End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Starry Sky Path

As for the remaining Shroud Shadow Demons, they turned and frantically fled as if they had encountered some terrifying predator. Unfortunately for them, they turned to ashes in less than a second.

In an instant, the surrounding space shone brightly once again and the galaxy under his foot emitted a faint radiance. Those boundless fragments could be seen calmly floating there while the starlight passed through the endless void, spreading to unknown areas.

The ashes were slowly attracted by the gravity of these landmass and slowly fell towards these fragments.

Lin Yun frowned. Doubt flashed in his eyes as he stood still.

Shroud Shadow Demons characteristics were very obvious, light would be hidden wherever they appeared, replaced by pure darkness.

But this kind of monster only existed in the Era of Gods. They went extinct during the initial stage of the Nesser Dynasty.

In the Era of Gods, these things only existed in the Darkness Gods God Nation. Shroud Shadow Demons could only exist in that pure land of darkness.

But after the end of the Era of Gods, the Shroud Shadow Demons lost the soil they relied on to live. As long as they appeared, they would inevitably cover up all the radiance in the surroundings, and the lifeforms surrounded by their darkness would have their blood absorbed, only leaving terrifying mummified corpses behind.

Unfortunately for them, the Pureblood Elven rulers of the Nesser Dynasty disliked these guys. They were bound to end up extinct when these idiots ended up attacking a Pureblood Elf.

The Sunflame Elves radiance wasnt something these guys could resist, and these seemingly terrifying Shroud Shadow Demons only weak point was their biggest flaw, they couldnt be illuminated by any radiance. Even a firefly could injure them.

With the Sunflame Elves radiance enveloping them, the only outcome was for them to be completely eradicated.

The Shadow Shroud Demons were forced into a dire situation and tried to take refuge with the only Chromatic Dragons that had a bit of connection to them, the Destruction Black Dragons. But it was a pity that the Destruction Black Dragons were also not very fond of these guys. The surviving Shroud Shadow Demons ended up burning to ashes under the Destruction Black Dragons breathes.

And thus, Noscents Shroud Shadow Demons went completely extinct. But it was said that there was another kind of Shroud Shadow Demons in Hell, or a subrace to be more exact. When those Shroud Shadow demons were burnt to ashes by flames, they would carry a thick smell of blood and sulfur.

Doubt could be seen in Lin Yuns eyes, Werent these disgusting guys already extinct during the Nesser Dynasty? How could such a big group appear here? There had been over ten thousand Shroud Shadow Demons covering my sight

Lin Yun was on alert and summoned Syudos and Enderfa to follow him as he treaded the galaxy path. The Starry Sky Gate he had come from was already nowhere to be seen, only this galaxy path could be seen spreading through the void.

After another hour of moving forward, Lin Yun once again stopped. A small black dot jumped out of one of the fragments and rapidly flew towards him.

After a few seconds, Lin Yun noticed what that small black dot was.

A long three-headed monster with the body of an orangutan and six arms. It was hairless, its fur had been replaced by pitch-black scales. White scales were forming a strange rune on its chest.

The monster kept jumping from fragment to fragment, and a few seconds later, it was close to the galaxy path. Its two-hundred-meter-tall body was emitting an ancient and heavy pressure.

Its three pairs of eyes turned red as it saw Lin Yun and two layers of shark-like teeth were exposed in a creepy smile. Its saliva dripped down onto the fragments, and the acidic substance created a vast amount of white vapours upon contact, as well as a stinky smell.

Lin Yun frowned and immediately spat out a rune. Twelve flame vortexes appeared above his head and boundless fire spells transformed into a flood flowing towards that monster.

Syudos immediately summoned a flame gate and a large amount of high grade flames transformed into a flood that charged into that monster.

Enderfas three faces had horrified expressions.

"Merlin, where the f*ck is this goddamned place. How could that kind of monster be there? Sh*t, dont let it get close! Definitely dont let that guy spit out its saliva!"

One of Enderfas faces gave an urgent warning to Lin Yun while the other two vigilantly looked at that monster. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel also rapidly revolved and elemental storms transformed into a hundred-meter-thick multi-colored storm that ruthlessly pressured that monster.

The monster couldnt approach due to the pressure and its six pairs of red eyes were filled with hostility while its six arms kept tearing forward. Its ten-meter-long sharp fingernails were forcibly cutting through the spellwaves and spellstorm while its six huge legs kept stirring those powerful attacks away like pinwheels. It was forcibly taking on Lin Yuns attacks in order to get closer to him.

Lin Yun frowned and his body slowly floated up. The Book of Deaths Element Chapter buffed him, alongside the Draconic Staffs Purple Dragon who turned into a shadow on Lin Yuns back.

At the same time, an ancient scales shadow appeared and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and Book of Mantras fell onto the trays on both sides as power gushed out from the void and into the Spell Wheel.

The Spell Wheel started bursting with Extraordinary power at a faster rate than it had on Noscent and on the Raging Flame Plane.

The flaming flood and elemental storm merged together and formed a huge flood of destruction that thoroughly pressured that monster. The monsters claws that could easily tear through the elemental storm could no longer do so, its body was suppressed on the spot and simply couldnt budge. It could only let out an angry roar.

