End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Secre

But before the numerous Heaven Mages could sigh in relief, a crystalline sound echoed from that jade-colored crystal floating at the summit of the Mage Tower.


Labards face turned green as that crystalline sound echoed, he then released his strongest defensive ability and played dead within his shell like a tortoise.

The crystal floating at the top of the Mage Tower instantly shattered into pieces, soon followed by the layer of jade-colored crystal barrier, it looked as if it had been forcibly crushed by someone.

The spatial shockwaves slowly impacted the Mage Tower and the Mage Towers mana fluctuations were rapidly consumed. Three seconds later, the Mage Tower broke down and the top five layers turned into fragments that flew towards the sky alongside the shockwaves.

Fragments of the Mage Towers bottom layers were also peeling off bit by bit. The walls already disappeared in many locations.

Everything swept by the spatial shockwaves seemed to disappear. Soon, the pitch-black Wind Blade and the Dark Blue Moonblade dissipated as they destroyed each other and the shattered space regained its peace.

Dust and debris filled the surroundings of the battlefield, along with chaotic mana fluctuations.

Everything was peaceful. Labard dispersed his Fusion Shield and walked over with a bitter smile.

Its over, we are finished. Sir Blakeman got rid of Sir Mafa. We definitely wont have a good ending.

What can we say if that person asks?

Do we have to say that Sir Mafa just came to the Ancestral Land for the first time and broke the all-time record of crossing the severed fog before being killed by Sir Blakeman?

That person might throw us into a remote plane to act as miners. And thats not mentioning that monster Santon.

If he heard of this matter, he would definitely remember those unhappy memories and he might end up beating up Blakeman to the point where he will have to remain bedridden for a year, he might even seal our mana for half a year.

The group of Heaven Rank powerhouses no longer felt like they were watching a show, they were all dejected. How could they feel great about being a spectator when that kind of thing happened.

After Reedman stabilized his body, the first thing he did was to fly to the dusty area filled with mana fluctuations and angrily charge at Blakemans location.

A flaming law rune flew out as Reedman continuously spat out incantations in a hurry.

Sun-like fireballs flew out and rained down on Blakeman.

"Idiot! Idiot! Look at what you did, you brainless idiot!

"You have the intellect of a Beastman! You not only caused a catastrophe, you also ruined the future hope of the Merlin Family.

"Go and explain to Sir Balakra! Oh, and you can explain that to that monster Santon when he returns!

"You idiot! Moron"

Reedman was fuming. He extended his hand and those sun-like fireballs turned into a torrential rain which thoroughly flooded Blakeman as explosions echoed one after another.

As for Blakeman, he became clear-headed. His face twisted and he only put on a shield to resist Reedmans attack. He didnt dare to say a single word and let Reedman vent.

While Reedman was continuously cursing Blakeman over and over again while releasing spells to beat him up, a breeze appeared in the area filled with dust and chaotic mana.

As the large amount of dust dispersed, a shadow slowly walked out from within.

The fierce gales had turned into a breeze. Lin Yun smiled bitterly and shook his head as he looked at his dilapidated robe.

He sighed, Truly a powerhouse with the Gaugass Battlemages bloodline, his fighting style is extremely berserk. I used everything I had, but I was only able to fighting him to a standstill, and he had only been releasing the power of a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse.

And I can only use the power of the Equilibrium Law for over a minute. In other words, I cant resist more than two minutes against Blakeman when he uses the power of a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse or I would die.

Whether its that spherical lightning or that deep blue moon slash, they were both very powerful, far more powerful than an ordinary mages attacks. No wonder its said that powerful Gaugass Battlemages were far more powerful than mages of the same Rank.

Thats a true powerhouse, eh

Fortunately he pulled his fists. Had he gone all out, I would have had a hard time resisting. And its very likely that I would have lost if it was a life and death battle.

Lin Yun sighed. He released another Hurricane, but it was just a breeze. As soon as he walked out, he saw Blakeman holding his shield with his head down, standing there without saying anything while Reedman was going mad and kept scolding him.

Small sun-like fireballs were raining down on Blakemans shield

Lin Yun was distracted, he completely couldnt understand what was happening.

He saw the group of mages in the distance staying far away from the fight, no one dared to approach Reedman.

Lin Yun pondered for a bit and also didnt dare to go over. He went to Labards side and asked quietly, "Sir Labard, what happened to Sir Reedman?"

