End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Corpses Of The Pas

Silvermoon Elves, Sunflame Elves, Darknight Elves, Holysong Elves

The corpses of the Pureblood Elves were there The corpses of the former rulers of the Nesser Dynasty were just littered on those fragments of meteorites like trash.

And sure enough, the corpses of Dragons started appearing as he kept going forward. Then, Chromatic Dragons corpses appeared. The huge Chromatic Dragons corpses were like small mountains surrounding the starry sky path. Many Pureblood Elves corpses fell on top of the Chromatic Dragons corpses.

Lin Yun saw the corpse of a Three-Headed Gold Dragon less than three minutes later.

Lin Yuns eyes were covered with shock as he foolishly looked at that Three-Headed Gold Dragons corpse.

What the hell happened here? Where is this? What happened in the end?

Involuntarily, Lin Yun recalled what he had seen on his journey leading to the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

There was the same unknown number of Dragons corpses, and countless Pureblood Elves corpses. The corpses of Chromatic Dragons could be seen everywhere.

Even if the Three-Headed Gold Dragons were the strongest among the Chromatic Dragons and were existences comparable to Gods, one of them had still fallen on that path.

And now, the corpse of a Three-Headed Gold Dragon was floating in front of Lin Yuns eyes.

The Three-Headed Gold Dragon had already died, but his eyes were wide open, looking towards the depths of the ancient starry sky path with some unknown emotion.

Lin Yun frowned and continued forward, he was slowly becoming numb to it.

The corpses of the legendary Pureblood Elves were spread out like trash, and Lin Yun had already seen over a hundred corpses of the even rarer Chromatic Dragons.

As he continued forward, it didnt take long before shock could be seen on his numbed face.

A corpse spanning over several kilometers was calmly floating on the side of the ancient starry sky path.

The corpse was covered with emerald-colored plants that could drip water. There were even several flowers blooming among those clusters of plants.

The corpse had a deer body with six long legs and the upper body of a humanoid. Atop the corpses head were antlers akin to withered branches.

It looked like a centaur covered in numerous exotic patterns, with an extra pair of legs, and and emerald-colored skin.

Lin Yun foolishly looked at this corpse as a loud ringing echoed in his head.


A Gods corpse!

It was the God that left the most profound impression on Lin Yun. That Gods power and characteristics were the most recognizable, that was the God of Nature!

When he had just arrived at the end of the Magic Era, in Heiss Citys endless desert, not a speck of vegetation could be seen in the entire world. The only edible food were those disgusting sandworms.

At that time, Lin Yun heard someone say that it would have been good if the God of Nature was still alive. The God of Nature was the shepherd of the forests, all forest shepherds were subjects of the God of Nature. During the Era of Gods, many elves were subordinate races of the God of Nature.

The Nature God was one of the very few Gods that loved peace. His power was related to plants, he could turn deserts into oasis and could give birth to endless vegetation.

When he first arrived at the end of the Magic Era, Lin Yun had been extremely interested in the power of the Nature God. If he had that power, he would have been able to eat some vegetables and fruits. Even gnawing on bark would have been better than eating those disgusting sandworms.

Thus, at that time, he looked for many things related to the Nature God in Heiss library.

Lin Yun was very clear about the Nature Gods appearance, the characteristics of his power, as well as the patterns covering his body.

In the legends, the Nature God had already fallen in the calamity at the end of the Era of Gods, yet no one found his body, or it had never been recorded. His body being here was unexpected!

As he thought of this, Lin Yun couldnt help pondering. The corpses of the 72 Gods, and many powerful existences comparable to gods, werent found after the end of the Era of Gods and during the Nesser Dynasty.

After all, even if a Gods corpse decayed, it couldnt not leave any trace. Destroying a Gods body was a lot more difficult than destroying a Gods soul. Many Gods bodies could be described as invincible.

The Gods corpses had been nowhere to be found, yet the corpse of the God of Nature appeared here Did that mean that the corpses of the other Gods would be further along this path?

Lin Yun gazed at that ancient starry sky path, his expression somewhat empty.

"Merlin, did you notice? The Nature Gods death was a bit strange."

As Lin Yun was blankly staring at the end of the ancient starry sky path, Enderfas bewildered voice echoed in his ears.

Enderfas three faces were looking at the corpse with bewilderment and horror, he was even trembling a bit.

"Merlin, did you not notice? The Nature God apparently died under his own power"

Lin Yuns head instantly turned towards the Nature Gods corpse and he started studying it once again.

Lin Yuns pupils suddenly shrunk.

"Damn, how could this be?" Lin Yun couldnt help letting out a surprised exclamation.

He had been startled by having discovered the corpse of the God he had the most knowledge on and which had left the deepest impression on him, so he hadnt noticed.

But after being reminded by Enderfa, Lin Yun froze.

The Nature God died from his own power?

The emerald glistening plants and those pretty flowers were all the trademark of the Nature God, the corpse of any creature killed by the Nature God would end up like this.

But the one dead is the Nature God!

Among all Gods, only the Nature God had this kind of power. Just what happened?

Lin Yun crazily turned around and flew to a ten-kilometer-big fragment. He located the body of a Darknight Elf and carefully examined it. He then discovered that this Darknight Elfs corpse had been pierced by a formidable power, and the traces remaining within the wound clearly belonged to a Darknight Elfs piercing magic arrow.

He walked back a bit more and checked every corpse once.

Whether it was the Pureblood Elves or the Chromatic Dragons, none were left. But after inspecting a few hundreds, Lin Yuns expression turned strange.

