No wonder not a single one of them was willing to test the newcomer.

Surprise also flashed in Lin Yuns eyes. After all, Heaven Rank powerhouses would just start to touch upon the power of space. Those below the Heaven Rank werent qualified to touch upon spatial power.

Because spatial power in itself was a Law, and to use it, one had to first comprehend the Law of Space. Those that advanced to the Heaven Rank with the Law of Space were very rare, but as long as they matured, they would become powerful first-rate powerhouses.

Labards Teleportation was a good example. Even though it was only a few dozen meters, it would increase a space mages life-saving abilities.

After reappearing, Labard didnt dare to continue defending. A space mages defensive methods might not necessarily be reliable here.

He once again released a Spatial Shield and rapidly chanted an incantation. Runes flickering with silver light appeared and ripples emerged in the air, rapidly approaching Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns four elemental shields rapidly revolved. The earthen shield was the first to clash with the ripple, and the metallic-like Earth Shield was split open, as if it encountered a sharp blade.

It was followed by the Ice Shield, which was also torn in two. The ripple was only stopped halfway through his Wind Shield and dissipated.

The dissipated ripple even shook the space around Lin Yun. A Heaven Mage would be unable to open a Spatial Door there for a few hours.

Space mages Spatial Shockwave, it was known as a space mages most basic offensive ability, but its power exceeded the strongest 8th Tier Spell!

Seeing that a Spatial Shockwave couldnt do anything to Lin Yun, Labard immediately turned serious.

As he rapidly chanted his incantations, transparent Spatial Shockwaves kept coming out of Labards hands like a dozen transparent huge Wind Blades.

Lin Yun scattered his four elemental shields and immediately used his Law Runic Shield. Those Spatial Shockwaves impacted Lin Yuns Law Runic Shield and roused a large amount of law runes. Numerous law runes rose to the surface of the Law Runic Shield and easily resisted all the Spatial Shockwaves.

Seeing this scene, Labards face turned green

Sh*t, hasnt he yet to advance to the Heaven Rank? How could he have so many law runes? How many are there? Five thousand? Eight thousand? Damn, has it surpassed ten thousand?

With so many law runes forming the Law Runic Shield, I cant tear it apart even though it isnt fused with a Mana Shield and an Elemental Shield

How can I fight him? That guy is more troublesome than that spectating earth mage. No, I cant fight

But even if I dont want to fight, I cant really admit defeat That would be a huge loss of reputation and these b*stards would definitely make fun of me for the next decade

Labard was at a loss, he still didnt know what to do. The large spellwave appeared in the surroundings, flowing toward Labard like a huge seawave.

These spells were transferred to other places by Labards Spatial Shield, but Labard no longer dared to divert them towards the dense fog, he instead diverted them towards the ground a few hundred meters away.

Soon, everything within a few hundred meters was flooded with fierce elemental power. Labard was suddenly startled as he discovered that he had been encircled by the spell waves and that he had nowhere else to divert the fierce power.

Facing that terrifying Ice Fire Storm again, his Spatial Shield shivered. He simply couldnt divert that power again.

Labard decisively prepared to use Teleportation again, but his Spatial Shield was starting to tear apart and the fierce power in the surrounding was like the depths of a sea pressuring him from all directions.

Numerous silvery light surged from Labards body as silver runes formed a spherical Fusion Shield surrounding him.

The fierce power continuously deformed his Fusion Shield and rapidly consumed his mana. His law runes frantically fluctuated and he was about to reach the limits of the law runes he could rouse.

At this time, Labard decisively shouted, "Sir Mafa, I concede, please stay your hand"

Labards panicked shout echoed, but before Reedman and Blakeman could make a move, the fierce power surrounding Labard instantly dissipated and returned. Within a second, the several-hundred-meter wide sea of chaotic elements thoroughly disappeared.

Reedman sighed.

Formidable mana control, outstanding control over elements. He actually relied on elemental spells to pressure Labard into a death situation. He even forced him to use his Fusion Shield and made him unable to escape.

Such a frightening guy none of the 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses here could corner Labard to that degree. Even the barbarous Blakeman couldnt get such results.