A big mouth opened in the center of one of the monsters heads and a dense sticky liquid came out, forcibly extinguished the flames in front of it.

Whether it was the Bone-corroding Black Flames or Hellfire, they all ended like ordinary flames doused by a basin water.

Even the destructive elemental storm was forcibly extinguished. The monster took advantage of this opportunity to brandish its six arms and frantically slash forward, instantly crossing over a hundred meters in an instant. Based on the monsters build, it only needed to rush out once more before those huge sharp claws could tear through Lin Yun.

Enderfa let out a frightened shriek, "Merlin! Hurry up and get rid of this guy, its saliva can easily tear through your runic shield! Even Syudos and I can be destroyed if that guys saliva fall onto us!

"Its claws are sharp enough to tear through space and can destroy mana itself! Its heads! Shatter its heads!"

Lin Yun coldly looked at the monster before him and calmly waited for that monster to open its huge mouth to throw a huge Law Runic Bomb in.

Then, before the Law Runic Bomb devoured the surrounding power, Lin Yun threw it out.

At that instant, it looked like a multi-colored light appeared behind the Law Runic Bomb as the voids energies were more easily absorbed than Noscents, and were even fiercer.

As the sticky and dense sphere of water condensed in that monsters mouth, the Law Runic Bomb rushed in.


A loud sound echoed as the berserk power exploded in the monsters mouth. In an instant, half of the monsters head exploded into pieces and that condensed water also burst, instantly destroying all power it came in contact with. It looked as if the berserk power thoroughly dissipated within a second.

After losing a head, the monster seemed to go crazy and completely ignored defense. The white rune on its chest turned black, its six arms thrusting towards Lin Yun like a fish going against the current as it rapidly charged towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yuns eyes turned cold, he remained motionless and unhurriedly chanted an incantation. Law runes kept appearing behind him and soon, a pitch-black Wind Blade was condensed.

Enderfa and Syudos understood that this was the critical moment. The flaming gates opened wide and flames turned into a berserk flood that kept clashing against the monsters body. There were even quite a few flames that entered the monsters body through its wounded head and burnt it from the inside.

As for Enderfa, he seemed to have gone mad and roused the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to revolve like a pinwheel. Boundless elemental storms looked like a multi-colored tornado that pressured the monster.

The monsters speed somewhat weakened, but it could definitely appear in front of Lin Yun within three seconds!

Lin Yuns pitch-black Wind Blade wasnt immediately thrown out, rather, he condensed another pitch-black Wind Blade. This was the law rune frame used to create law runes from runes, it contained a wisp of power far exceeding what he could currently grasp.

The Magic Array was also roused to its peak and kept calculating the trajectories of the monsters arms in order to find an opportunity.

Seconds slowly passed one after another, but Enderfas three faces somewhat changed colors after two seconds passed.

"Merlin! Damnit, we are done for if you dont get rid of that guy!"

The monster was already eighty meters away from Lin Yun and it only needed one more step before its six sharp claws could instantly tear them apart.

At this time, the two pitch-black Wind Blades Lin Yun controlled flew out simultaneously. It looked like everything was a coincidence as the two pitch-black Wind Blades threaded through the small gaps of the monsters rapidly slashing claws and simultaneously landed on the two remaining heads.

One of the Wind Blades landed on the monsters mouth and cut off half of the head, while the other cut through the monsters neck and beheaded its last head.

Just as the remaining two heads were beheaded, Enderfa and Syudos attacks fell onto the monsters beheaded heads and reduced them to pieces. Having lost its life didnt stop its body from falling. It was instantly covered in flames and the elemental storm tore its corpse into fragments while the boundless flames burnt those fragments down.

A couple things resisted the flames and were behind, one of which was a water sphere. Whether it was the elemental storm or the flames, they couldnt sway it in the slightest.

As the fight was over, the scales shadow dissipated.

Enderfas three heads were still alarmed and Lin Yuns expression wasnt great.

"Merlin, where is this damned place? How could such a terrifying monster be there?"

Lin Yun didnt speak, he waited for the flames to stop burning before slowly advancing. The monsters huge body had already been turned to ashes, but there were still a few things remaining.

Some sharp claws had been deformed by the flames, they looked like pitch-black metal and could even tear through elemental storms.

This was the Submerged Magic Essence Iron from Noscents legends. It could completely restrict mana and elemental power. This Submerged Magic Essence Iron only existed in the Era of Gods, but it wasnt a magic metal ore.

And because it wasnt a magic metal ore, it couldnt be mine from an ore vein.

For a long time everyone thought that it was a kind of mineral, but it wasnt until Noscents peak that a mage proficient in archaeology unearthed the truth. There had been no Submerged Magic Essence Iron ore vein, all the Submerged Magic Essence Iron had been handed down.

It was produced by a kind of lifeform called Laustraul, Mana Outcasts!

That kind of lifeform was birthed during the Era of Gods and was a lifeform that could completely eliminate mana and elemental power. Their bodies didnt contain any mana or elemental power. They were just like the rarely appearing good-for-nothings of the human race that appeared once in a millennium and couldnt store a wisp of mana even with the use of the Mana Baptism Potion.