Labard bitterly smiled.

"We should just ignore it, let Sir Reedman vent, no one can persuade him. Be careful or youll become like Sir Blakeman and be beaten up by Sir Reedman"

Labard casually answered without even thinking about it, but he then turned around and saw Lin Yun standing behind him with a dilapidated robe. Labard was instantly stunned and his mouth opened wide, it was as if he had seen a ghost.

"Ma Mafa You You You"

Lin Yun had a puzzled expression.

"What is it, Sir Labard?"

Suddenly, Lin Yun saw all the mages turn their heads towards him and stare at him as if he was a ghost. He came to a realisation and quickly added, "Its alright Sir Labard, I asked nothing. Talking about Sir Reedman and Sir Blakeman behind their backs isnt suitable, we should just watch from the sidelines."

"Sir Mafa! You didnt die!"

After stammering for a bit, Labard managed to let out a full sentence.

Hearing that sentence, Reedman seemed to have been hit by a Petrifaction. He froze and then threw Blakeman aside to fly over.

As for Blakeman, shock flashed in his eyes when he saw that Lin Yun was still alive. But it was soon followed by joy and a grin as he quickly ran over. The group of mages surrounded Lin Yun with strange expressions.

Especially Labard, he kept sizing Lin Yun up and down as if he was looking at a monster.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I was just comparing notes with Sir Blakeman, why would I die? Moreover, didnt Sir Blakeman only use the power of a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse?

"But Sir Blakeman is really strong. I once fought with Gaugass Battlemages, but their fighting style was different from Sir Blakeman, while also being somewhat similar. Its just that Sir Blakeman is somewhat more berserk.

"Even among Beastman Berserkers, very few could compare to Sir Blakeman"

Admiration could be seen on Lin Yuns face and it wasnt faked.

Lin Yun clearly remembered reading in the ancient decaying library in Heiss City that the current control casting was a thing of the past, something that had been discarded.

The strongest and most recommended fighting method was this one, and the research of Elemental Incarnation had reached a very high degree. It made up for the flaw of their weak bodies.

Thus, when Noscent developed to its peak, which Sword Saint would want to rely on close combat to put pressure on a mages casting? That was courting death! Most mages were stronger than Sword Saints in close quarters combat.

The group looked at Lin Yun with strange expressions. Everyone could see that Lin Yuns sigh came from his heart, and no one could fault it.

Blakeman remained silent with an awkward expression, he had suddenly became more restrained.

Did that guy really didnt see that my final attack already exceeded the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm?

That guy is even more of a monster than Santon, he actually took that attack and wasnt killed, he is only cutting a sorry figure and it doesnt look like he consumed a lot of mana.

Fortunately, that guy wasnt trashed. I dont know who said that he was comparable to that monster Santon, thats completely bullsh*t. I beat up Santon when he was a 1st Rank Heaven Mage.

But Mafa is a monster among monsters, he is only a 9th Rank Archmage. Damn, how could the younger generation be so terrifying?

If I had seriously injured him, he might have returned to beat me up not long after. Ive been stuck at the Peak of the 3rd Rank for a long time, if that guy advances to the 3rd Rank No, that guy might be able to force me to lie down in bed for a year if he advances to the 2nd Rank.

But did he really not see it?

Blakeman had an awkward expression. He wanted to ask, but he also didnt dare to ask. He felt that it would be better if Lin Yun didnt know that the Dark Blue Moonblade had been used with the power of the 3rd Rank. Fortunately, this was a self-created spell.

Blakeman attentively watched Lin Yun for a few seconds, and only then did he confirm that Lin Yun didnt think much of it. Blakeman felt that the battle had been good and became pleased with himself.

Unfortunately, as soon as he smiled, Reedman sneered, "Sir Blakeman, your words are truly light. Sir Mafa is only at the peak of the Archmage realm right now. Even if he is powerful, he has yet to grasp Extraordinary Power, you really dont care about your reputation do you?"

Reedmans ridicule made Blakeman listless, it didnt look like he had just come out of a fierce battle.

Lin Yun actually didnt care that much, he had already reached the limit of the Archmage realm. Whether it was the comprehension of Laws or the growth of his mana, he couldnt make a single bit of progress, it was already at a perfect state.