And it looks like Mafa didnt release all of his power, he only used one Magic Tool. It is said that he has three Magic Tools and a commonly used Magic Staff

Labard dejectedly scattered his Fusion Shield, which was claimed to be the strongest defense within the same tier, even stronger than Earth Shield. It had another name, absolute defense. It couldnt be torn apart unless there was a force powerful enough to tore through space, yet it showed signs of being deformed under Lin Yuns attack.

Seeing that Lin Yun hadnt even broken a sweat, Labard bitterly smiled and shook his head.

"Sir Mafas fighting style is very fierce, its really too terrifying. If an enemy encounters Sir Mafa for the first time, they would definitely pay a disastrous price"

Labards fight had been tragic, it had been a beating. The other mages looked at him and then pretended to be dead.

Reedman looked around as he wanted someone stronger to test Lin Yuns strength, but he discovered that these 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouses all played dead.

On the side, flames started burning in Blakemans eyes. He reached out with his hand and a two-meter-long huge staff appeared. It was said to be a staff, but it looked more like a huge magic metal spear.

Blakeman fanatically walked over and laughed heartily as he raised his staff.

"Right, mage battles have to be fierce like that, enemies shouldnt have time to breath, thats what a real battle is.

"Come, Sir Mafa, these 1st Rank kids are definitely not your match. Ill only use the power of the 2nd Rank.

"Come, lets have a true mage battle, lets go berserk and attack as much as we like. Ahahah"

Seeing Blakeman personally taking the stage, the group of Heaven powerhouses all took a step back. Reedman facepalmed as if it was a headache.

"Blakeman, you damn guy, have you lost your mind? Sir Mafa has yet to advance to the Heaven Rank"

Blakeman disdainfully glanced at Reedman, his eyes filled with battle intent.

"Reedman, you old-fashioned guy, dont interfere. Its hard to find a mage fighting in a manly way. I have to let him continue and have him experience how a true man fight. I cant let him be led astray by softies like you"

After that sentence, Blakemans body suddenly burst out with a terrifying aura. His body seemed to have grown a bit and his fierce mana fluctuations even seemed to fuse with the heavy Aura of a Sword Saint.

Gales surrounded Blakemans body and whirled within several dozen meters, but the air within ten meters of Blakeman seemed frozen, as if it was pressured and couldnt flow.

That huge staff twirled in Blakemans hands and was ferociously thrust into the ground. The earth shook and cracks spread out over several dozen meters.


Seeing Blakemans actions, Lin Yuns pupils shrunk and he let that word slip.

Blakeman laughed heartily and calmly admitted it.

"Correct. I did hear that Sir Mafas relationship with those Gaugass guys wasnt bad. Come, Ill only use the power of the 2nd Rank, lets fight."

In the distance, it looked like the mages were watching something terrifying unfold. They all raised their shields and moved as far as possible. Even Reedman raised a shield with some apprehension, before retreating far away.

Labard smirked and instantly forgot about being beaten up. He squinted and hid in the distance to watch the fight.

Haha, Sir Blakeman is personally making a move. Eh, Sir Mafa, I sincerely pray for you. I hope you wont be beaten up too ruthlessly.

Sir Blakeman has half of the bloodline of a Gaugass Battlemage, and he is even more powerful than those Gaugass Battlemages. He even incorporated mages spellcasting into his extremely fierce fighting style, and his fighting strength far exceeds powerhouses of the same level.

When that monster Santon came here, he was beaten up by Blakeman.

Once Sir Blakeman starts fighting, he would only remember to fight and wont stay his hand. That monster Santon was almost killed by Sir Blakeman.

Though, that monster Santon ended up beating Sir Blakeman back later on.

Although Sir Mafa is very talented and might beat him back in the future, that wont happen right now. Now, he could only wait for Sir Blakeman to ruthlessly beat him up. I hope that guys body isnt as frail as it looks.

Labard watched the show from a distance, waiting for Lin Yun to be beaten up until he soiled his pants.

As for the other mages, they all seemed to think of something and smiled as they watched the fight from a distance.

"How long do you think Sir Mafa will last? I bet three minutes"

"Three minutes? You must be kidding, even lasting a minute would be outstanding!"

"No, you misunderstood me. I think that Sir Mafa will be knocked out within three minutes"

"Oh, like this I think Sir Mafas Law Runic Shield is very powerful and is a long stronger than a 1st Rank Heaven Mage Fusion Shield. There might already be 10,000 runes within. How could such a terrifying guy not last five minutes before being knocked out?"

