End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 Reedpush Plate

Lin Yun didnt exactly know how big the smallest star was, but he knew that only a star could emit that kind of light, and it had to be very big to be visible. Even if the body of a God was lying on that star, it would be comparable to a stone on a beach.

But what kind of power was formidable enough to extinguish a star?

Lin Yun suddenly felt that many of the things he read about in Heiss Citys decaying library couldnt express this situation. Descriptions couldnt be used as reference points especially when it came to the Heaven Rank or power beyond the Heaven Rank.

That kind of power could be felt but couldnt be expressed with words.

Lin Yun had always used the records in the books as reference and suddenly felt that he might have been restricted by the books. He had completely underestimated Heaven Rank powerhouses and powerhouses surpassing the Heaven Rank. Just how much power could they use

The books always explained that those under the Heaven Rank were mortals, that the gap between mortals and Heaven Rank powerhouses was terrifyingly high and that the gap between every subsequent rank was similarly terrifyingly big. The higher the rank, the harder it was to advance.

Now, Lin Yun clearly understood that it couldnt be expressed in words at all. Just how powerful were those God-like mages during Noscents peak?

Lin Yun suddenly felt that he had greatly underestimated Noscent at its peak

Sitting in front of the Starry Sky Gate, Lin Yuns heart slowly calmed down. Even if some danger befell this place, he would be able to instantly step across the Starry Sky Gate to return. As for that huge deepsea-like pressure on the other side of the Starry Sky Gate, it might be there in order to stop any accident from surging out of the starry sky.

Even the energy storm wreaking havoc would be unable to tear this Starry Sky Gate to shreds. Even if it poured in the Starry Sky Gate, it wouldnt spurt out on the other side.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and calmly sensed the fluctuations within the starry sky. There were all kinds of laws and they could be felt clearly, with the Spatial Law being the easiest to feel. Anyone entering this place would feel insignificant to the point where it would even give birth to a deep fear.

Even the terrifying force that made a part of the starry sky collapse and destroyed a star was only a small wave when compared to the entire starry sky.

Lin Yun sat in the starry sky and closed his eyes, remaining motionless. The mana fluctuations coming from his body slowly weakened until they ultimately dissipated.

Then his life aura slowly weakened until it thoroughly dissipated. It was like his entire self merged into the starry sky. The ancient and all-inclusive aura spread through the entire starry sky.

An unknown amount of time passed before Lin Yun suddenly opened his eyes with a dull gaze. A starry sky could faintly be seen flickering within his eyes.

Lin Yuns body didnt emit mana fluctuations, he was like an ordinary person that had never learnt magic, even his life aura had greatly weakened. It had weakened to the point where Lin Yuns existence might not be discoverable with Detect Life.

After taking a deep look into the starry sky, Lin Yun turned and entered the Starry Sky Gate.

As he walked out, the deepsea-like pressure appeared once again and pressured Lin Yuns body from various directions.

But Lin Yun didnt use mana, nor did he raise a shield. It looked like he was just relying on his body to resist the pressure.

Reedman was waiting outside the Starry Sky Gate and couldnt help sighing in relief when he finally saw Lin Yun.

"Sir Mafa, you finally returned! I was about to go look for you Hold on, Sir Mafa, what about your mana?"

Reedman looked at Lin Yun in shock, he completely hadnt expected Lin Yuns body to have no mana fluctuations. He thought that Lin Yun encountered some accident in the ancient starry sky path. But he soon reacted, even he had to use a shield to resist the pressure here, yet Lin Yun was resisting without a shield, and didnt look uncomfortable

Damn, what happened in the end? What did that monster Mafa encounter in the starry sky ancient path?

Is he resisting that huge pressure just with his body? Even Heaven Sword Saint need to rouse their Aura to resist the pressure of this place Has he found a treasure that increased his physique to an unfathomable level?

No, no, Mafas body doesnt seem different from before, but he isnt using a shield

Its as if the pressure is sliding alongside his body and isnt pressuring him down, as if he had already merged with this space and became a part of the pressure

What the hell happened

Reedmans expression was indescribable. Even he, as a Peak 3rd Rank Heaven Mage, still needed to use mana to resist the pressure while Lin Yun, an Archmage, didnt need mana to resist the pressure.

Most importantly, he couldnt make sense of it. Ever since he returned from the starry sky path, Lin Yun had become even more mysterious and he couldnt figure it out.

Lin Yun smiled but didnt answer Reedmans question, he only said the following three words.

"I greatly benefited."

Reedman sighed.

"Ive been worried that you would never return after entering the starry sky path. Many powerhouses of the Merlin Family have been thoroughly lost after entering the starry sky path.