He could only increase his fighting tricks, whether it was his spells or his Magic Tools. And he hadnt fought anyone that wasnt too far apart from him in terms of strength since he realized the terrifying effect of the Equilibrium Law in battle, or it was better to say that he hadnt fought anyone slightly stronger than himself.

Blakeman had released the power of the 2nd Rank and squeezed all of Lin Yuns power to his limit. Lin Yun also took the opportunity to thoroughly test his fighting strength.

When he burst with all his power, 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses were no longer his match and he was more or less on par with 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouses, it was only a matter of who had the upper hand. Defeating the other side wasnt that easy.

After all, with the support of the Natural Demiplane, Lin Yun wasnt afraid that he would run out of mana, his endurance was far greater than many Heaven Rank powerhouses.

The goal of the battle had been achieved, and Lin Yuns own goals were achieved, thus he didnt really care about the rest.

Moreover, there was no way to confirm whether that Dark Blue Moonblade needed the power of the 3rd Rank to be released. More importantly, Lin Yun didnt possess Extraordinary Power, so he couldnt find out.

Reedman attentively watched Lin Yun. Although he felt like tearing Blakeman apart when he saw his expression, shock couldnt help flashing in his eyes when he saw Lin Yuns tattered clothes.

And he is only an Archmage, such a powerful Archmage that his fighting strength has already reached the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm

Truly an unfathomable guy, he might not know that the Dark Blue Moonblade is a spell Blakeman had created at the 3rd Rank of the Heaven realm requiring Extraordinary Power of the 3rd Rank to cast. Its absolutely not something a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse could block.

That monster Mafa actually blocked it, his fighting power seems much stronger than Santon when he was at the 1st Rank of the Heaven realm.

When Santon entered the Ancestral Land, no mage of the same rank was his opponent, and he could already fight a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage as a 1st Rank Heaven Mage.

He also fought with Blakeman, and that fool also lost reason and carelessly used a Dark Blue Moonblade.

But that almost killed Santon. It was only because he soaked in pure first-rate True Spirit Grade medicines that he managed to regain consciousness within half a month.

After waking up, his body had been in a critical condition for three months and he even suffered from necrosis. If not because we used a large amount of healing medicines to treat him and hired a holy light mage of the Cloud Tower to use an advanced Therapy using Extraordinary Power, Santon wouldnt have been able to walk within a year.

But Mafa relied on his own magic to resist Blakemans Dark Blue Moonblade This was the shocking part people couldnt understand.

Santon Merlin was a monster whose strength was currently unknown. He already touched upon that realm, and its not something I can help with. I even heard Sir Balakra say that Santon had already surpassed him.

Mafa is even more frightening than that monster Santon, As long as he doesnt die midway, to what point would he grow?

Damn, I simply cant imagine

Reedmans expression was very complicated as he looked at the stunned Lin Yun. Then, Blakeman chuckled to cover up his awkward mood.

And in the surroundings, there was a bunch of Heaven Rank powerhouses looking at Lin Yun with horrified expression. No one knew what to say.

Labard had a smile on his face, he was even gloating a bit.

That Mafa is truly shocking people, this is no longer a monster I can handle. Sir Blakeman could only tie with him, me being defeated that fast isnt a loss in reputation.

Moreover, space mages fighting strength isnt that great early on, being able to resist a bit should be considered pretty good. Others might not even be able to block that elemental attack.

Haha, maybe when Mafa reaches the level of a monster in the future, I would be able to say that I fought Sir Mafa and survived! Who would dare to say anything?

Labard chuckled as he thought of that. The other mages remained silent, their expressions somewhat strange. As for Blakeman, he was looking at the ground while Reedman had a complicated expression.

Lin Yun finally figured out that something was wrong.

"Sir Reedman, this"

Reedman sighed and kicked Blakeman hard.

"Idiot Blakeman, I think we can tell Mafa about that matter, what do you think?"

Blakeman couldnt pretend to be invisible anymore and could only sigh.

"Arent you talking nonsense? If this monster Mafa isnt qualified to know, then who is?"

Hearing Reedman and Blakemans words, the group of mages smartly approached to greet Lin Yun before leaving.

Lin Yun frowned, but calmly listened.

Reedman nodded at Lin Yun.

"Sir Mafa, come with me. Not only did you break the record of the severed fog, it is the all-time fastest record. And most importantly, your fighting strength surpasses 1st Rank Heaven Mages.

"Thus, Im not only going to tell you the secret, you can directly come with me and see it with your own eyes."