End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 Secret 2

Reedman had a solemn expression as he took out a crystal rune and held it in his hand before continuing to walk towards the depths of the Ancestral Land.

There was still some space covered in a layer of thin fog, but the further in they went, the more stable the space felt to Lin Yun.

The more stable the space, the harder it was to shake it, and also the stronger the destruction after the space was shaken. In this area, even a crack as thin as a strand of hair might instantly kill a Heaven Rank powerhouse!

If space was shaken, the damage it would do to a mage would be no less than a large-scale Extraordinary Spell. If space was shattered, even the powerful barbarian-like Battlemage Blakeman might die here.

Similarly, the more stable the space, the stronger spatial pressure. This wasnt like gravity, it was more like slowly stepping into the depths of a deep ocean, with the pressure increasing from all directions.

After walking for a dozen minutes, Lin Yuns Mana Shield automatically activated. The pressure here had already increased to the point where it started injuring him. The elements were also harder to mobilize.

As he walked in this thin layer of dense fog, Lin Yun was becoming more and more doubtful.

The runes within the dense fog were clearly high level law runes, and there were even some runes he couldnt comprehend in the depths.

And unlike the runes of the severed fog which felt like a mountain and focused on a stable pressure, these runes felt like a deep sea.

After walking ten more minutes, Lin Yun had no other choice but to release some defensive shields. The pressure wasnt something an Archmage could resist. A 9th Rank Archmage might be unable to take another step from that point on or they would die in less than a minute, crushed to death.

With this, Lin Yun finally understood why the Heaven Rank was required to reach the depths of the Ancestral Land.

After walking for almost an hour, that layer of thin fog suddenly disappeared and a several-kilometer-wide huge forest of pillars could be seen in front of them.

Pillars were stuck to the ground which was as brilliant as a mirror. With a glance, Lin Yun could tell that the deep like the void ground under his feet was made of a huge amount of melted Star Magic Iron, the ground within several kilometers was a whole.

Furthermore, after special treatment, the Star Magic Iron had become somewhat transparent and runes and alchemy patterns could be seen inside.

This platform three to four kilometers in width was a huge array!

And those pillars twenty to fifty meters in height were all made from incomparably precious materials.

Lin Yun was shocked as he saw that.

These pillars were completely made out of Eternal Gold Essence and Eternal Dark Gold, this guaranteed that these pillars wouldnt decay after experiencing the passage of countless years.

Damn, what kind of array is that?

There is almost no Eternal Dark Gold produced in Noscent, where did that Eternal Dark Gold come from?

And that Eternal Gold Essence The biggest piece appearing in an auction was the size of a fist. These pillars need at least ten such pieces

Sizing up that huge array under his feet, Lin Yuns Magic Array automatically started studying it. After studying the runes and alchemy patterns of the array for a few seconds, Lin Yun couldnt help exclaiming, "This is a Planar Path?"

Most people couldnt notice, but as a first-rate Artisan that has even researched Heaven Grade arrays, even if he couldnt crack the array in an instant, he could see the general purpose of the array.

Surprise flashed on Reedmans face, soon replaced by relief.

"Correct, this can be said to be an array opening a Planar Path. This is what I wanted to tell you."

Lin Yun turned and glanced at the layer of fog surrounding this huge array and instantly understood.

The changes in the space might have been caused by a terrifying powerhouse, most likely the ancestor of the Merlin Family, forcibly integrating a small plane into Noscent.

This made the two world layer upon one another. The resulting space could be said to be Noscents, and also the other planes strange environment.

The space is terrifyingly stable here and the dense fogs runes are suppressing the space to keep it stable to an alarming degree.

Even if a Heaven Rank powerhouse self-detonated himself here, the space wouldnt shake.

And everything was done in order to suppress this Heaven Grade array, so that any situation that could happen here would be pressured down and ended before any accident happened.

Walking to the middle of the array, Reedman threw the crystal rune in his hand. The crystal rune slowly merged with the center of the array.