The Sunflame Elves corpses had died from blazing sunlight.

The Destruction Black Dragons had been deformed beyond recognition by terrifying corrosive power.

When he finally reached the Three-Headed Gold Dragon, he discovered that the cause of his death had been the back of his head being pierced by a huge power, and from the shape and traces, that wound completely fit the claw of a Three-Headed Gold Dragon.

In other words, this Three-Headed Gold Dragon had been eliminated by another Three-Headed Gold Dragon.

And the corpses inspected before, whether they belonged to Pureblood Elves or Chromatic Dragons, had all been killed by the power they themselves excelled at.

All the corpses have the exact same cause of death as the Nature God, they all died from their own power!

Lin Yun blankly looked at the corpses of these Pureblood Elves and Chromatic Dragons.

"Could it be that an internal strife happened in the past and they massacred one another? How come they all died from the power they were proficient with?" Enderfa shivered as he spoke, asking this question with a strange expression.

Lin Yun shook his head and looked in the distance.

"No, Impossible, Ive already done a careful examination, and whether its the Chromatic Dragons or the Pureblood Elves, their corpses would turn to ashes upon touch. In other words, they look exactly the same as when they died.

"The way they collapsed indicates that they had experienced a cruel battle, and they had all fought side by side until they all died there.

"Its unlikely that two groups of Pureblood Elves and Chromatic Dragons killed each other and died there.

"The most important reason is that the God of Nature also died from his own power. While that scenario could have been possible for the Pureblood Elves and Chromatic Dragons, its impossible for a second Nature God to kill him. I cant understand what happened there"

Even if he didnt understand, Lin Yun kept moving forward. But soon after passing the Nature Gods corpse, Lin Yun stopped.

He could faintly feel an energy storm wreaking havoc ahead, he could even feel the energy storm spreading towards him and it wouldnt take long before it reached this place.

After hesitating, Lin Yun recalled Reedmans warning. The energy storm was still far from here but it already gave Lin Yun a feeling of powerlessness. He mumbled and was about to go back

But just as he turned his head, shock flashed in his eyes as he looked into the depths of the starry sky.

The energy storm was wreaking havoc in the depths of the starry sky. The ancient starry sky path Lin Yun was standing on was at most on the outskirts, but he could still feel that the terrifying energy storms power could tear a small plane apart.

And he also felt battle fluctuations behind that energy storm. Looking at it from a distance, it was like an area where terrifying energy wreaked havoc suddenly appeared which even affected the stars in that location.

The seemingly small stars looked like pebbles drawn into a whirlpool as they fell into the energy storm, before being ripped apart and transformed into fragments.

Lin Yun knew that although those stars seemed very small, it was only because they were very far away. Those pebble-like stars were all at least several-thousand-kilometers in diameter.

There was even a gaseous star that was clearly bigger than the other stars and which had countless fragments of meteorites forming disks around it.

That star was several-dozen-times bigger than the other stars, yet it still looked like an egg being continuously deformed by the power of the energy storm. The gas revolved and sunk into the raging energy storm.

The energy storm distorted the starry sky and it looked like the starry sky was about to collapse. This terrifying change would instantly kill Heaven Rank powerhouses if they entered.

This was a real Void Storm capable of destroying planes.

But what really shocked Lin Yun were the battle fluctuations coming from behind the energy storm. The energy storm couldnt suppress the battle fluctuations as they spread through it.

Because of that kind of powerful battle, Lin Yun could faintly see the void constantly collapsing behind the energy storm.

Who? Who is fighting in the depths of the starry sky?

It was unknown how far the battle was, but the fact that their battle fluctuations could pass through the energy storm shocked Lin Yun. He was completely frightened.

This clearly exceeded the power of the Heaven Rank. No, they were terrifying existences that exceeded the Heaven Rank by a great degree.

Lin Yun looked at the depths of the starry sky, unable to calm down for a very long time. After a few seconds, he decisively turned around and left.

He could see very far in this open starry sky. That energy storm was still a few dozen kilometers away, but Lin Yun could see it from that far. The area being torn apart by the energy storm spread over a few dozen kilometers. It was unreasonable

The energy storm might be raging over here in less than an hour. Lin Yun could already see the starry sky ancient path crumbling. If it reached over here, then even if Lin Yun didnt die, he would be forever lost in the starry sky.

Although he was somewhat curious about the two powerhouses fighting in the depths of the starry sky, he didnt dare to explore.

After another look at the Nature Gods corpse, Lin Yun frowned and followed the path of the ancient starry sky path back.

After walking for a long time, he saw the huge gate of light calmly floating on the surface of the galaxy path, while the galaxy path continued to spread to unknown depths.

Seeing the Starry Sky Gate, Lin Yun stopped and sat on the path to calmly comprehend his surroundings.

The battle fluctuations from the depths of the starry sky spread to that location and he could faintly sense them now and then. He could even sense that devastating energy storm and see a rough outline.

Lin Yun suddenly raised his head and looked into the depths of the starry sky. A seemingly fingernail-sized dot of light flickered in the starry sky.

After a dozen seconds, that flickering dot of light slowly darkened, and he could even faintly see that orange light dot being twisted and torn apart, until it completely disappeared.

Lin Yun was terrified.


F*ck, those powerhouses actually tore a star to shreds?

Damn, even the smallest star should be at least a few hundred thousand kilometers in diameter, right? Who the hell are they? Who is fighting in the starry sky?

They are so far Did the fluctuations of the energy storm appear because of that stars destruction?

Lin Yun stared blankly at the location were that dot of light flickered before darkening, he was still in disbelief.