That galaxy could be said to be the most crucial coordinates and guide, but there are too many dangers on the ancient starry sky path. Nothing can be expected and accidents could happen at any time making it impossible to find the galaxy. The galaxy might temporarily disappear too.

After all, in this kind of place, a small gap in an angle could result in a ten-thousand-kilometer-wide gap. Being lost within the endless void is very normal"

Lin Yun nodded. Some mages might be unable to understand, but Lin Yun was a transmigrator, he couldnt be more clear about it. In the starry sky, if there was no complete coordinates, it would be impossible to find a target. Without coordinates, even something as big as a sun might not be found.

Throughout Noscents eras, the few powerhouses that entered the endless void ultimately disappeared forever, never to be seen again.

And the most likely possibility was that they didnt die in the starry sky, but became lost.

"Could it be that after so many years, none of those that were lost managed to return?" Lin Yun asked casually.

Others might be lost, but the ancient starry sky path that the Merlin Family possessed had a guidance, even if that guidance wasnt fail-proof.

Reedman seemed to think of something.

"As for the people lost, no one came back, but an ancestor managed to transmit a piece of information back after getting lost. It was a letter to be more precise.

"But the information was too vague, it looked like coordinates, but they were no coordinates of Noscents world, we cant figure out what was recorded."

Lin Yun was originally just asking for the sake of it, but he hadnt expected that there would be something.

Reedman seemed to have ignored this news for a long time as he had a hard time remembering it.

"Its already been a long time, so we have neglected this message.

"When this message was sent back, we specially sought people proficient in archaeology to study the letters raw material and craft. It came from the early stages of the 3rd Dynasty.

"This letter was sent without damage and the content didnt change, but the raw materials had already gone extinct in the later stages of the 3rd Dynasty. Moreover, that type of craft is something only the peak powerhouses of the 3rd Dynasty mastered.

"It was when a substitute to the magic scrolls materials appeared, with its effect being only a bit weaker than beast hide."

"3rd Dynastys magic scroll paper?" Lin Yun suddenly interjected.

Using paper to replace magic beasts hide for magic scrolls In this era and the previous ones, only the 3rd Dynastys magic scroll paper had this ability.

Reedman nodded.

"Indeed, this is a bit strange. At that time, the ancestor used the paper of the 3rd Dynasty to send some information back. This was naturally treated seriously by the family.

"The information on top of it had been deciphered, but the deciphered information were coordinates and we didnt get anything of value after checking the place.

"Aside from those, there was this complicated disk symbol on the letter. At the time, our family hired an Artisan but he only figured out that it was a perfect symbol. He couldnt ascertain what that was, it could be a kind of precise alchemy device, or some kind of special symbol."

Lin Yun became interested.

"Can you let me take a look at that letter? You should have stored it, right?"

Reedman shook his head.

"The original letter is stored in our Familys depths, I dont have the qualifications to take out the original. But there is no lack of copies. In order to figure out the meaning behind it, every Heaven Rank powerhouse in the family has a copy."

Reedman took out a smooth crystal with the copy sealed within.

Lin Yun took the crystal and looked at the crooked and baffling characters, as well as the symbol of the disk below it. While he remained calm on the outside, a storm raged in his mind.

Reedpush Plate!

One of the core components of the Shelter Tower!

Even if he forgot anything else, Lin Yun simply couldnt forget this, he couldnt have made a mistake. That special structure looked like a disk, but the frame and patterns were completely different from ordinary alchemy.

It was also completely different from the Full Right Angle alchemy patterns that would appear in the future. It was a kind of strange and unique construction method.

In addition to the patterns constructed on that thing, a unique rune was merged into it. He definitely couldnt be wrong!

Lin Yun held the crystal plate and looked at the content of the piece of paper with a blank expression. He couldnt hide the shock in his eyes and it looked like the starry sky in his eyes flickered frantically.

A person of this era used paper of the 3rd Dynasty to send a very obscure piece of news containing the symbol of the Reedpush Plate, one of the core components of the Shelter Tower.

After all, Reedpush Plate appeared during the peak of Noscent.

A piece of paper spanned three eras, was there anything weirder than that?

He looked at the crooked characters, but it seems that the Merlin Family had already gone through the trouble of researching them and found no valuables there.

Lin Yun was stunned as he used the Magic Array to calculate the coordinates.

This was truly a coordinate, but the algorithms and references it used werent from this era. Or it could be said that they simply hadnt spread in this era.

Coordinates needed a reference object as point of comparison. Using that reference object, they could accurately describe the coordinates location.