At that moment, Lin Yun felt the array under his feet activate, and sure enough, Reedman started releasing his own mana and chanted a strange incantation.

The chant lasted no less than five minutes before the array thoroughly activated and terrifying energy fluctuations wandered under their feet. Lin Yun even felt that if the energy fluctuations burst out from under his feet, he would instantly die.

All the energy fluctuations converged to the center of the array, and then a hundred meters part of the array lit up. It looked like a calm lake of flowing light. Gates emitting a very ancient aura slowly opened within that light.

Ancient lifeforms were carved onto the gates. A Gods shadow could be seen at its peak, there were also traces of the Chromatic Dragons and Pureblood Elves.

All of the lifeforms were active before the 3rd Dynasty, and the overwhelming majority belonged to the Era of Gods.

The two doors had strange complicated characters carved onto them. Lin Yun couldnt understand some of the characters, but he could recognize them These were runes of the Era of Gods, even older than the Nesser Dynasty.

The light was permeating the doors, and even if the doors didnt fully open, Lin Yun could feel boundless power coming from behind the entrance.

Reedmans expression was complicated as he looked at these doors. After a few minutes, he said, "This is the secret of the Ancestral Land, this Starry Sky Gate is the reason why the Merlin Family can stand at the forefront of the Andlusa Kingdom.

"And the reason why the Ancestral Lands and Holy Lands of the Andlusa Kingdoms most powerful forces dont concern themselves with the Andlusa Kingdoms matters isnt because they dont want to bother, but rather because they dont have the energy to spare.

"What we need to face is behind the Starry Sky Gate, our war is there.

"Those gifted enough to advance to the Heaven Rank would enter the depths of the Ancestral Land after their advancement. The Archmages surrounding the Ancestral Land and protecting it are retired Patriarchs or Elders that made great contributions.

"They have a very small chance of advancing to the Heaven Rank, so they could only stay there. In fact, its not necessarily a bad thing to stay there.

"All the Heaven Rank powerhouses you have seen earlier, including Blakeman and myself, are preparing to enter the Starry Sky Gate.

"As for you, you are also qualified to know about this matter, I can even take you there."

Looking at this Starry Sky Door, Lin Yun had been feeling a very familiar aura. He couldnt help recalling the Heaven Enlightening Plane, that aura felt similar to the feeling he was getting

"Sir Reedman, can you open this Starry Sky Gate? I want to take a look."

Reedman opened his mouth, but didnt say anything. He silently chanted his incantation.

One after another, law runes fell into the array under his feet. Then, the Starry Sky Gate slowly opened. There was no light within, only an endless deep starry sky. It seemed that inside was an endless world.

A galaxy apparently made of endless small stars spread out in front of the Starry Sky Gate as far as his eyes could see.

Reedman looked at this galaxy with a lifeless expression.

"Sir Mafa, I dont need to worry about your safety with your current strength, but please remember, you have to return immediately if you encounter some danger you cant resist against! You must remember this!"

Reedmans mumbling voice slowly echoed as he looked at that ancient starry sky path, as if he was recalling some bad memories.

Lin Yun stood in front of the Starry Sky Gate and looked at this ancient starry sky path. It was a galaxy spreading to an unknown space. It continuously emitted an ancient aura which gave Lin Yun the feeling that it was even more ancient than Gods.

"This ancient starry sky path, what is it? What is the battlefield?"

Lin Yun looked at the starry sky ancient path as he asked Reedman.

But Reedman softly shook his head.

"Everything there needs to be unearthed by yourself, and the most important thing is that I dont know much. I can only tell you this, if you meet any danger you cant resist, you have to hurry up and withdraw immediately or youll never have another chance."

Reedman finished speaking, turned, and left.

Lin Yun opened his mouth, about to ask something else, but Reedman had already disappeared within the fog.

He frowned and gazed at that starry sky ancient path, faintly feeling that the secret of the Merlin Family was related to this starry sky ancient path. And the answers he was looking for might possibly be there.