But the Mana Outcasts werent weak. No one was willing to provoke them during the Era of Gods, their sharp claws could easily tear through all mana and elemental power. They could forcibly tear through even the most dangerous elemental storms, which were deadly to everyone else, with their bodys formidable resistance to elemental power and their sharp claws.

Moreover, this kind of powerful monster would be at the Heaven Rank upon reaching adulthood, they could even have physical fights with Dragons.

But later, the war between Gods started and one of the Gods made plans against the Mana Outcasts, he slaughtered them all and left none behind. This was all in order to get their claws and refine them into a weapon. This was the famous Submerged Magic Blade. Even Constance would take the initiative to dodge when faced with the Submerged Magic Blade.

And the thing that made people even more reluctant to provoke that race was their saliva. That terrifying thing could extinguish all elements and mana. As long as it came in contact with ones body, it would continuously destroy ones mana up until their mana dissipated.

Even after the saliva dissipated, this kind of power would still remain like a curse, and mana would slowly thoroughly dissipate.

And in the Era of Gods, all lifeforms possessed mana, many people even relied on mana to live. Mana dissipating was no different from losing their lives, just like the Dark Elves back then.

Thus, Mana Outcasts saliva had a resounding name, Water of Misfortune.

Even Extraordinary Spells could be extinguished by the Water of Misfortune. It was rumored that the Godfire of a powerhouse surpassing the Heaven Rank had once been carelessly sprayed on by a Mana Outcast, only to end up thoroughly extinguished.

Lin Yun picked up the Submerged Magic Essence Iron deformed by the heat and cautiously looked at the lump of water on the ground. That "sphere" of water was wrapped in a membrane containing the sticky and dense liquid. That was the famous Water of Misfortune.

It had thoroughly disappeared in the current era. It was only after 3,800 years that a mage discovered a lump in a small plane. Then, that mage poured that Water of Misfortune onto his own foe and made his foe exhaust all his mana until he passed.

"Heavens, Merlin, you arent planning on taking this dangerous thing, are you? Sh*t, this is playing with fire. Youll be done for if you are carelessly infected by it! Thats a dangerous thing that can even extinguish a Godfire!"

Enderfa hid a few dozen meters away, his three faces looking at the Water of Misfortune in alarm.

Lin Yun shook his head and said nothing.

Water of Misfortune was relatively dangerous, but it wasnt something that couldnt be used. After all, a few millennia later, those crazy mages were pursuing the truth behind everything. There was nothing they wouldnt do and no dangerous thing they wouldnt touch. They even dared to capture Hells Devils and dissect them in laboratories.

Water of Misfortune could be used to make a single-use weapon. Even if it could be used only once, it was a formidable killing tool. That Mana Outcast was level 41 or 42, but if this Water of Misfortune was used properly, it could absolutely get rid of a 2nd Rank powerhouse, it could even infect a 3rd Rank Heaven Mages mana.

Lin Yun took out a pile of ordinary steel and a pile of glass and then released flames to burn the glass. Once the glass was melted, he turned it into a sphere and wrapped it around that sphere of head-sized Water of Misfortune.

Once the glass cooled down, the Water of Misfortune had already been wrapped into this ordinary glass sphere. Then Lin Yun melted the steel and turned it into a sphere that wrapped around the glass, forming a steel sphere.

The Water of Misfortune was perfectly stored once the steel sphere cooled down. It was that simple. That thing completely suppressed mana and elemental power, but ordinary glass and ordinary steel could suppress it.

After two layers of protection, Lin Yun took out a Spatial Ring and put the metal sphere in.

He didnt dare to be careless with such a dangerous thing.

After getting the loot, Lin Yun continued forward on the starry sky ancient path.

A few minutes later, Lin Yun saw a corpse on the fragments.

The slender body was wearing an exquisitely carved battle armor which seemed too flashy, but Lin Yun knew that it was already an extinct Pureblood Elven crafting art. That seemingly frail battle armor had terrifying defensive abilities.

The sharp long ears displayed this corpses identity, it was an Elf bearing a crescent moon on his forehead, and holding a longbow that had lost its luster. Added to the clear style of the battle armor, this clearly showed that the corpse was a Silvermoon Elf.

A Silvermoon Elf, one of the Pureblood Elves!

Lin Yun stood on the edge of the starry sky path and looked at the Silvermoon Elfs corpse on that fragment. His battle armor had already lost its luster and his delicate longbow had already lost its mana, even the crescent moon on his forehead had lost its light and had turned into a dark imprint.

He had been dead for an unknown amount of time, but due to this places special environment, his corpse has remained intact. However, Lin Yun knew that if he so much as lightly touched that corpse, or if any external force came in contact with his body, then the corpse would turn into ashes and dissipate.

He saw another corpse three minutes later, but it was the corpse of a Sunflame Elf this time.

As he slowly made his way forward, Lin Yun encountered more and more corpses as the fragments surrounding the starry sky path became covered in the corpses of a large number of Pureblood Elves.