Just one coordinate was meaningless.

And the reference point above the crooked characters definitely wasnt something that could be calculated in the current era.

Lin Yun looked at the crystal plate and felt that it would be very difficult to calculate them within a short time, because he didnt know the calculation pattern used by this coordinate.

"Sir Reedman, can I keep this piece of crystal to study it?"

To be sure, Lin Yun decided to keep the copy to research it. Although the information had already been deciphered, it wasnt guaranteed that they didnt overlook anything.

"Sir Mafa taking it is for the best." Reedman casually answered.

He then closed the starry sky path, led Lin Yun out, and immediately left.

Heavens, Ill go crazy if I stay with this monster. His strength has reached the point where I cant understand it. How did he do it? I couldnt feel his life aura even though I was standing next to him!

A monster, he is a complete monster. I didnt feel that way when I met Santon back then. After all, Santon was already a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Even now that his strength far surpasses my own and I can no longer sense his strength, its still nowhere close to the feeling I get from Mafa. Just what the hell is going on?

Forget it, it doesnt matter. That monster isnt something I can analyze, Id better report to Sir Balakra

Reedman hurriedly left as if he had seen a ghost and just left Lin Yun in the Ancestral Land.

As Reedman left, Lin Yun started impatiently deciphering the letters information.

After an hour, he finally sighed in relief.

He hadnt expected that it was using a kind of algorithm of the 3rd Dynasty, an algorithm using the suns and stars as a three-dimension reference point.

That algorithm appeared in the 3rd Dynasty and was greatly appreciated by the many alchemists fond of accuracy.

But because it was too complicated, the knowledge needed was extremely high. Aside from some first-rate alchemists, it wasnt very popular. Now, there was already no alchemists that knew this kind of algorithm.

Up until Noscents peak. When conquering endless planes, the ordinary positioning algorithms were no longer sufficient and the error rate was relatively high. This kind of complex algorithm that could be used for planes and space spread widely once it was unearthed.

From the outcome of the calculations, it pointed out a certain area in the Odin Kingdom.

After putting away the crystal, Lin Yuns previous plan re-surfaced.

Building the Shelter Tower ahead of time!

When he got his Natural Demiplane, and with the Natural Demiplane operating more and more like a real world, Lin Yun temporarily shelved his plan to build the Shelter Tower ahead of time.

Because building the Shelter Tower didnt only require a huge amount of wealth, it also required the plans of the Shelter Tower.

The wealth Lin Yun currently possessed could be said to be comparable to a major force, but it was far from enough to build the Shelter Tower, and the most important part was the complete design of the Shelter Tower.

Lin Yun simply didnt have them.

Because there was no complete design of the Shelter Tower in the decaying library, there was only the designs of some lesser parts.

Many core components simply didnt have a plan.

Just like this Reedpush Plate, one of the core components of the Shelter Tower. During the peak of Noscent, it was already a complete component that hadnt been crafted by the mages of that era. Without the guarantee that they could recreate it, none of those crazy mages was daring enough to tear that Reedpush Plate apart.

But now, the location pointed out by this letter was most likely the place where the Reedpush Plate was hidden. And this once again raised the idea of building the Shelter Tower in advance in Lin Yuns mind.

As he grew stronger, that invisible feeling grew stronger and stronger.

When he saw the symbol of the Reedpush Plate, Lin Yun suddenly felt that the Shelter Tower might possibly be crucial.

The knowledge that Noscent would be destroyed in the future was like a sharp sword hanging above his head, and he could only watch as that sharp sword slowly fell.

He couldnt be sure whether he could reach a transcending realm before Noscents mana started drying up, or whether he could reach the stage where Noscents destruction had no effect on him. There was no difference between a Magic Apprentice and a powerhouse that transcended the Heaven Rank in front of that calamity.

As for his Natural Demiplane, it had now developed very smoothly and perfectly, it had the potential to develop into a true world.

But the Natural Demiplane wasnt too reliable. As he came in contact with more and more secrets and clues, Lin Yun felt that even if the Natural Demiplane developed into a true world before Noscents end, it might not necessarily be able to shelter him.

More importantly, the Natural Demiplanes development was becoming more and more difficult, whether it could develop into a true world before Noscents destruction was uncertain, the possibility was quite low.

The Shelter Tower may be the key. After transmigrating to this era, Lin Yun had been exposed to the events of the previous eras and faintly felt that it was impossible for those powerful God-like mages to not have noticed the signs of Noscents mana exhaustion calamity ahead of time.

Building the Shelter Tower might be the last method to fight Noscents destruction.