The pressure surrounding him immediately disappeared as he stepped into the ancient starry sky path, it was replaced by a strange feeling that couldnt be felt on Noscent Plane.

This was a boundless world, it wasnt like the void, it was a true world!

As he stepped onto the ancient starry sky path, Lin Yun felt that the space was a lot more stable than Noscents. Moreover, he could feel that no formidable power could influence this starry sky, just like how small rivers couldnt affect the sea.

He had set foot on a galaxy made of seemingly endless stars, and it was like a power was supporting him under his feet. He didnt feel like his feet were firmly planted on the ground, but he wasnt endlessly falling in a boundless void.

Up and down, left and right, everywhere was covered in an endless starry sky. He could even see meteorites rapidly sweeping past in this galaxy. The meteorites were full of holes while clearly visible steam and dust rose behind it.

Every meteorite was at least ten-kilometer-big, but when they swept past the ancient starry sky path, these meteorites looked as if they were affected by some power. They would at most brush past, but their power would never affect that slowly flowing galaxy.

There was no air here, no gravity, everything was endless nothingness. Lin Yun used a Mana Shield and replaced everything he needed with endless mana.

He followed the galaxy forward for who knew how long. Some meteorite fragments had started appearing in the surroundings of the galaxy, orbiting around the ancient galaxy path like moons.

At first, the fragments were at most the size of a person, with the smaller ones being only the size of a fist. But as they kept going forward, bigger and bigger fragments revolved around the ancient galaxy path, until ultimately, ten-kilometer-big stone fragments were calmly revolving around the ancient galaxy path, looking like continents.

There was no sound at all, it was deathly silent. There was no living creature in the deathly stillness, only those bigger and bigger fragments of meteorites.

Slowly, twenty to thirty-kilometer-big meteorites appeared among the surrounding fragments. Some were regular in shape, like small continents. From the ancient galaxy path, he could even feel those pieces of land emitting a faint gravity.

More and more fragments were spread around the galaxy path, up until nothing other than fragments could be seen. Even when looking towards the void, all he could see were smaller fragments revolving further away from the galaxy path.

Lin Yun suddenly stopped. A thick and crazy evil intent appeared like a tidal wave. The huge mana fluctuations in this deathly silent path were as glaring as Noscents sun.

He slowly raised his Draconic Staff and the Book of Deaths shackles snapped, before transforming into runes that covered the surface of the Book of Death while its pages were automatically flipping.

In the surrounding void, a pitch-black dense fog enveloped the space around Lin Yun and turned the entire world into darkness. The starlight from the galaxy path was also dissipating, and even the radiance coming from under his feet was being covered.

A deranged and evil malice could be felt from this pitch-black dense fog surrounding Lin Yun. Those numerous rock fragments and fragments of continents had disappeared.

Lin Yun raised a shield and expressionlessly looked at this pitch-black fog enveloping his body, slowly shrinking the visible area around him.

The last place emitting radiance was the galaxy path under his feet, but even that galaxy path was darkening until its radiance thoroughly dissipated.

"Shroud Shadow Demon?"

Lin Yun blurted out, but he didnt seem so sure.

The moment the galaxy paths light under his feet completely dissipated, the Book of Death in Lin Yuns hands automatically flipped to the Truth Chapter.

Endless malice and crazy roars echoed in all directions when a phoenix roar suddenly echoed.

A crystal phoenix flew out from the Book of Death and within the endless darkness akin to a demonic light, it was like a scorching sun suddenly appeared. Its light frantically spread in all directions.

Within the area shrouded in light, multiple fierce monsters looking like huge bat corpses were unveiled.

An unknown number of Shroud Shadow Demons were covered with demonic light, and under the effect of the phoenixs light, those Shroud Shadow Demons were like vampires that had never seen the light of the sun. Burning scars appeared on their skins and frantically spread.

In an instant, the Shroud Shadow Demons within a hundred meters of Lin Yun turned to ashes, just like vampires would when in contact with sunlight.