Labard joined them and extended a finger with self-confidence.

"Ill bet that Sir Mafa will last six minutes before being knocked out!"

After pausing, Labard walked to Reedmans side.

"Sir Reedman, how long do you think Sir Mafa can last?"

Reedman pondered for a bit before answering, "I think that with his strength, Mafa should be able to resist Blakeman for half a minute, then be defeated after five minutes. For Blakeman to knock him out, it should take over ten minutes"

While the mages were discussing how long it would take for Lin Yun to be knocked out, Lin Yun had already taken out the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Book of Mantras.

Blakemans strength far exceeded him, his aura was a bit stronger than Clombton. Even if he only used the strength of 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse, an ordinary 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse couldnt compare to him.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, his three faces looking at the scene before him with horror, not understanding what was happening.

Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and silently floated on Lin Yuns left without saying a word.

Pure mana condensed into droplets around Lin Yun. The sound of a river could be heard coming from Lin Yun as mana erupted like a fountain. The fierce mana fluctuations spread out like waves.

The Book of Death scattered four colored radiances and the Draconic Staffs Purple Dragon Incarnation flew out and transformed into the shadow of a huge Purple Dragon that solemnly floated behind Lin Yun. At the same time, the shadow of a wheel as deep as the starry sky was embraced by the Purple Dragons shadow.

After pronouncing four awkward-sounding syllables, a series of law runes surrounded Lin Yuns body. These four-colored runes merged with Lin Yuns body, and the four colored radiances instantly appeared on his body.

The power of earth, fire, water, and wind transformed into elemental spheres that revolved around Lin Yun. As for Lin Yun, he transformed into a nine-meter-tall elemental lifeform.

The fusion of the four elements Elemental Incarnations was something that could only be accomplished after grasping the essence of the four elements Elemental Incarnations.

The most important part was using the four Elemental Laws to establish the Law Foundation. Someone with balanced four elemental laws could use their formidable ability to integrate the abilities of all Elemental Incarnations of the four elements. This could be said to be the most powerful Elemental Incarnation among the four elements.

As Lin Yun burst with power, his aura rapidly rose for a few seconds, until it was comparable to a Heaven Mage. It was even fiercer.

And this wasnt over yet. Lin Yuns body floated up and an ancient scales shadow appeared. Lin Yuns body floated in the center of the scale while the Spell Wheel and Book of Mantras transformed into a mirage of the Elemental Heart and Void Forge standing on both trays of the scales.

A huge power instantly burst through the void and poured into the Spell Wheel, raising the Spell Wheels power to the Extraordinary grade.

A huge wheel shadow appeared and emitted a terrifying Extraordinary aura, while on the other side of the scales, a flaming entrance slowly opened. All kinds of flames surged from within the sea of fire inside the entrance.

The fiercest elemental storms spurted out of the Spell Wheel. Those calamitous elemental storms bursting out from the void were no different in terms of quality, it was only a difference in terms of scale.

As for the entrance formed by the Book of Mantras, it spurted out all kinds of flames and formed a flaming tsunami which made the temperature rise frantically.

The pale Corrosive Fire, golden red Hellfire, ashen black Bone-corroding Black Flames,

In addition, Syudos used incantations to nurture the summoned flames. The boundless flames seemed to have targeting properties.

Lin Yun was holding the Book of Death in his left hand and the Draconic Staff in his right while condensing numerous law runes.

Four-Element Bombs suddenly condensed in midair like a swarm of poisonous wasps, rapidly flying out after appearing.

This was a new fighting technique that Lin Yun had recently developed after reaching a bottleneck in the development of the Four-Element Bombs, the Four-Element Bomb Flood!

Relying on indiscriminate bombing, it would create a zone of chaotic destruction, an elemental vacuum, an energy vacuum. No air and no power could be used, only large-scale destruction spells!

Lin Yun burst out with all his strength and startled the group of spectating mages.

Labard foolishly watched Lin Yun bursting with all his firepower and was a bit stunned.

Damn, is this Mafa Merlins strongest power? The gap is too big If he had burst out with all his power, wouldnt I have been killed in less than ten seconds?

Heavens, Im a Heaven Mage, and a space mage! Isnt it common knowledge that a space mage cant be killed by someone of the same Rank?!

Then why do I feel that a 9th Rank Archmage like Mafa could easily get rid of me?!